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Battletech CYOA – Ghostrider Revenants

Paulo Brito

Part of the forces Kamea landed in Coromodir is a band of mercenaries, Gibson Marauders – 5 mercs with an old Leopard.
The battle don’t run well for then – Gibson die after ejecting is Blackjack, hit by a stray bullet, and Dekker is killed by a PPC head shot.
Without means to repair both mechs, broke, and they sponsor turned in a client state, they are in a real bad situation.
Don’t help that the other mercenary outfit in the planet have all the bells and whistles – jumpships, ASF’s, SLDF mechs! And tanks! And a tech support to dream for.
But today is they lucky day – after a fast negotiation, they are absorbed in that dream team.

For Jean-Luc, absorbing the Marauders – apart getting a dropship and five mechs (they can easily repair the damaged ones – is a private joke, have played many times the HBS game. The Revenants don’t lose any mech, ASF or vehicle – the ones damaged are reparable, even if in some cases, very expensive, but they have enough spares and technical capability for that.

At the end of the fight, Kamea get a Aurigan Reach that is less damaged by war than the one in the game, but still in bad shape, and with plenty of debts to both the Magistracy and the Concordat. In fact, her nation is nothing more than a client state of both bigger nations.
In Althea’s Revenants base, a computer virus corrupt the Helm and Hegemony data-cores. The best efforts of the security teams are unsuccessful to identify the culprits.
Thankfully, the paranoid level of off-line copies that Jean-Luc implemented – several only he knows the location – allowed for the work return to normal a few day later – with again improved security measures in the access. In the end, only two weeks of research are lost.

The new industries that start to be created in Althea’s while all small to medium and very complex, are a part of a sophisticated network, each produced a few group of pieces that some well defended assembly zones later transform in advanced components on other locations. Almost the opposite of the Star League way of doing things, and much more manpower intensive, but leaves no big target for adversaries and in the end obtain the same result.

Between the components produced, is a good part of the Snowden mining station ones. They still can’t produce the advanced electronics for the ammo used in the SRM and LRM Artemis IV guided ammo nor the guided packages of the Arrow IV missiles. Producing ammo for the Gauss rifles is very easy and cheap, and several tons are produced each day.​
Freshly minted Captain Amanda Liu can’t be more happier. Not only her mech, a Panther named Dark Mistress, have been upgraded with SL tech – replacing the PPC with an ERPPC, and the heat sinks replaced by DHS – but she have finally her company to command and on her first independent mission! In the aftermath of the Aurigan civil war, many of the soldiers from the Directorate, after they defeat, turned bandits, and the High Lady Kamea Arano have contracted the Revenants – one company with mobile assets – to help clear her realm.
The paid is low – the Reach is very poor and in debt – but they get full salvage rights and captain Liu is determined to obtain some mechs for the regiment in her first command.
She is in command of the Merchant Jumpship Phantom of Battle, one Union and one Mule dropships - the Mule loaded with plenty supplies, spares and ammo, with enough free space for salvage if they get some - and a company of battlemechs with the mandate to search and destroy bandits inside the Reach territory.

Amanda Liu Mech Company
2 MAD-3R Marauder
2 ARC-2R Archer
2 PXH-1Phoenix Hawk
2 VND-1R Vindicator
2 PNT-9RPanther
2 LCT-1V Locust

Note..: The Union dropship also carry a pair of SB-27 Sabre light ASF

While the Revenants can’t build SL part for they mechs, they have a comfortable stock of spares that let they use then effectively for a while.
Efforts to be capable to produce at least some spares are in effect.

The alliance between DII and TTI (Darlan Investments & Industries and Taurus Territorial Industries) started with the objective to produce new Snowden Mining Stations, but quickly evolved in much more.

TTI moved one of they rare heavily modified Danais to Althea’s to lift heavy components – of more than a thousand tons each – to orbit.

Modified Danais – Heavy Lifter (not cannon)
The original Danais have a single cargo bay with 1.700 ton capacity. This variant can move components up to 2.000 ton to orbit. For that, have smaller range, no passenger cabins, and much bigger doors and strong mechanical arms.
They also moved a purpose built Tug to Althea’s – another heavily modified Danais type (also not cannon).

Note..: TTI produce Unions, Danais and Trojans (armed variant of Danais)

The initial plans is to move the heavy components of the Snowden to orbit and after assembling, push the new station to where the waiting jumpship is.
But they are also used to create a simplified Snowden version, without the K-F Boom, to be used in the Althea’s system asteroid belt. And to put in orbit a series of orbital factories, to produce between other rare items, Endo Steel.
To help protect these investments, TTI also moved a mixed wing of Lightning’s and Thunderbird’s to Althea’s.


Paulo Brito

In early 3026 DII start to produce the unguided version of the Arrow IV missile (without the high-tech guided package, is cheaper and easier to produce). That permit the Revenants to starting to deploy they Chaparral(they have twelve), but for now, only in defense of Althea’s. At this date they produce HE, smoke and Inferno warheads. All kind of warheads and seeking systems are in study, the large size of the missiles providing plenty of opportunities – Air-to-air, anti-ship, air-launched, air-launched guided, etc.

They also start researching battle-armor, the designs using a scaled down industrial exoskeleton, fully sealed, space rated. For the first designs, a more powerful variant of the infantry jump pack is used, and don’t include any weapons, but the two fully articulated hands can use a variety of personal weapons. Experiments with magnetic clamps and variations of armor are in the works. Is a top secret project, based on ideas and first drafts done by Jean-Luc Darlan.
The first prototypes have a weight of about a thousand kilos.

Note..: Based on the Jack from Davion & Davion (deceased) from Drakensis, with the author authorization to use.

With more and more factories start to operate from Althea’s, the population also grow, as many citizens from the Concordat, Reach and Magistracy arrive looking for jobs – a thing that many periphery worlds can't offer in great quantities.

‘That is a rare bird indeed.” Say Amanda Liu to herself, inside the cockpit of Dark Mistress, firing from extreme range on the enemy Catapult K2.​
The enemy mech don’t return fire, instead fire again on the Revenant Marauder, that is the bigger adversary also battling the pirate mech.​
Amanda shot hit the pirate on the left leg, removing the remainder armor but failed to do anything more.​
Almost at same time a salvo of LRM’s hit the pirate mech, fired by the Archer of lieutenant Gabrielle Aveline, damaging the Catapult but also failing to finish him.​
The pirates salvo hit the Marauder all around, destroying is left arm and do damage in the center torso and left leg. The return fire from the mercenary heavy mech finally drop the Catapult with the AC/5 shells ripping the left leg of the mech and send him down. Without arms, the pirate struggled to rise is mech, but before can do that, a well aimed shot from Amanda ERPPC remove is right leg, ending the fight.​
And that finish they business in this planet as the last pirate is down – one of the most fanatic Directorate units, the final elements of Victoria Espinosa personal unit.​
“Maybe that Catapult can be repaired..” hoped Amanda.​
Note..: Yes, is the mech that Victoria Espinosa normally drive in the game – she have to left it back during the mission to Perdition, and one of the surviving elements of her former unit used it later.​
An explosion destroy a research lab that works in double heat sinks technology – several researchers are dead and more wounded.​
A few days later another team of scientists is poisoned.​
Jean-Luc only escaped a car-bomb because is delayed at last moment by a phone call.​
The series of attacks is finally traced to an empty warehouse – when the security forces – with armed helicopter and a light mech in support start to encircle the suspect location, it explodes, killing everybody inside and burning all evidence.​
In mid 3026, after refusing to support the installation of an HPG station on Althea’s using the excuse that they can’t pay the cost – and this several times already – Jean-Luc is confronted by the Comstar offering to install a Class B HPG compound for free, claiming that is a civic service, and the pay coming from the services delivered, removing any possible objections.​
The station is planned to be operating by the end of 3026.​
Until recently, Jean-Luc only need to take care of the Revenants. After receiving Althea’s to Administrate, also need to take in consideration the local militia. In the past said force is a sad joke, poorly armed and worst trained. But, with the massive – compared to the older times – industrialization (and many military focused) that changed.​
While Battlemechs are still years away to be produced locally, vehicles are another case. Starting with a design provided by Jean-Luc (freely base on the IAV Stryker) 100% produced locally and in five variants, they received a considerable boost in capability.​
8×8 wheeled​
25 tons​
100 ICE​
Crew 2​
APC - 1 SRM2 + 2 HMG (1 ton SRM ammo + 2 ton HMG ammo) + 8 soldiers​
AC/5 - 1 AC/5 + 1 HMG (2 tons AC ammo + .5 tons HMG ammo)​
Laser - 1 Large Laser + 1 HMG (1 tons HMG ammo) + power amplifiers and heat sinks​
LRM - 1x LRM 15 + 1 HMG (2 tons LRM ammo + 1 ton HMG ammo)​
SRM - 2x SRM6 + 1 HMG (3 tons SRM ammo + 1 ton HMG ammo)​
They are cheap, maintenance low and easy, (also many parts common) and very rugged. The militia loves then and several are also used by the Revenants. So far, no one as been sold to other organizations, even if the TDF is starting to show interest.​
Note..: No omni-vehicles, just a well designed one planned from the start to have several configurations. Changing from one configuration to another is possible, but need a well equipped motor pool / factory and take many hours.​
Amanda Liu returned to Althea’s in late 3026, after concluding her mission on the Aurigan Reach, ‘cleaning’ the last Directorate enclaves / pirates.​
She lost 4 mechs, but all are repairable in the extensive facilities that the Revenants have on they main base, and get six mechwarriors wounded, but none killed. On the plus side, captured 650 tons of spares (from mechs too damaged to try to repair) and 7 mechs that need extensive repair, including the ex-Victoria Catapult-K2, that need both legs re-attached / rebuild (and a lot of armor, and an extensive refit).​
If Thomas Calderon is already paranoid about a possible Davion attack, the Galahad 3026 exercises push it to a new level. All the TDF is at the highest level of alert, and when nothing happens, is credibility, already damaged by the Espinosas Incident, take another big hit.​
After that, talks about replacing him with someone more stable started in earnest.​
Because of that, the Revenants are forced to cancel any personal missions and send companies to Cyrton, Organo and Celentaro with mechanized and ASF support to re-enforce TDF forces in place against the supposed Fed-rat eminent attack – that never comes.​
At the end of 3026, the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, electronics and ceramics industries in Althea’s have grow to the level that they start to export in important values to other worlds in the Concordat. They also start to export industrial / agro mechs.​
The new Comstar compound is located in a small hill, over the capital. That turn observing any ins and out easy and put then out of the underground networks of the city, making difficult any covert ops. That works both ways, unfortunately. Direct lines for both the governor house and the Revenants base are included – connected to terminals that don’t have access to the local networks – Jean-Luc is not that stupid.​
The Revenants base have expanded greatly over the years, and more so after Jean-Luc turned ruler of Althea’s. They now have they own spaceport, not only landing pads, but with fully dropship service, including fuel tanks (underground and fully armored) and a comprehensive interplanetary communications array. Also included are several surface and underground bunkers – many of the repair / maintenance services are processed underground. They also included a complete military airfield with all the necessary support stations and equipment. All in all, more like a first class base for an elite House unit in the Inner Sphere than a mercenary base in the Periphery.​
Dispersed all over the planet are well camouflaged underground bunkers – most still in construction by early 3027, to contain spares, ammo, food and medical supplies, to be used in the case of a serious invasion.​
Initially Jean-Luc tough on closing they Galatea office, but ultimately, after some talks in Taurus, is simply merged with the Concordat bigger offices. The number of recruiting is small, but they still contract some – mostly experienced technicians and instructors or small forces with equipment not produce or rare in the Periphery – the Revenants are mostly interested in early 3027 in artillery and hovercraft units, or the very rare assault mech if they can get one.​
On one side, many mercenaries don’t like going to the Periphery, but the Revenants have many things on they favor – jumpship and dropship support, permanent base, they leader is a planetary ruler, good relations with the House government, good financial situation, more than 10 years of existence, etc.​
In early 3027, Jean-Luc finally fall to the long campaign of seduction orchestrated by Janine Silver.​

In March 3027, an expedition, based on data from the Argo's database of Star League locations, sent to an uninhabited world just outside the Concordat frontier, found an abandoned star-base inside a hollowed out asteroid. Unfortunately the base have been thoroughly emptied, and unless the Revenants of the Concordat Navy re-furnish and re-stock it, is useless.​
When Thomas Calderon send an order to raid Verdigreis, Jean-Luc refuse, citing chapter and verse of the Revenants contract, that give then the option to refuse any raiding or assault sub-contract / order unless during a state of war. Because Jean-Luc is not interested in poking the Davion giant, activate that clause of the contract. Saying that Thomas is not happy is a big understatement, but the Revenants leader have the Concordat law on is side.​
Note..: Yes, in an unusual clause, but because at the time of signing said contract the Concordat (and Thomas in particular) really want the Revenants to stay (and no one have any idea about what Jean-Luc really knows about the future), they accepted that. Several mercenaries regiments have ‘special’ clauses in they contracts – Wolf Dragons have exit ones, Kell Hounds, during Morgan self-exile have one that say that if Morgan returns he can terminate current contract, etc.​
DII signed an accord with TTI to produce Maultier’s (basic version) under license in Althea’s.​
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Paulo Brito

The Concordat Navy finally delivers the repaired Colossus. The bad news is that the SLDF removed all the weapons, and after the fall with the Protector, the dropship is delivered unarmed.
Still not capable of produce new Arrow IV launchers (only ammo), the facilities in the Revenants base are busy installing new weapons, even if they are all ‘standard 3027 tech’.

Revenants Colossus (modified) weapons- parenthesis original configuration
5 Large Lasers (ER Large Lasers)
16 Medium Lasers
2 AC/10 (Gauss Rifles)
(2 Arrow IV)
4 LRM 20 (Artemis IV)
The place for the Arrow IV is for now closed, waiting the time they can produce some.

The dropship is declared operational by August 3027.

In the same month, Hanse launch the Operation GALAHAD 3027, with the predictable Thomas reaction. Don’t help at all that the exercise is bigger than the 3026 version, and that the Davion allies also launch they Operation THOR at same time.
Again, without any Davion interference in the Concordat by the time GALAHAD ended, the alarmists – Thomas Calderon and Grover Shraplen – lose even more influence / power base.

First experiences with anti-ship variants of Arrow IV missiles started in September. The researchers started with a regular Arrow missile, changed the warhead with a heavier one, tandem-charge (also experimental), and strap-on a big booster. The monstrosity weights about 2.5 tons and even a heavy ASF can only carry two, but do a lot of damage if (and that is a one big if) hit a dropship in the right place.

By October 3027, the Outworlds Alliance signed a cooperation and mutual defense treaty with the Concordat and Magistracy – mostly a reaction to the ones already existing between the various IS Houses (Davion + Steiner and Marik + Liao + Kurita) and the big military exercises that put everybody nervous.

The first fusion engines produced in Althea’s are the Vlar 300 and the GM 240. They start production in late 3027.
Everybody is thinking that Jean-Luc soon start to produce battlemechs in Althea’s. Many are surprised that the first ‘big’ project in reality is a heavy aerospace fighter. Developing under the most strict security, the VLC-7TC Vulcan is a new variant of the older Rim Worlds heavy fighter.

Modifications from the 5N
Fusion engine is GM 240 instead of Olympus 240 – they can’t get the blueprints of the Olympus, and nobody produce it anymore.
2 Medium lasers firing on the rear-arc instead of only one.
Nose with one Large Laser and one SRM-6 (the medium laser migrated to the rear-arc).
Lasers – replaced the Firefly with the more common Martel ones, produced in both the Concordat and Magistracy
AC/10 – replaced the Republic Mk VII with Western Heavy (Vandenberg Mechanized Industries)
SRM-6 – using the Shannon Six-Shooter (Vandenberg Mechanized Industries)

With these alterations, every component of the ASF is produced in the Concordat or Magistracy, and is a model of ASF that don’t have license rights, facilitating the production. In late 3027, the first prototype execute is maiden flight.

Note..: The Revenants have two older VLC-5N that served to the base model analysis and test bed, great simplifying the development.

Early research from the VRU team and confirmation by the Argo data-base show that Carlos Dangmar Lee BattleMech Research Center is located on the planet, near Fort Lee.
Because that research included stealth technology and by the SI memories, a data-core is probably present, Jean-Luc wants to capture it – without the Capellans knowing the identity of the raiders.
Knowing that the 4SW is near, and planning to use it to his benefit, Jean-Luc start to plan a raid in Victoria (CC). First problem – don’t want to be identified, so no use of SLDF mechs nor the Colossus or the Vengeance. They have enough Unions to deploy a battalion, and the Triumph is also common enough.
By this time the Hysteria as returned from the refit at TTI, and is now in the standard version (4 mechs + 2 ASF).

Note..: The Hysteria is in bad shape by the time the Marauders are absorbed by the Revenants, and so, taking advantage of they good relations, Jean-Luc send the dropship to TTI to do a full refit and return it to the original configuration.

Now, is just necessary to wait for the 4th Succession War to start, and as soon as the Liao troops leave the area, letting only the badly trained and poorly equipped militia, strike. For obtaining the information on that, Jean-Luc needs the collaboration of MIM – and the price of that is of course a share of the findings. Allies, allies, business and lostech apart. Because is ‘a bit difficult’ to explain why Jean-Luc knows about the impending war, need to postpone that part just to after the conflict start.

In early 3028 the first Snowden is delivered to TMM (Taurus Majoris Metals), and is soon towed to a pre-selected area in Althea’s asteroid belt. The deliveries are estimated to be one per year and half for the simplified version and after that one full version each two years.

After months of experimentation, the orbital factory succeed in produce quality endo steel, gearing up to production mode from testing mode. Two other factories are been produced to soon be placed in orbit.

Note..: knowing the formula and specs is very different of knowing how to produce and even more than how to mass produce a thing. Each orbital factory mass about 30k tons and is modular created in the surface to later be assembled in orbit.

In mid 3028, the first prototype of the Koalitsiya start testing.

Koalitsiya – Sniper SPG
60 tons
GM 240
Max Speed – 65km/h
5.5 tons armor
1 Sniper Artillery Piece (4 tons ammo – 40 shells) – 360º turret
2 HMG front (1 ton ammo)

Jean-Luc is a firm believer in arty, more properly in mobile arty, and the last piece to be produced in Althea’s is the Sniper (and the chassis), the rest is already in production.

Note.: This SPG is based in the latest OTL 2S35 Koalitsiya russian SPG. Designed with Megameklab.

When Hanse announced the GALAHAD 3028, Thomas again start to say that this time is the time Davion is going to invade the Concordat. This time, many people thing that enough is enough and a quiet, bloodless coup remove Thomas and replaced him with Edward, that many consider much more stable. Grover Shraplen is out out, suffering from the same problems like Thomas and too much a friend of Thomas to stay.

With that, several changes in Concordat policy are established – more funds to development and colonization instead to defense and careful overtures to the Federated Suns.
Because is a close friend and confident of Edward, Jean-Luc has now much more influence in the government – even if refused any cargo, citing that already has is hands full ruling Althea’s and managing is regiment.

Thomas as refused to send anyone to Terra to the marriage of Hanse and Melissa, as expected. The Magistracy and the Outworlds Alliance send representations, even if small ones. The Reach is too small to be invited or support the expense.

To alleviate the stress on the TDF – already reclaiming about the budget cuts - the second battalion of the Revenants is permanently placed in Cyrton, Organo and Celentaro – one mech company on each, with adequate mechanized and air support - 12 mechs, 4 Bulldog’s, 4 LRM carriers, 4 Manticore, 4 Stryker (Laser) and 2 ASF (Sabre) on each planet.

Note..: Normal equipment, none of the SLDF / advanced is moved outside of Althea’s. To support Edward, Jean-Luc send a part of his forces to help defending the near Concordat planets, reducing the cry from the TDF of “need resources to defend the frontier!”

At first, the initial attack on the Capellan Confederation make many thinking that Thomas after all is right and Davion is going to attack then, but after a few weeks without any incursion on the Concordat, the moods calm down.

In December 3028, several jumpships departed Althea’s transporting a substantial force of the Revenants, destiny unknown.
Departed force – 3 Unions, 1 Leopard, 1 Triumph, 2 Mules, 2 Jumbos, loaded in 3 Invaders.

Paulo Brito

15 February 3029

An unidentified Star Lord appear in a pirate point near Althea’s. Soon six dropships detach and move in the direction of the planet.
Attacking force – 2 Overlords, 3 Unions, 1 Union-CV with 30 ASF in escort (Corsair’s and a few Stuka’s)
The defending ASF force raise to intercept (mostly Thunderbird’s, Spad’s and Lightning’s) while frantic preparations for defense occur at ground side.
While the lighter ASF maintain the escort force occupied, the Thunderbird’s loaded for the first time with the AShM variant of the Arrow IV (2 each) made a pass at the Overlords.
The superior agility of the Spad’s – almost all in the hands of experienced Outworld pilots – combined with is Stealth technology is a nasty surprise to the invaders, that have also to deal with the Lightning’s and his nasty AC/20.
One Overlord lost power and the other severely damaged but that don’t stop the invaders to continue they advance.
To destroy the orbital factory one of the dropships (the Union CV that is empty right now) needed to change trajectory, and after that, with the damage increasing and with many ASF attacking, in a final act of insanity ram the second Snowden (in construction nearby) destroying both in the collision.
And to the surprise of Jean-Luc – and all defenders – the Overlord drop a battalion worth of jump-capable mechs and a company of jump infantry inside the base and after that land inside the base, starting firing on all targets, while the Unions land just outside and start to unload another battalion of mechs. By this time the invaders ASF’s are all destroyed.

Note..: Yes, I know an Overlord is not supposed to carry infantry, but if you don’t dispense the technicians and other support personnel, you can carry about (my guess) about a company of jump capable commandos. If is a one-way trip, like this one. Or utterly fanatics – like these.

By this time something very important start to show – the invaders are much less competent than the well trained Revenants – they are mostly green pilots, even if fanatic’s.
And everything start to go very wrong to the attackers…
Waiting for then inside the base are 60 (!!!) Alacorn VI heavy tanks, or put it another way – 180 Gauss rifles. And a battalion of very infuriated mechwarriors driving SLDF mechs, with plenty of support.
The Overlord survived less than a minute – so many Gauss rounds and Arrow IV hits – the 12 Chaparral also fired they initial salvo against the dropship - completely destroyed the massive dropship in one single volley.
And unlike common thinking (cult of Mechwarrior, duh), most killings are not done by battlemechs – Partisan’s (6), Ontos (4), SRM carriers (8) and Demolisher’s (6) – extracted a terrible price on the enemy mechs while they are still dropping.

The enemy commandos are dealt by a superior number of very well equipped infantry units and light vehicles (Goblins, Skulkers and Stryker APC and SRM). The few that come near the entrances for the underground installations are confronted by heavy machine gun fire from small bunkers. None penetrate the base.
Meanwhile, the forces that are still disembarking outside of the base are busy dealing with the defense turrets that can fire in that area. And said turrets have a surprising quantity of heavy weapons.

Note..: In late 3028 / early 3029 several turrets (heavy ones) have been upgraded with PPC’s, 2×LRM-20 or with Arrow IV (only two, the production of launcher systems started in late October 3028).

Note 2.: The Arrow IV system is a ‘normal’ launcher (nothing special about it) and a big rocket with a very big warhead. The only difficult / advanced component is the guidance system. By now Althea’s industries produce everything except said guidance component, the Revenants use the unguided version of the weapon. The AShM variant have a big booster for improved performance against fast moving big targets (dropships and in the future warships, is useless against ASF) and an even bigger warhead. Plans to create a guided system for that one also exist, but even with the blueprints of the guidance system of the normal Arrow, they can’t (yet) produce the complex electronics component.

At same time, the militia is doing they damned best to arrive in time to help.
Another advantage for the Revenants is that the mechs that dropped inside are mostly lights and some mediums, the bigger ones (mediums and heavies), lacking jump-jets, are in the force outside of the walls, while most of the Revenants SLDF mechs present are heavy (12 Flashman, 6 Black Knights) or assault (6 Longbow, 2 Highlander, 2 Cyclops, 1 Thug, 1 Nightstar).

Note..: The Revenants are one of very few regiments that have more mechs than mechwarriors. On top of that, they officially deploy 3 mech battalions, but in reality have 133 mechs and 124 mechwarriors. On top of that, less than half a dozen mechs are private ones, and the mechwarriors are encouraged to cross mech training / be proficient in more than one (at least in one SLDF and in one ‘normal’, for example Jean-Luc also pilot a Marauder), given an added flexibility to the regiment.

Just after the outside forces finalize forming and start to advance on the base, the gates open and a force of heavy and assault mechs exit the installations, followed by dozens of heavy vehicles, and big explosions start to occur between the invading lines.
Inside the base, the Chaparral’s are busy firing on the enemy mechs, while the arty units, just exiting the underground bunkers, start to take aim to the grounded dropships.
The mechs move to the sides, leaving the center clean for the Alacorn behind to have a clean line of fire. The tremendous imbalance in range and volume of fire extract a price on the invader force, reducing then by more than a third by the time they are in range and can return fire.
By then, the Chaparral’s switch fire to the dropships, because they are not precise enough to continue fire on the mechs with the Revenants so close.

Earth, Hilton Head
Some days later

“Protector, I believe the forces that attacked us are not a legit Davion House unit. The real 2nd New Ivaarsen Chasseurs are an experienced force and colonel Reginald Stephenson is an able military commander. In no way they execute such stupid plan, and they forces are not the suicidal, fanatic, green type we saw here. On top of that, Hanse Davion is not going to order an attack in another nation, while is already very busy invading the Capellan Confederation and defending against the Draconis Combine. The men is too much competent for that. This is a false flag operation executed by someone that want the Concordat involved in that war. I firmly recommend that we stay out of that at any costs.”

The transmission end in static.

‘So, Myndo, after we all see the baron report to his liege, what can you say to justify this very expensive clusterfuck? The good baron don’t fall for your ruse, and the cost is very high.’

That infidel is lying! We know from the Divine Truth report that they lost at minimum the orbital factory, the Snowden in construction and that they base is trashed. Yes, is an expensive failure, but also a needed lesson – that show us that the Com Guards are not ready, and the difference in power between the forces that the Guards normally use and the ones of the Scavenger States.’

‘Maybe, but for now, no more expensive adventures. The Concordat is suspicious, and we can’t afford they start to look for who is real behind this failure.’

Althea’s Choice

‘Our loses are very light, if you not count the orbital factory and the Snowden. The base is mostly repaired by now, they only damaged the upper structures, and anything of importance is underground.
From the various dropships salvage we maybe can rebuild a Union and repair the Overlord that lose power, if TTI give us a lot of support. Mech side, we ended with about a new battalion, thanks to the ones inside the Overlord and plenty of salvage in the battlefield.’
New Avalon
Hanse Davion work office

‘My prince, I have a series of news from the Concordat that I find disturbing.’

I don’t like the sound of that Quintus.’

‘First, an unknown forces masquerading of the 2nd New Ivaarsen Chasseurs attacked Althea’s Choice.’

What? Just what we need, a retaliation in force from the Concordat, just after the new Protector started to open to us.’

‘The good part is that the defenders destroyed the raiders, the strange part is that one of my agents is ‘invited’ to a reunion with the local ruler, a Baron Darlan, and he personally said to our agent he knows that the attack is not ours, reported that to the Protector, and not plan to retaliate against us. Ended asking for a formal diplomatic delegation to be established in Althea’s – with the approval of the Protector of course.’

A Concordat noble, with authorization from the Protector, asking for diplomatic relations? That is really new.’

‘Is going better – you remember the force that raided Victoria, that our agents in the Confederation reported? The probability for that to be the missing battalion of the Revenants is high.’

You are saying to me that the dear baron Darlan, take advantage of our war with the Capellans to execute a raid in one of they recently found star league research facilities, and in passage take a big part of the local mech factory?’

‘Yes, my prince, everything we have, point in that direction.’

That baron is definitively a player worth our attention.’

By this time all the Concordat and Magistracy weapon factories are busy researching how to produce SL type weapons, from the blueprints / examples that the Revenants provided. So far, none have yet presented one, but the race is on.
In Althea’s, the excavations in the location of the new mech factory that use the ‘liberated’ components obtained in the Victoria raid are almost finish. Like many strategic locations in Althea’s, the new factory is to be underground, and with powerful defenses on the surface.
The first experimental Naval Laser 35 is tested with success. Is a purpose built (not industrial series) copy of the blueprints of one of the many models they have in the New Dallas data-core.
The plans for the Battlesat series of orbital defenses are already finished and they are going to be implemented soon. The next attacker is going to get a rude surprise.

Note..: Based on the recollections of what the SI remembers of the Battlesat introduced by Kurita in 3056. With a NL35 and SHS for the first ones, instead of NL55 and DHS. You already have NL35 in 2305 (in the Dart Light Cruiser), so not very complex to do, by naval weapons type). This is an older version, bigger, needs more energy and releases more heat, but is also easier to manufacture.

By late 3029, the first locally produced DHS is delivered, for now the production series is low.

In January 3030, the Nissan 200 fusion engine also started production. Production of the missing / extra components for the underground mech factory are in good rhythm, is planned to be operational by 3032. This very advanced automated factory (one of the latest created in the SL time, in a research facility, no less) can be programmed to produce almost any mech, unlike others that are much more limited / need complete retooling to change designs – the disadvantage is that the output is slow.

The design of a pocket warship variant of the Leopard is advancing slowly. The projected dropship remove the mech and ASF bays and the LRM armament. In place use a spinal mount NL35, two missile bays – each can carry 5 AShM variants of the Arrow IV or 2 Alamo (also in development) and a rack of SHS to help deal with the excess heat. To be later replaced with DHS.

Plans to ground build the necessary factories / infrastructure to produce the complete series (normal, CV and PW) of Leopards in Althea’s exist, but for now, resources (and money) don’t exist – they are already fully taxed with the actual programs.

During this time a big and expensive effort as been made to repair / rebuild the Concordat Aerospace Limited shipyards in the Taurus system. The security measures around the area are paranoid level to put it mildly.

TMM is also very busy duplicating the Althea’s infrastructure / industrial complex inside the Hyades Cluster that permit build new Snowden – in collaboration with DII.

In the same day that Comstar announced that the Federated Suns have been Interdicted because they attack on the Sarna HPG (a thing that Jean-Luc knows is false pretext), the Concordat-Magistracy research team tested successfully they home made HPG.

Note..: Both nations have a SLDF HPG (Star League military version) for about 8 years (the Magistracy for about 9) and the user and maintenance manuals to play with. The combined effort bear fruit in late 3029.


Paulo Brito

In late 3029 Jean-Luc has several problems to solve.

He knows about the near Magistracy and Andurien war against the Capellan Confederation – one that not go well to is allies, unless more forces are provided.

The development of Althea’s need more funds than the ones available.

He also knows that for the IS to have a chance against the Clans, the Federated Suns and the Lyran Commonwealth need access to the Helm data-core, but is politically impossible to sell it to the Davions for now.

And need to re-direct the Comstar / ROM attacks and sabotages to somewhere else.

The solution to all of these problems is easy in theory, but one that Edward (and the Concordat government, if they ever know about it) is not going to like at all.

And without revealing too much about how Jean-Luc knows about these future crisis, very difficult to explain in a credible way.

In the end, decided to go with the ‘is easier to ask for forgiveness than for authorization’, and to be fair, is the Revenants (with the SI info) that found the Helm data-core, not the Concordat government.

In 19 December, 3029, after a long research on interstellar transit schedules, Jean-Luc take one of the Revenants Mule, and with a crew and security force of is confidence, departs for a long voyage, after letting instructions for what to do in the next months to the people that stay behind.

Tharkad, 4 April 3030
Royal Palace, Private Office of the Archon

Well Baron Darlan, you have indeed a very interesting product to sell, but I think you ask too much for it.’

‘With respect Archon Katrina, I beg to differ. What I’m offering you you can’t get from any other source, benefit your realm – and your ally – immensely, and frankly, the price is peanuts for the economic capabilities of your Realm.’

Two jumpships, 6 dropships, 100 battlemechs, 60 ASF and 2 billion kroner is not peanuts for me Baron. Yes, a Star League data-core with exabytes of scientific data is very valuable, and all the samples you provided are fully validated by my people, but even so you ask too much.’

‘Well, in that case, I can sweet the deal a bit – an extra core with plenty of practical data in HPG technology – including user and maintenance manuals and detailed info on working SL military version of functional HPG’s. And on top of that the location of a working condition, fully automated, mech factory inside your Realm that nobody knows’.

You are joking right? And how you know about that and nobody have ever found it?’

‘Not joking Archon. The factory is located in one of the older Rim Worlds Republic, and well hidden. I know about it the same way I get this data-core, my SLDF forces and the info on the HPG’s – I get that info from the computer banks of an SLDF dropship derelict in the Periphery.’

That Colossus?’

‘No comment. And I can point to you that the offering of my world to be a commercial hub to both the Concordat and the Magistracy, for your business, give you two new markets, that until now are mostly closed to you.’

That also gives you a lot of coin in the long term.’

‘True, but I need that to help developing my world. And I need forces to help defending it.’

So, why me and my realm? Not that I not appreciate the offer, mind you.’

‘Well, the Capellans are too crazy and too weak right now, the FWL too unstable to my taste, the Fed Rats impossible with the kind of relations between then and the Concordat even with the slow warming right now. Rest you and the Combine, and frankly, your Realm is richer and is easier to negotiate with you. I also know that sooner or later you are going to share this with the Suns, so the price is a bit of two-in-one.’

Alright, Baron. You get a deal.’

List of 'toys' that are part of the deal with Katrina Steiner

Jumpships - 1 Invader, 1 Monolith (this one alone, new btw, values 1 billion C-Bills)
Dropships - 3 Overlord, 2 Avenger, 1 Mammoth (yes, a big cargo one, very useful for the civil part of the Althea's operations)
ASF - 20 Lucifer (R15), 20 Thunderbird (D36), 20 Lightning (G15)
Mechs - 15 Zeus (6S), 20 Wolfhound (WLF-1), 6 Stalker (3F), 19 Griffin (1S), 20 Archer (2S), 15 Banshee (3S), 5 Atlas (AS7-D)

Everything is produced in the FC, mostly in the LC - all brand new or perfect conditions (factory refurbished)

For a Periphery mercenary / private unit is a brutal force, with a lot of projection capabilities.

TO&E (resumed, only the 'important' toys, lol)
7 jumpships - 5 invader, 1 merchant, 1 monolith
22 dropships - 1 Excalibur, 1 vengeance, 1 triumph (modified), 3 mule, 2 jumbo, 5 union, 1 leopard, 1 colossus, 4 overlord, 2 avenger 1 mammoth
265 mechs
113 ASF.

Before leaving Tharkad, Jean-Luc send several priority messages (yes expensive, but right now can easily pay for that
) to Althea’s and to the Revenants office in Galatea.
The ones to Althea’s is to put one battalion of the Revenants available to the Magistracy in the case they ask – preparing for the near future Andurien Crisis – and to report part of the deal (via one time pad encryption, like all messages Jean-Luc send when is away).
The others to Galatea are to step up recruitment in seasoned mechwarriors and ASF pilots – preferably dispossessed, not too difficult after the ending of the 4SW(with the Lyran deal and the salvages from the attack on Althea’s, the Revenants need 141 mechwarriors and 60 ASF pilots just to man all the hardware, not counting to have some extra in case of necessity).

Note..: While Jean-Luc can arrive relatively fast to Althea’s – via Galatea – because the dropship can swap ready jumpships, thanks to good planning / premium prices paid, the hardware obtained in Tharkad need between a year and two to arrive to Althea’s.

Galatea, September 25, 3030

Finally arriving to the Mercenary Star, been delayed by one helium leak in one of the jumpships that force then to wait two weeks, and an unsuccessfully attack by commandos – that Jean-Luc think are SAFE operatives (they try to obtain the data-core, not destroy the dropship) – they go directly to the Concordat embassy, the place where the Revenants office is located.
After reviewing the prospective contract of mechwarriors and ASF pilots, Jean-Luc also place offers for two regiments of combined arms that have they transport, or at minimum partial.
One of the units that accepted is the Barrett’s Fusiliers (OTL they go for the FWL), thanks to the better offer from the Concordat Baron, and the help / advance money to grow the unit to regiment size.
The other is the Gray Death Legion, fresh from they service in the FWL area and looking for a new job.

Note..: In this universe, because the Helm event goes much different they are not betrayed by Rachan / FWL. They are also not so infamous, but gained a solid reputation in combined arms / unconventional operations.

When is almost ready to resume the voyage to Althea’s, Jean-Luc receive an unexpected visit.

Good afternoon, Baron Darlan. My name is Tomoe Sakade and I’m an envoy from the Combine. We want to negotiate with you the delivery of your Star League database to the Combine.’

‘My, my, the wife of Theodore Kurita… you are a serious player indeed.’

How you know that? It appears that you not only have SL data, you are also a well informed player, indeed.’

‘Please, lady Sakade. You are also a member of O5P, a good mechwarrior and an expert operative. Is only natural that I get a decent dossier on you.’

Lets cut the chase then. What is your price to deliver the database to the combine? We already know that you have shared it with the Steiner’s – that are going to sell it to the Davions. The Dragon must have a copy, name your price.’

‘Mmmmm. Indeed is better for the Dragon to also have one copy, it helps stabilizing the Inner Sphere. But I don’t know if you and your husband can pay it. After all, He is not the coordinator.’

Name it, and let us deal with the problems.’

‘So be it. Lets put it at 2 Monolith, 2 Star Lord, 4 Triumph, 2 Intruder, 2 Excalibur and 2 Behemoth.’

You ask too much! Is not possible to pay that price!’

‘Well, that is your problem, not mine. Everything I asked is produced inside the Combine, and unlike the Steiner’s, I don’t asked for military hardware, not much after all. But, if you can’t pay my price….’

I need to talk to my husband.’

‘Take you time, but remember, Comstar don’t like this kind of business, and I depart to Althea’s in two days.’

And if I can get your bloody price?’

‘You can send a fleet with that to Althea’s – as soon as my people is satisfied that they are in good condition and without any surprises, you get a copy of the data-core. I bet your husband Yakusa contacts have no problem in navigating Davion space with these ships.’

Indeed you know too much.’


Paulo Brito

3032, 12 Mars, New Avalon​
Hanse Davion work office​
‘So, Quintus what news you have from that conflict of the Liaos against the Periphery powers?’​
‘Some disturbing news, my Prince. While the Magistracy and Andurien forces are on projected levels of equipment and capability, the Concordat show a marked improvement in quality, and a never suspected number of SLDF equipment.’
‘So our dear Baron Darlan is not the only one with nice toys around?’​
‘No my Prince – the Taurian Guards show more than a hundred mechs of SLDF origin, and used then to destroy one of the McCarron Regiments. The Second Regiment is no more and Marcus Baxter is confirmed killed in action.’​
‘Edwards is showing off – the Guards almost never leave the Cluster, and using then that way – and with so many advanced hardware is clearly sending a message. And Darlan forces?’​
‘The Baron deployed two mech battalions and contracted two combined arms regiments – the Barrett’s Fusiliers and the Gray Death Legion – all forces so far performed very well, conquering Jacson, Yuris and Zanzibar with light casualties. So, far, none of the mechs that he obtained from Katrina is deployed – the ones already received are still in Althea’s. And we have confirmation that a Combine fleet appear in that system. Of the 5 jumpships, only one return – two Monolith and two Star Lord stay.’
‘Any bets that our dear Baron also sell the data-core to the Kuritas?’​
‘Only a foll take that bet my Prince. The good news is that because of increased recruitment effort by the Baron, we placed one, maybe two agents on is forces.’
Note..: The equipment that the Concordat received from Helm (about two hundred mechs, several vehicles and spares) as been attributed to the Taurian Guards, and not show – until now.​
The McCarron regiments are still in phase of rebuilding after the trashing they get in the 4SW, and the Taurian Guards with advanced equipment are deadly for the second regiment.​
The Canopian / Andurien front goes almost like OTL – this time the Canopians have a slightly better equipment and training, but not enough to change the outcome in that front. The Andurien exhausted they forces against the Capellans, and just after that the FWL attack and re-absorb then.​
Because of the Taurian intervention (and Darlan with is extra mercenary forces) the Capellan lost the south side of they realm – they lost everything below the line Principia – Yuris. They also lost several regiments. For the Taurian, is a much needed combat experience, and they grab several world with a relatively, small cost.​
For a while Edward and Kyalla are furious with Jean-Luc, until he correctly pointed that sooner or later the big powers get a copy of the data-core. This way, some benefits are obtained by that sell, and after all, is a discovery made by Jean-Luc, not him selling state secrets. In the end, Jean-Luc stay in power in Althea’s, but lost much of is good will with both nations rulers.​
At the end of the war the contracts with the Barrett’s Fusiliers and the Gray Death Legion are not renovated, and both mercenary units departed to the Is in search of new jobs.​
By 3035, the Taurian-Andurien-Canopian-Capellan war ended with Liao losing everything south of Principia-Yuris. By this time FWL start the re-capture of Andurien that by now is too exhausted to put a capable defense. Canopus is in no condition to help they ally, and Taurus, frankly is not interested, busy digesting is news conquests.​

Many things changed in Althea’s from 3030 to 3035.​
By 3035 4 Snowden are busy in the asteroid field, and the construction of the first model to ‘export’ with K-Boom is on curse.​
They have two Battlesat- defense satellite in orbit (1 NL35 and SHS) and the first Battlesat-1 is scheduled to early 3036 (1NL55 and DHS).​
The production of the Vulcan VLC-7C started in 3033.​
The Monolith (2), Star Lord (2), Mammoth (1), Behemoth (2), Mule (3) and Jumbo (2) are used all around the Concordat, Reach and Magistracy in commercial services, earning a lot of money to DII (Darlan Investments and Industries). The remaining jumpships and dropships are reserved for military duties.​
Taking full use of the advanced mech factory and all of the SLDF technology, the first mech produced in Althea’s is the SPR-4F Spector. The first exit the factory in 3035.​
The period from 3030 to 3035 is not a good one for Jean-Luc.​
Not only the backlash from the Concordat and Magistracy governments reduced it's political influence substantially, but his lover, Janine Silver died during the war, her mech hit in the head by a PPC fired by a Capellan Marauder, in the last days of the conflict. Jean-Luc did not escaped unscathed - he lost his left arm, when his mech is severely damaged, and needs months of recovery time and later therapy to adapt to the artificial one.​

On the other side, the relations of DII / Althea’s with the industrial side of the Concordat, Magistracy, Reach and Outworlds is very good.​
For many years DII helped they repair / rebuild old factories and have been instrumental in decoding / replacing the ‘black boxes’ that are damaged or destroyed.​
By 3035 Althea’s produce – even if in small quantities – all the weapons, and electronics used in mechs and ASF’ by the time of the Star League.​
During a time, they are busy upgrading all the mechs in the two Revenants regiments, but soon Jean-Luc realized that in the actual political climate, that need to expand is forces greatly.​
In the following years the expansion of production lines advance continuously but also very discretely.​
In 3036 the first dropship produced in Althea’s – a pocket warship variant of the Leopard start tests. Unlike the initial plans, is equipped with a NL55 and DHS. The ‘normal’ and CV variants appear in 3037 and 3039 respectively.​
By 3037 the Colossus dropship has been refitted to the full 2760 variant + DHS.​
By that time Althea’s also produce guided (Artemis IV) LRM and SRM, guided Arrow IV (normal) and a modified anti-ship with a ‘primitive’ but much more capable guidance system, and the Streak SRM variant. Ferro-Fibrous and Ferro-Aluminum (but not Heavy Ferro-Aluminum) are both produced in (relatively) small quantities.​
Note..: the launchers have also available in the guided variants.​
None of the upgraded missiles is provided to other units, by 3037 – first choice is fully upgrading the Revenants regiments.​
By 3035 all engines produced in Althea’s – unless are part of foreign orders not yet satisfied – are equipped with internal DHS.​
In late October 3037, a massive turret equipped with a pair of NL55 is turned operational inside the Revenants base – first part of ground to orbit defenses. Several more are planned in strategic locations all around Althea’s. The first batch of Alamo missiles is also delivered.​
The second battlemech produced in Althea’s is the Highlander HGN-732b, that, like the Spector, only for the use of the Revenants regiments – the first mechwarrior to receive one is Jessica "Glitch" Chernovskaya, now a captain in the second battalion, first regiment.​
Note..: While DII sell vehicles, spares and ammo for mechs and ASF’s – and upgrade kits for the Concordat and Magistracy – the mechs and ASF’s produced in Althea are (for now, with the actual frosty relations of the Houses against the planetary ruler) only for the local forces.​
The bad relations between Taurus and Althea’s don’t stop Edward to continue to employ the Revenants to defend Cyrton, Organo and Celentaro – in reality the forces present have been reinforced with 4 ASF (now 6) and several vehicles (including arty) on each planet – but no more mechs. Predictably, all Jean-Luc companies are expelled from any research and rebuild programs in both the Concordat and Magistracy if they are secret. That not stopped the continuation of equivalent ones in Althea’s, these just have much less funds and researchers, but on the other side, have access to the New Dallas core, that is never shared – and so far as Jean-Luc knows, no one outside of Althea’s know that exist.​

Earth, Hilton Head​
November, 12 3037​
‘And all tentative s to stop the dissemination of the so called Darlan data-core resulted in failure. While ROM destroyed and even captured several copies, the scavenge lords learned something from the early Holly Shroud I and II, and they have many backups and plenty of security. On top of that, is now confirmed that Kurita sold copies to both the FWL and CC, obtaining a good profit over the rumored price they pay to the trice damned baron.’​
Ha, the noble samurais, can be good merchants if they want. And the good baron?’
‘Is confirmed that as lost all is political influence, and at least three attempts to end if life have been detected. One by ROM, using P12 Hurricanes, also gone wrong, the baron security is that good.’​
How they defeated the Hurricanes?’
‘Unknown so far. The night they are used, the support group report a lot of jamming and several loud explosion in the target area. The commandos never returned and the next day the baron is still alive and apparently unarmed. I have to ask why, continue to try to kill him? After all, he as already lost all is political influence, and the damage is done.’​
You are right – we need these operatives doing more useful work against the Federated Commonwealth. Any news on their HPG program?’
‘We have sabotaged they research, but is a very time and resource game, Primus. Hanse Davion as pulled all the stops on that project after the interdiction of 3029.’​
Use any means necessary, they can’t get a functional HPG, you hear me?’
Note..: P12 Hurricanes, also know as P12 Tornado (in WoB hands) is the Comstar version (lower grade) of the SL Mk. XXI Nighthawk.​
The security team, between other weapons, have V-LAW rockets, that can do a number on the Hurricane armor.​
While losing all political connections hurt, Jean-Luc by late 3037 has build a comprehensive industrial and mercenary network. Thanks to the knowledge of his team to rebuild / reactivate older (SL era) factories, is technicians are much in need all around the Sphere. With the exception of the CC and FWL, they are busy everywhere (and getting good bonus and contacts).​
Thanks to the capability of the Althea’s factories to produce advanced electronics and weapons, the mercenary market is open to him, and after careful selection, Althea’s is doing business with the best of the mercenary world.​
A big effort to upgrade / expand the industries in Althea’s is a top priority, and a great emphasis is placed in expanding the dropship / Snowden production.​
With the deterioration of the relations with the Concordat political power, the local number of Snowden that initially is to be four, is expanded to twelve. While still producing Snowden for TMM, a new series of local owned (and the cheaper, without K-Boom variant) is ordered.​
In early 3038, production of several variants of the Mule dropship start - ‘normal cargo’, liquid / liquefied gas, heavy lifter (up to 7500 tons pieces from ground to orbit), heavy tug – with reinforced frame, powered arms and grapples and two extra engines (a la Mammoth), and for last, Pocket Warship (SL variant).​
Mule Pocket Warship​
32 tons armor (heavy ferrous-aluminum)​
3 White Shark launchers (39 reloads)​
3 Barracuda launchers (39 reloads)​
1 AC/5​
2 SRM6​
3 Large Lasers​
8 Medium Lasers​
2 Small Lasers​
6 ASF​
First to be delivered by early 3040.​
In early 3038 production of heavy ferrous-aluminum, White Shark and Barracuda missiles start in Althea’s. Like all very high tech products, for now only for the local defense forces.​
The production of the Vulcan VLC-7C is replaced by the more capable 8C, with XL engine, DHS, ferrous-aluminum armor and Gauss rifles in place of the AC/10’s.​

By mid / late 303x, the Concordat and in a minor grade the Magistracy, are more focused in revive long lost colonies – the ones that are lost because losing water purification technology, for example, and rebuild the shipyards in they capital systems than in enlarging / upgrading they armed forces.​
The Reach also have not yet recovered from their civil war, and the majority of the efforts go in that direction.​
The only force in the area busy expanding and upgrading is military capabilities is Althea’s.​
Note..: a substantial part of the Concordat military budget is sunk in the long time project of rebuilding the warships in the secret base (using the recovered dockyard).​
Also both nations are producing components for they future HPG network – for now they are just storing said parts.​
Jean-Luc companies are out of both operations, obviously.​
The efforts of rebuilding / upgrading military factories in the Outworlds Alliance – that by now is a junior partner in the Concordat / Magistracy / Alliance (and the Reach as a client state) by DII, greatly improve the output of Mountain Wolf Battlemechs and Unit Outworlders Corporation. The pay for DII is that production lines of the Lightning (LTN-G15b variant) ASF and Night Hawk (NTK-2Q and NTK-2S) battlemech be created in Althea’s.​
Also, a modified variant of the Spad ASF is entering production by late 3038.​
SPD-505C Spad​
GM 150XL​
10 DHS​
Ferrous-Aluminum armor (8.5 tons)​
1 Guardian ECM​
1 ERPPC (nose)​
2xMedium Laser (one in each wing)​
Thanks to the SL data-core and contacts with Magistracy companies, Althea’s have some of the most advanced – in all human territory – hospitals and pharmaceutical industries.​
The reason that DII is not operating in CC and FWL is because Jean-Luc want to help FC and DC to combat the Clans in the future, and both these realms are unstable and unfriendly neighbors of both the Concordat and Magistracy. Comparatively, the FS is much less a threat than any of these, from Jean-Luc point of view.​

Paulo Brito

The force sent to investigate Camelot Command finally return to Althea's, after almost two years away.
They get several dozens of Mk.39 Voidseeker drones the 004 (Interceptor) and 007 (Striker) variants, and enough spares to maintain these operational for a long time, and the automated maintenance systems that take care of these, but other than that, nothing more is useful in the base – the rest is in a state of disrepair and turned junk with the passing years.
While many of the parts are possible to replicate, the computerized AI’s have anti-tampering protections that defeat all attempts – the only result is damaged chips beyond repair.
In the end, a base is created in Althea’s moon to operate said drones, and if is not possible to produce more – no blueprints nor analysis of AI’s – producing other parts and the already stock of spares guarantee many years of use for the ones salvaged / discovered.
The expedition returned with 43 Interceptor and 27 Striker Mk.39 drones.

Note..: No one successfully defeated said anti-tampering systems, and because of that not even WoB produced new ones. Any data on SDS drones is destroyed by Kerensky, so good luck obtaining blueprints of these.

The War of 3039 is similar to the one OTL. While both sides have more advanced equipment, instead of a few prototypes, that show how capable they are against the ‘standard’ ones, the number of deployed units is determined by the number of available jumpships – and that is almost the same.
Like OTL, Theodore have more units than Hanse knows, and his new model army is a nasty surprise. Both take notice of how more efficient the new hardware his, and priority to produce more increased.

Note..: ‘Thanks’ to the covert war against ROM, MIIO, DMI and LIC operated a bellow capability against the Combine, like OTL, and pay the price of don’t detecting the much improved and enlarged DCMS.

At 200 tons, The Flanker is a replacement for the Tigress. An enlarged, much more advanced one.
Using the latest technologies, its armed with 3 ERPPC in the nose, 1 Gauss Rifle on each wing, with 2 tons of ammo each, 2 rear facing Medium Lasers and 1 AMS with 2 tons of ammo.
Is also equipped with a Beagle Active Probe and a Guardian ECM. Armor is 20.5 tons of Ferro-Aluminum, and have 18 DHS. Can carry externally, under the wings, 6 Arrow IV AShM or 2 Alamo’s.
Production start in mid 3040 – is another of Althea’s only units, normally placed in the zenith and nadir jump points.

Note..: Designed with MegamekLab.

In 3039 the first Alliance Space Station enter in function in orbit of Althea’s. At same time, the construction of two Olympus started, one in the zenith, another in the nadir jump-points. Also the construction of a dockyard capable of service all types of jumpships from the small Explorer to the huge Monolith is started in orbit of Althea’s moon. The fact that for use that, the jumpships need to be towed all the way is a small price that Jean-Luc is comfortable to pay in alternative of placing said dockyard in instant attack range of a force that jumped seconds before.

To supplement the crescent Battlesat force, the first Guardian defense station is started construction in 3040. Similar to the OTL Capitol – because they don’t have blueprints (is a 3051 design), only the vague Jean-Luc memories of the design – this one don’t have K-Boom capability and the configuration is different.

Capitol Defense Station
32.000 tons
length 185m
width 185m
fuel 500tons
2x 185m grav decks


27 (Capital scale, on each of six sides)

12 x ER Large Laser
12 x Medium Laser
24 x AMS
6 x Gauss Rifle
12 x LRM-20w/Artemis IV
12 x SRM-6w/Artemis IV
6 x NAC/10
6 x NL55

24 ASF
4 Flanker
8 small craft
4.000tons cargo

Plans are to place 6 defending Althea’s and 2 other near the new dockyard.

One of the best clients of the Highlander produce in Althea’s – as soon as they start to sell it – are predictably the Northwind Highlanders. Because the mech is very expensive – even for a unit with the capabilities of the Highlanders, and they want several – part of the price is paid in one rotating battalion of the mercenary unit been placed in Althea's for cross-training / garrison duty during the next 5 years.

One particular mechwarrior, and a well know one of the Revenants, Davis McCall, from the Gray Death Legion also bought one of the Royal Highlanders produced in Althea’s.

By early 3040 the Revenants deploy two RCT – each with four reinforced mech battalion and several supporting regiments with tanks, mechanized and jump infantry, artillery and ASF – in Althea’s and an extra combined arms regiment distributed by the other three world that they help protect.

In mid 3038 discoveries in the asteroid belt show that the Althea’s system is very rich in Germanium ore, easily surpassing the Marian Hegemony findings in the last century.
That lead to plans to start construction of Jumpships in the near future – after the necessary infrastructure is deployed.

Note..: In theory, any asteroid belt include an immense potential in resources – the tricky part is finding the right asteroids to mining.

Thanks to be the principal entry point for Lyran and Federated Suns business in the Concordat – and via there to the Magistracy and Reach – Althea’s is by early 3040 the richest system in the area, and be far the most industrialized – with is industry very advanced tech.
In early 3039 Jean-Luc have is artificial arm replaced by one using the latest technologies, that like the one of Justin Allard, include a hidden laser weapon.
When in 3038 Janice Calderon contracts the Brisbane Virus, her brother in despair send her to be treated in Althea’s Great Hospital (by that time, the most advanced medical unit in all the Concordat and easily in the top 5 in all human sphere).

Note..: Janice position is a Minister without portfolio in her brother government. Because is beloved by the masses, voyages continuously between planets of the Concordat.

Unlike OTL, the much more advanced medical capabilities of Althea’s Great Hospital cured her infection with almost no permanent damage. This helped to repair the political damage between Edward and Jean-Luc.
In late 3040, one of the Monolith that are part of Althea’s commercial fleet is captured by pirates inside Davion territory. It carry at time seven dropships, two Mule from Althea’s, one Monarch from the Magistracy and four Mule from the Federated Commonwealth.
An investigation pointed to Tortuga Pirates to be the most probable culprits.

Jean-Luc response is swift and telling.
First, paying a hefty price, contracted the Black Widow Battalion for support and because the Wolf Dragoons raid in 3007. After that, send then with the full 1st Revenants RCT with considerable space support to reclaim the hijacked jumpship and teach a painful lesson to the pirates about the cost of interfering with is people.

OTL the BWB is not available from 3035 to 3042 – training the Dragoons in the clan ways – but Jean-Luc pay top money and included access to royal mechs and ASF’s produced in Althea in the deal. Apart the fact that BWB is an elite force, the principal reason to contract the Dragoons is the fact that on 3007 the Brigade have attacked Tortuga and Jean-Luc want as many information as possible. Another reason is that provided an excellent excuse to strength relations with the Wolf Dragoons.
Appearing in both nadir and zenith jump points, the first phase of the attack is to capture any present jumpship.
For that, on each point, one of the Intruder dropships is loaded with the first production of the Jack battle armor and small craft’s instead of ASF.

Note..: Only one Invader with one Intruder, one Leopard CV and one Avenger go for the nadir jump point to capture jumpships. The remaining force goes for the zenith point, and after capturing the local jumpships, moved in direction to Tortuga Prime.

The first part of the operation ran better than estimated. For one, the number of jumpships present in both jump points is higher than estimated – 1 Star Lord, 4 Invaders, 2 Merchant and 1 Tramp – for another, the first use of the Jack’s is a resounding success. They cut the pirate security like a hot knife on butter.
Unfortunately, the Monolith is not present.
While the pirates have a higher than expected ASF force – and a surprising capable one – the Revenants come with a superior one, and one that included full upgraded ASF’s, to the shocked surprise of the pirates that never fought units with superior range, and in case of the Spad’s (thanks to Guardian ECM), so difficult to hit.
The pirates on the ground don’t fare well against the better trained and superlative equipped Revenants and Dragoons – the fact that several of the Revenants mechs have Beagle Active Prove frustrated many wold be ambushes and the use of guided Arrow IV time and again is a very nasty surprise for said pirates. Paula Trevaline is killed by Natasha Kerensky in the final phase of the operation in the pirates stronghold.
Not satisfied, Jean-Luc after that raided the remaining Tortuga systems (Morgan’s Holdfast, New Port Royal, Fletcher’s Feast, New Hati and New Gascony) capturing jumpships in all but New Gascony and extracting a terrible price of the pirates present. The Monolith (and his dropships) is finally found – and reclaimed – in New Port Royal, but about half the crew is dead or severely wounded.
In the end they captured / reclaimed 13 jumpships and 37 dropships. Several pirates have escaped to the remote areas on the planets, but as a raiding force, they are severely depleted. The losses in the Revenants and Dragoons are light.

To everyone surprise, DII put the production rights and blueprints of the Jack to negotiation with Concordat, Magistracy, Federated Commonwealth and Draconis Combine in late 3041. While the price for FC and Dc is not cheap, the interest that the Tortuga operation generated on the new type of unit is enough for then to extract a very good deal.

Note..: Jean-Luc wants Battle-armor to be in widespread use before the Clans arrive, and Althea’s can’t produce enough by a wide margin. This time, with the relations between the Concordat and the FC much warmer, nobody raised problems.

The production of Gauss Rifles doubled and doubled again. With so many wanted (mechs, ASF, vehicles, dropships and space stations), they can’t produce enough.
The need for a mass produced, cheap (relatively) arty unit led to the production of the Vali. To lower the costs and speed production, the first variant delivered used standard armor instead of FF. Plans for a much more advanced version, not only with FF but also replacing the ICE engine by a fusion one are made, but for now, numbers are the priority. Many of the cheap version also are equipped with the unguided version of the rockets. While in no way as capable as the advanced version (with guided ammo), they are a welcome addition to many units in the Concordat and Magistracy forces. Several orders from mercenary units are also placed.
To give much need information to the Arrow IV and other arty units, the first original Althea’s mech start final tests in 3041.
Based on the SI recollection of the OTL 3055 HM-1 Hitman, and using the same name, the only differences are cosmetic, because no blueprints exist.

Edward Calderon have married Anne-Marie Centrella in 3034, Kamea Arano married John Centrella (fictional) in 3032 and after the normalizing of the relations between Jean-Luc and Edward, is decided that Jean-Luc marry Louise Calderon (also fictional, a distant cousin), to strength the relations of both families – is a pure political marriage, but with time affection start to grow between both.
Just before the pirates incident Jean-Luc has sent Major Amanda Liu and the 2nd Battalion of the 2nd Revenants RCT to negotiate access to the Niops data-core. With instructions to look for Nighthawks files. While she protested that she his a warrior, not a politico or merchant, in the end she established successful commercial and scientific relations with the ruling caste. What nobody expected, is that they also have an immense database of Star League technology (and blueprints) on the civil / scientific side, that is not included in the Helm or Dallas data-cores. She returned in mid 3042 with the treaty agreement signed, and a data-core full of information until now everybody think is lost.

Because the asteroid that contains the rich Germanium depots is so important, instead of placing a Snowden in orbit, a permanent mining installation is created in place.
In early 3042 the shipyard in Taurus enter operations again. The one in Canopus is still years in the future (less resources and in bad shape).
Both the Concordat and the Magistracy start to build they HPG network – very stealthy. Installations are discretely built in the opposite sides of planets that already have Comstar HPG’s – and the orbital satellites programmed to be blind in that area. In the systems that don’t have Comstar presence, they are also placed in remote locations. For now, no station enter in activity.

After purging the Niops data-core of everything military or advanced computer related, it is put to sale in the usual markets – Concordat, Magistracy, Federated Commonwealth and Draconis Combine.
With the already research in the salvaged Hurricane / Tornado Power Armor (Light) and with the help of Niops data on Nighthawks, by mid 3043 Althea’s start production – very small scale – of the Nighthawk Mk. XXI.

Note..: Sarna says that Niops found in they SL notes enough data on the Nighthawk to start production soon after. With all that data, Tornado salvage and more industrial capability, Althea’s do the same in about one year (is a very high priority). By this time Comstar can only produce Hurricane.

The desire of Jean-Luc to expand the Revenants to a minimum of five full RCT, led to the need to expand the number and variety of mech production lines in Althea’s.
Until late 3041, Althea’s produce the following battlemechs: HM-1 Hitman, HGN-732b Highlander, SPR-4F Spector and NTK-2Q and 2S Night Hawk. Of these, the Spector is only for Revenants use and the Hitman is still in (final) prototype phase. The Highlander is in high demand from other forces.
By early 3042 three new models start production in Althea’s

CRB-27b Crab (Royal variant)
KGC King Crab 001C (based on the future 001, but with 12 DHS and Artemis IV FCS in the LRM 15.
BMB-15C Bombardier – with Endo Steel, 2xLRM15 (with Artemis IV FCS) 6 tons of lrm ammo, 2xSRM2 Streak (one on each arm) 1 ton of srm 2 ammo, 2xMedium Laser (1 on each arm) and 1xAMS with 1 ton ammo. CASE on both the Left and Right torso. Can use Thunder and Swarm ammo.
Also production of Alacorn Mk VI, Padilla Heavy Artillery Tank and the advanced variant of the Vali started by mid 3042.
By early 3043 the first steps to expand the jumpship dockyard orbiting Althea's moon to a full shipyard are taken.
At this time a comprehensive ASF base in Althea’s moon is also in construction, complemented by an advanced, long-range radar, Lidar and communication station.

In early 3043 the location of Mundo Nublar is finally found in the last heavily encrypted file in the Argus data-core.
Between other things, the reason for the Argo to have a database of so many secret SLDF locations is also explained as the ship is apparently used by a covert team of SLDF inspectors.
A fleet that include several big cargo dropships, two Avenger and one Leopard pocket warship is send. Said fleet also carry several high yield fusion bombs. The mission orders are to extract everything they can and destroy the rest. Jean-Luc don’t want WoB to get anything, this time.
A second, well hidden shipyard started to be constructed in the asteroid belt, under the cover of many Snowden / mining operations. This one, is planned to built warships in the future.
Several mines are now in activity also in Althea’s moon, and many brand new, automated factories that produce items that benefit / tolerate low gravity construction, are also in construction phase there.

The first daughter of Jean-Luc and Luise Calderon – Nadia Calderon-Darlan is born in September 2, 3043.
After the transition from small, labor intensive industries to automated SL tech level factories, the industrial output of Althea's exploded – and the grow rate only increases with several new ones been in construction or starting activity every passing year.
In late 3043, Althea’s started construction of advanced mainframes. Not as good as the best Nirasaki, but considerable better than the ones so far available in the Concordat.
After the Tortuga operation, relations with the Wolf Dragoons expanded. DII selling military hardware and obtaining production rights for until now only Blackwell Industries products and cross training are negotiated successfully. One of the items that started to be produced in Althea’s is the Vector VTOL (all variants). The Jack BA (a specific Dragoon variant) started production in Outreach.

The Taurus shipyard start construction of Invader jumpships. The team that repaired it, started to repair another shipyard inside the Cluster. The Shipyard in Canopus IV is supposed to be operational by mid 3044 a best.
Negotiations with Scoltek Associates led to the production of Hi-Scout and his respective drones – PathTrack and NapFind in Althea’s.

Note..: The contract is one of the conditions to sell the Jack BA to the FC.

Several units start to be produced in the ‘second generation’
The Maultier, receive a fusion engine, SRM-2 Streak and FF armor
The Stryker line also received fusion engines and FF armor (no weapons upgraded)
Both are now space rated.
The techs start to experiment with a 3D thrust vector engine for the Vulcan to improve is already great agility (SI idea).
The new variant – VLC-9C – have a XL engine, 12 DHS, 2 Gauss Rifles (one on each wing with 2 tons ammo), 2 Medium Lasers firing in the aft arc, 1 ER Large Laser and 1 SRM6 with Artemis IV FCS with 1 ton of ammo on the nose. Armor is 16.5 tons of FA, and a Guardian ECM complete the defense suit. Production start in 3044 (the short lived 8C only get 6 years of production).

Thanks to the fact that the planetary / system ruler is also the unit commander, the Revenants have training areas in all types of biomes – forest, urban (fake city created on purpose), desert, tundra, arctic, moon, asteroid, etc. They have also one of the biggest, more complex simulator network in all human sphere – probably only the Com Guards have better – capable of generating multi RCT engagements in all kind of biome. Adding to that they routinely training with Wolf Dragoons, Northwind Highlanders, Grey Death Legion and several units from the Taurian and Magistracy line units.

From 3042 onward, the Capellan Confederation increased the raids in Taurian territory, namely on ex- Capellan worlds. Edward contract two battalions of the Revenants to bolster the defense in the area (on top of the one already protecting worlds near Althea). To compensate Althea’s defenses, Jean-Luc contracted the Gray Death for 5 years, taking advantage of they ending contract with the FC and offering better conditions – including preferential client status to the Althea’s military factories. No sane mercenary commander refuse these conditions, and by late 3044 the GDL arrive on Althea’s Choice.

Jean-Luc have serious suspicions that Comstar have delivered a substantial ‘gift’ of military hardware to the Capellan confederation, just like to the Combine about a decade before, but can’t prove it.

Note..: The fact that many of the ‘new’ mechs that the CCAF deploy are of models until now never see or produced in the Capellan territory is a good hint.

By early 3045 production of the Lee dropship – in the mech, ASF carrier and combat vehicle transport variants start in Althea’s. That caused great surprise everywhere, because is a design everybody think is lost, and until now only used by the SLDF. This is going to be the default Revenants dropship, like many other advanced items, only for their use for now.

Taurus, Privy Council
April, 25 3045

‘… and the TCW Vandenberg just entered the shakedown cruise in Bolthole. If everything is normal, achieve operational status by the end of the year.’
Nice. And the battleships?’
‘The first is planned to enter tests by early 3050 at best. the others after, with two years interval between each. Providing that no surprises, of course.’
Good to know. Any news from the Capellan incursions?’
‘After the trashing that the Revenants give then in Yuris and Vard, they reduced considerably they tempo.’
‘Well, they lose one full Warrior House and get another trashed. That is going to hurt a lot.’

Note..: Bolthole is the name of the secret Taurian naval base, location not disclosed. In Yuris Warrior House Lu Sann tried a frontal attack on the ‘taurian mercenaries’, and is destroyed by the combined fire of the battalion assault mechs and Alacorn VI. Less than a company retreated off-world. In Vard, Warrior House Fujita is confronted by a war of movement by the light mechs of the Revenants, and continuous fire from long range guided Arrow IV fire. While they are busy, battle armor captured they dropships, and after the House leader is killed by a hunter-killer lance (Spector’s), they moral crumbled, and they are easy pickings for the rest of the Revenants unit.

In mid 3045 the Concordat have restored four lost colonies (lost because the necessary technology has been lost.), while the Magistracy have only restored one.
By the same date, Althea’s started the mass production of big civilian fusion reactors – the type used by SL – and also is one of several worlds producing the advanced water purification systems necessary in the restored colonies (and a great help in several others).
In late 3045 the Canopus IV shipyard finally enter activity. Also producing Invaders and start doing a much necessary and delayed maintenance in the Magistracy jump fleet.

In early 3046 both shipyards in Althea start to operate. The public, civil one in Althea’s moon orbit start to produce Star Lord’s. Having four slips, two are reserved to maintenance / refit of the local fleet. Plans to add two new slips, capable to build Monolith’s are in advanced phase, but for now, no resources are available.

The Military one, deep in the asteroid belt, also start operating in early 3046.
This – for now – only have two slips, one starting the construction of the TCW Clemenceau the other the TCW La Fayette.

TCW Clemenceau (first of class) - carrier
Based on the Samarkand block II but with the following differences
Armor Heavy Ferrous-Aluminum (Ferrous-Carbide still too expensive / low production rates)
L-F Battery
Capital Weapons (equal to Samarkand Block II)
2x Heavy NPPC
2x Medium NPPC
2x NAC20
2x NL45
6x NL35

Large Lasers (4) and Medium Lasers (10) replaced by the respective pulse variants.
LRM 20 (5), LRM 10 (8) and SRM 4 (6) with Artemis IV FCS
Machine gun (38) replaced by AMS
LRM, SRM and AMS with more ammo (200 tons lrm ammo, 24 tons srm ammo and 144 tons AMS ammo).
1700 SHS replaced by 1200 DHS
Cargo capacity reduced to 30.000 tons(original 36.029 tons).

Normal Dropship load-out – 2xLee CV + 2 Mule PW / (72+2×40=152 ASF)+ 6 Barracuda and 6 White Shark tubes
Super ASF load-out – 4xLee CV (72+4×40=232 ASF)
Super Warship load-out – 4x Mule PW (72 ASF) + 12 Barracuda and 12 White shark tubes

Pocket Warship (PW) Mule have 3x Barracuda and 3x White Shark missile tubes each tube with 39 reloads
Lee CV carry up to 40 ASF and plenty of defensive armament, that double at close support for the TCW Clemenceau after launching the ASF's

TCW La Fayette (first of class) – escort for the carrier class / raider
Basically a heavily modded / upgraded Pinto
LF Battery
Armor 93 tons standard armor replaced by 93 tons Heavy Ferrous-Aluminum
800 SHS replaced by 600 DHS
12 ASF
1 Dropship collar
4 x Barracudas tubes with 120 missiles (3.600 tons)
3 x NL35s
2 x Light NPPCs
2 x NAC/10 – 120 rounds (24 tons)

5 x Large Lasers replaced by 5x ER Large Lasers
10 x Medium Lasers replaced by 10x Medium Pulse Lasers
48 x Small Lasers replaced by 48x small Pulse Lasers
80 x Machine Guns replaced by 40x AMS – 160 tons ammo
10 x AC/5s replaced by 10x Ultra AC/5 – 60 tons ammo
4 x AC/20s replaced by 4x Gauss Rifle – 40 tons ammo
9.000 tons cargo

By mid 3046 the construction of Leopard and Mule PW is limited to the last ones in construction, and after that the lines are converted to the ‘standard’ versions. Leopard’s are also only for export.
The reason of these alterations is the entering in production of the Lee Pocket Warship, that is much superior to both older models, and the desire to unify the Althea’s / Revenants military dropships around Lee variants.

Lee Pocket Warship
Replacing the mech bay with 6 AR10 tubes and 4.260 tons of ammo, they created a brutal war machine.
6 AR10 launchers (nose) - 78 Killer Whale and 12 Barracuda standard load-out but can be any mix of Barracuda (30t), White Shark (40t) and/or Killer Whale (50t) up to 4.260 tons

9 x Gauss Rifles
8 x ER Large Lasers
6 x AC/20
14 x (Artemis IV) LRM 20s
26 x Medium Lasers
206 DHS (3 more than standard versions)

By mid 3046 the Revenants units in Yuris and Vard are replaced by forces from the first RCT, for R&R.
In 4 July 3046, a group of later identified as Thuggees, tried to assassinate Jean-Luc. Unfortunately for then, the detection / defenses of the Jean-Luc house are capable of detecting much stealthier enemies than they strike force, and after that, they are no match for the Nighthawks in place.

In late 3046, the third Revenants RCT is deployed.
Because the need of a great number of ASF – the nascent Navy need many – and the fact that the biggest produced in Althea’s (Vulcan) can only carry 1 Alamo, production of the Thunderbird TRB-D36b (Royal) start in two brand new lines.

While the system ‘only’ have 16 Snowden by 3046, several permanent locations in the richest asteroids and a growing number of mines in Althea’s moon deliver raw materials to the never satisfied growing industry of the system. Continuous researching of new asteroids and other moons in the system to mining is also in course.

Note..: And that is one of the principal reasons for Althea’s be the industrial power-house that is at this time. Jean-Luc is (AFAIK) the only leader that bet heavily in exploring the resources of his system, creating a past-scarcity society and massively using the databases of latest SL industrial systems.

In December 4, 3046 the second child of the Jean-Luc marriage is born. François Calderon-Darlan is a healthy boy.
After January 3047, the Althea tech teams operating in the Federated Commonwealth and Draconis Combine, helping repair and rebuild / reactivate older factories stop accepting new contracts and start to return home after finishing the current ones. No explication is provided.

In February 12, 3047 the fleet send to Mundo Nublar finally arrives to Althea’s. Whit then comes a barely repaired Kimajure class pursuit cruiser, SLS Bird of Prey (fictional) two others salvaged ships lost in the long voyage home (one Baron and one Carson class destroyers). They also transport many parts of advanced military hardware, warship / capital weapons related, and a data-core with data on many prototypes of weapons including Mass Drivers.
The report inform that the base as been successfully destroyed, nothing is left behind. The ship and the parts are send to the military shipyard, deep in the asteroid belt. To the surprise of many, Jean-Luc show little interest in the mass drive technology, more in the possibility to repair the cruiser and the other advanced systems.

Note..: The SI knows that the Mass Drivers provides little of interest compared to other weapons, except if you go planet killer with massive ones – a path that is not interested to follow.

New Avalon
June, 15 3047
Hanse Davion work office

‘My Prince, we obtained troubling information from Althea’s.’
What have the baron done now, Justin?’
‘You already know that many of our ‘commercial’ dropships send there in reality have military grade sensors and a sensor tech from MIIO. In February one of these, get photos of what can only be a warship, class later tentatively identified to be a SLDF Kimagure cruiser, been towed deep in the asteroid belt of the system. Worse, they also get photos of what can only be a shipyard hidden in that steroid belt.’
So, the baron not only have one public shipyard in orbit of Althea’s moon, but also have another one, hidden in the system, crafty man. And more resourceful than anyone think.’
‘What you want to do about this, My Prince?’
For now, nothing. But increase our surveillance on the system.’
‘As you which, My Prince.’

Tired of continuous raid from CC in the Concordat territory – that have reduced in number after the trashing the Revenants give on two Warrior House units – Edward Calderon decided is time to teach Romano a lesson. For that contracted the Revenants to destroy an important unit in Liao territory, letting the details and place to Jean-Luc choice.
Deciding that is the right time to show what we really have – except warships (not one yet operational, btw) – the target selected is Madras, where two regiments of the Big Mac are present.

12 July 3047

The fighter forces of the Big Mac have a really bad day so far – not only the invader ASF’s are devilish difficult to hit thanks to incredibly effective ECM (latest Revenants Spad and Vulcan ASF have Guardian ECM), they are also very agile, crewed by elite pilots and just to ruin the defenders day, two Mule PW have for the first time used they Barracuda missiles to devastating effect.
The single Capellan assault dropship in system, an aged Achilles, as been disabled in the beginning of the conflict by massive missiles fired by said Mules (6 White Shark fired, 3 hit and disabled the Achilles).
The very few ASF that come in range of the invading dropships also get a rude surprise – the first wave are well armed and armored Lee that easily shrug-off the Capellan fire, and swift deal a massive and deadly answer.

Note..: The 1st RCT is the show-piece of the Revenants. For this mission, all available Lee, 2 Mule PW and the sole Colossus have been assigned to then (and many other new toys). The 2nd is R&R in Althea’s and the new 3rd is doing garrison duty is several systems – Yuris, Vard, Celentaro, Organo and Cyrton.

The Colossus alone, functioning as Jean-Luc command system, have a non standard load-out. A single company of mechs – is Revenant Command Company – 12 assault mechs. The usual Command lance 1 Nightstar (Jean-Luc mech), 1 Thug, 1 Cyclops and 1 Highlander, augmented by 2 King Crab, 2 Highlander and 4 Longbow. It also carry 60 Jack BA, 12 Padilla and 8 Koalitsiya (Sniper SPG). And one mobile HQ (latest SLDF variant).

As soon as they take control of Madras orbit, the Revenants dropships and ASF turning busy eliminating the local satellite network and installing theirs. Only after that is concluded, landing operations started.
McCarron’s Armored Cavalry are very good military professionals, nobody dispute that. But this time they are fighting a new kind of game, one that they don’t full know the rule book.
One game in that the adversary have technological advantage in all areas, bigger range, and complete space and air dominance.
Time and again they tried to lure the Revenants in well placed ambushes, and time and again the enemy discover the ambush in time. The few Ravens are a godsend, and helped the few success that they achieve. But the trice named enemy have many mechs with equal or better capabilities and use then ruthlessly. Another nasty surprise are the guided Arrow IV missiles, some even launched by ASF’s!

Note..: The Raven just entered in service, a bit before OTL, and the Big Mac received some. In this campaign, the Revenants make use for the first time of air-launched Arrow IV, that entered production in late 3045. ITTL, CC don’t have yet produced it, but Althea’s already have all variants of Arrow IV missiles – including the air-to-air.

One week in the battle, and after some humiliating defeats, they make a run to escape. The two dropships that lift-off are soon disabled by the Mule PW with ASF support. The surviving forces on the planet changed for a guerrilla type warfare – but with mechs. That also not resulted very well, with the adversaries with superior sensors and using drones and satellites to not lose track of the capellan units.
One battalion tried a last ditch suicide attack on the HQ of the Revenants, trying to kill Jean-Luc. Unfortunately for then, they are detected in time and against a company of assaults supported by guided artillery and dropship heavy fire, they are massacred without doing much damage.

Note..: The Colossus is near, and is also equipped with a pair of Arrow IV launchers, two Gauss Rifles and four LRM20 with Artemis IV.

In less than a month the two Big Mac regiments – the 4th and 6th – are no more – only a few survivors well hidden and scattered remain.
In August 10, 3047 the Revenants return home, with their job done.

Instrumental in this conflict are the Scout variant of the Vector VTOL and the VLC-9C Vulcan – the only ASF’s in service modified to operate the air-to-ground guided Arrow IV, and also capable to use a recon pod equipped with a Beagle Active Probe. The pilots hate both systems because the enormous drag they created, but the results are evident.

Note..: While never see anything like a recon pod in Btech, is a logical evolution of the systems – like many used today. So far, only the latest variant of the Vulcan can use both systems, and none of the trio is available for export, as usual.

About the ASF recon / targeting pod – ASF’s can carry bombs, Arrow IV and Alamo (big missiles with nuke warhead). If they can carry these external, they can also carry a pod with lots of fancy electronics. The Recon / Targeting pod consist of a Beagle Active Probe and a TAG. Impose the same restrictions that carry an Alamo do – big drag penalty and only one by ASF. The ASF carrying the pod can’t carry external weapons, but provide data and illumination for his pairs. The only ASF with the necessary interface / software is the recent VLC-9C Vulcan, only produced in Althea’s and both not available to export – not even to the Concordat.

Madras also see the first use of the Arrow IV A2A (air-to-air). Again, the VLC-9C is the only ASF with the necessary interface / software to use then. They are another nasty surprise for the capellan forces. After this successful first use, the Thunderbird D36b and Lightning G15b are planned to receive both upgrades (Arrow A2G and A2A). The Spad is too small for any.

Part of the salvage from Madras are examples of RVN-3L Raven and CTF-3L Cataphract, two of the most recent capellan designs. For the normal mercenary unit or the regular House one, these are very good mechs. For the Revenants, they are just sub-par. After a comprehensive analysis, data on both is sold to interested parties.

Part of the data obtained from Mundo Nublar are the blueprints and working prototypes of sub-capital weapons. The SLS Bird of Prey is one of the platforms used to test such weapons.

Note..: I always think is strange that Comstar never deployed / developed new systems, and just after the schism, WoB can present a wide variety of new weapons. Is easier to explain that many, like the sub-capital weapons family, are found in Mundo Nublar, that is one of the most secret SLDF weapons testing areas. At least, in this alternate universe is the logic I follow.

One ROM agent is eliminated with data on the secret HPG network. For months, everyone is in high alert and any new construction is stopped. But with the time passing and no visible reaction from Comstar, slowly the construction of new nodes start.

With salvage of the Tornado / Hurricane PA-L (Power-Armor – Light) and producing Nighthawk’s and Jack’s, the design of a new PA-L, start. This one don’t have any stealth system, and is to be mass produced, not custom built. Removing the stealth systems, and adding an improved detection sensor array, with capability to network with existing defensive sensor systems used by Althea's. Armor and power pack capability are also slightly augmented, compared to Tornado / Hurricane. Thanks to improved, powered, armored gloves, can easily carry an upgraded version of the venerable Mauser 960, or any normal infantry weapons. The new PA-L, tentatively named Guard, is designed to replace Jack’s and Nighthawk’s in defensive operations, outside of front-line service.

The result of Althea’s ingenuity (in reality heavily based on a design from Nebfer at SB), the Mriya is a fast armed military transport. Incredibly expensive, is to be only for the Revenants use, and is produced one each two years, the first to be delivered in 3050.

Mriya Jumpship – Military Fast Transport (done with MegaMekLab 0.45.2)
Weight: 400000 tons
BV: 3,932
Cost: 2,274,159,434 C-bills
Movement: 0/0
Heat Sinks: 142 DHS [284]
Fuel Points: 742 (297.0 tons)
Tons Per Burn Day: 3.95

Structural Integrity: 1
Sail Integrity: 6
KF Drive Integrity: 8
Armor: 100 (Capital Scale) (Improved Ferrous-Aluminum) – 167 tons.

Equipped with lithium-fusion battery system.


Nose 20
Left Front Side 15
Right Front Side 15
Aft 20
Aft Left Side 15
Aft Right Side 15

12 ER LL
12 MPL
12 AMS

Weapons Loc Heat

Laser Bay NOS 24
PPC Bay NOS 30
Pulse Laser Bay NOS 12
Laser Bay FLS 24
PPC Bay FLS 30
Pulse Laser Bay FLS 12
Laser Bay FRS 24
PPC Bay FRS 30
Pulse Laser Bay FRS 12
Laser Bay AFT 24
PPC Bay AFT 30
Pulse Laser Bay AFT 12
Laser Bay ALS 24
Laser Bay ARS 24

Ammo Loc Shots

Anti-Missile System Ammo [IS] FLS 180
Anti-Missile System Ammo [IS] FRS 180
Anti-Missile System Ammo [IS] ALS 180
Anti-Missile System Ammo [IS] ARS 180

Carrying Capacity
Aerospace Fighter (2 doors) - 2 units (2 recovery open)
Small Craft (2 doors) - 4 units (2 recovery open)
Cargo Space (2 doors) - 724 tons

Dropship Capacity: 4
Grav Decks: 1 (100 m)
Escape Pods: 0
Life Boats: 19


Officers 10
Enlisted/Non-rated 50
Gunners 6
Bay Personnel 24
Passengers 20
BA Marines 12

ASF complement normally is 2 Thunderbird D36b each armed with 4 Arrow IV anti-ship.

From late 3047 to early 3049 Althea’s is busy expanding the military industrial complex. Four new slips in the civilian shipyard – 1 for the Mriya, 1 for Monolith and 2 for Invader are added.

At end of 3048 that shipyard can produce 1 Star Lord and 2 Invaders each year and 1 Mriya and 1 Monolith each 2 years. By that date is the most capable shipyard in service in all human sphere. Is also the most advanced, with massive automation, on par with the late SLDF / TH ones, destroyed long ago.

The military one, only get two new slips, one taking care of the Kimagure, the other for future use – they have – again – maxed the resources / personnel before ending that one.
Both shipyards received comprehensive defense elements, from Battlesat and Capitol satellites / stations to pocket warships and CV dropships.

New lines of mech and battle armor production are also completed during 3048. The Jack is replaced by the improved, bugs fixed, Jack Mk.2 and fruit of the collaboration with the GDL and Wolf Dragoons, the Ranger (OTL GDL Scout) – both starting production in late 3048.

The only mech added to the production is the MAD-4C – the Chris O’Farrell ‘This was easier on the Tabletop’ MAD-2R modified by the NAIS variant gifted to Smith.

MAD-4C Marauder
Weight: 75 tons
Cost: 7,553,000 C-bills
Movement: 4/6
Engine: 300
Double Heat Sinks: 16 [32]
Gyro: Standard Gyro
Internal: 114
Armor: 206/231 (Ferro-Fibrous) – 11.5 tons FF
Weapons Loc Heat
Medium Laser LA 3
Medium Laser RA 3
Large Pulse Laser RT 10
Medium Laser CT 3
Medium Laser CT 3

The contracts with Wolf Dragoons, Northwind Highlanders and Grey Death Legion are re-negotiated to long term, and the one with the GDL with possibility to also defend other locations in place of the Revenants with option to accept sub-contract in offensive operations. All three mercenary forces also make use of the extensive Althea’s dropship and jumpship repair / maintenance facilities and have preference client – just after the Revenants – access on the normal military-industrial Althea’s complex. Warship and pocket warship or any Revenants only excepted, of-course.

Note..: The WD and NH contracts are that both placed at least a battalion in Althea’s for garrison duty and cross training, said force rotating after a minimum of six months. Options exist for an equivalent force from the Revenants replace the mercenary unit if necessary or going training with the rest of the WD or NH.

By mid 3048 several secondary and / or civilian factories are also operational in Celentaro, Organo and Cyrton, making good use of the free labor force on these planets.
In early 3049 the fourth RCT of the Revenants enter in service.

By this date, the existence of the second shipyard is an open secret to Wolf Dragoons, Northwind Highlanders and Grey Death. Too much activity in that area of space and any decent ASF patrol of their units found the reason. But, because the defenses are already tough (you need a considerable force and / or warships to have any chance to do damage to any of the shipyards), Jean-Luc is not much preoccupied by that.
The MAD-4C is not restricted to the Revenants and is an instant success. Mercenary forces like very much the 'zombie' quality and the fact that don't need (expensive) ammo to operate in long term campaigns.
Anticipating that – and with plenty ordered for the Revenants, two full production lines are dedicated to this model only.

Revenants RCT's TO&E late 304x / early 305x
4 mech battalion each with 40 mechs (3 companies plus a command lance per battalion – Lee can carry 40 mechs)
104 ASF – 6×4 from the Lee (mech) and 2x 40 from 2 Lee CV
3 battalion of combat vehicles – 3 Lee CVT
1 regiment of mechanized infantry – 1 Lee CVT
1 mech assault company (RCT command unit), BA (Jack Mk.1 or Mk.2 and Ranger), arty (Sniper SPG and Arrow IV), Flak (Arrow ADA and license build Partisan after 3050), and support units – 3 Lee CVT

13 Lee (4 Mech, 2 CV and 7 CVT) for the RCT and 3 Lee PW or Lee CV for heavy space support – 4 Mriya Jumpship or a mix of Mriya, Invader and Star Lord if not enough Mriya available
If not space support necessary but long operation, then the support dropships are 3 Mule. Depending on mission type and adversary, one or more of these can be a Lee CVT with extra units

Note..: Each Lee PW add 6 ASF, each Lee CV add 40 ASF and each Mriya add 2 ASF. Lee CVT don't carry ASF.

This configuration provide the Revenants with sufficient flexibility to confront almost any type of adversary, if correct information is provided in time.

Federated Commonwealth Monarch class dropship Golden Fist, one jump away from Althea’s, early 3050.

Why is the Archon Emeritus visiting this periphery neobarb world?’
‘Because we want to acquire they technology?’
What they can have that we don’t?’
‘You be surprised – I see that the years in Tharkad dealing only with the local political front make your knowledge of some things weak at best.’


That’s a huge number of ships! And that is an Olympus station! They have one of these?’
‘Two actually – they have another at the nadir jump point also.’
And what is that one?’
‘Oh – that is one Capitol class defense station – they have several in the system.’
But that is insane – not even Tharkad have that!’
‘And this just the tip of the iceberg, just wait for the rest of system and you see the real reason of this voyage.’

Some time later.

Wait – they have forcing us to use one of their pilots and placed an armed force inside? That is preposterous!’
‘Standard security measures in reality – and also provided us with some armed escorts – after all we are going to see some restricted places.’
Armed escorts – ah. You are talking about that Leopard?’
‘That is not a normal Leopard – if you taking attention to details, is modified to carry a NL55 – one of their first Pocket warships variants.’

Deep in the asteroid belt.

That’s a huge shipyard – and these are real warships, and more of these defense stations! Who are these guys?’
‘The ones that provided us with these Star League technologies from the last twenty years. You think they stay idle that time?’
But, but nobody have warships! Our program is still in his infancy – they have at least three there!’
‘Now, you see why the Archon emeritus come to negotiate with the baron.’

Entering Althea’s orbit.

Another shipyard??? And with so many jumpships… is insane, nobody place a civilian shipyard so deep in system. How they move these jumpships to jump positions?’
‘With a mother-load of tugs, that how. If you take attention, you also see a lot of space industries in orbit, and several Alliance stations.’
But that is insane! This system have more space industries and infrastructure than all of the FC combined!’
‘See? Not neobarbs, after all. We need what they have and the Archon Emeritus know that very well.’

This is a discussion between two lyran appointees in that mission. While one is well versed in Althea's, the other know nothing about the subject and have all the classic prejudice against periphery realms.

Note..: ITTL Katrina Steiner don’t die of cancer in 3040. Thanks to better medicine, the cancer is detected early and she responded to the treatment. But, like OTL resigned on favor of Melissa in March 3039, assuming the title of Archon Emeritus. She stay active in the diplomat and consulting in military areas. She is the natural choice to negotiate FC access to Althea's warship – most specifically intra-system engines – technology.

Edward - ‘Before we start to negotiate warship technology is necessary to resolve the various borders conflicts between our nations.’
Katrina - ‘ Are you talking about the worlds Davion take from you more than two hundred years ago?’
Edward - ‘Yes, my people don’t let me sign that kind of deal before that point of contention is unsolved.’
Jean-Luc - ‘Maybe a referendum on these worlds – with observers from both sides – if they want to return to the Concordat?’
Katrina - ‘I like that. That way, nobody can say that the people is forced. I even add that the ones that want to change nations be free to emigrate, provided the respective nation pay the costs.’
Edward - ‘I can sell that to my people.’
Katrina - ‘Excellent. Now, we want access to your warship technology, more precisely to intra-system engines and automated shipyards. We are prepared to also contract several teams of Jean-Luc people to teach our technicians.’
Jean-Luc -’Sorry, Archon, but this time I can’t release anyone. The best I can provide is your people come to my system to learn. I simply need as much formed technicians as I can get, because the many programs I'm running right now.’
Katrina - ‘Yes, I see how far you have developed this system. Real remarkable. I don’t see any problem sending the people here to learn. You are also capable to deliver engines, or at least blueprints?’
Jean-Luc - ‘Both, actually. For a price of-course. These things are very expensive and the Concordat is also in need of some.’
Edward – ‘Before we start to negotiate prices, is better to smooth the relations between both nations. Maybe a treaty of Non-aggression, and better tariffs to calm the opposition from both sides?’
Jean-Luc -’ I also want access to some of your technologies and production rights, in exchange of starting producing engines for your warships and training your people.’
Katrina - ’Edward, I think I can convince my daughter and her husband to sign these. Jean-Luc, I’m surprised that you want technology from me? That’s a first, what you can possibly want from us that you don’t have already?’
Jean-Luc - ‘Oh, a small thing. Is called black-box I believe? I want blueprints and working models of the latest version, btw.’
Katrina - ‘How can you possibly know about these? Never-mind, your reputation is well deserved I see.’
Jean-Luc - ’Is only fair. After all I delivered to you a lot of data on HPG technology, and I know you have already started producing working models. And for your info, the Combine have some of you black-boxes. I don’t know if they got then in the fourth succession war or later in the war of 39, but they got some, I believe older models.’

Part of the accords are cross- licenses for production designs. Althea's can now (legally) produce the WLF- Wolfhound F2, and the Partisan, while Kallon can produce the RFL-3N-2 Rifleman II and TharHes the MAD-4C Marauder.

Note..: The Partisan produced in Althea’s have 9.5 tons of FF armor, XL engine and the 4 AC/5 are replaced by 4 Ultra AC/5 with 8 tons of air-bursting shells that are optimized for destroying aircraft.

Negotiations for access and cross training / research with NAIS are in course, but no decision is achieved at this time.
Two days after Katrina and Edward dropships lift-off – and still in system – the message that Jean-Luc dread to receive arrives – The Kell Hounds have encountered an unknown force in the Periphery and Phelan Kell, son of Morgan Kell is missing, presumably dead.
‘And so it begins’ the servant that deliver the news ear the baron saying at that time.

While FC and DC have more and better equipped forces, the ones in the rear areas, are still equipped like OTL, the best ones face the adversaries in the ‘hot’ frontiers.

Because of that, the first phases of the Clan invasion are almost like OTL.

Note..: Yes, I know that the Phelan ‘incident’ is in August, 13, 3049, but Comstar delayed the delivery of said news.

While ITTL Phelan pilot a Wolfhound F-2 with an ER-LL and DHS (Kell Hounds have the nice toys), against the Timber Wolf / MadCat of Vlad, the difference is small enough to not change the outcome. Same for is companions.
The WLF-2C produced in Althea's have ES, FF and a Guardian ECM on top of the standard WLF-2.

Paulo Brito

Both Victor and Hohiro (and they respective lances) have advanced mechs, but against first line Omnis, the difference is small.
Also ITTL the presence of Clan Battle-armor don’t cause the surprise and confusion of OTL, even the FRR have some BA by 3050.
The Clans that attacked the FC and DC suffered about 10% more casualties. The biggest difference and surprise is in the FRR – Jean-Luc sold many refit / upgrade kits and low cost Vali (unfortunately with unguided ammo) to the Republic at almost production cost, and because of that, that area is where many upgraded mechs (OTL 3050 TRO level) confront the Clans. Wolf and Ghost Bear Clans take more losses and need more time compared to Jade Falcons and Smoke Jaguars – exactly the contrary of OTL.

Note 1.: Because FRR is poor, the deal includes lower tariffs and access to resources / markets closed to foreign companies. Apparently not a good deal, but only Jean-Luc knows why is made.

Note 2.: While the Jack (and is variants) don’t have SRM-2 incorporated, a heavily modified SRM-2 infantry weapon is a normal weapon used against mechs. Less efficient and taking place of one modular weapon, even so is enough to be useful against even Omnis, and have provided IS forces with the much needed experience to deal with / against BA. Yes, Clans Elementals with their BA are better, faster, than ‘normal’ humans in Jacks, but the shock and wave is not present.

In the Wolcott system, the Genyosha (ITTL full equipped with upgraded mechs and with BA support) completely trashed the Smoke Jaguars.
Twycross is also like OTL, but FC forces suffered less losses, because many upgraded mechs and IS BA are present.
For a real strange fate, ITTL, Tyra Miraborg repeat her feat of OTL, and killed the IlKhan Leo Showers in her suicide run.

In late 3050 Althea's add the following production lines – Rifleman II, Wolfhound WLF-2C (standard WLF-2 but with endo steel, FF armor and a Guardian ECM), Partisan C (FF, XL engine, 4 Ultra AC/5 and 8 tons of ammo) and Ahab AHB-500C (Ferro-Aluminum, 16 DHS, 1 ER-LL and 2 ML in the nose, 2 Arrow IV launchers – one on each wing and 8 tons of Arrow ammo). The civil shipyard add another line capable of producing Mriya or Monolith – for now the focus is in Mriya, pushing the delivery to one each year.

By late 3050 the fifth (and last planned) RCT of the Revenants enter in service.

Edward Calderon and Jean-Luc are both invited to the Outreach conference. By that time Jean-Luc have just been elevated to Duke and also get partial control over the near worlds of Cyrton, Organo e Celentaro – worlds that already are under commercial and financial influence of the much richer Althea’s Choice.

Early 3051

Just after Jaime Wolf reveal the Wolf Dragoons true origins
Hanse - ‘You don’t appear surprised at all Jean-Luc.’

Jean-Luc - ‘Because I'm not. In the mid 20’s in one of my anti-pirate expeditions I found a pirate group that have recently captured one jumpship from the Dark Caste - a not approved group in the Clans society. Some of the captured clanners are still alive, even if in bad condition, after we killed the pirates, and they know a lot about the Dragoons expedition. Before they died because the extensive injuries suffered at the pirates hands they also reported many things about the Clans society and the separation between Wardens and Crusaders. Unfortunately they have already purged their jumpship navigation data-core, so I don’t know the location of Strana Mechty or any other Clan world.’

Theodore - ‘ So that’s the reason you have after the 30’s supported Combine, Commonwealth and later Rasalhague… I always wonder why you do that.’

Jean-Luc - ‘ Is not an easy decision, but if I came public, would someone believe me? Back then I'm merely a commander of a green mercenary combined arms regiment.’

Melissa - ‘Good point.’

Note..: Jean-Luc have plenty of time to prepare a plausible story to explain is actions and knowledge.

State of the Periphery Alliance (PA)

Taurian Concordat (TC), Magistracy of Canopus (MoC), Outworlds Alliance (OA) and Aurigan Reach (AR)
Early 3051 - at the time of the Outreach Conference

TC have recovered 6 worlds lost because missing technology / resources / war.
They have 2 civilian shipyards, 1 secret shipyard (Bolthole), and by 3052 another mixed shipyard in Taurus (second one in Taurus) – this one capable of producing military and civilian dropships, jumpships and warships – Concordat Aerospace Limited.
Also in TC, they have the 2 shipyards in Althea’s Choice, pushing the Concordat to 6 shipyards, 3 of these capable of building warships.
New Vandenberg is finishing the infrastructure to start – by 3053 – to produce Mammoth and Aqueduct class heavy dropships.
The Concordat Aerospace Limited shipyard, fruit of collaboration with DII is planned to produce Lee CV and PW dropships, Flanker B small crafts, Mriya Jumpships and Concordat II frigates.
Flanker, Lee and Mriya only for Concordat Navy (these are the terms of the accord for the tech / blueprints / license transfer).

Concordat II class Frigate – modernized Concordat Frigate
440.000 tons
Type Frigate
Length 485m
Sail Diameter 1,220m
Fuel 2,500 tons
Burn Rate 39.52
Safe Thrust 2 g
Top Thrust 3 g
Sail Integrity 4
KF Drive Integrity 10
LF Battery Yes
40.000 tons cargo
15 NAC/20s (450 shots / 180 tons ammo)
3 NL55s
4 NL45s
32 LRM 15s with Artemis IV FCS (128 tons ammo)
16 ER Large Lasers
32 Medium Pulse Lasers
16 AMS (64 tons ammo)
Armor 527.5 tons Improved Ferrous-Aluminum
Dropship Capacity 4
8 small craft (4 Flanker B and 4 shuttles for Marines)
61 Officers
164 Enlisted/non-rated
62 Gunners
5 1st-Class Passengers
10 Steerage Passengers
60 Marines (20 BA, 40 standard)
40 Bay Personnel
Grav Decks 1x 130m
Escape Pods/Life Boats 25/35
Heat Sinks 1,000 DHS
Structural Integrity 60

Flanker B is a modernized version of Flanker – the 3 external heavy hard-points can carry (each)
1x Apollo (nuke) or 2x AShM Arrow IV or 3x AAM Arrow IV

MoC have recovered 2 worlds, and have one mixed shipyard, orbiting Canopus IV – is expanding that one, but so far not starting building / repairing another one.
TC and MoC have started a common colonization of the area between both nations and south of the AR. So far, they have colonized 12 new systems, these colonies are small and dependent in many things.

OA have recovered a single world and have partially reactivated a shipyard – so far can only produce dropships, but is estimated that by 3053 can also produce jumpships – is one old SLDF shipyard.

AR don’t have shipyards nor recovered any world. They produce dropships – civilian only on Coromodir by 3051.

The standard jumpship produced by this alliance is the Invader, and the civilian dropships more produced are the Mule and the Monarch. Concordat II is to be produced for TC and MoC.
Almost all mech, ASF and other military related factories in the Periphery Alliance have been refit / repaired by 3051.
All the nations of the PA can produce components for the advanced civilian, big fusion reactors, and for the modern (SL tech) water purification systems.

Edward - ‘Excuse me, Hanse, but the Periphery alliance can deliver to you and Theodore more kits and even advanced mechs – Royal or even Royal+ grade - and ASF at better conditions than Thomas can. Unlike the FWL, we have already upgraded our factories and almost all of our force, freeing a lot of industrial output.’

Hanse - ‘ And why are you interested in doing so?’

Edward - ‘For one, the Clans are the descendants of our old enemy the SLDF. For another, we prefer that this time the fight be in your territory and not in ours, frankly. We all know that if they conquer you, they turn on us later. Also, we already have better relations with you than Thomas.’

Some time later – and after Thomas and Romano have withdraw

Jean-Luc - ‘Excuse me Colonel Wolf, but your proposal of training our forces to fight like the Clans is frankly stupid. What we need is for your forces to act like the OpFor, to train our forces against the Clans, not to be like then.’

Theodore -’I concur.’

Jean-Luc -’Also, we need all the data on the Clans that you can provide us – the ones that are more, lets say, traditional and the ones that are more flexible, they rules and possible exploits, the strong points and weakness of each design and variant, etc. And the blueprints of their systems and Omnis. While I believe that I took a very extensive refit to even produce their weapons, and even more so Omnis, we need to start from some point.’

Jaime Wolf - ‘That can be negotiated.’

Jean-Luc - ’Great – Althea's can start to produce by the end of this year, Streak4 and 6, LBX 2,5, and 20, Ultra 2,10 and 20 and ER Medium and Small Lasers. Right now, we are re-tooling our weapons factories to do that. I believe that even with the full collaboration of colonel Wolf people it take years to start produce Clan weapons and systems and even more to put the first Omnis in production.’

Jaime Wolf -’Yes, we took years for the Dragoons to do that, and even with your advanced systems, you need basically new factories and tools – the level of complexity and precision / tolerances is much more elevated that even Royal grade tech.’

Jean-Luc - ’What I perceive the big weakness in the Clans is that they have zero experience in COIN, are fewer – relatively – in number and they support train is a thousand light-years long. If we inflict the death from a thousand cuts instead of going for a few decisive battles, they are at a severe disadvantage.’

Edward - ’Send several teams of Rabid Foxes, Loki and ISF / DEST for the occupied systems to force then to use resources they can’t deploy in new conquests and go for the depots and rear areas? I see that work well against then.’

Theodore - ‘Me too.’

Jean-Luc - ‘ We also need to coordinate via what we call Black-Boxes – Comstar, for now, is proved to be allied with the Clans. Until they find that the final objective is Terra, that going to be ‘fun’. Hanse, don’t look like that – we all know that Theodore already have some, and you both need to cooperate to have any chance to win. BTW, we also need some, and access to your NAIS to help develop not only the Clans factories, but also the next generation of said Black-Boxes and improving in the HPG programs of everyone.’

Just before departing Outreach

Jean-Luc - ‘Hanse, Katrina, Theodore – these are the lists of worlds that Comstar ‘deleted’ from the Star charts in your realms. We get these by comparing extensive SL / SLDF star maps with actual ones. Because is inside your realms, is up to you to search why they get the trouble of erasing said worlds from common knowledge.’

Puzzled faces from the House leaders while accepting the data files.

One last moment with Jaime Wolf

Jean-Luc - ’Colonel, maybe, now is the time to send a recovery force to take back the units you don’t show in the Inner Sphere in 3005, right? Namely some warships, that need a bit of maintenance.’

Jaime - ‘ How you know about that? Never mind, remember me to never bet against you. Can I count on your services to help pushing then at full readiness?’

Jean-Luc - ‘Just send then to Althea’s with your crews – we have the capability to do that fast.’

When orders from Hanse arrive at Outreach for the Dragoons to send all they forces to Luthien to help in the defense, the 2nd Revenants RCT and the GDL are present to training against Clans tactics. Secrets orders by Jean-Luc ordered both units to go with the Dragoons to Luthien. At this time, they don't have warship support.

Note..: While not an RCT (by Revenants level), the Gray Death can be considered a reinforced mixed arms regiment or a light RCT. Three mech battalions, 1 armored, 1 mechanized infantry, another of BA (Jack 2 and Ranger) one ASF and the last one of arty (SPG and Arrow IV).

Amanda Liu is nervous.
Thirty something years ago, she fled the Combine in disgrace. Now, as a general, commanding one of the best units in Human space, she returns, to Luthien no less, to help defending it against a dangerous foe.

Note..: The commanders of the Revenants RCT’s are generals. Amanda Liu by 3052 is the commanding officer of the 2nd Revenants RCT, having swapped her personal Panther by a brand new KGC 001-C King Crab.

Divergences from OTL in the Battle of Luthien

Both Genyosha Regiments have been full SL upgraded. While 2 WD and 1 KH have Clan tech like OTL, the other 3 WD and the remaining KH have also full SL tech upgrade. Both 2nd Revenants and GDL have full ‘Royal+’ level tech – and are not present in OTL. About 250 mechs, 150 ASF and 400 BA, plus arty, tanks and mechanized support more than OTL for the defenders. The defenders also have a much better tech level than OTL.

Note..: SL level – TRO 3050 / normal SLDF tech level. Royal+ level – Althea’s latest models (improved SLDF Royal tech).

The helicopter that deliver the mercenary leaders at Unity palace is a Vector VTOL from the Revenants. From it Jaime and Mackenzie Wolf, Morgan Kell, Akira Brahe, Amanda Liu and Grayson Carlyle disembark to greet the leaders of the Draconis Combine.

Theodore Kurita - ‘Fortune favored you, General Liu. From a dishonored ex-soldier of the Combine thirty something years ago, to a leader of such capable force.’

Amanda Liu - ‘My lord is very kind. The opportunity to participate in the defense of Luthien is a dream comes true. By the orders of my Duke, my forces and the ones of colonel Carlyle are placed under your command for this operation.’

The first mission of the Concordat mercenaries is the ASF battle just before the clans dropships enter the atmosphere. The first volley, killed about 30 clan ASF with AAM’s. Less than predicted – the Clans have advanced tech and very good pilots – still is a nasty surprise to loss so many ASF’s at a range they think is not possible. The other surprise for the Nova Cats and Smoke Jaguars pilots is that almost all Concordat ASF’s have ECM units and some – SPD-505C Spad – also incorporate null signature system, turning then very difficult to hit / negating they range advantage. Taking advantage pf their superior numbers, several of the mercenaries heavy ASF’s are free to engage the dropships with AShM missiles, destroying one Overlord-C and two Broadsword, and damaging several others.

The biggest advantage the Revenants and the GDL have is they great number of Arrow IV launchers and considerable ammo stocks.
From the moment the Clans enter range, they start to continuously submit then to a barrage of HE, sub-munitions and arty-deployed minefields.
Because to the lack of counter-battery units in the Clans forces, the mission to suppress the mercenaries arty fall to the few surviving clans ASF’s. The very few that survive the gauntlet of WD, KH, Revenants and GDL ASF, are confronted by the Partisan, Rifleman II and Vali (with SAM variant of Arrow IV) that are positioned to defend said arty elements. No one survived the first pass, inflicting light damage only.
Thanks to the fact that all mercenaries present have a considerable BA support, the Clans Elementals- already decimated by the continuous arty barrages – can do little to support they Omni companions.

Note..: When only one side have good numbers of arty (well protected and with good target information), the other suffer greatly. OTL only Clan Wolf deploy dedicated arty platforms (Naga Omni) in the 305x invasion.

Because the arty job in softening the assaulting force – and in the last salvo's, adding ECM and special smoke (heavy with IR and chaff particles) – and the units not with clan tech having advancing SL tech the forces attacking the mercenaries suffered heavy casualties and inflicted few in return.

Note..: ECM and ‘special smoke’ warheads are deployed by the FedCom in the Blood of Kerensky trilogy. Amanda Liu KGC-001C has 2 Gauss Rifles (each with 2 tons ammo), 1 LPL, 1 LRM15 with Artemis (1 ton ammo), 2 Streak SRM2 (1 ton ammo each), FF armor (16.5 tons) and DHS (12).

Captain Jessica Chernovskaya in her Royal Highlander killed 4 Omnis, three of then with head shots.
General Amanda Liu survived the battle, with a broken leg and her King Crab severely damaged.

In the final phase of the battle, during the surviving clans withdraw, the re-armed heavy ASF of the Revenants and GDL used again AShM Arrow IV against the enemy dropships, killing four more. This resulted in the Smoke Jaguars extracting only 30% of they forces – OTL about 50%.



Would be better if it was less infodumpy.

Paulo Brito

Hilton Head

Sometime after Anastasius Focht departed to Tukayyid

Myndo Waterly - ‘… and with the Precentor Martial taking almost all of our conventional forces, I can only give you the warships for this mission. So, instead of an invasion, you have to resort to orbital bombardment.’

Gregory Zwick -’Not a problem. Can I ask, why Commodore Beresick is not selected to command this mission? Is my commanding officer, and very capable.’

Myndo - ‘Let’s say that the good Commodore have some troubles with some parts of this mission. Namely the necessity of destroying the planetary infrastructure.’

Gregory - ‘ Understood. In that case, I believe that selecting the warships is going to depend also of the ‘reliability’ of the crews to execute this mission?’

Myndo - ‘Unfortunately. The bright side, is that our best estimates give your opposition one heavy cruiser, three corvettes and one carrier – and that if the TCW Vandenberg (Vincent class) is also present. But they most probably have several ASF defenses, and I can’t give you much in that area. Anastasius take almost all of ours with him.’

Gregory - ‘ If I can get the three Dante’s, that is not a problem. Because Beresick is out, the Invisible Truth (Cameron class) is also out of question. Can you give me the Blake’s Strength (Black Lion class), and at least two Lola III?’

Myndo - ‘That much I can guarantee – and with crews that follow you.’

Gregory - ‘Then, as soon as the ships and crews are ready I depart, Primus.’

Note..: ITTL Gregory Zwick returned just before Tukayyid. All the warships reported are part of the ready Com Guard Fleet at this time OTL.

From the very beginning Operation Scorpion – the master-plan of Myndo Waterly to put all nations in the Inner Sphere and Periphery on their knees – get very unexpected results – outside of FWL and CC, that is.

In the Periphery Alliance, That simply result in the activation of operation Minitel – the capture / neutralization of any know or suspected Comstar / ROM operative and the capture of all Comstar assets – including the HPG’s. Also is the signal to start operating the – until now very secret – alternative HPG network controlled by the Periphery states.

Because Comstar never discovered the existence of the alternative network – the very few agents that found it, have been ‘neutralized’ in time - don’t have a plan to destroy it, nor a good defense in place – most of the best / heavy forces are in Tukayyid at this time.

In the IS / clan-occupied territories, the results are more or less than OTL.

Of particular importance is the fact that said parallel network is operational by the time the Comstar fleet hit Althea’s.

The activation of Minitel also put the Concordat Navy in high alert – the Protector fear that is the prelude of an invasion / retaliation by unknown forces. High in the list of suspects is of-course Comstar, that the Concordat knows having several warships.

May, 3 3052

Althea’s Zenith Jump-point

CSV Blake’s Strength, CSV Montpellier, CSV Bordeaux, CSV Divine Wisdom, CSV Ranger and CSV Blake’s Vision with 6 Pentagon and 4 Intruder assault dropships appear near the Olympus recharge station and soon after start firing.

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Paulo Brito

While the Olympus have few (and none capital class) weapons, the Capitol Defense Station is another kind of adversary. Completely outclassed by the warships, the Capitol still survived enough time to launch is ASF’ and Flanker’s and placed enough salvo's to damage one of the Dante’s before succumbing to the murderous enemy fire. Same fate is inflicted in the lone Mule PW that is on station – it fired three salvo’s of capital class missiles, before been destroyed. Only one hit a warship, the others are intercepted by enemy forces, barely damaging the Black Lion. The defending ASF’s and Flankers don’t have any chance against a much bigger number of adversaries and purpose built dropships and warships designed to deal with ASF’s.

What they get is enough time for the sensors and communication stations to deliver an accurate picture of the invading force to the rest of the defenses.

Not caring for the present civilian jumpships an dropships, as soon as they retrieve the ASF’s and dropships, the warships start to move in direction to the shipyard in the asteroid belt.

In the shipyard, frantic efforts are done to try to turn the WDWS Athena and WDWS Alexander operational – they have just started the refits. The WDWS Beowulf, WDWS Darius, WDWS Nelson and WDWS Mars are operational. Also present are the TCW La Fayette, TCW Giraud and TCW Clemenceau.

Note..: La Fayette and Giraud are advanced Pinto and Clemenceau is an advanced New Samarkand Class Carrier – Althea's designs. Althea’s ships use the TCW indicative – they are part of the Taurian Concordat Navy, even if operating independently most of the time.

Sensors acolyte in the CSV Black Strength - ‘Commodore, we have detected several dropships going from Althea’s to the shipyard that is our next target.’

Gregory - ‘ Number and class?’

Acolyte - ‘ Unknown so far – the distance is big, and they are operating under heavy electronics counter-measures.’

Gregory - ‘Can we arrive at the shipyard before then?’

Acolyte -’No sir, they have a short distance to run and they acceleration is bigger than ours.’

Gregory - ‘ And their warships?’

Acolyte - ‘So far, all behind the shipyards defenses.’

Gregory - ‘Almost too easy. Very well, continue to advance against the shipyards – sooner of later they need to commit the warships or lose the shipyards for nothing.’

Some hours later

Acolyte - ‘ Sir, hundreds of ASF’s and about a dozen dropships come our way. They warships still stay behind.’

Gregory - ‘ Is going to be difficult to deal with so many ASF’s, but our fleet is specially qualified for that. Any identification on the dropships?’

Acolyte - ‘ computer’s report an unknown variant of the Lee.’

Gregory - ‘ Pity, these are very tough costumers.’

Acolyte - ‘ Enemy ASF’s engaging our… Bloods Blake!’

Gregory - ’ Report!’

Acolyte - ‘ Our ASF escort as been wipe-out on the first exchange. They are firing on our dropships...Can’t be, this simply can’t be! Sir, they destroyed all of our dropships in a single salvo.’

Gregory - ‘WTF, they used Nukes?’

Acolyte - ‘ No nukes detected. Wait – the Lee’s are firing on the Dante’s. Blake’s Beard, that's a lot of Killer Wales.’

The Lee’s PW, dedicated all they attention to the Dante’s. On each salvo, 60 Killer Wales are fired at one Dante.

While the Dante’s are designed to be very good against ASF’s, they are not designed to intercepted so many big missiles at same time, and are overwhelmed – the least damaged, and the only one barely operational, received 23 Killer Wale that broken is armor. The other two, each one taken more than 30 missiles are destroyed.

With the path to the big warships open, the hundreds of ASF’s and Flanker’s just start by firing the remaining AShM’s against the engines, and start to destroy the weapon emplacements after that.

After that, is just a job for the marines and Thugs to capture the survivors.

CSV Blake’s Strength (Black Lion), CSV Montpellier (Dante), CSV Divine Wisdom (Lola III) and CSV Ranger (Lola III) are captured – with different states of damage.

The face of Commodore Chandra – the commander of the WD naval forces – is a thing to study.

Initially Edward wants to retaliate against Earth, but Jean-Luc convinced the Protector that exist a much better target.
A few days after the Comstar attack on Althea’s, most of the Althea’s fleet – with the support of some other taurian warships, and with several jumpships loaded with carrier type dropships and a few ones with battle-armored marines and technicians depart to extract revenge from the radical arm of Comstar.
Three and a half months later the Taurian / Althea’s fleet emerge in the Odessa system.

Note..: All the ships have Lithium-fusion batteries, reducing the travel time by half.

Meanwhile, in the Periphery Alliance, Comstar to regain the rights to operate the HPG – but never again in a monopolist way – is forced to pay the cost of rebuilding the destroyed stations in Althea’s and also lost the right to deploy military forces inside the PA.
In the FC and DC regain the rights to use they older HPG’s, lost the capability to deploy military forces, and also both nations start to build they how networks – by now, only connecting capitals / district / march capitals.

Note..: building an HPG network is very expensive, and both nations have part of they territory still occupied by clans and in a state of low warfare with said clans.

The force that arrive to Odessa – and jump near the Ruins of Gabriel, thanks to extensive research done in the system by commercial jumpships in the years before – is composed by the Concordat warships 1 Monsoon, 1 Farragut and Althea’s 1 Kimagure, 2 Pinto and 1 Clemenceau (New Samarkand). Also 3 Mriya jumpships are present.
The base is surprising poor defended, probably counting more on stealth and paid nobles than firepower – to be fair that have worked in the past.
Taken by surprise, the defenders put a very weak response and are rapidly subdued. That the attackers have several hundred of battle-armored marines – and almost as many with PA-L – both space rated and superlative trained in space and base capture operations also help a lot the Concordat forces.

Warships captured in Odessa

1 Mckenna - WBS Blake's Sword - bad condition need extensive repair / refit

1 Tharkad – LCS Invincible – bad condition need extensive repair / refit

1 Aegis – WBS Immortal Spirit

1 Aegis – WBS Herald of Wisdom

1 Luxor - SLS Van der Bergh – bad condition need extensive repair / refit

1 Naga – WBS Celestial Threads

About two dozen other warships of various classes are present but the Concordat forces don’t have enough people to capture more ships and / or they are not in condition for immediate departure. These ships and the installations received multi-megaton bombs inside and are remotely destroyed just before the fleet depart with her very rich prize.

Note..: ITTL, several of the ships are found early by Comstar / Word of Blake and transferred to Ruins of Gabriel to initiate repairs. That is very fortunate for the Concordat.

Only the Luxor stay in Althea’s - renamed TCW Althea’s Pride- the rest of the captured warships are send to Bolthole for repairs.

The attack on Althea's is ordered by Myndo Waterly at same time of Operation Scorpion.
The Taurian / Althea's counter-attack / raid on Odessa (Ruins of Gabriel), is ordered with Myndo still in power, but when the fleet arrives at Odessa, Foch have already killed Myndo and the C* schism is already in course.
So, the attack is against a WoB base that C* don't know.
Jean-Luc is the only one that know of the times and problems in the inner circle of C* - so the attack is planned to kill the WoB fleet from the beginning, even if only the person that planned / convinced Edward knows about it.

Actual Taurian Fleet (not Althea's)
1 Mckenna
1 Farragut
2 Monsoon
1 Dreadnought
1 Tharkad
1 Black Lion
1 Dante
2 Aegis
2 Lola III
1 Naga
1 Vincent

The Mckenna and Tharkad both need comprehensive refits / repairs - lets say operational by 3058+
The Black Lion, Dante and the two Lola III need repairs - operational by 3056 / 3058
Taurian Concordat right now producing Concordat II frigates (first operational by 3054).
Right now is late 3052.

Althea's Fleet
1 Kimagure
1 Luxor (need a lot of repair / refit) - operational by 3058+
1 Clemenceau (New Samarkand)
2 Pinto

Producing Pinto and Clemenceau - 3rd Pinto to be operational by 3053, after that one new each year.
Each new Clemenceau every 3 years - next by 3054.
Planning for delivery a battleship class very soon (start construction) - next post.

BTW, Taurian Concordat has re-activating / creating several new / old regiments quietly, using the money gained by selling to FC and DC. Is easy to say that the TC have about 20 new regiments (combined type).

Paulo Brito

By late 3054 the Periphery Alliance produce 20 Invaders each year – the civilian jumpship selected to be mass-produced by the PA. Even the Aurigan Reach produce one per year. At this time Althea’s produced 1 Invader, 3 Mriya, 1 Star Lord and 1 Monolith per year (on the civilian shipyard).
Fruit of the continuous cooperation with the Wolf Dragoons, by late 3054 the LBX-2, LBX-5, LBX-20, Ultra-AC2, Ultra-AC-10, Ultra-AC20, ER Medium Laser, ER Small Laser, Streak-4 and Streak-6 (IS variants, not Clan) are also produced in Althea’s – and in Outreach.
Althea’s also put in production SPL, MPL and LPL AMS variants to use in dropships and warships – the only type of units that can have enough heat sinks to operate then.

In line with that cooperation, one dockyard – capable of serving the WD warships, jumpships and dropships, but not capable of producing new ones – is constructed in Outreach orbit. The Gallowglass (GAL-1GLS) start production in early 3055, both in Outreach by Blackwell Heavy Industries and also in Althea’s.

The PA study in HPG’s lead to their version of Class A HPG (until now they only produce class B). Many of the hardware is different from the one used by Comstar or the Star League – for example, they use filtered buffers with automatic fuses to manage power surges / sabotage / virus. The software is also different.

Note..: during Operation Scorpion the PA intelligence services analyze in depth the captured Comstar HPG’s (both Class A and class B) – let’s say that they are not impressed.

The first portable (warship portable) HPG is also tested by late 3054. Unlike the SLDF variant the weight is about one hundred tons, not 50.
The Althea’s variant of the Partisan changed is 4 ultra-AC-5 for 4 LBX-5, the ultra’s jamming too much.
An enlarged variant of the Koalitsiya start production. With 95 tons and a Long Tom arty piece, is named 2S7 Pion.
By early 3055 the number of Snowden in the Concordat pass one hundred.
FC, DC and PA collaborate with the secular Comstar to help remove any know or suspect WoB agent in the secular organization And in their nations.

By early 3055 the TCW Richelieu start construction in the military shipyards of Althea’s. Estimated to be ready by 3062 or 3064.

TCW Richelieu – heavily modified Texas
Loosely based on the Texas Battleship, the Richelieu class have several differences.
Armor is Lamellor Ferrous-Carbide, the first warship produced by the PA using such advanced armor.
The NL45 are replaced by NL55, providing more range and firepower
All the missile tubes are AR-10, with much more ammo
Equipped with lithium-fusion battery system
1,782 tons of lamellor ferrous-carbide armor.
60 ASF – instead of 40
6 dropships
32 small craft instead of 16 – 16 of the 32 Small Craft are Goalkeeper MK VI Defense Craft

16 x Heavy NPPCs
2 x NAC/40s
48 x NL55
12 x AR-10
48 x SPL / AMS
24 x LPL / AMS
12 x LRM15 (Artemis IV FCS)
6 x Arrow IV (SAM)

140 rounds of AR10 Killer Whale ammunition (7000 tons),
40 rounds of AR10 White Shark ammunition (1600 tons),
180 rounds of AR10 Barracuda ammunition (5400 tons),

600 rounds of Arrow IV ammunition (SAM variant 120 tons),
150 rounds of NAC/40 ammunition (180 tons),
1,056 rounds of LRM 15 Artemis-capable ammunition (132 tons)

Heat Sinks: 4350 DHS (8700)
1 Portable HPG – 30 LY range / class B
1 Black Box / FTL Fax Machine K 5 Series
Cargo 248.000 tons

Goalkeeper MK VI Defense Craft – based on the similar design in the Delranes Fighting Ships (pages 85-87)
150 tons
20 SPL
All the lasers can work in both normal or AMS mode.

All the Revenants RCT's are reinforced by at minimum a mixed arm’s regiment. Armor, BA, arty, SAM systems, ASF’s, etc.

By 3055 ITTL Hanse Davion (72) and Katrina Steiner (79) are both alive and well.
Katrina is now Archon Emeritus, or if you want, one of the most respected advisers / diplomats in the nation governed by Hanse and Melissa.
Thanks to the data provided by Jean-Luc during the Outreach Conference, both Mayadi and Versailles are both discovered and neutralized by early 3055. DC transferred all that they can from the automated Battlemech factory to a secure world (Benjamin). By 3057, they start to produce the Buccaneer in the rebuild factory.

The first years of WoB ITTL are much worse for them (pity - not).

In an effort to improve their PR status, Secular Comstar divulge almost all of their Prometheus database.

What is rapidly discovered is that if you add Helm, Dallas and Niops databases, Comstar Prometheus have little else. After some private talks between leaders, Mori and Focht reveal that their copy as been severely damaged during the Liberation of Earth, and they have lost much information. On top of that, Comstar as been interested in denying information to the Succession States, not properly in recovery data during the past centuries.

Unlike OTL, Focht and Mori are convinced by the other leaders to deploy a decent defense on Earth – including naval assets, because the risk of WoB or a daring Clan raid is to be considered.

Hanse Davion as been preparing is forces to a new war against the Jade Falcons, but have to put that on hold, because the war erupting between the Falcons and the Wolves in early 3057.

Hanse use that time to move more support units and spares and ammo to the front-lines (like OTL, the moving – jumpships – capability is the most important factor, not the number of units a nation has. Even if they have considerable more jumpships than OTL, they are never enough).

Because the collaboration between FC and TC / Althea’s, FC already have 2 Fox class frigates in early 3057, while the first Avalon and an improved New Syrtis planned to be available by late 3058 or early 3059.

News that FWL and CC also have starting producing warships – with support from WoB, no doubt – are take with care.

DC for now maintain a close secret about their warship program.

The reason for Justin Allard and Candace Liao are alive, is that St. Ives have bought several Guardian PA-L from Althea’s.
The new Mk.II version is popular for guarding valuable places / people, thanks to an improved sensor suit and even better capability to network with other fixed defensive sensors. The protection unit detected the would-be assassins and neutralized then in time.

DC have entered in a continuous low intensity warfare type of war against the clans, sending lance to company units – mostly very well paid mercenaries – and intensifying the guerrilla support / operations behind enemy lines. As planned, the clans are not prepared nor have enough forces to deal with this kind of warfare.

New Vandenberg start to produce Mule and Monarch. They also enter in a partnership with Althea’s to build a shipyard in orbit, capable to produce Invaders (to be ready by early 60’s).

During this time, in the PA a state of low intensity warfare / terrorism / sabotage exist because WoB trying to destroy any HPG not controlled by them (all). They success is low, thanks to the improved security measures around said HPG’s.
By 3057, all military / government / sensitive messages use the proprietary network, not the one controlled by Comstar – this in the PA.

In early 3057, FC start to produce (under license) Arrow IV AAM, SAM and AShM, variants. Also placed a very big order of these types of ammo and requested instructors to teach they troops how to best use then. They already produce, but also ordered several refit kits to be capable to use these types of advanced Arrow ammo.

When Morgan Kell inform New Avalon and Tharkad that Phelan as arrived with the Wolfs-on-Exile to Ark-Royal and then end of the Refusal War, Hanse is ready to start the hostilities against the Jade Falcons.
Months of negotiations with both the Wolf Dragoons and Jean-Luc get him access to both warships fleets – for a very high price – and Hanse have a very clear idea how to use then.
In early 3058 both Fox corvettes – both loaded with a mix of Union CV and Union PW – escorted the Heavy Guards, 10th Lyran Royal Guards and ELH against Twycross. Both the Guards RCT have been reinforced with extra ASF and arty battalions.

Note..: Union CV carry 12 ASF (loaded with Arrow IV AAM and anti-ship) and the FC PW variant of the Union have three Killer Wale tubes and twelves missiles (a FC variant with a special AP warhead).

Twycross is defended by the CJF Jade Talon (Aegis class) and by the Falcon Guards.
The Aegis cruiser is more than a match to both Fox corvettes, but the Falcons failed to take in consideration the extra firepower that the Unions provided. 72 ASF (on top of the 24 provided by the corvettes) and 12 Killer Wale tubes are a nasty surprise. While the Jade Falcons are way more experienced than the FedCon in naval operations, they can’t defense themselves against ASF, missiles and both corvettes at same time. Not helping that the cruiser is very low in missiles and NAC shells, never topped his ammo bunkers after the Refusal War.
More than half the ASF’s are lost and both corvettes are severely damaged, but the cruiser is destroyed. The Falcon Guards, also not at full capability, are destroyed by the combined forces of both Guards RCT and ELH.

Over Sudeten, the CJF Blue Talon (Aegis) is attacked and destroyed by the Wolf Dragoons WDWS Alexander (Aegis) and WDWS Athena (Sovetskii Soyuz) with support CV and PW dropships.
Planet-side, the 124th Striker Cluster can do little against both Alpha and Beta Regiments of WD, supported by the Zeta battalion and by the Stirling’s Fusiliers. Several FC support units (armor, ASF and arty) are also present.

In Alyina, the much damaged Delta Galaxy, escorted by the CJF Turkina’s Pride (Cameron) is confronted by the 2nd, 4th Revenants and the GDL RCT’s escorted by the TCW Bird of Prey (Kimagure), TCW Clemenceau (New Samarkand), TCW La Fayette and Cassard (Pinto).
For this operation, both the Kimagure and the Pintos carry Lee PW (four in total) while the Clemenceau carry four Lee CV.
The Cameron battle-cruiser is a thought opponent, but don’t have a chance against so many enemies, and while killed the Cassard and heavily damaged the Bird of Prey and La Fayette, in the end is severely damaged and captured by the taurian forces.
Destroying the Delta Galaxy is surprising easy, the Jade Falcons decided to charge the Althea’s forces are are quickly destroyed even if inflicting heavy damage.

These are the only systems protected by warships that are attacked. Several other systems are attacked, but none have warships.

Paulo Brito

Several ships appear at the zenith point in the Alyina system. They are very soon identified as Clan Jade Falcon forces.
While the dropships start a run to the liberated planet, the two escorting warships move to battle the Althea’s warships.
The clan forces are composed by the Aegis class CJF Hawk Eye and Vincent class CJF Lightning Strike.

The Lightning Strike is quickly destroyed by a massive salvo of Killer Whale missiles and the fire of the La Fayette, while the Bird of Prey is executing fast attacks on the Hawk Eye, taking full benefit of is superior speed and more and heavier long range weapons. Is supported by the surviving ASF’s of the naval force, that, after dealing with the Jade Falcon ASF – thanks AAM missiles one side engagement – start to engage the heavy cruiser with they anti-ship missiles. But the Hawk Eye decided to not be an easy target and used is Barracuda and White Shark against the enemy ASF’s with great success, killing many.
After exhausting their capital missiles against the heavy cruiser, the four Lee PW turned around and accelerated in pursuit of the Jade Falcon dropships.

Note..: Even without the big capital missiles, the Lee (all variants) are big, fast, well armed and armored dropships.

Both the La Fayette and the Bird of Prey take more damage, but in the end, the Hawk Eye is destroyed by the combined fire of the pocket warships, ASF’s, and both taurian warships.
The La Fayette executed a pirate jump to near the planet to help the defending ASF’s deal with the invading force – the Bird of Prey having taking damage in the L-F battery sub-system, don’t risk that kind of move.
The dropships are protected by an unusual big number of ASF’s and some assault dropships in the mix.

While taking a lot of damage, and losing several dropships, the clan forces landed in an organized force, placing about a full galaxy in the ground. For that, they lost almost all of their ASF’s, all of the assault dropships and several other dropships. But, they also killed the La Fayette. The corvette, already damaged by two battles against heavier warships, don’t survive the massed attack of more than 50 ASF’s with two assault dropships support. The little warship before been destroyed killed six dropships and sixteen ASF’s.

After 15 days of hit and run operations – that both sides excel at, but turned the defenders arty virtually useless, suddenly the leader of the Jade Falcons asked for a meeting.
To the surprise of the taurian leaders, is Khan Marthe Pryde that appear, and asked for Hegira.

Note..: Pryde received news – via a portable HPG – that the Steel Vipers started to attack the Jade Falcon territory, and need to concentrate all her forces to deal to the perceived more dangerous enemy.

In the end, the FC – Jade Falcon war ended with FC taking back eleven systems. Because of the type of contract signed to include the use of Althea’s warships, they take home the captured Cameron.

Paulo Brito

From Sarna.net
In 3067 the Jade Falcon Naval Reserve consisted of:

Yes, is 3067, but is the best data i get. I don't think they lost any ship from 58 to 67 in OTL.
FC get both Foxes damaged, WD get both warships light damaged and TC lost two corvettes and get one heavy cruiser heavily damaged but also get one captured battle-cruiser.
The Jade Falcons are right now in a very difficult position. FC for now don't re-start hostilities because the important targets are all protected by warships and FC have their only operational in need of a repair. Also, contracting the WD and Concordat warships is very expensive - and they also need repairs right now.
Yes, the JF lost 5 warships, but the FC and taurians also lost hundreds of ASF's doing that. Right now, this can be because is the first time that clan warships are challenged. Next battle is going to be more difficult for sure.

By mid 3059 no presence of the Jade Falcons is detected in the Inner Sphere. Phelan, using is sources inside the Wolf's reported that they have retired they entire force – including civilians – to the Kerensky Cluster. The systems before occupied by the Falcons are now in the Steel Viper hands, with exception of two that the Wolf’s captured.
Because all nations are at this time busy building / rebuilding shipyards and dockyards, Federated-Boeing Interstellar partnered with DII to build a dockyard in orbit of Ark-Royal to service the Wolf-in Exile (and Kell Hounds) warships, jumpships and dropships.

Note..: At this time no company have enough free people / resources to take such contract.

Of course, Hanse, Melissa and Katrina to let the Phelan people to stay in the FC – and to provide said dockyard – impose some conditions. Including access to the scientific and technical databases. And subordination to the Duke of Ark-Royal (Morgan Kell, Phelan father) in some areas.

Fruit of the collaboration between NAIS and Althea’s, the Kraken variant used by the FC (and in the near future also by the PA) is not tele-operated, like the Kraken-T developed by the DC. Althea’s provided an advanced seeker and guidance package, that turn the massive missile in a fire-an-forget type.
Althea’s also developed the second generation of Arrow IV AAM, SAM and AShM, with improved seeker’s, agility and ECCM capabilities. The biggest challenge in the AAM and SAM variants is to maintain the improved missiles compatible with the standard launchers.

Because in the end they stay in control of the battlefield, the Althea’s forces in Alyina recovered a lot of salvage from the destroyed warships and dropships, including almost a battalion of latest model Omnimechs and the sensor suit of the Vincent Mk.42.

The Pinto produced in Althea’s – the only place building this type of warship – is replaced by the block III after the analysis of the Alyina battles are know.

Pinto Block III
Mass – changed from 160.000 tons to 175.000 tons.
3 NL35 replaced by 4 NL35
4 Barracuda tubes replaced by 2 AR10 (nose) with 16 Killer Wale and 32 Barracuda missiles.
2 LNPPC and 2 NAC/10 stay. 12 ASF also stay
Standard weapons fully replaced.

Block III
16 LPL
32 MPL
16 AC 10 LBX

LPL and MPL with AMS capability, turning the older AMS obsolete.
DHS expanded to 750 and armor to 100 tons.
Fuel expanded to 7.500 tons (from 5.000). Cargo expanded to 11.000 tons (from 9.000).
Generic fixes / improvements.

Paulo Brito

Note..: The Block III Pinto (know as La Fayette II in Althea’s) also received a much improved sensor suit, and a very good ECM and ECCM suit.

A lot of new space industries are placed in the systems now under Althea’s control – Celentaro, Organo and Cyrton. With the influx of Althea’s / Jean-Luc money, several planet side industries also appear. Many (space and land-side) are supporting bigger ones in Althea’s, but that’s is planned.
These three systems also received several new Snowden Mining Station’s – some from Althea’s, some brand new.

That Jean-Luc is beating a lot of is resources / investment / industries in an area that can be easily raided by the Federated Suns if the relations between both nation sour, is not unknown from both sides of the frontier. That both sides gain a lot with the actual calm / stable relations also have not escaped the same people. And that Althea’s have a lot of defenses.

Because the clans and the new models from FC and DC are way heavy than the warships currently in production in the PA / Concordat – let’s be fair, the Concordat is the driving force in military technology in the PA – the need of a heavy cruiser of even a battle-cruiser design is evident.
The Taurian Navy decided to deliver two heavy cruiser designs and also two support vessels at the same time – and adopting the massive battleship designed and in construction at Althea’s shipyards. That one of the designs is an Althea’s variant of an SLN design is conveniently forgotten.

Note..: The two heavy cruisers and support vessels are not entering production before 3060 at best. Two Richelieu class battleships start construction in 3059 – one in Taurus, the other at Bolthole.

Meanwhile, the Concordat frigate is upgraded to Block III.

Concordat Frigate Block III
Compared with Block II, all the naval lasers (7) are upgraded to NL55.
2 AR10 missile tubes are added (with 20 Killer Whale and 40 Barracuda missiles)
The ER Large lasers are replaced by Large Pulse Lasers
AMS systems (and ammo) removed
Both the LPL and MPL received the now standard in the TC navy AMS upgrade.
12 ASF are added
The armed small craft (4) can be Flanker B like in the Block II or the new Goalkeeper VI
Fuel is expanded to 5.000 tons.
Received a comprehensive sensor, ECM and ECCM suit upgrade including new and more capable computers for tracking and targeting.
For all this, the cargo capacity is reduced from 40.000 tons to 25.000 tons.

Unknown by FC (and DC), the planned TC Kraken also get a state-of-the-art ECM/ECCM module – that is a big part of the delay in put the Kraken in service in the TC Navy.
In a new factory placed under a mountain in the Althea’s moon, DII start producing – even if for now in small quantities – clan grade ER and pulse lasers.
Althea’s also start producing BA grade Light Gauss and PPC and mech grade Light Gauss.

By mid 3059, the Taurian Concordat have added four new colonies, three south of the Aurigan Reach, the other south of Celano – this last one is one of the few colonies that the Concordat maintain in secret.

In late 3059 one Magellan jumpship enter Bolthole system. Fortunately for the taurian forces present the ship enter real-space near a Capitol Defense Station that protects the Zenith jump-point. Before the jumpship can jump back in safety – even with L-F battery, you need to calculate the coordinates of the jump – one well placed shot from a NL55 disabled the ship, luckily not destroying it, and after that several small craft’s loaded with BA marines easily capture it.

The investigation show that is part of the WoB fleet.

The Taurian Concordat view the Clans as the second (or third) return of the SLDF - they most hated enemy. Also from the protector to the military passing by the government, all decided that whatever the costs, the Concordat this time is going to have the best Navy of all nations (clans included).
Next years a massive buildup of warships and support vessels start in the Concordat territory.
Yes, they have enough resources and money (?) to do this.

For the TC the times they clashed with the SLDF
1 - Reunification War
2 - New Vandenberg Uprising / 1st phase of Amaris Civil War (war in the Periphery)
3 - Clans Invasion / Operation Revival

3rd even if only helping the FC and DC (mostly via the Althea's forces but with the full support of the Protector), for the first time not in TC territory.
At this time – late 3059 – this is the composition of the Taurian Concordat Navy

1 Mckenna – not operational (From Ruins of Gabriel)
1 Farragut – operational (found in New Dallas)
2 Monsoon – operational (New Dallas)
1 Dreadnought – operational (New Dallas)
1 Tharkad – not operational (RoG)
1 Black Lion - operational (Comstar Raid)
1 Cameron – not operational (the one from Alyina)
1 Dante – operational (CR)
2 Aegis – operational (RoG)
2 Lola III – operational (CR)
1 Naga – operational (RoG)
1 Vincent Mk.39 – operational
6 Concordat Block II – operational
2 Clemenceau (New Samarkand Block II) – operational

Althea’s Navy

1 Kimagure – not operational (from Mundo Nublar)
1 Luxor – not operational (RoG)
7 La Fayette (Pinto Block II) – operational
3 Clemenceau – operational

Note..: The accord between the Taurian Navy and Althea’s is that Althea’s don’t deploy anything bigger than heavy cruiser, so the Cameron (battle-cruiser) is delivered to the Taurian Navy.

In construction

3 Richelieu – 1 in Bolthole, 1 in Taurus and 1 in Althea’s
2 Concordat Block III – 1 Bolthole, 1 Taurus
2 Clemenceau – 1 Althea’s, 1 Bolthole
1 La Fayette Block II / Pinto Block III - Althea’s

Unfortunately, the other members of the PA invest a lot less in their navies. After buying one or two Concordat’s they switch to Mule PW, Union CV, ASF’ and Flanker’s – the last two with anti-ship missiles. A much cheaper solution, but one that exclude warship operations and high mobility.

The third generation of the Jack and the second generation of the Ranger are the result of intensive study of captured Clan armor and ‘obtained’ battle armor suits from other nations. The principal differences to older models are improved myomers – optimized for BA use – better life support systems and several bug fixes and general improvements.

Edward decided that the Concordat need a bigger stronger navy, and with the full support of the government and military, a plan for expanding the military shipyards and start construction of new warships start.
For Althea’s, in the first phase, that imply the construction of more slips in the military shipyard and start the construction of Concordat Block III, and expand the construction of the La Fayette's (they are – relatively - cheap and can be build fast) until the design of the new models is finalized.

Early 3060

‘We have found what appears to be a military base in a system until now marked empty. Our ship last report is that they have emerged near a battle-station and several warships have just been detected. They don’t have time for a second report, so i think they are quickly neutralized. Our best estimate is that the system is the location of the suspected but never found hidden Concordat shipyard.’

Send the Blackwatch to observe. Remember the captain that is ship is unique and don’t run any risk.’

‘Understood, Precentor.’

Note..: Blackwatch is a fiction type of super-secret ship – Delranes fighting ships 3061 pages 94-96

Not operational = executing repairs / refits.
As far as the TC intelligence knows, nobody have any hint about their battleships, the bigger warships that other nations think TC have are some SL era battle-cruisers - in not very good shape. But, they know that the Richelieu in construction in Althea's most probably have been sight already.

WoB have subverted most of the Comstar DRUM network in the South Periphery.
Note..: For more info on the DRUM network - Battletech 1681 - Explorer Corps page 19. Basically is a repeater network of unmanned stations / satellites with HPG's capabilities to extend the signal / coms range.

Paulo Brito

In early 3060 a coup in the Capellan Confederation kill Romano and Kali and put Sun-Tzu firmly in the throne. That WoB is involved is easy to confirm, even more when they gain considerable access to military assets in the CC.

After an analysis of the performance of the Alamo during the Amaris Civil War / Succession Wars, an improved variant is commissioned in Althea’s.
The Alamo II is faster, more agile, with improved ECM, ECCM and seeker. The downside is that is also bigger, much more expensive, and only ASF’s with 80 tons or more can carry only one, or Flanker’s two, unlike double of the older model. That put the new missile in service only in some strategic places.

The CC shipyard in Necromo is discovered by MIIO, and the information shared with allies (including the PA).

The reason nobody outside of Althea’s use Nighthawk’s is that they successfully deleted the technical information in the Niops database after copying it. And with the clan invasion, everybody is focused in BA, not PA-L.

Extensive search missions by the FC showed that the Steel Viper, that are now occupying most of the territory formerly in the hands of the Jade Falcons have a lot less warships than the anterior clan, but still too many for an FC only offensive.

Althea’s – and Taurus and Bolthole – start to produce Avenger class assault dropships. The variant in production in the Concordat is similar to the Upgrade Version (see Sarna.net for details) but in the now standard Concordat doctrine, they can carry up to 14 Arrow AAM or 10 AAM and 4 AShM. If used in planetary assault, they can swap up to 8 of the missiles with the ASM / AtG variant.[/QUOTE]
With the exception of the AShM (Anti-ship) and AAM they are the same size the regular Arrow IV. The 'normal' Arrow IV is a guided missile that can have a seeker. They can be launched by a standard Arrow IV launcher - the SAM version is normally used in the Vali, for example.
The AShM is much bigger, with a booster and a bigger warhead, weight 2.5 tons.
The AAM weight 1 ton.
The standard Arrow IV weight 200kg (ammo per ton 5).
The values / data of the various types of Arrow IV weapons are in Sarna, i used then a lot sooner because Jean-Luc / Althea's research.
Dedicated EW units are not yet operational, but they are in the research programs, if you except ECM / ECCM systems used in the warships.

In early 3060 the ruling Steiner-Davion family narrow escapes an assassination attempt when during one reception, one stumbling security agent crash one of the Mycosia pseudoflora pots an expose the well hidden bomb inside. The emergency evacuation saved the ruling elite, with only a few been wounded, but several people present are not so lucky and the death toll is about 20.
Investigations show that from the ruling family, only Victor Steiner-Davion (because is with is regiment) and Katherine Steiner-Davion (because is bedded with the flu) are not present. Other, smaller nobles / personalities that also missed the event are under close investigation.

The close relationship between Althea’s and Outreach lead to the production of light fusion engines in Althea’s, because the Outreach facilities don’t have the desired output. That led, after negotiations, to these type of engines be sell to the PA and FC.
Technical collaboration with DC led to the reintroduction of the snub-nose PPC in mid 3060 (and not 3067, like OTL).

With the DC start to build New Samarkand’s, FC New Syrtis and FWL Thera class carriers – no confirmation of CC models if any at this time - the Clemenceau (improved New Samarkand Block II) is considered a bit lacking as the only model in production in the Concordat. Althea’s as been toying with the SLDF Ark-Royal design (fictional, Delranes fighting ships 3061 pages 115-118) from several years by now, and in 3060 presented a modified version that is accepted and placed in production, even if very expensive.

TCW Charles de Gaulle – modified fictional SLS Ark Royal – Heavy carrier
mass 1.400.000 tons
fuel 20.000 tons
120.000 tons of cargo
5.000 DHS
armor 1.700tons of Ferrous-Carbide
L-F battery yes
Mobile HPG and Black Box
ASF 216
small craft 32
dropships 6

12 NL55
12 AR-10 (48 Killer Whale and 240 Barracuda)

64 LPL
64 MPL
12 Arrow IV SAM (with 600 shots)

The problem – apart the price – of this type of ‘super-carrier’, is that they take a minimum of six years to build, and the slips are not constructed yet! The first is planned to enter trials by 3067-8 at best. [/QUOTE]

While one of the most ‘black’ programs in Althea’s is electronics miniaturization, the result of more than 25 years of research is a mixed bag. On one side, they successfully miniaturized several components to a level far superior than the best of the SL. On the negative side, they can’t be hardened / rugged like the ‘normal’ electronics of the BT universe. The research continues and the new systems are for now only used in some well protected laboratories / research centers and secret automated factories in Althea’s.

Note..: This is to explain why the SI not implemented more miniaturized electronics in this universe.

The Concordat can expand the navy to the levels that is doing by 3060 only because the much improved commercial relations with the FC, DC and the rest of the PA. It helps that is the most industrialized nation, well in total the FC is (a bit) more but is also much bigger. FC, DC and the rest of the PA – and many mercenaries – buy a lot of the military output of the Concordat, helping financing the industrial grow of the nation.

By mid 3060, the Magistracy of Canopus looking in the growing and modernization of the military of both their traditional enemies – the CC and FWL – awakens for the need of also grow is military forces. The Reach is too poor to do much more, even if is well focused in the problem. The OA, still thinks that they are too far away of any problem.

After the FC war against the Jade Falcons, and the freeing of eleven systems, DC need to see doing the same, but the cold reality is that they don’t have enough forces, the big mercenary units still don’t want to work for then, and after the FC/JF war, the rest of the clans moved more warships from the Kerensky cluster to the occupied territories. The Combine need more warships and conventional forces to start even a small offensive against even the weaker clan that occupy his territory.

The TCW Charles de Gaulle is a mix of the SLS Ark Royal, FWLS Thera and FCS New Syrtis II. Like the Thera and Ark Royal have 216 ASF and like the New Syrtis have double crews for said ASF's, a lot of fuel, ammo and spares. The anti ASF defenses are also impressive and the long range capital weapons perfectly capable to deal with anything smaller than a heavy cruiser. Not stated (before editing), but have an HPG and a black box.

In late 3060 Sterope start the construction of a shipyard complex. When complete is going to be capable to build / maintain / repair / refit warships, jumpships and dropships from the smallest one to the big monsters up to 2 megatons. First phase is the dropships section that is planned to enter operations by mid 3064, followed by the civilian jumpship section by 3066 / 67 and finally the warship one by 69 / 70.

In November Tomoe Sakade arrives at Taurus, via Althea’s. She’s here to negotiate the recruiting of Taurian forces, including a sizable part of the Navy, to participate in a campaign against the Smoke Jaguars, like the smaller scale participation of Althea’s forces in the FC-JF war before.

Bolthole November, 15 3060

‘Emergence jump detection!’
‘Coordinates arriving… is well above the ecliptic and a very weak one.’
Send the Zarantha Calderon to investigate.’

Some time later

TCW Zarantha Calderon – Concordat Block II frigate

‘Captain I can’t detect any ship near.’
Strange… lets move a bit around in search pattern Zeta-3. Active sensors full power.’

Several hours later the taurian warship return to is normal location, never locating the WoBS Blackwatch.

Note..: The Concordat Block II don’t have the most modern sensors, the Block III have better, but none is available at this time.[/QUOTE]

The revelation by Tomoe that the DC knows about Bolthole and the extension of the Concordat Navy is an unpleasant surprise. That the Combine want to contract as many of these warships and also several extra regiments – including as many as possible of the Revenants and GDL is another.
But the Combine envoy also received bad news.
The fleet is in the middle of an extensive refit / upgrade and not available. On top of that, with the recent news of warships building in the CC and FWL – and some in the hands of the WoB – several ships need to stay home. Even more, the Concordat (and the PA) are allies of the FC, while just trading partners of the Combine. And while the Althea’s Duke is free to sell the services of his mercenary forces, the Concordat Armed Forces are not mercenaries.
Now, if a combined operation involving the Combine, FC and Comstar against one clan can be politically agreed, the Concordat in that case is open to also participate.

The refit of the Concordat Navy is

Battleships and Battle-Cruisers – upgrade the armor to Lamelor Ferrous Carbide
Battleships – secondary weapons include at least 64 LPL and 64 MPL (with the AMS upgrade)
Battle-Cruisers – Secondary weapons include at least 16 LPL and 32 MPL
Have 36 ASF (BB) and 24 ASF (BC) at minimum
Both classes receiving an HPG and one Black Box

All classes
HS upgraded to DHS
Modernizing the sensor suit, and EW suit. Tracking and firing computers much improved
Improved armor and secondary weapon systems.
Have a minimum of 12 ASF (corvettes, frigates, destroyers and cruisers)
All ships receiving an L-F battery and a black box – BC and BB also a HPG

In many cases for implementing the new systems the cargo capability need to be reduced drastically.

Note..: Yes, the Richelieu class need to receive some changes in the secondary weapons – a thing that is going to delay the entry in service of the class.

Thanks to the studies / work in miniaturization electronics done in Althea’s, when they start to analyze the clan electronics, they achieve a breakthrough in miniaturization and maintain the in-universe ruggedness and durability. In fact they achieve systems even more compact and lighter than the ones of the clans and in several cases, overall better and faster. Much of the refit in the warship fleet is related with this.

For ASF and ground forces, Beagle, Guardian, TAG, Artemis IV, etc start to be produced – even if for now in small quantities with clan grade or even better.

Paulo Brito

Another thing that is in study is the mobile HPG from the captured Magellan jumpship (see Chapter 94) to help reduce the size of the ones actually used by the concordat Navy. Concordat ones are 100 tons heavy, while the ones in use by the WoB, Comstar and clans are 50 tons (no data on the Clan model so i assume same size - the captured Cameron battle-cruiser don't have one).

Paulo Brito

By late 3060 the Quatre Belle Naval Yards have finally been fully repaired / refit. From the beginning of 3061, they start to deliver 3 Invader, 4 Mule, 1 Mule PW, 2 Union CV, 2 Union and 2 Monarch each year. And every two years, one Clemenceau - The OA Defense Forces is heavy on the ASF arm, so Union CV and Clemenceau carriers are a natural option.

Kallon Industries build an industrial complex in Althea’s. One of the Mechs built there is the PTR-4D Penetrator. License to produce that model is also negotiated with DII, but the DII model replaced the weapons with the more advanced clan-grade that the Althean factories can produce, and with the weight savings added two DHS. DII only sell it to the Revenants, GDL and the Taurian Military, by the license rights.

At this time the GDL is more or less considered part of the Althea’s military, with such a long contract and very close relations.

DII and NAIS exchange blueprints of portable HPG and Targeting Computers. DII start to research how to improve the FC design to push it to clan-grade level.

Coventry Metal Works soon follow Kallon, and also build an industrial complex in Althea’s. One of the Mechs built there is the HA1-O Hauptmann. Unlike the Penetrator, DII not show interest in acquiring production rights (for now).

The logic of both firms is that they can gain access to the PA market, they are in a system near the FC border – and an ally, and on top of that, in what is considered by many in the area, one of the best if not the best defended system in the IS – a very important factor for both companies.

In late 3060, DII start to deliver – for now only to the Revenants and even to then in small quantities – what they call Endo Steel and Ferry-Fibrous Series 2. They are a massive improvement over the IS types, a middle term between these and the Clan production. In BT terms lets say that they ‘only’ take 10 extra slots (Clans 7 and IS 14).

Note..: Without access to Clan factories / technicians that know how, is not possible (yet) to equal the Clan products in these areas.

Continuous work in improving the MMI (Man Machine Interface), better, faster computers, and the first results of sensor fusion - one of the blackest Jean-Luc programs – coupled with better insulation of the cockpit and including an environmental system (dedicated cockpit temperature control unit) and improvements in the cooling suit – thanks to between others, replicating the cooling fluid used by the clans – and a better, lighter helmet, the new (or refit) mechs and ASF’s used by the Revenants are much better than anyone think. Still not equal to Clan Omnimechs, but in some areas, already ahead.
Both DII and TTI (Darlan Industries and Investments and Taurian Territorial Industries) presented heavy Pocket Warships to Taurian Navy for they requirement of a Pocket Warship in the 50k tons class and 4/6 movement.

The TTI proposal is the Sanchos - prototype built in the Taurus shipyards

Sanchos Pocket Warship (courtesy of Rogue 11 from SB)
Its a 50kt 4/6 pocket warship... armed with:
6 Killer Whale tubes
8 White Shark tubes
20 Barracuda tubes
24 Gauss Rifles
24 LRM-20s with Artemis
30 AMS

With 820 armor forward, 825 port/starboard and 761 aft.
As it is... it is carrying 12000 tons of capital missile ammo. 10 missiles per capital missile, 24 per GR, 24 per LRM and 60 per AMS. 820 tons of fuel. [More then sufficient, enough for over a year at 1G.] Also has 5000 tons of cargo, 12 ASF, 4 small craft, a small naval comm scanner, 20 BA Marines... etc etc... 90 points of SI...

The DII proposal is the Languedoc - prototype built in the Althea's military shipyard

Languedoc Pocket Warship
Its a 50kt 4/6 pocket warship... armed with:
6 Kraken Tubes (10 missiles each)
4 Barracuda Tubes (10 missiles each)
12 SubCapital Cannon (light)
24 SubCapitalLaser SCL/2
24 Gauss Rifle
24 LRM20 Artemis IV
24 LPL (with AMS)
24 MPL (with AMS)

Each SubCapital Cannon have 10 rounds, each Gauss 24 and each LRM20 also 24
270 tons of Heavy Ferrous-Aluminum Armor
12 ASF, 4 small craft, a small naval comm scanner, 20 BA Marines, 800 DHS, 1000 tons of fuel and 4700 tons of cargo

In the end the Taurian Navy accepted the Sanchos, the primarily reason is that the admirals consider the Languedoc too risky, with too many new systems – The Kraken (not the tele-operated version used by the FC and DC, but the new one developed by DII) and the SubCapital weapons are untested in battle, and they prefer to not run risks. And some don’t like the power and influence of Jean-Luc also.

But this is not the end of the Languedoc, because Jean-Luc selected his design to defend Althea’s and to be a component of the Althea’s fleet and Revenants force. While ordered in much smaller numbers than the Sanchos, both start to operate in the 60’s.


Early 3061

‘So, by your report, the Taurian Navy is bigger than any two others – except the Clans – combined?’

Yes Precentor. In Bolthole alone they have at least 5 Battleships – and no one in the IS including us and the heretics (Comstar) have one – several battle-cruisers, heavy cruisers, frigates, destroyers, carriers, pocket warships, assault dropships, CV dropships and hundreds of ASF’s and these ‘Flankers’ they so much love. Not counting the battle-stations and armed satellites. That base alone have more warships than any other nation. And that excluding the ships in service and in construction in Taurus and Althea’s.
We have also identified there several ships that previously are in Gabriel and those captured in the 52’s raid and even one ex-Clan Battle-cruiser.’

‘We get confirmation that they are behind that operation. So, that rules out any raid or direct attack. Is better to go with the original plan and continue to try to infiltrate intelligence agents and saboteur teams. As difficult and costly as that has been.’

In February 3061 the Aurigan Reach ambassador to Althea’s asked for a private reunion with Jean-Luc.
There, he asks for support against a new series of pirate attacks that is ruining in reign. These new pirates, if they are pirates at all, are very well equipped and informed. The Reach don’t have any warship and is too poor to buy one, so the only option left is asking to contract a mercenary force with warship support to help deal with this new menace, and the only place that can provide that is Althea’s (Wolf Dragoons not including they warships in any contract at this time).
In exchange for several commercial advantages and the Aurigan government paying the operational expenses – and providing the necessary fuel and other supplies – 4 Lafayette Block I are sent to the Aurigan Reach to execute anti-piracy patrols during six months.

Guardian Defense Station Block II

35.000 tons
length 185m
width 185m
fuel 1000tons
2x 185m grav decks
Armor - 176.5 Tons Improved Ferrous-Aluminum

12 x ER Large Laser
12 x Large Pulse Laser w/AMS
12 x Medium Pulse Laser w/AMS
6 x Gauss Rifle
12 x LRM-20w/Artemis IV
12 x Streak SRM-6
6 x NAC/10
6 x NL55
12 x Arrow IV SAM

24 ASF
4 Flanker
8 small craft
60 Marines (30 BA)
6.500 tons cargo
378,085,000 C-bills
For comparation the Lafayette (Pinto Block II), one of the cheapest warships cost 9,456,447,000 C-bills, the Richelieu class (Improved Texas) cost 28,581,337,200 C-bill and the Monolith 1,000,000,000 C-bill.

A second round of negotiations with the Reach ambassador led to several Aurigan systems – Panzyr, Itron, Tyrion and Guldra – given full exploration of their asteroid belts (and Oort clouds) to DII in exchange of DII placing several factories in these systems, and also helping in the defense of said systems. That part is resolved by DII placing Guardian Block II defense stations with their ASF and small craft (Flankers and marine armed shuttles) in the nadir and zenith points of the systems in question. Deferring to the present Aurigan authorities, of-course. Because of so much Althea’s investment, frequent visits of warships or jumpships carrying pocket warships or carrier dropships from Althea’s is also a consequence. The factories are in part processing the raw materials extracted by the Snowden, in part producing (relatively) low tech variants of military hardware that is sold at almost production cost to the Aurigan military. Some of the factories are not military related, producing much needed high tech electronics / robotic components sold in the Aurigan market (these at normal market prices).

Part of the reason for the Mckenna in Taurian hands to not be operational yet is that the Navy has decided to advance with a very ambitious project – a full rebuilt - with that ship, destined to be their flagship.

TCW Samantha Calderon – ex SLS Zughoffer Weir and for a short time CSV Blake’s Sword (never operational under that name)

Class – Mckenna Block III – the Block II is the Fleet Command / Flight II variant, like the Mckenna Pride

12x NAC 40 – 480 rounds
12 NL55
12 AR-10 (6 more) – 240 Barracuda, 120 Killer Whale
64 LPL
64 MPL
16 Arrow IV SAM 320 tons of ammo (1,600 shots)
50 ASF
32 small craft – 16 Goalkeeper VI
L-F battery
60 marines BA and/or PA-L - both suits available
Fuel 10,000 tons (standard 1,600)
3,667 tons Lamelor Ferrous-Carbide armor (standard 1,343 Ferrous-Carbide)
Mobile HPG
Black Box
Naval Comm-Scanner Suite Large
Dropships 6
Cargo..: 195,199 tons (standard 255,382.5 tons)
Cost..: 34,035,054,000 C-bills (standard 21,395,929,800 C-bills)

That price is the reason that the (slightly) less expensive Richelieu is selected for production.

Colonization - TC have colonized 12 new systems from 3030 up to 3060 - one is Bolthole, btw.
Re-Colonization - 15 old/lost colonies have also been recovered. These included Badlands and Lorkdal in the Pirates' Haven / Badlands Cluster, after that area is 'cleaned'.
On top of the ones 'gained' during the CC invasion (another 21 systems - all south of the line Yuris - Principia).
So, 48 new worlds for the Taurian Concordat, ITTL (so far).

The TCW Samantha Calderon is a Mckenna with maxed (and improved) armor and with a serious look at anti-missile and anti-ASF defenses, with a bit more offensive capability - 6 more AR-10 with plenty of Killer Whales - several are in reality Peacemaker ones. Also, cost a LOT more. Is going to be a nasty surprise to one clan...

One of the reasons of the LPL having the AMS mod is that is a very good anti-capital missile defense (good range and penetration).
Last edited:

Paulo Brito

Initially FC, DC and secular Comstar wanted to re-create the Star League to present a combined force against the Clans. However, FWL and CC are not interested – they both consider the Clans a problem of FC and DC not one of all IS. In that they receive incentive from WoB, that wants both nations out of that conflict and under their influence.

Also the PA is very adverse of a second Star League. Representatives of the PA have indeed informed the other nations that if they created a second Star League, the help provided by the PA ends immediately.

One of the consequences of this is that DC formally disband the Kapteyn Accords – in reality, they are almost dead letter already.

In the end, is negotiated that a combined effort to expel a second Clan from the IS is going to be executed. For that, the Smoke Jaguars are selected. Comstar provided several warships, FC mercenary regiments and Warships, PA also mercenary regiments and warships, and a few House units and the DC the bulk of ground forces and also warships. Unlike OTL, the path to the Clans Home systems is not know, so the operation is limited to expel the SJ from the Combine territory.

The Smoke Jaguars are selected because they are the most brutal of the Clans and the Jade Falcons, the first Clan expelled as occupied FC territory. The offensive is named Operation Bulldog, like OTL.

Because the resurgence of pirates – well armed ones in fact- in or near the MoC and AR territories, both nations provide only small forces, the only PA nation that deliver warships to the allied force is the Concordat. After several planning sessions, is decided to send a naval force that for the first time included battleships – namely the two Monsoon and the just declared operational TCW Richelieu, fresh from the Althea’s shipyard and just finished is shakedown cruise. With support vessels – two frigates (Concordat block III), two carriers (Clemenceau) and two cruisers (Aegis). Two Revenants RCT’s, the GDL, Gordon’s Armored Cavalry completed the Concordat part of the combined force. The OA supplied the Third Alliance Air Wing, the MoC send the 1st Canopian Cuirassiers RCT and the AR deploy the 1st Royal Guard combined arms regiment.

The two Revenant RCT are the 1st and 2nd, both equipped with clan like weaponry.

FC send the Northwind Highlanders (5 regiments), supported by one New Syrtis carrier escorted by two Fox corvette’s. The first IS OmniFighter, the Dagger, is deployed with the FC carrier, on is first operational mission. The Concordat is very interested in acquiring production rights, but so far, the FC have evaded the question.

Comstar is present in the form of the CSV Invisible Truth (Cameron) CSV Blake’s Vengeance (Sovetskii Soyuz), CSV Anastasius Focht (Suffren) and Invader Galaxy.

The forces are planned to arrive to their operational areas in early 3062.

During that time Combine increased the insurgence and sabotage operations in Smoke Jaguar occupied territory, with particular focus in supply depots and improved information of enemy forces present. A last time forced added, to the surprise of many, is the Omega Galaxy of the Wolves-in-Exile supported by the Ulric Kerensky (Cameron) and Black Paw (Aegis). To secure that presence, several promises (and contracts) have been made with the leader of the exiled Clan.

The Draconis Combine Admiralty for this operation deployed four Kyushu frigates, two Kirishima cruisers, one Tatsumaki destroyer and the four Inazuma class corvettes – about half of the DC Navy.

Particular attention is taken to the Beta Galaxy, because of her heavy naval support. Because that included one Texas class battleship, is decided that the Concordat navy is necessary in that particular area. The presence of the TCW Richelieu is a pleasant surprise to the other allied forces. At same time, the fact that the Concordat have already deployed a brand new warship of such capability is not well received in many places.

During this time, several ships of the Concordat Navy execute maneuvers near the CC and FWL frontiers to remove any temptation of adventures because the expeditionary forces are away for a long time.

In Mars, 7, 3062 Operation Bulldog start, with the objective of expelling or eliminating the Smoke Jaguar forces in the Inner Sphere. That operation make use of the biggest naval force since the times of the First Succession War.

Paulo Brito

Arriving at Avon, the Concordat forces have a bad surprise – instead of one SJ warship they found two – the CSJ Veiled Huntress (Texas class) is accompanied by CSJ Korat (Liberator class).
Is latter know that because reinforcements have just arrived from the Clans world, the presence of the Korat and extra space and ground forces – including Delta Galaxy - as not yet reported to the DC.
Against then, the TCW Richelieu, one AEGIS Cruiser, one Concordat III frigate and one Clemenceau carrier.
Another nasty surprise is that the SJ ASF have AAM missiles, and several of the omni-figthers are equipped with Guardian ECM, greatly reducing the effectiveness of the AAM’s of the Concordat.

The battle proved to be much more costly than anticipated. The only saving grace is that the clans don’t have assault dropships or pocket warships, and that provided the Concordat force with a decisive advantage in fire power. While warships fight warships and hundreds of ASF / omni-figthers participate in a massive dogfight, the Concordat Lee PW are – at first – free to launch massive salvos of capital missiles against the enemy Texas battleship. But, after the second salvo, the Veiled Huntress redirected is missile batteries against the pocket warships, at the cost of been defenseless against any ASF that try to attack him.

That strategy worked – in a way – three Lee are destroyed, but during that time the battleship is severely damaged by the returning fire, and one wing of Vulcan’s taking advantage of no enemy fire launched all they Arrow IV AShM against the defenseless warship, greatly damaging it.

During that time the CSJ Korat killed the TCW Fury (Concordat class) and severely damaged the TCW Sandra Calderon (AEGIS class).
Superior numbers finally impose they power, and the Concordat ASF’s gained the fight against the SJ omni-figthers, but this time taking also heavy losses.
Light damaged, the TCW Richelieu deal the death blow to the CSJ Veiled Huntress, breaking it in two.
Severely damaged, the CSJ Korat is no match for the improved Texas supported by several pocket warships and is swiftly killed.

A costly victory, but one that open the path for invading Avon – where the Delta Galaxy is reinforced the First Guard Jaguars.
On the ground the fight don’t go that badly, even with the extra clan Galaxy.
Yes, they have shinny new clan weapons, but the new Galaxy don’t have any experience going against a veteran or elite IS (well in this case Periphery) combined arms force. And they have already lost almost all of they air support in the space battle, with the invaders still have plenty, even with the great losses in orbit.

After so heavy losses in orbit, the Concordat commander is in no mood to play by the Clans rules and the massive Naval Laser batteries of the Richelieu are placed to good use against any found concentration of clan warriors, grounded dropships or enemy depots and airfields.
Only after that the ground forces landed against a much weakened enemy. Jaguars, been Jaguars tried a concentrated assault against the landings, but not only enough force have already exited the dropships to slow then down, but the massive firepower of the grounded Lees put a cold stop to any chances of the fanatic clanners.
After that, is just a clean up mission. One week after the first shot is fired in orbit, Avon is free.

Paulo Brito

The fights in the other worlds occupied by the Smoke Jaguars while savage, have less destruction than in Avon. For starters, Avon is the only place that a full Galaxy (and more) is present – in all the other worlds only smaller forces exist. Also the allied space warships don’t get more surprises, and in every other case benefit from great supremacy – another factor is that only in Avon the SJ omni-fighters have AAM’s.

Note..: all of this because Avon is the place where the new forces with advanced tech arrived in Smoke jaguar controlled space.

So, while at great cost, the SJ forces in the IS are mostly destroyed, with only a much smaller force returning home. ITTL only a depleted Cluster, escorted by a damaged Vincent corvette escaped to return home.

In Avon the Revenant ground forces discovered the first generation of protomechs – thankfully not a single one survive long enough to enter in combat, but four are discovered almost intact in the ruins of the principal base of the Jaguars in the planet.

In space, the damaged AEGIS is considered impossible to repair and is scuttled, also both Jaguar warships are just wrecks. During the following weeks, salvage teams extract every bit of useful hardware from all the debris in orbit and on the ground. A few SJ AAM’s are also salvaged from omni-figthers wrecks.

All the recovered hardware is sent to Althea’s for further analysis – because only Concordat forces operated in Avon nobody from other nations know about the findings.

For the other Clans the fact that a second Invader / Crusader Clan is expelled from the IS – and this time with much more losses including in the warship touman is a shocking revelation. This time they can’t rationalize that this only happened because the fight between the Wolves and the Falcons and the later Viper taking part of the Jade Falcon territory. No, this time, the Smoke Jaguars don’t have any of these excuses and take much more losses all alone.

Draconis Combine been Draconis Combine, as soon as the Smoke Jaguars are expelled, the ‘allied’ forces are invited to exit Combine territory ASAP. That they do – nobody wants to be in the Combine more time than necessary.

Paulo Brito

After the tremendous defeat that they suffered in the IS, the Smoke Jaguar clan is subjected to a trial of absorption and failed to survive it. Is territories in the Kerensky cluster are divided by the two attacking clans – Start Adder and Coyote. The Jade Falcons barely defeated the vote of another Absorption Trial, and that just because the new Khan Marthe Pryde have used many freeborn to increase the ranks and also relaxed the levels to accept warriors – going so far as to admit second chance trials for the ones that have failed by a small margin. This greatly inflated the numbers, but also created dissension inside the clan and severe distrust from other clans.

By this date Comstar started to deploy Bloodhound Active Probes and Comstar and DC Angel ECM suits. The PA not received these improved systems, nor the FC.

Analyzing the protomechs, the Althea’s scientists consider then a desperate dead end. While the miniaturization of several components and the creative solutions are incorporated in the designs in development, the severe negative side-effects that the use of Enhanced Image Neural Implants cause to the users force the protomechs to be considered a nonviable path. The upgrades in Enhanced Imaging Display are considered high priority to be incorporated ASAP in all mech in production.

Working on advanced ECM units for ASF’s to defeat the seekers of the AAM’s found in the SJ omni-fighters started. That is also not shared with Comstar, FC or DC.

Paulo Brito

One of the long term more important captures in Avon by the Revenants is the almost intact technician body of the destroyed Delta Galaxy. Almost all of the clans technicians – and including a considerable part of the technicians of the Beat Galaxy present in Avon, have survived and are ‘absorbed’ in ‘clan Revenants’. Also found functional is a data-core with all the technical data of all the mech and ASF know by the Smoke Jaguars – part of the repair / technician park.

Several shifts in the clans side occurs at this time. Clan ghost Bear complete is move to the IS, and several big warships are see on their touman (Leviathan class). The Nova Cats also moved all they forces to the IS but unlike the GB, allied themselves with the DC a few months after the destruction of the SJ. The Hell horses are expelled from the Is with great losses, after a short but brutal war with the Ghost Bears. The few survivors return home, and barely survive a trial of absorption by the Ice Hellions.

In the end of 3063, you have the Wolfs and the Steel Vipers both in the IS and the Kerensky Cluster, the GB and NC only in the IS and the other clans only in the KC. The Diamond Sharks are the exception – while they only have territory in the KC, they have acquired several commercial outposts in the IS and even in the Periphery – including a small one in the OA – and are busy selling to both groups. But that position is unstable – while IS and the IS clans don’t have problem with that – at least openly – the KC clan are more and more enraged with that and rumors that soon ‘someone’ is going to take action. In mid 3064 an outpost of the Diamond Sharks is open in Althea’s to the surprise of many.

By mid 3064 Althea’s have finalized the mastering of all omni and ASF clan techs – including weapons, engines, endo steel and ferrous-fibrous. With the negotiations with FC to obtain production of the Dagger going nowhere, they start to produce several models of clan omni-mechs and omni-fighters. The first models are the Timber Wolf, Ebon Jaguar and Kit Fox omni-mechs and the Turk and Sabutai omni-figthers.

At this time the shipyard in New Vandenberg is already delivering three Invaders each year and gearing up to five by late 3065.

Paulo Brito

While not one of the top priority programs in Althea’s, the development of a replacement AI for the Voidseeker class robotic fighters finally achieve success in late 3065. Is a brand new, started from scratch software – they never successfully cracked the anti-spy tech used by the SLDF in the drones – but thanks to more advanced and compact computer systems, Althea’s team created a unit that is equal and in some cases superior to the one used by the SLDF systems. On top of this, the new Voidseeker’s (004 and 007) starting production have the weapon system upgraded to clan level. They also use the next generation of ECM suit.

By mid 3065 Althea’s start to deliver – only for the Revenants and Taurian Guards units – the Growler EW suit – as good as the combination of Angel and Bloodhound can achieve, but using only two tons and taking three critical slots. They also start to deliver the Advanced Targeting Computer – same capabilities than the ones used by the Is and clans but taking only one slot for each 7 tons of equipment controls (rounded up).

To support the crescent fleet the Concordat start to deploy several new designs. Two are related to repair and resupply – the Antares class Fleet Tender (Delranes Fighting Ships 3061 pages 109-111) and the Liparius class Mobile Repair Yard (Delranes Fighting Ships 3061 pages 119-121). Because of the cost of these vessels, only a few of each are ordered.

Two heavy cruisers types are also ordered – one, only produced in Althea’s is an evolution of the Luxor – with Ferrous-Carbide armor instead of Improved Ferrous Aluminum and the usual complement of anti-fighter / anti-missile that all warships of the Concordat use – in the cruiser case, 32 LPL, 32 MPL and 6 Arrow IV SAM – the other is a much improved variant of the Quixote class, with 12 AR-10 on each broadside and 6 Kraken II launchers on the nose. The NAC-30 and NL555 staying and received the same defensive weapons of the Luxor II. This one is named the Kirov class, is built in Bolthole and Taurus and carry 240 Killer Wales, 240 Barracudas and 72 Kraken II capital missiles.

While is older sister going for the civilian arm of the Althea’s service, François Calderon-Darlan as gone for the military side.

Now, with 19 years, and after finished the military school, is assigned to the 1st Revenants RCT. In that day he also received a gift – is father mech. The older Nightstar have been comprehensively upgraded – all the weapons, armor and engine are clan tech level, and also included one of the new Growler EW and an ATC.

Is one of the first mech to receive the new triple strength myomer – the version developed in Althea's, that have incorporated small heaters and is not susceptible of combustion like the first generation.

The mech also have the latest in improved systems / enhanced reality developed in Althea’s – that incorporating much that as learned from the protomechs captured against the SJ.

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