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Characters, give me your thoughts?

Main 5 protagonists


House of Wolves stands strong
Amelia: The daughter of a farmer with a patchwork knowledge of nature magic, she is drawn to a group of rebels and joins them in their quest to defeat the queen Synthia.( She needs to learn how to access the stronger part of her abilities as she is self taught. Is a little naive, sometimes bites her later.) Reborn nature goddess.

Goal- Rid her town of the corrupt govener running it, find out her connection to others.

Jacob: The son of a miner he has always had a strong connection to the earth, even without his earth magic. When a dragon came to his town and burned it to the ground, he left to go find and live with Amelia's parents, who were friends with his.Went to live with Amelia after his town was burned. Tends to stick around her to keep her safe. Works as a lumber jack to bring in extra coin, and to stay strong. (Dislikes anything scaled, not the smartest.)

Goal- Find a way to kill the dragon using his old town as a lair, keep Amelia safe.

Nix: Her father was a simple man, a dock worker who married a thief. He tried to get her to quit her thieving ways, but never could manage to kick the habit. In time, Nix learned how to cloak herself in shade, with a bit of assistance from her mother. With her deep if somewhat fragile connection to shadows, she can seem to vanish in them, and even can shadow step. If she does it too many times though she may find she won't be able to leave. She wants a life of adventure and riches. ( Until she can make her connection more stable, she risks turning into a shadow if she pushes herself too far. Needs to lay off the stealing of things she can actually pay for.)

Nix- Become rich, have adventures that challenge her, maybe find a boyfriend.

Alex: Son of a military leader, he fled from his uncles coup which killed his father. He later found out that if was supported by Synthia, and wants to kill her, but first must get his kingdom back. Bickers with Nix about how to achieve goals sometimes. Has a strong connection to Thunder and the sky. ( If his family is brought up, then he can become blinded by hate. Needs to learn to calm down.) Reborn sky god.

Goals-Take back his home, avenge his family by overthrowing his uncle and then Synthia, be a good ruler. Maybe as he grows, have him learn that his subjects are actual people and not just subjects for him to command.

Seer as nickname, real name is Ruby: A student who was born blind but can see through the eyes of animals. She has a pack of three dogs she likes to keep around, and can often be found with them in her lap, book in front of them. Wants to learn as much as she can to try and find a way to fix her eyes. ( No normal magic can fix her eyes, and she would need the god of healing to do so. Is sensative about her eyes.)

Goals- She wants to find a spel or technique capable of healing her eyes, then open a hospital so she can do the same for others. Wants to help her friends and keep her animals happy.
Synthia's faction


House of Wolves stands strong
Beawulf: He is the son of a raider and the Fairy Queens guard, who dropped him off at his fathers doorstep before anyone on the court could find out about him. When he was a young child Synthia tried to broker peace with the raiders, but ended up wiping them out. She then took him as her own, raising him to her own standards in the palace. One eye is damaged from a training exercise with his father, but the other one can see through illusions, and he is fairly good at telling truth from lie. Uses a sword breaker with a spiked pommel. ( Has issues with lies, bit of a perfectionist, has depth issues because of damaged eyes. Is uncomfortable speaking with others about his old family.)

Goals- Wants to help his adoptive mother Synthia, prove he is a good man despite his blood mother.

Synthia: A being called an outsider, Synthia was summoned by a weak warlock and their cult, seeking labor for their camp. She proved to be much more than they were able to contain and quickly devoured them, taking their power and faces for herself. She took to wandering, soon finding Nova and following her to find purpose. She made many friends and allies, slowly coming to the conclusion that the reason so many monsters and horrifying creatures exist is because the gods are not doing what they should be. This sense only increased, as well as her anger, when Nova was captured and locked away by her fellow godlings. Wanting to get her, friend?, back, she gathered a group of monsters and disgruntled people to rise against them. After defeating them, her group fell to inviting and old grudges, and spends quite a long time fixing and pulling together people to form a nation, as well as deal with the fallout of the gods going away. She now is trying to find a way to free Nova, as well as create alliances with other nations. Uses a two handed axe. She has shaped her outsider form to look like a dragon, as tribute to her love of all things scaled. Also has a red gem she uses to hide her features, but staring into her eyes for too long causes a sense of unease. (

sees the planet as hers to fix up as she sees fit, is blind to some of her friends faults, sometimes treats those younger than her as children, even if they are not.)

Goals- wants to find the key that will unlock Nova's cage, wants to bring about a kind of golden age where things may not be perfect, but she thinks it will be much better than before. Will likely do this through a combination of slowly influencing other nations, and crushing them if need be.)

Apprentice, AKA Amy genta: A Warlock that draws power from Synthia herself, she is usually seen at Beawulfs side. She lacks fine control but makes up for it with brute force, as well as a penchant for stabbing people in their knees. Tends to cut her tongue on her sharp teeth, and can see in the dark. ( Seeks approval from those she sees as above her, is always running out of ointment for her cuts. Needs to stay on Synthias side or she will lose her power)

Brute: A golem with limited intelligence, it serves as the muscle to round out Beawulfs and Apprentices little squad. Is made of stone and powered by magic. ( Can be defeated with enough force. Needs to have their core recharged every 2 days. Limited intelligence.)
Fey Wild major characters


House of Wolves stands strong
Fey Queen: Also known as Tiania, she is the twin ruler of the sub dimension called the Fey Wild or the green forest.

She enjoys her power and keeps her subjects entertained by attacking the winter court and raiding the middle world. She is a ruler of slavers and murders, who have their own twisted sense of fun and honor, keen to play mind games and crooked deals.

She seeks to keep her kingdom running off the back of those she captures, and thinks that as long as she dosent take too ma y at a time, she should be fine. She uses a rapier made from a large thorn.

Her portion of the Fey Wild changes people's appearance based off blood purity. If you are a full Summer court Fey, you appear beautiful and elf like. If you have half fey, half anything else, you appear as a human with animal features. If you have no Fey Blood, then you are the turned into an animal that most accurately represents you. This can be broken by sheer power, but would take god like strength to break.

( Her end is she gets devoured whole by Synthia)

Frost: Queen of the other portion of the Fey Wild, she has become jaded by her sisters actions, and o longer tries to keep her from attacking the middle world, just keep them from taking her subjects.

She is highly militaristic and respects strength, and mocks those who refuse to fight.

She keeps her kingdom rubbing by digging further I to the ground for resources, her people barely needing food to survive for long distances.

She tends to use a axe made from ice.

Her people tend to be straight forward, and their appearance shows. Few look like the elven beauties of the summer court, but many look short and squat, having thick muscles and a talent for smithing, and creating other things

Her portion of the Fey Wild does not change people's appearance, but does tend to dampen their emotions.

Captain of the Summer guard: birth mother of Beowulf. More ro come later.

Captain of the Winter guard: husband of Ice. More to come later.


Bean Daddy
Nix seems like an interesting character. Ruby sorta reminds me of Bran Stark. Synthia has more depth to her than I expected.


Bean Daddy
Why thank you! May I ask you what you mean by the Synthia comment?
Well I’ve read a lot of fantasy and generally the person opposing the heroes doesn’t have much to their character. Basically their like Fire Lord Ozai from the Avatar cartoon, not much to their character besides being evil for example. So nice to see an antagonist with some depth to them.
Snipper: Synthia grows tired of waiting


House of Wolves stands strong
" Are you comfortable? The treats the chefs made for your cats are for your liking I hope." Synthia smiled at the blind girl who was fidgeting in her chair, a cat in her lap. She could not bring herself to keep looking at Synthias unnerving yellow- orange eyes, glancing down to look at the bowl of chocolate that sat between the two.

" Yes, of course their delicious, but..." she couldn't find it in herself to ask her host for anything, considering just the other day she had denied her what she had begged for. Begged and pleased, promising many, many things. It had almost scared when she had left snarling. It scared her now that her face was blank neutrality

" But what?" The pale woman leaned forward, looking into Minx'x eyes. " Is there something missing?"

" My cat, she could use a bit of fresh meat." Synthia merely gave a smile and a nod, a servant appearing with a small pile of diced chicken bits. The servant slid it over to Minx who put it in front of her cat, who then promptly started to eat it.

" Now, " Synthia continued, her eyes locked onto the blank milky white of Minx's. " I want you to tell me a story. Tell me," she smirked, " the story of how the gods fell. I assume you know it?"

" Of course I do." Minx said, slightly offended. " It takes place after they locked away Nova, the goddess of stars." She started tugging on her fingers. " No one quite knows why, but it seems the reasons change with each telling, with some citing spite and jealousy from her beautiful creations to fear of her being corrupted by an outsider. No matter the reason, the lord of the sky locked her away, her prison hidden somewhere and guarded by the goddess of time."

" They were spiteful enough to do that." Synthia mused softly. " Please, continue."

Minx hesitated, a cautious look over her face. " Were, were you around-"

" Continue. The story."

" Right." Minx cleared her throat. " Anyway, after she was locked away the gods were busy for the next few years with a series of uprisings and invasions from the fey, demons, and some group who used a dragon as their symbol." Leaning forward, Minx grinned, rapidly tapping her fingers against the table, getting a peeved look from her cat. " I think a rare kind of royal was leading them, maybe an exiled queen!"

Synthia hummed and tilted her hand back and forth. " Hmm, not too far off. Keep going."

" Soon this alliance marched on the home of the gods and burned the city to its foundation using some sort of, flame based weapon. A black flame that made even divine healing difficult, and mortal means near impossible." Minx frowned, placing a hand on her pets head and letting it rub against her fingers. " But, records from that time are incomplete, and nothing I've found mentions what the weapon was. No machine, no ritual or alchemy. And in the end, it didn't even matter as it fell into factions and infighting."

Synthia, having been quietly sitting and listening this entire time, let out a soft sigh. " It's true, we did. With the gods gone, old grudges and tempers rose up after the celebrating died down, and not even my promise of treasure could keep it down for long. There were just too many wounds, too many recent scars for me to deal with on my own." She held up her right hand and let out a bitter chuckle, holding up her hand and letting dark flames flicker between them, lapping hungrily at the air. " In the end they were only people. I thought that with the gods gone, and the promise of saving Nova, or at least finding her being so close, that we would enter a new age. One made from reason and kindness." She stood up, the flame travelling up her arm, seeming to burn away the air around her, the edges of her features starting to blur a little. " I was wrong. It seems I'll need to make the world enter it, kicking and screaming the entire way."

Minx had gone cold the moment she saw the black flame on her hand, but now she was absolutely frozen to her spot. " You, your the user? But, the sheer energy it should have taken to deny divine healing, it shouldn't be possible for a mortal!" Her pet stood up in her lap, snarling and hissing at the pale, yellow eyed woman.

" This is true. But, what makes you think I am mortal little scholar?" She gave a grin, her teeth seeming far more pointed than they did at the start of this conversation, her red gem glowing around her neck. " Now, you said what you think happened. My turn to teach you something."

" I don't remember much of my life before I arrived here on your world. I knew I had been powerful, and I had been somewhere warm, and cold, and cramped. " Here she simply smiled. " I wandered for a while, wearing the different faces of the ones who summoned me, hiding from others in my confusion. Then I found her. Or maybe she found me? We could never quite agree. Either way, she found a travelling companion in me, and I found a role model in her, someone to emulate. And, over time, we found love in each other." She rubbed her index finger. " While we never made it formal, we knew how we felt about each other. Certainly made travelling cheaper." She tapped her fingers along the table, getting closer and closer to the young woman. " We made many friends while travelling and saving people. Mostly her, but I made one or two who found my gallows humor funny." She closed her eyes, seeming to lose herself in her memories.

" I, don't understand what this has to-"

" Be quiet, and let me finish." She growled, eyes opening up. " I could have stayed like that forever, travelling with and loving her. But it was all ruined by that, that man. That bastard the others called king. He and the others locked her away, citing ' corruption.' Complete, and utter, bullshit! She had no tentacles, no pacts were made!" The angry woman let out several huffs of air as she took in her surroundings. At one point she had pointed her arm out toward the wall and had sent her flames to crash against it, scorching it a black darker than even the void. " I apologize losing my temper Minx, this is one of my, how you do you say it? Buttons."

" You're, you're forgiven!"

" Thank you. Now, I believe my point has been made. It took me much time, and the death of more than a few close comrades, but I toppled the gods and am still hunting them down to this down. My inquisitors keep my siblings out of this world. My armies and diplomats spread peace, and enforce my rule to those that would defy it. My people no longer sleep hungry, many are now literate, and even have hopes of becoming more than just farmers!"

" Amelia just wants to be a farmer."

" Ahh, yes lets talk about your friends. You did much research for them, digging through the grandest library in the known world. You know things, such as why the tide turns, why the sun burns," she knelt in front of Minx. " Including where the cage that holds my wife is. So, I ask, no, beg one more time. Please, just tell me where her cage is so I can bring her home."

Minx looked at the woman in front of her. Could she say yes? She wanted to, oh so much. But, the warnings from Janus made it seem like there was something else at play. And she would never risk her friends, no matter how much sympathy she could feel for her. " I'm sorry, but I don't know." She lied, her cat letting out a low mrrr from her lap.

Synthias eyes narrowed. " Why is it that whenever I offer a way other than pain, you and the others seem intent on proving to be masochists'? No matter." She stood up and made a claw with her fingers, placing it on the cats face, ignoring the scratching and slight trickle of blood coming from her arm. " If you will not give it to me willingly, then I will take it."

Flames leapt from her arm and surrounded the cats head, slowly melting the cats head. Its brain boiled in its own blood, thankfully dying a moment later. But Minx, she did not have that luxury.

" Oh god! Please, please stop!" The blind girl screamed out for mercy, hands digging into her head, falling onto the floor in a writhing manner. " Please, it hurts so much!"

" It will stop," Synthia hissed, her features becoming more unnerving and horrifying to look at, her eyes the worst of them all. If Minx could have seen, she would have seen that the air behind her was blurred in the shape of a beast with dragon wings, large teeth and multiple eyes, " when you tell me where she is. Where is she Minx? Where is my wife!"

This kind of thing wont happen often, I just didn't know a better place to post it.


House of Wolves stands strong
So, this one isn't in the same story as the other one, but! I would still like some feedback.

Jack: A young Acolyte who served under the priesthood of light, he heard a voice that told him he needed to head to the capital city and give to them an orb, one which would give them the answer to how to win the war they are currently stuck in a bitter tie with another nation ruled by a rival god. Can be a bit stuck up and this often leaves him unwilling to use traditional methods for problem solving.

Margie: His handler assigned to him by the branch of his church, she is older than him and has a prosthetic arm. Used to be in the navy before she sustained injury in a battle against a necromancer. Views Jack as the closest thing she has to a son, even though she has a daughter. Is not on good relations with her.

Goddess of Light: A mysterious goddess, her teachings seem to empathize healing and community, though it has some leaves just as much open to interpretation. History says that she used tot ravel the lands with her sister, but the war has kept her in the capital city.

Mort(Icia): A necromancer student given orders to track and attack Jack. Has a fascination with birds and how they work. Wants to one day have the chance to work on creating a brand new flying corpse.

Carrion: The teacher of Mort, she tends to stay in the castle but can inhabit any corpse for a time. She is also in charge of the flesh shapers for her division, and specializes in creating corpses better able to resist water clogging.

Goddess of darkness: Just as mysterious as her sister, she one day turned on her and sparked a bloody civil war, one that has evolved to encompass two different continents, and now is 3 generations in the making. She is rarely seen, but the fear of her is just as strong as her magical abilities.
Talking at bandits. New


House of Wolves stands strong
Synthia sighed and placed a smile on while she walked through the, admittedly shabby, halls of the castle. For a barbarian she supposed he wasn't too terrible compared to some of the others she had met. He, for one, had a castle with functioning walls, if just barely.

'I'll have to see about getting our stone masons to shore it up. Maybe there's some stone we can use.'

" Madam Synthia." Oh, yes, the attendant. She was dressed in a too short dress that clung to her body. That would also have to change. A little showing off was fine, but she looked more like a stripper than an actual servant. She had also taken notice of the collar around her neck, but she would deal with that when she was done.

She was led to a large room, banners seeming to take up any sort of wall space. They were from the local villages, some torn with large gashes, some seeming to be partially patched up.

In the very back of the room was a overweight man, a oversized mace in his hand. A large, misshapen crown was placed on top his head, and a snort left his mouth, full of crooked yellow teeth.

" So, your the woman my boys told me," he spat out on the side, landing in a bucket. " has been wanting to talk with me."

" Yes," Synthia looked around for a chair and finding none decided to stay standing." I wanted to speak with you, allowing your... kingdom, to come under mine."

The fat man let out a laugh, hand over his belly. " And, and why would I want to do that? I'm fine just how I am. I got plenty of what I need."

" Oh? I suppose that's why your farmers, the ones you raid, have been leaving, setting up towns further away. And," she smiled, the warmth absent, " coming to me."

" Yeah, I noticed. Your fancy knights, the ones with those stupid coins." He gave a grunt and a thuggish looking man came forward, a rag in his hand. Undoing the knot that held it together revealed a coin. He held it up to the light and handed it to her, where she held it between her fingers. On one side was a skull with three tentacles wrapping it, then pushing into the eye sockets and mouth. Turning it around would see a symbol crown and a S in the middle of said crown.

" I personally think they look rather charming."

" They look stupid. Anyway, I caught him skulking around my home and had my boys knock him out. Made a nice sound when he fell down in his fancy armor." A hand scratched at his large belly. " So, how much are you willing to pay for him?"

" Are you, trying to ransom my knight back to me?" She raised an eyebrow.

" What else would you be here for? And if you don't have the money, I'm sure I can think of other ways for you to pay." He sneered. " Your flesh would make for a good stew."

" I promise you, It wouldn't. I've had someone try before and they spat it out a minute later. No, what I'm here is for you to give command of your little, band to me." She smiled softly. " Either that, or I kill you. either way, you don't seem like very good people, so I'm happy no matter which way it goes."

" And why would I want to join you? Your alone, no armor, no weapon except maybe a dagger, and even then."

" If you bring me a chair, I would be glad to explain. I'm a little tired, and I always get stopped before I can finish my little," her cheeks flush and a clearing of her throat is heard, " monologue."

The bandit lord looked at Synthia for a moment before barking out " Chair!" When one was brought out, he scoffed. " Well, go on. If you really want to talk, I got time. Might even be entertaining."

" Thank you." A simple brush of her hand to make sure any dust was swept off and she sat down. " Now, first is that the land here would be part of my kingdom, which would be coinvent to me. There were already towns here, and the support for them is still there. Plus a little work on your castle," she gestured " and you could have a proper fortress. One that would make you a proper noble, and not just some, bandit king."

" But I like being a bandit king. And I don't wanna work under you." The fat mans eyes narrowed. " I'm my own boss, I can take whatever I want. Don't have to worry about anything except my boys." He grinned and waved his hands. " I got food, water, anything I want."

Synthia let him talk. " And you get all of this from raiding nearby towns, yes?"

" Yeah, so what?"

" Meaning, the ones that have run away? Regardless. Your method is, to be perfectly honest, stupid. While killing and raiding does have its time and place, it isn't something you should base an entire kingdom off of." She smiled and leaned forward. " Not if you want it to last. I mean," she held out a hand, fingers splayed out, " if you want it to collapse right after your die, or that someone stronger than you comes along, then sure I guess it's perfectly acceptable. Oh, or if the people your attacking decide they've had enough."

Synthia gestured to the room, the banners hanging there with a sudden weight. " And, you've pissed off a lot of people. I wouldn't be surprised if they hired someone to kill you." She smiled. " Or if they promised to work for the person that did kill you."

" Is that you? You here to kill me?" The fat man leaned forward in his chair, a snarl about to erupt from his throat.

" Well, to be perfectly honest yes. But I want to wait a little before I do." She smiled, her orange eyes seeming to glow just a little. " It's been a while since I've been able to go out and do proper adventurer work, and the note I left for my servants should keep the guards from searching a while. Now, as I was saying-" she was interrupted by one of the bandits screaming and charging at her, short sword in hand.

She turned and gave the bandit a condescending smile before opening her hand and letting fire spring from her palm, the black flame spreading over him. He screamed and collapsed onto the dirty stone floor, writhing around in an attempt to douse himself.

" Now, as I was saying," she continued as if she hadn't just lit a man on fire, ignoring the screams. " Your way is fine for a while, but It only lasts until you die, and most people will hate you for it. There are a lot of other reasons, one being it's just a terribly dick move but to spare time we'll ignore those." Her dress poofed out some as she crossed her legs, all eyes on her, the screams of the dead man having finally faded with only the crackling of the fire left.

" Now, my way is through talking first, then negotiation and alliances, manipulation if that fails, and THEN killing people if that won't work. Of course, even then I try to limit myself. I'm not a monster after all." She looked at the charred corpse and chuckled softly. " Well, not much of one. Would one of you be a dear and," she snapped her fingers and the black flame disappeared.

"Now," while she continued talking a pair of them slowly picked up the corpse and moved it outside, clearly trying to hold their lunch in their stomachs. " I've found that if you want to make a kingdom that will last, one thing is important, above everything else. You need, to keep, them happy."

" Now, I hear you saying. Synthia," she started gesturing with her hands, "why not just make a group of people and ignore the rest? Wouldn't that be easy? Well, It would be but part of the challenge is that it's not easy."

She leaned forward, causing the bandits to lean back. " It's hard. It's hard to keep all the groups and factions that make up my kingdom, to keep all the important people happy, and satisfied, and working together. Making sure that enemies turn to friends, if not one people, quelling hate."

Synthia gave a soft shiver. " It's exhilarating, and oh so satisfying. I mean, killing people is fun too, but those I have to wait to have acceptable targets. Peace keeping and problem solving is something I can do with anyone."

" But, I must admit that you would not fit in my land. Plus, they already promised to swear fealty to me if I killed you." She flicked out one of her hands and another burst of black flame engulfed another bandit, spreading to the ones beside him. Humming a familiar tune, Synthia snapped her fingers and an axe seemed to warp into her hands, along with simple metal armor. " Now, I believe I mentioned killing you."

" Wait wait, you were, you were just talking about-"

" Working together? Yes, yes I was. But honestly, I came in here knowing I was going to kill you. You have no skills, your generally terrible, you can't even bandit correctly." She chuckled softly. " No, you have no purpose other than to die, and convince the townspeople to serve me." She stalked forward, armor clanking while the fire spread from the corpses to the banners on the wall, the room heating up. " Besides, It's been too long since I've been able to go out and be a hero."
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