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Autonomous Driving: Taking the Rats' Jerbs!


Senile Old Coot
We now have an answer to the age-old question of whether rats can learn to drive a vehicle, and the result is a resounding yes. What's more, the vermin even seem to find the whole endeavor relaxing.
'They learned to navigate the car in unique ways and engaged in steering patterns they had never used to eventually arrive at the reward," Lambert told the publication.
Yes, this is science news. Because reasons. OK, because researchers are looking to use this sort of thing in research for Parkinson's and other arenas where neurology and motor skills are involved.

But it is also because we can finally stop with the teaching cars to drive themselves and killing us all in the inevitable robot uprising. We can just let our little furry friends be our cabbies. They will work for cereal, that is way less expensive than autonomous driving tech.
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