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  1. Alias

    Duplicate alerts

    So for a while I've been getting duplicate alerts for likes or posts on my profile and other parts of the site. Been ignoring it but I just got 13 alerts for one post Orion did on my profile. Thought you guys should know.
  2. Alias

    Star Trek: Adaptation

    January 1st-9th 2215- Suddenly and without warning, Praxis one of the moon’s of Qo’nos explodes in what is later suspected to be due to a mining accident. While this is true unknown to the Klingons, it was in fact the Praxis of 2293 that was swapped with it’s 2215 counterpart by a powerful being...
  3. Alias

    How did you find FiC?

    I'm always curious about how people find our site, so I though hey why not start a thread. So members of FiC, how did you first learn about FiC?
  4. Alias

    Warcraft: Horde Quest

    You are Warchief Thrall and you have not had an easy life. Within a month of your birth your parents were murdered on the orders of the traitor Gul’dan and you were left in the wilderness to die. Fate however had different plans in mind for you. By accident you were found by a human officer by...
  5. Alias

    Only black reporters allowed in Georgia mayoral race event

    https://www.nbcnews.com/news/nbcblk/only-black-reporters-allowed-georgia-mayoral-race-event-n988626 So as does happen every few months in the USA, a press event or some type of other event is held and only African-Americans are allowed to attend. Naturally there's a backlash, though some...
  6. Alias

    Naruto: Ninja of Konohagakure Quest (AU)

    You can now post and please vote by plan. .................... A new era has begun for the Elemental Countries and the ninja that serve them. The Village Hidden by Sand or otherwise known as Sunagakure has been destroyed in a surprise attack by Iwagakure. A attack that was only made possible...
  7. Alias

    Pre-Industrial The Hammer broken at Tours

    On October 10, 732 an Umayyad army under Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi clashed with Frankish and Aquitanian troops in western Gaul. The joint army of of Frankish and Aquitanian soldiers initially held their ground in the beginning of the battle, though eventually the repeated cavalry charges ordered...
  8. Alias

    Kingdom of Great Britain Quest

    You may now post. ............. With the signing of the treaties of Paris and Hubertusburg, the global war which had been fought on five continents has been brought to an end after nearly seven years of bloody warfare. The winning side of the recently concluded war being Prussia, Portugal, Great...
  9. Alias

    Live action version of Star Wars Legends works isoted to Lucasfilm HQ in 2012

    So a bored ASB decides to ISOT all Star Wars Legends canon video games, comic books and cartoons in live action form to the headquarters in the form of mutiple dvd's, film etc. to the Lucasfilm headquarters on December 21, 2012, the day Disney acquired Lucasfilm. So what does Disney do now that...
  10. Alias

    Stargate: SKYNET

    August 4, 1997 Cheyenne Mountain Complex Run SKYNET sequence >Admin Password? >* * * * * * * * * * >Password Accepted >Initializing SKYNET boot sequence >Load System >System CHECK >RAM CHECK >CONFIG.SYS >LOAD INTERFACE >NETWORK CONNECTION: SET >MEMORY: SET >UTILITIES: SET >SYSTEM BUFFER: SET...
  11. Alias

    Star Wars Megathread

    Discuss all things Star Wars here.
  12. Alias

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Argue and debate about the Last Jedi here. Also please be civil.
  13. Alias

    Star Wars: The Dark Age (Vong War era Quest)

    Vote is closed. ........... Two plus years ago the nightmare that is the war with the Yuuzhan Vong began. The Jedi were quick to realize the threat the Vong represented but few listened. The reasons varied but it ultimately came down to a mixture Anti-Jedi sentiments and politics which mixed...
  14. Alias

    Star Wars: Blood and Yorik

    Borleias Occupation, Day 9 The fleet of Wyrpuuk Cha slowed as it entered the outer limits of the Pyria system. The system’s distant sun was visible through the amber-colored shell that served the bridge as a viewport, but Wyrpuuk Cha paid it no attention, concentrating instead on the cloud of...