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"Ideas are not swords you can brandish about in triumph. What matters most is the Sit Down, Shut Up And Get It Done. Only there will you find the true steel for your craft. Only there, will you know if you are worth the words out of your mouth."
My FF.net stuff. Some dumb poems. What does a Bolo Mk XXXIII look like? Some of my artstuff. My original works in progress: MerStory, experimental illustrated web serial. Now in color! (book one now complete). Noli Me Tank in a Mall, alternate history web serial about the Philippine Revolution.
Let's Play:
Planetbase (SV link) The Movies (SV link) Kingdoms and Castles (SV link) Rule The Waves (
FiC link) New Fics: COSMETIC (Bleach/OCSI) Bolomusu (Bolo/Kancolle) In Another World with JUST MONIKA (Isekai Smartphone/ Doki Doki Lit Club)
Like what I'm doing? Support me on Patreon or Buy me a Coffee. Open for art commissions too.



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