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Composite Santa vs vs Your Avatar


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  • Every single Santa including anyone who has ever taken his place in fiction has meshed into one super-Santa .
  • Bloodlust for Composite Santa since your profile picture was naughty.
  • in character or bloodlust for your avatar
  • Random Encounter
  • Standard gear for your avatar
  • Composite Santa with all of his gear.

  • Begin 50 meters apart
  • Unpopulated by MCU thanos snap
  • The battles take place here:
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Senile Old Coot
He may wear red and have Santa beard, but I am Red and Santa beard! He may call me naughty for not being greedy, but he is symbol of capitalist excess, so it is he who is naughty! I have spoken.

Bash him in head with hammer, then finish him with sickle.


Ummm... composite Santa includes “Infinite Gauntlet Time Mutant” Santa from Marvel and “Smashes his way through Darkseid’s armies every year to personally hand him his coal and laugh at the responding Omega Beams” from DC. He likely squishes us all.
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