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Armchair Challenge: create an indigenous aviation industry empire in 2000's Canada


Trust me, I'm a Tech-Priest
Another B.O.B. (Bored Omnipotent Being) challenge for shits and giggles, this time, you are transplant into history, with the divergence point being the end of cold war.

Inspired by the various discussion regarding Canadian F-35s in other forums...

You will start in 26th of December, 1991. B.O.B. instates you as a "mostly anonymous, seclusive" Billionaire in Canada.

You are given a start-up fund of C$3 Trillion Canadian Dollars, which is about double the worth of the entire F-35 program. And a tech boost, which consists of any information you desire, recorded on 12 sheets of ISO A0 paper. Microprint/Microform are not allowed, as the information must be readable by an average person's naked eye.

Your task is to use the given funds to build a private-venture aviation industry that can produce cutting edge combat aircrafts.

Your goal is simple: produce at least 1 (or more) type(s) of combat aircraft (preferably tactical fighters/air defense/air superiority fighter) that will be adopted by the Canadian Armed Forces. And you must impress the Canadian government to buy at least 96 aircrafts (with a reasonably discounted price), and another 96 on option.

The aircraft must have final assembly in Canada, with at least 60% of the empty weight components manufactured indigenously within Canada. Weapons and munitions do not count.

At least one type/variant of the aircraft must be flyable before 2010, and the first batch delivered before 2022.

Performance-wise and capability-wise, it should be noted, the B.O.B. prefer the aircraft to be "comparable or competitive against combat aircrafts of the same category in the same time period". And should remain relevant and serviceable until at least 2040's

We all know the money is enough to bribe the government and license build existing aircrafts... but let's not do that yet, and make an effort to see what could have been?

Bonus challenge: find at least 2 export customers for the product aircraft...
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