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  1. Aaron Fox

    Aaron Fox's Art Request Dump and PimpMyGun Art Dump

    Well, I've been trying to get back to hand-drawing my weapons... and with apparent mixed success...
  2. Aaron Fox

    GATE: and so the Iron Pact Fought

    Given that she is not only dealing with Roman politics but also Medieval politics (aka "The 'fun' Kind")... she isn't going to get a break anytime soon...
  3. Aaron Fox

    GATE: and so the Iron Pact Fought

    So, a snippet for you guys, one that focuses on our favorite sane woman who is breaking herself under insane conditions... _____________ Italica, Italica Province – 200km from Alnus Province; October 3rd, 6729 Piña was right to move to Italica, as several important keystones of...
  4. Aaron Fox

    Frozen In Carbonite Writing Competition Thread

    Well, I've just posted my entry to the competition. I hope things go smoothly from here on in.
  5. Aaron Fox

    The Lunar Discovery: A Post-Game Xenonauts Fanfic Oneshot (FiC Writing Competition entry)

    Ok, so FiC is doing a fanfic competition and I decided to join in. It's something of a oneshot, taking a peak of a greater setting that I would have for any post-game Xenonauts fic that I would write. It isn't my best but given the 5k limit, I hope I do decently. @Horton, @Alias, and @Jakarta, I...
  6. Aaron Fox

    Autonomous Driving: Taking the Rats' Jerbs!

    If you can make a proper self-driving vehicle, jobs are only going to vanish completely as fast as the programming can be adapted to the task... ... and people wonder why I'm pessimistic...
  7. Aaron Fox

    An Iron Harvest Oneshot Thing

    So, I was at the Iron Harvest discord and, well, they were like 'when is fanfiction about the setting going to happen' and I said 'I'll have my hand in it' and... well... this very short idea came up. I'll post it here for posterity reasons. This features Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert of...
  8. Aaron Fox

    International EU Internet Sovereignty

    Then see those companies either start lobbying like crazy or pull out. There are tons of money with consumer data mining and that is going to end in one bad way or another...
  9. Aaron Fox

    UK Politics The Brexit thread (or All -not- quiet on the western front)

    @Eliar... no, Black Comedy is only there to lessen the blow. We're going full 'Grimdark' if reality keeps taking my setting notes as a blueprint for reality...
  10. Aaron Fox

    Frozen In Carbonite Writing Competition Thread

    I'm in a bit of a writing slump and I can't do it in a day. :( If you keep it at the 15th, then I'll get something out but I need time.
  11. Aaron Fox

    Frozen In Carbonite Writing Competition Thread

    ... maybe doing something else would help me with the funk that I'm in right now. I'll probably get a oneshot or something later... Maybe have my Iron Harvest oneshot worked a little more... ... or just go with some stupid crazy idea about a setting where magic, tech, and magitech are used...
  12. Aaron Fox

    EROI and Civilisation

    Only when people have the time and money to do so.
  13. Aaron Fox

    The Trump-Russia Investigation Thread: Mueller Goes Terminator Edition

    That might not be the case, exactly... as what little we believe is happening between Putin and Trump is due to Putin having 'dirt' on Trump. Stein might be in the same boat, but I wouldn't put money on it.
  14. Aaron Fox

    Concerns abouts US nuclear weapons based in Turkey

    Saw this in SB, the thing is that this is a not-news item. Those nukes are still stored in the US base in Turkey, under lock and key, and the PAL locks make sure that even if -somehow- Erdogan tried to take them by force they're no more than expensive paperweights at best, fancy dirty bombs at...
  15. Aaron Fox

    United Nations could run out of money by the end of the month

    Not much, I assume. Then again we're living in a world where memetic hazard induced movements are actually a thing (Anti-Vaxx is one such movement)...
  16. Aaron Fox

    United Nations could run out of money by the end of the month

    Well, it is due to the money situation that we're discussing how it would change/end... but yeah sorry about the derail...
  17. Aaron Fox

    United Nations could run out of money by the end of the month

    Give me a howler when you set it up.
  18. Aaron Fox

    United Nations could run out of money by the end of the month

    In my A New World setting, the UN got killed by a combination of the world being effectively 'on fire' and Russia putting the final nail in the coffin. Quite a few of the organizations survived (with quite a few of the 'blue hats' not going back to their respective nations, including Pakistanis...
  19. Aaron Fox

    United Nations could run out of money by the end of the month

    Let me guess, it died an inglorious death?
  20. Aaron Fox

    EROI and Civilisation

    Given that France's nuclear reactors are an anomaly in terms of the West in how much power is generated by them (well over three-quarters), with Japan looking to decommission theirs? I wouldn't bet on it lasting. Period. If we are going to fight anti-nuclear, we'll probably have to treat it in...
  21. Aaron Fox

    EROI and Civilisation

    You really can't. The best way that renewables can be used is as part of a supplement for nuclear reactors. Basically, renewables are very niche when it comes to placement and has periods where they're not even viable in the first place (solar and the night for example or no wind for windmills)...
  22. Aaron Fox

    A New World, a World of Conflict and Sorrow
    Threadmarks Introduction to Memetic Weapons

    In setting, of something like this shows up, shit is going to go down: Why do you ask? Because memetic weapons/hazards are a thing and the various factions have entire departments dedicated to searching and destroying memetic ordinance every day. Memetic warfare is quite similar to other...
  23. Aaron Fox

    MOVIE: RICHARD JEWELL (Atlanta 1996 Bombing)

    This is a movie about Richard Jewell, a white guy who was a security guard during the Atlanta 1996 bombing, saving quite a few people in the process by discovering the bomb before it detonated. The FBI had him as a Person of Interest and, well, the media lapped it up and made him look like the...
  24. Aaron Fox

    Key witness in Botham Jean, Amber Guyger case shot.

    Given that having the wrong set of clothes could get you killed in the US... it's up in the air.
  25. Aaron Fox

    What are your most controversial or unpopular opinions?

    The thing is, out of all the nations in the history of the World, two (to my immediate knowledge) of them can be considered the least bastardly: US and Imperial Germany. Everyone else is either basically genocide happy scumbags (Britain and France got away with a lot during their times as...
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