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Country in Europe become the first one to be entirely covered by the 5G.


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MONACO: Monaco on Tuesday (Jul 9) became the first country in Europe to inaugurate a next-generation 5G mobile phone network based on technology from Chinese firm Huawei, which is seen by the US as a major security risk.
Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/monaco-rolls-out-huawei-built-5g-network-in-european-first-11706546
Now ok, ok, it's Monaco, so one antenna is enough to cover it all :)


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Apparently G stands for generation. It'd do better as the output of a log function of the bandwidth at the rate we're going...
You mean log10, I suppose? And by bandwidth you mean capacity of the established data channel, or the widht of the reserved RF spectrum?


To be fair, cellular ‘generations’ are with rough consistency a decade apart, so effectively n-G is n decades after 1970, which is coincidentally the UNIX Epoch. One can consider 1G to have started in 1979 with first deployment in Japan, 2G ∼ 1991, 3G ∼ 1998, 4G ∼ 2008, and now 5G in maybe 2020 (since it's not used for cell phones yet).

Well, these are very rough dates because of partial implementation and marketing gimmicks, as e.g. 4G LTE is not actually 4G, and so forth. But the basic pattern is there and revisions that fall outside of it are usually called things like 3.5G or whatever.

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