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  • People were willing to tolerate basically anything I said, no matter how outlandish, for years and years and years, so long as my political commentary remained within a certain well-defined arena. But the moment I outlined the sins of the Managerial State, the Administrative State, the "foreign policy blob" itself which answers to no one, that was the same moment I was declared a member of the outgroup and excommunicated. Very telling.
    They are preparing for World War III. Everyone is going to be slinging bioweapons left and right. COVID-19 is just the first of many. A love tap, if you will. It's nothing next to the monsters they plan to conjure up next, which will cause death and destruction on such a cataclysmic scale that none alive could comprehend it. Imagine loved ones spending weeks frothing at the mouth and then dying of 100% lethal airborne rabies.

    The resources we take for granted actually are being spread too thin. Governments know this, but they keep up the lie. If everyone knew the truth, there would be panic and rioting in the streets 24/7.

    It was never "atmospheric CO2". That was just a fake boogeyman they invented to keep people focused on an outside aggressor, lest they realize that the population itself was the problem. It was ocean acidification, soil depletion, aquifer depletion, nitrogen and phosphorus runoff, and so on. All of the world's governments have projections out to the next half-century or more that show a rapid decline followed by civilizational collapse. What we are seeing now is a last-ditch attempt at self-preservation before the end. They are less concerned with preserving the population and more concerned with continuity of government plans. The population is just a number. Citizens are just expendable assets. A larger population is actually a burden, in this scenario. What it means is that when martial law kicks in, you have more people begging with their hands out pleading for food, for medicine, for alms.

    The "winners" of the conflict will be the lean, mean machines. The governments that successfully trimmed the fat by killing enough of their elderly and infirm to avoid being burdened by them in an ongoing state of emergency.

    You idiots are so deep in denial, you are clinging to your soon-to-be murderers, begging them for relief.
    Train Dodger
    Train Dodger
    I'm sorry if that sounds scary. The truth won't be for everyone, that's for sure. Perhaps, if enough people rise up and complain, the worst of it can be avoided. However, it is a fact that the world's governments have continued conducting biowarfare research in secret despite the outward appearance of being restrained in this avenue of research by treaties.

    The reason is simple. Nuclear warfare destroys valuable infrastructure. They figured out early on that they could never use the nukes against each other. It would be stupid. Collapse the entire built environment into rubble? Why? Then, they'd be the rulers of a barren, radioactive nothing.

    Bioweapons remove the main obstacle to their rule, which is obstinate and unruly people - their own people, their enemies' people - and leave behind intact buildings. For the hidden masters of this planet, it was a dream come true. They could cut away any strain of mankind that they no longer wanted to pollute their precious garden. They couldn't give up that power so easily.

    People called it into question. They requested documentation on ongoing biowarfare research, and they received only blank sheets of paper in return. A wall of contemptuous silence.

    Nukes are basically nonsense. They're not usable. Yes, some are certainly still viable to this day, but the fact of the matter is that the world's powers have utterly failed to maintain their nuclear arsenals. I mean this quite literally, in the sense that their ICBM arsenals have, due to cost overruns and a lack of political will or interest, fallen into disrepair. They still rely on computer systems and equipment from decades ago, and the warheads themselves are ill-maintained. That stuff has a limited shelf life. It has to be cycled periodically. After the end of the Cold War, a lot of the people with the kind of skills necessary to produce functional warheads simply retired and took their knowledge with them to the grave. Nobody even knows if the ones we have still work.

    Imagine being a simp for the "international rules-based order", after the things they've done to innocent people.
    I've been saying a lot lately: the US alongside NATO, Japan, Israel, New Zealand and Australia has become part of a gang of rogue states that are essentially in open rebellion of the UN. The Pope said it best: we're amidst a peacemeal WWIII, a various collection of interrelated conflicts that span the globe. Honestly, I think we've been ass deep in WWIII since George W. Bush launched the Global War on Terrorism in 2001.
    Train Dodger
    Train Dodger
    The neoliberal world order centered on Davos and the UN and private-public partnerships has more in common with Mussolinian fascism/corporatism than anything else. They have no right to complain about authoritarian enemies of democracy, when they, themselves, match the description.
    Oh yeah the UN has its problems but its important to remember that disbanding the UN entirely would probably cause a lot more problems than it solves, mainly in countries outside of the West, Russia, China and Japan. Declaring a Western-led Holy War/Crusade on the UN is asinine.
    If the populist Left and the populist Right are so bad, then what the hell does that make power elite you all keep making excuses for?

    When are the liberal-centrist "adults in the room" going to stop simping for kleptocrats? What's it going to take? Will you finally wake up when these scumbags take the trillions of dollars they've socked in Panamanian tax havens and build an orbital ring habitat to live on and command shady Boer mercenaries from?

    The government is not going to save you. They're in bed with the kleptocrats. Always have been.
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    I like to call those people 'faux-centrists', because yeah sure, they larp endlessly as the "sane centre-left" but a TRUE centrist would call into question both big business and the imbalance of micromanagement and macromanagement simultaneously
    If you have a post-labor economy, there is no reason to keep the vast majority of the people on this planet alive with any form of welfare. The ruling class will simply decide that 95% of the population doesn't need to exist if they are no longer useful for their labor, and they will go the way of the draft horse. The idea of a post-scarcity economy with automated machinery serving the needs of billions of people simultaneously is a pipe dream. It involves continuously extracting finite and limited resources from the Earth in the form of petroleum, rare earths, metal ores, lithium for batteries, phosphorus and natural gas for fertilizer, and so on, in order to give a huge population a mediocre living standard. The already-rich won't allow it. They'll simply obliterate the rest of us and then enjoy the massive windfall from concentrating that same automated economy on giving maybe some tens of millions of people an insane level of luxury. From the perspective of the ruling class, the only reason why most of us are alive at all is because our labor is useful, and that's it. Just like a farm animal. The moment you stop being useful to the rich and start being an economic burden is the moment you are basically marked for extermination. People have this notion in their heads that as soon as AI take over all the menial jobs, that will free us up to pursue our passion projects without having to spend most of our waking hours doing boring and unfulfilling things for a wage. That's not the case. AI are already being used to produce cultural works, because it's easier to have an AI work with data, like images and text, than it is to build a robot capable of performing any menial task. Do you realistically see billionaires voluntarily giving up their wealth so we can run this planet like a giant worker-owned co-op, but with AI doing most of the work? Do you actually think that they're going to let that Jeremy Rifkin nonsense come to pass? Not a chance in hell. They will use it as an opportunity to tighten their monopolistic grip on power and wealth, by excluding the vast majority of people from any sort of property ownership or personal wealth of any kind, to the point of deprivation and death, and when people are on the edge of despair from having been locked out of upward mobility, they will be offered cricket powder meals, micro-apartments, and euthanasia as a consolation prize. That is the inevitable end result of allowing a ruling class with anti-human, Neo-Malthusian leanings like ours to gain control of labor-replacing AI.
    Central bankers funded ISIS. Central bankers have funded and created basically every major terrorist group in the past few decades.

    Here's the WEF/Globalist/Communitarian/Neo-Malthusian plan, summed up:
    • Stuffing people in 15-minute arcologies where everything is within walking distance, and then banning private cars and only letting people use rented robo-taxis, electric scooters, bicycles, walking, et cetera, to get to their destinations, reducing the range of the average person such that they're forced into serfdom in techno-neofeudalistic city-states.
    • No more vacationing, no more cruises, no more civil aviation for the plebs. Only private aircraft for the 1%.
    • No more meat. It's too energy-intensive to produce. Soy and insect powder for the plebs.
    • No more single-family zoning. Everyone will have a connected wall and live in micro-apartments the size of prison cells which will cost as much to rent as actual full-size apartments.
    • Passive solar, heat pumps, and LED lighting on all new residential construction.
    • XR telecommuting in the Metaverse in Zuckerberg's digital Second Life shopping malls to replace real commutes and office buildings (all office work will be digitized, paperless, and cloud-based to facilitate this).
      • Eventually, with implanted brain-computer interfaces, heavy goggles will be replaced with "seamless XR" where you can just close your eyes and step into the metaverse without using any energy to get there, or walk around your drab and boring micro-apartment and have other, illusory locales filled with imaginary wealth and substance layered on top.
    • No more private ownership of computer hardware that uses more wattage than a tablet or subnotebook. All AI gains will be centralized in data centers owned by a few monopolistic giants to make sure that those AIs aren't used to replicate populist pleb values and ideas. Only approved government-corpo-academia communitarian ideas are allowed to be promoted by AI.
      • Nothing scares these people shitless like the idea of based AI proliferating and spreading populist ideas.
    • AI teachers, AI babysitters, AI propaganda brainwashing, everywhere.
      • Destruction of the nuclear family and traditionalism. Children treated as "small adults" and wards of the state, subject to entirely centralized and digitized education. Homeschooling outlawed as dangerous and radical.
    • Implanted digital ID linked to a CBDC. All bank cards, driver's licenses, and other forms of ID are no longer physical, but linked to a cryptographic hash stored in the nanotech in your body.
    • Everything that is currently private property is subject to servitization. You don't buy a refrigerator or a washing machine. You subscribe to them. Everything is on a lease model. If you are cut off from banking for expressing radical no-no wrongthink badthoughts, you can no longer make payments on the things scattered around your bugman dormitory. This is what Ida Auken means by owning nothing and being happy. What it means is that the rich and their holding companies will own things and collect rents on them.
    • No class mobility, ever. Born a pleb, die a pleb. You don't earn money. You are given monthly rations of UBI good-boy tokens for obedience to the state.
    • What a green, restorative, circular/steady-state economy actually means in practice is that all the companies currently producing literal plastic garbage mountains of consoomer bullshit will make the same revenues as before while producing far fewer actual goods, because they'll make different people pay subscription fees to rent the same lump of matter.
      • In other words, it means deliberately arresting GDP growth and stretching the wealth we already have. Wealth creation is replaced with wealth management, i.e. rentierism.
    • Since there won't be enough wealth to satisfy the plebs in this arrangement, there need to be far fewer plebs to distribute the wealth to (i.e. depopulation).
    • Robots will create a larger and larger share of all new wealth, eventually making human wage labor irrelevant. As the population contracts due to depopulation, so too do the various services that robots would otherwise need to provide, like maintaining container ships and other transport infrastructure.
      • Automated infrastructure will become increasingly inhuman, autarkic, and self-maintaining. Tasks that robots are poor at will be minimized, and the entire economy will be restructured around things robots are competent at doing.
    • Once human labor is fully irrelevant, the 1% will massacre the helpless and disarmed remainder of humanity and leave behind maybe ten million very wealthy psychopaths enjoying a post-scarcity free wealth cornucopia with their robots, frolicking on empty beaches, tearing down the hollow husks of our cities and replacing them with mansions, and so on.
    Bookmark this and keep it in mind for the next few decades for when either the system collapses under the weight of its own hubris or these dark portents eventually come true.
    I could see this happening in the future (like 2200s) and maybe in parts of the world or colonized space but not the entire planet. There would be too much resistance, both internally or externally, for the elites to ever be capable of pulling this off with a 100% success rate. Not saying a healthy amount of elite-wariness is bad but I would be aware of going down too many rabbitholes of possibilities.
    COVID-19 was, from top to bottom, heinous institutional fraud and an unfathomable crime against humanity.

    Pharma made out with some tens or hundreds of billions, depending on the company, but if you look at the rest of the economy, the looting was well into the trillions. They did so by selling poisonous products that were deliberately designed to kill people, to treat a virus that was engineered at the WIV with the same exact funding sources as the vaccine.

    It was a direct assault on the middle class. Restaurants and mom and pop shops were forced to close their doors and stay closed, driving thousands of them out of business, transferring their sales to big box stores, fast food giants, and e-commerce. It was an upward redistribution of wealth from small businesses to giant monopolies on the order of several trillion dollars.

    It allowed the oligarchs to conceal a 2008-level liquidity meltdown on Wall Street by giving the Fed an excuse to print vast quantities of money.

    It pushed forward Digital ID, normalizing invasions of our privacy and the violation of basic human dignity, creating an excuse to seize total control of the world's population and our movements, as well as the Stasi-like monitoring and flagging of our communications online, all under a false pretense of biosecurity mandates.

    It also allowed our financially and morally bankrupt governments to engage in widespread senicide, killing off elderly pensioners and soon-to-be pensioners so that the already looted and empty coffers of our countries' fraudulent social security systems wouldn't have to pay out.

    The Overclass know what they did, and they know that we know.
    I'm trying a new form of divination. I call it Clearwatering. It goes a little like this.

    "Alexa, play Creedence Clearwater…"

    *Alexa plays Bad Moon Rising*

    I thought so.
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