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A Penguin Plays RULE THE WAVES

33.a December 1902


Indentured Artist
But let us digress for a bit.

The Troude actually follows what seems to be a standard Light Cruiser template.

It is functionally identical, differing mainly in armor thickness, to the British Conquest or the US Baltimore-class Light Cruisers.

Now for comparison's sake, our Furiosa is still the smallest and fastest Light Cruiser in existence.

But we're NOT the only ones with playing around with unconventional designs.

The Italians have an interesting light and fast design with a heavier than usual main gun.

And then there's the British Canada-class, which I can only refer to as The Dakkaboat.

Imitated in inferior qualities by the CS Shenandoah -

And the Italian Taranto-class.

Also, interestingly, the CSA continue to follow the pattern of focusing on more armor than anyone else at the expense of gun size. While we focus on having the smallest most capable ships possible.

But of course we can't forget the Austria-Hungarians:

ALL their Light Cruisers are 5100 tons.
Seriously, they're not building them any smaller or faster, not following the standard Light Cruiser template everybody else is using.

Their Light Cruisers are unconscionably heavy.

They do however possess more heavier guns than everyone else's Light Cruisers, and makes me think that their use of massed 6" guns is designed to defeat... the Italians.

They have a lot of Light Cruisers - nine right now, and two more building. Meanwhile, the Austria-Hungarians have five.

The Italians also have four battleships.

... I kinda pity the Austria-Hungarians right now. They're gearing up to fight their next-door neighbor, as would be logical, then get suckerpunched with Suddenly, Reconquista.

So let's click next and see what happens.
34.0 January-February 1903


Indentured Artist


For all my talk about picking a fight with Austria-Hungary, I'm doing everything to avoid getting into a war with Austria-Hungary.

I probably have a reputation for excessive caution or even borderline cowardice with the voting public by now.

Well, there are hawks and doves in any government.
Most taxpayers generally don't like war wasting their country's wealth.

No seems to want to herald this new year with any impressive new builds.

That lowered tensions a bit. We were at Orange Alert.

Should I build some more Destroyers? We can build Destroyers of up to 700 tons now.

Hm. Maybe not yet. That would drop us to 600k.
Let's save up to get around a million of reserve funding.

Since there doesn't seem to be anything interest going on right now, let's roll to the next month.

Oh now you all decide to spend!

Just a little while longer...

By the way, look at our Unrest level. Our people are peaceful and happy and prosperous.

I am pretty sure this is completely historically inaccurate.

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