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    Sorry I kind of messed up. A fix that should have taken a short time, I didn't understand...

    Sorry I kind of messed up. A fix that should have taken a short time, I didn't understand properly because of lack of sleep. Oh well, at least rebuilding gave an excuse to forum upgrade that was sorely needed anyway.
  2. Vorpal

    Back online; forum upgraded

    Last Sunday, the database server malfunctioned. Looking back, the fix should have been simple (custom DNS suddenly failed; this was simply an extra check to ensure that database connections aren't coming from places they're not supposed to be; the result was blocked everything). However, I...
  3. Vorpal

    Eh. Messy, but can't complain much.

    Eh. Messy, but can't complain much.
  4. Vorpal

    Glad to hear.

    Glad to hear.
  5. Vorpal


    Quite belated, but should now work from the Account Details in your profile.
  6. Vorpal

    Forum update

    The forum has been updated. Please report any malfunctioning functionality or other problems here.
  7. Vorpal

    Insert Media No Longer Working

    Some site updates have been done; more media are now supported.
  8. Vorpal

    Eastern Europe News

    IIRC about half of the military was around the Donbass. The general Ukrainian strategy outside this region seems to have been to create locally dense concentrations of forces that could operate even if completely surrounded, at the cost of their own mobility. So you get situations like...
  9. Vorpal

    Eastern Europe News

    Update: According to strana.ua, not a single official body of Ukraine confirmed the claim that ZapNPP was shelled. They conjecture is that Kuleba and Zelensky's statements (which included claims of tanks firing upon the NPP) were a show to try to force NATO to declare a no-fly zone over Ukraine.
  10. Vorpal

    Eastern Europe News

    There does not seem to have been a fire on the territory of NPP. Ukrainian State Emergency Services: As of 02:26 in the city of Energodar at the Zaporozhye NPP, the third power unit was disconnected from the unified energy system (only 4 units are operating). The fire safety at the nuclear power...
  11. Vorpal

    Eastern Europe News

    Ok, finally found a cut of the original: Can anyone tell me what this might be precisely?
  12. Vorpal

    Eastern Europe News

    What's weird is that it looks like some military vehicles are firing tracer rounds from the parking lot. Which means that the fire report pictures in articles like this one are intentional disinfo. Which makes sense given that this story was broken by Kuleba on twitter. ETA: This post is...
  13. Vorpal

    Eastern Europe News

    The Marsupial announced the collapse of the southern front on Mar 1, and it looks like he was correct. The Ukrainian forces are completely unconcentrated and stretched out. Also, there are humanitarian corridors from Mariupol toward Shirokino, from Kharkov toward Lyubotin, and from Kiev toward...
  14. Vorpal

    Eastern Europe News

    The media is a complete circus; twitter is even worse. TBH I don't think there are (nor can be) any ‘actually good’ sources of public information in this mess, but speaking personally, I've on-and-off followed some Ukrainian bloggers, although a probably biased section in that they're all pretty...
  15. Vorpal

    Eastern Europe News

    It's not actually governed by Romania. Russia already has lots of troops in Transnistria, Moldova. Linking up with them doesn't really change much.
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