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  1. Cherenkov

    Is you a cat?

    I am a tech-priest of the Mechanicum, having forsaken my weak humanity for the strength and certainty of the Machine.
  2. Cherenkov

    Reading List Suggestions

    Linear Algebra and its applications, by David C. Lay, et al. Got assigned this textbook for my Linear Algebra class. Normally I end up hating assigned textbooks, but this is the rare exception. What I like the most about this book is how it is able to communicate the depth of linear algebra and...
  3. Cherenkov

    Reading List Suggestions

    Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Raymond Serway College physics textbook (corresponds to the first two years of an American physics or engineering degree). The section on electricity and magnetism is by far my favorite part. It manages to keep the math simple (only single-variable...
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