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Can German Empire defense the Rhine after the Hundred days offensive?

Kamakura bakufu

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The Hundred days offensive only breach the Hinderburg line which is still outside German territory, if the German retreat to a more defensible location like the Rhine can they hold out long enough for a more favourable armistice.
The don't have the supplies to do so.

The Hundred Day offensive gutted the German front which lost irreplacable supplies and rail links.

If the Germans decided to retreat in depth and set up new defense lines the rebellions already rocking much of Germany would only worsen, there would be famine due to the blockade, the Allies would invade with thousands of tanks and millions of fresh US troops.

Things would only get worse not better
They can't. At the same time, the Franco-British forces in the Balkans crushed the opposition there and had an open corridor to Germany's south: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vardar_offensive

At this point, the German Navy is in outright mutiny and taking over the North of the country, French cavalry is poised to take the South, the Brits are moving in on the Ottomans and the Entente's side of the Western front is entirely supplied, with tank and artillery doctrines being at the bleeding edge of military thought while the German side of it is hopelessly outclassed and devoid of supplies.
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