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  1. V4Guss

    Harry Gets A Bodyguard

    Does Saber have Avalon in her possession or is it somewhere else as in Fate canon? I could see Voldemort going after the scabbard in an attempt to restore himself if it's somewhere in the world and he finds out about it.
  2. V4Guss

    The "I am listening to this song" thread

    I was looking up this song I remembered from Osmosis Jones. I did not realize some of the stuff they cut out to make it kid friendly. I'm aware that Osmosis Jones was originally intended to be more of an adult animation so I'm guessing this was probably more uncut in the film originally. It's...
  3. V4Guss

    Lets Talk About Our Lives

    Used to watch and later help my father do this with deer and other animals he'd hunt. I remember this kind of thing being my first lessons in anatomy.
  4. V4Guss

    Polarisation is a Drug

    The Purge as presented in the films is a lot different than a mere change in government. It's literally presented as crime is legal up to a certain point (there's mention of a certain level of activity being unacceptable which probably means certain government workers and politicians are...
  5. V4Guss

    Hotties (picture thread)

    Understandable, different strokes for different folks. I like the hairly, rugged (even muscular or athletic) look for men, but like a smoother look for women. I know it's a double standard. Found some nice My Hero Academia girls cosplay by the way.
  6. V4Guss

    Polarisation is a Drug

    Expecting this film to get leaked at some point if it doesn't get released officially. And The Purge made absolutely no sense because any government that would allow something like the purge would quickly find itself faced with uprising against the government and revolution even in the unlikely...
  7. V4Guss

    Hotties (picture thread)

    Charlton Heston looked rather handsome in Planet of the Apes. One thing I'm kind of annoyed by in modern media is the common clean shaven look. I prefer the the hairy, rugged look for men. Not that a clean shaven guy can't be attractive, I just think it looks a little weird when every guy is...
  8. V4Guss

    The "I am listening to this song" thread

  9. V4Guss


    Anyone else notice the film seems to be confused on the size of an actual cat if that's what the actors are supposed to represent? The scaling seems off for the actors and their surroundings and it doesn't look like it's completely consistent.
  10. V4Guss

    Lets Talk About Our Lives

    Unfortunately the cat was not successful in that mission and is presumed dead or lost. I had to shut down and replace the cooling system to avoid said meltdown.
  11. V4Guss

    Crunchyroll is better if you prefer subs while Funimation is better is you prefer dubs. I have...

    Crunchyroll is better if you prefer subs while Funimation is better is you prefer dubs. I have both Funimation and Crunchyroll. HIDIVE is also an option for subbed/dubbed anime and has things Funimation and Crunchyroll don't. I will add that if you subscribe to Crunchyroll you also get VRV which...
  12. V4Guss

    Lets Talk About Our Lives

    My PC has been out of commission since Friday due to a CPU cooler failure. Apparently the model I was using (Enermax LIQTECH TR4 360mm AIO) had a design flaw causing corrosion to clog the lines and/or water pump. I'm surprised mine seemed to have lasted a bit over a year as most of the reviews...
  13. V4Guss

    Why does it seem like everything has to be political? Everything seems like it has to have an...

    Why does it seem like everything has to be political? Everything seems like it has to have an agenda or a message. Entertainment to real life. Everything has to be criticized due to controversy of some sort. Nearly everyone has to have a political opinion it seems and can't just let it go or...
  14. V4Guss

    Lets Talk About Our Lives

    Parent I live with decides they want to bug bomb the house while staying home by doing half the house at a time, just fogging the part they're not in. This will take twice as long and seems unsafe to me. They got mad due to thinking I'm paranoid idiot for not wanting to be in the house while...
  15. V4Guss

    Most controversial or unpopular political/economic/social opinions?

    All forms of politics, no matter the affiliation or what type, come off as incredibly petty. To me it seems like the modern form of tribalism. It's part of the "us and them" mentality we have, the idea that one needs to enforce views on others for the good of themselves and other people. Much...
  16. V4Guss

    Crystal Growth (Steven Universe AU)
    Threadmarks Prologue 4

    The sub-sapient drone was a small thing, just big enough for a cloaker and the equipment it would need to complete its mission. It landed on the lip of the canyon of Earth's Prime Kindergarten. As expected, things were currently silent save for the handful of Peridots overseeing the injection...
  17. V4Guss

    Crystal Growth (Steven Universe AU)

    Prologue Part 3: White Diamond and Yellow Diamond stepped off Tal's first, currently only, Galaxy Warp in the capital city of Hawthik, though it should be noted a Galaxy Warp also existed on the Tal’s moon in Prime City. Their Pearls, two dozen Quartzes, and an almost equal number of Borts...
  18. V4Guss

    Lets Talk About Our Lives

    And just learned the parent I live with thinks homeopathy works and that they have used it in the past. I don't know how to feel about that.
  19. V4Guss

    Worst US President?

    I'd have to say the two worst Presidents would be Nixon and Reagan. Nixon for starting the War on Drugs and setting up current anti drug policy which has needlessly put millions of people in jail and cost over a trillion tax dollars since its beginning. Reagan for escalating the War on Drugs...
  20. V4Guss

    City of Heroes/Villains Returns!

    In April after the existence of a private server had been running since the original servers were shut down gained awareness, the developers of the private server released the source code for the game. This allowed for the creation of private servers by others. So far NCSoft has given no signs...
  21. V4Guss

    Does a anyone have any word on what happened to him? I'm confused by "I'm going out for a pack...

    Does a anyone have any word on what happened to him? I'm confused by "I'm going out for a pack of smokes, see you kids in a bit." I mean the "going to the store and never coming back" is a meme/trope, so I'm wondering if he just decided to say this as a joke before leaving the community with...
  22. V4Guss

    Lets Talk About Our Lives

    Merry Solstice everyone! Probably going to watch the sunset today since I overslept and missed the sunrise.
  23. V4Guss

    Lets Talk About Our Lives

    TIL there are people who actually don't have an internal monologue or ability to voluntarily visualize things mentally. This is surprising to me as I assumed regular internal monologue and mental imagery were normal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aphantasia...
  24. V4Guss

    Warhammer 40k General Thread

    I've been reading Xenology. Notable things: Orks crashed on the Kroot Homeworld at some point in the species' early history and were eaten by the locals which is why the planet isn't infested with Orks. This caused the Kroot to evolve into a humanoid form and they can pull off similar...
  25. V4Guss

    “Am I really here?” “What do you mean by "you" anyway? Are you your arm or your leg?” “Partly.”...

    “Am I really here?” “What do you mean by "you" anyway? Are you your arm or your leg?” “Partly.” “Really? If you lost all your limbs, wouldn’t you still be you?” “I’d still be me.” “So, what is the "me"?” “My brain, I suppose.” "Your brain? Your brain is a body part. Like your fingernail or your...