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Azur Lane


So, I've decided to give Azur Lane a try, Installed it yesterday. I admit the tutorial was a little bit too fast for me, so I'm currently still reading through wiki and guides.

I did some constructions yesterday, and managed to get myself Belfast and U-47. At first, I thought the construction was just like in gfl or kancolle, where you put the recipes to get a certain rifles or ships, but no, it's totally random. So, I need to be careful with my cubes spending.

So far I'm still trying to figure out stuff, So I'm just taking it easy rn.


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Uuuuuughhh. Should I play another mobage or not. Ugh, choices choices.

Part of me screams Kaga and Akagi, part of me screams cringe because of the Mandarin (seeing anime characters speak mandarin will never be something I get used to), part of me screams to not do it because money.

Choices choices choices.


I suppose I'm gonna update my status. I'm currently on commander level 50 now. I already managed to full limit break my SR kansens, which is Belfast and Enterprise, Hood is coming close, but the lack of trial bulin hurts a bit. As for the priority ship, I'm closing on constructing Saint Louis, only need about 2m combat exp from my Eagle cruisers, I know the real grind is getting them blueprints for strengthening.

Currently doing hololive event collab rn, I admit at first I kinda want to skip it, but I ended up doing it.

Kaga and Akagi
Kaga and Akagi is pretty much drop only from chapter 3-4, they're unbuildable from the construction. I only have managed to get Kaga, Akagi is still pretty much missing or doesn't exist for me. The drop rate for SR unit is very low from what I heard (0.7% IIRC)

The voice acting is in Japanese.


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The two build-only gold ships in Hololive are really good, so I wouldn't recommend skipping the event even if you don't care about the characters.
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