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Coronavirus Thread


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Meanwhile, the church I attend had already stopped holding normal services a week or so before the lockdown was announced.
Sunday meetings are being held on Facebook.
On that same note, my parents, who are greatly religious, but not to the point of zealotry, thank goodness, have been 'attending' daily mass through livestream that actually existed when I was a kid. Lasts an hour, so in order to fulfill filial piety, I also agreed to 'attend' one that my local church have recently started livestreaming on facebook that lasts about half an hour instead. Greatly amused though, since the pastor kinda actually is starting to look like one of those apocalypse vlog recorders that lose their mind as the days go on.


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I did look down heavily on Church groups that refused or refuse to close, but in looking at it another way, I'm suddenly much more reluctant to do so. If they really wouldn't close, the authorities need to order them closed, rather than in some instances actually encouraging them with promises to have this all done by Easter. The reason to let people be stupid is a simple one: To affix the whole blame for the pandemic on them afterwards. It wasn't because we live in a system where most people will become homeless if they stopped working, it was because kids wanted to enjoy their spring break, and Grandma refused to stay home on Sunday!

From now on I'm going to be trying to think of apportioning blame to private people not following the advice of the medical community as a mere distraction from the actual problem, ill-thought-out at best, malevolent at worst.


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78 new cases today and 4 deaths bringing the total at 894 and 26 for Greece.

Some worry over new daily cases slowly increasing despite being 2 weeks in mass measures and the 4 rth of general curfew but many of the new cases are travellers returning after having the bright idea of going on their f- vacation right in the middlebof a global pandemic.

More worrying is a slowly emerging fatigue of the whole situation, as well as a proliferation of contradicting conspiracy theories.

Every other person seem to have an opinion. Its an escaped Chinese bioweapon. No,no the americans unleashed it in China and it got out of hand. No, it is all a lie and just another flu.

No it is a failed drug test that- and so on and so forth.

Meanwhile local media report that some studies are beginning to emerge tha suggest Covid started spreading much earlier than officially thought and that it originating in China is slowly cast in doubt.


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The US now has more confirmed cases of coronavirus than any other country with at least 82,404 positive tests.

According to the latest figures collated by Johns Hopkins University, the US overtook China (81,782 cases) and Italy (80,589).
Stay safe, fellas.

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OOh Boi....

Prof Neil Ferguson was the first to sound the alarm – and perhaps provide a clue as to how the prime minister, the health secretary and the chief medical officer all became victims of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ferguson is the scientist whose research at London’s Imperial College led to the government’s dramatic pivot in its handling of the outbreak.

He was with Boris Johnson on Monday last week, along with many others involved in the government’s response to the crisis. The following day, Ferguson noticed he had a slight cough and was feeling unwell.

On Wednesday he tweeted: “Sigh. Developed a slight dry but persistent cough yesterday and self-isolated even though I felt fine. Then developed high fever at 4am today. There is a lot of Covid-19 in Westminster.”
I think we can safely say that the UK is having a government-in-isolation.


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Meanwhile, the church I attend had already stopped holding normal services a week or so before the lockdown was announced.
Sunday meetings are being held on Facebook.
I've seen at least a couple churches still let everyone on their property, but everyone stays in their cars. On church set up a speaker system and an FM transmitter to help with that. Everyone can still get together in person to an extent, but in such a way that it still keeps everyone separated to an extent.


This is perfectly allowable under a libertarian framework. This is what not regulating the shit out of businesses tends to mean.


Of course, Murica and its media have to play the boogeyman card

We could be attacked by Aliens in a way that cripples global infrastructure and results in a vast majority of global solidarity, and the U.S. would still be like "YEA, WELL WHAT ABOUT THAT ARTICLE YOU FUCKIN POSTED TALKIN ABOUT MY ASS, CHINA. HUIH?"
Wait till New York runs out of ventilators. You will start to see numbers of those kind.
Yep, and they're going to be even worse in New Orleans...
Only if a non-trivial amount of the population are sociopaths. I'm told that for America, the percentage of those is 4%.
Pretty sure there are more than 13,129,581 sociopaths in the US. We have states bigger than that.
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