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Back online; forum upgraded


Last Sunday, the database server malfunctioned.

Looking back, the fix should have been simple (custom DNS suddenly failed; this was simply an extra check to ensure that database connections aren't coming from places they're not supposed to be; the result was blocked everything). However, I failed to understand this at the time, and since I'm in the middle of family-related mess/travel, I couldn't immediately spend the time to figure this out.

Anyway, I took the opportunity to upgrade/move the server and the forum software, which delayed things a bit more.

I'm sorry for taking too long.


Indentured Artist
You might as well upgrade the logo while you're at it. :p


Well-known member


Well-known member
It would have been nice to have some warning. But eh, at least it wasn't permanent. I appreciate you taking the time out of this time of year to do this for us, @Vorpal.
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