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  1. Yesman

    Key witness in Botham Jean, Amber Guyger case shot.

    https://www.thedailybeast.com/key-witness-in-botham-jean-case-who-testified-against-amber-guyger-is-gunned-down-in-dallas EDIT:Most people seem think its a fellow officer of the department or a cop "helping other cops".
  2. Yesman

    Da Hunga Gaimz(US Administration resignation and firing thread.

  3. Yesman

    Diamonds 4 lifespan

    Inspired by a certain manga... You get the power to create diamonds from air. They are worth 50 000 USD per diamond. However, the creation of each diamond takes away 1 year of lifespan from you as it is so tiring. In the manga, the diamonds came out of his-
  4. Yesman

    [TITLE:UNCHOSEN] (WORK IN PROGRESS) (Information/Ideas thread)

    For a while, I had this story idea. Despite my wish to type it out, it got put on hold by exams, school and laziness. For now, have some sentences and which should describe my story. Swedish-Nazi Romans Interstellar Capitalism The Black The Gold/The Chosen Orcish Colonialism. The Silence/The...
  5. Yesman

    Wi: President Hank Scorpio (Simpsons)

    Thanks to BROB magic, Hank Scorpio, Billionaire owner of the Globex company and evil mastermind, is elected President of the United States. What happens? Achievements: Destroyed the Queensboro Bridge to threaten the United Nations Employees have access to free health and dental care as company...
  6. Yesman

    An important Philisophical Question

    So today at school I was seated next to a particular group of students. These students were some of the schools brightest with some of the highest grades and test scores. These students were discussing a very philosophical question which I found interesting and thought to share with you.
  7. Yesman

    SB most hated.

    The Christian mawreens from Victoria fight the infamous Slaving draka. Draka tech level is WW2 while only having Africa. Christian Mawreens in this fight are post Victory over Azania. Who wins? One group of assholes or the other?
  8. Yesman

    Venus VS Gordon Freeman.

    The sexy Gordon Freeman, Hero of the resistance fights the weird robot commando Venus (Source: http://paradox-modfanmadebackup.wikia.com/wiki/Venus ) Both contestants have full equipment although Venus does not have the CnC veterancy bonuses. Scenario one: Battlefield !: An Open field with no...
  9. Yesman

    Literary Boneyard

    I use the term Boneyard here to describe this thread like an aircraft boneyard. This is not a place to have an orgy. So welcome the theater to see my crappy writing. Please do not have an orgy
  10. Yesman

    snotling horde vs Bob Semple tank

    How many snotlings would it take to destroy a https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Semple_tank, the scourge of the Imperial Japanese Army? How many Gretchens does it take? Is this a stomp? NOTE: ork hordes are only allowed melee weapons for this fight
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