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Doctor Who: Changes in Time and Space


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Doctor Who: Changes in Time and Space
The Thirteenth Doctor’s TARDIS, in the Vortex

Felicia Lovell entered the Console Room, where the Doctor and her other companions were. They were observing the TARDIS's progress through the vortex. For what seemed to be two to three months, the TARDIS had been going off course. ('One could never quite tell in the TARDIS', Felicia thought as she reflected on the matter.) No matter what course the Doctor had set, the ship would soon choose a different one of her own.
She had washed after their previous adventure where they had encountered a Terileptil in second century Rome. The Doctor had defeated their scheme with her usual alacrity. She had spent some time washing (as she had fallen into some muck that the other companions hadn't). She had then wondered through the corridors as she reflected on her time with the Time Lady.

“Ah, there you are,” the Doctor said as she entered the console room.

“Are we off course again?” Felicia asked rhetorically.

“Of course we are, it seems the console destination input circuitry, has joined the chameleon circuit in being broken,” one of her fellow companions, Daniel Hadley, said.

“That is not the reason we are going off course,” the Doctor said, with a disapproving tone.

“So, you do know what the reason is?”

“The reason is that the TARDIS is going off course, is that it wants to go off course,” the Doctor expounded. “Remember that she's alive, so to speak.”

“Did it take you months to figure that out?” Daniel asked.

“It didn’t take me months to find out that the TARDIS was going off course because it wanted to go off course, I found out almost immediately,” the Doctor said.

“So where are we going now?” Sigrun asked.

“If the TARDIS is going off course, we won’t know until we land, won’t we Doctor?” Daniel said, half to Sigrun, and half to the Doctor.

“The coordinates I input were for somewhere in Britain in early 2034,” the Doctor explained, as she took a look at the console screen. “But we're already off course. We may be arriving in Ireland in 2021.”

They all watched the console, seeing the coordinates shift earlier and earlier, and further to the south west, across the Atlantic. Soon they landed, in the Azores in 2018.

“2018, not a bad year,” the Doctor said.


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Chapter 1 – Invasion at the Azores – Part I: Arrival
29 September 2018, The Azores Autonomous Region, Portugal, just outside the city of Ponta Delaga

The TARDIS had materialised in a forest. Sabir emerged from the TARDIS first. Though he came from an era when world travel was commonplace (but not as commonplace as later) he had never been to the Azores. He breathed in the air, hardly any pollution could be smelt. “It is peaceful,” he said.

“You know that can change very quickly Sab,” the Doctor said, as she followed him out of the TARDIS.

‘Sab’ felt a flush of embarrassment; despite the length of time he had already travelled with the Doctor, he still wasn't used to her calling him by that diminutive. (But there were other diminutives he wouldn't have minded so much.) “It is not that likely that aliens would start invading the Earth here or that there would be any experiments that could go wrong.”

“But, these things are unexpected,” the Doctor said, knowing that Sab would continue to argue the point…

Daniel exited the ‘timeship’, as he called it, to see Sabir and the Doctor arguing, again!
They were arguing about whether they would find events/actions that the Doctor would have to be involved in, to right the wrongs. “Why do you always have to argue with each other?” he asked.

“We are not arguing,” Sabir said, with a blush.

“Maybe we were, Dan, but things can change very quickly, as you know,” the Doctor explained, her voice showing little strain.

Daniel agreed with that. At most of the places he had been since he had joined the Doctor in his travels a few years ago (relatively speaking), things had changed very quickly. It was all peaceful, and then something happened, whether an invasion occurred, an experiment went wrong, or an old enemy of the Doctor's showed up. “I agree with that,” he said.

Having changed into clothes appropriate for the era, Sigrun emerged from the TARDIS after Daniel. As it was prior to her own era it wasn't difficult to find those clothes. She could see that the Doctor, Sabir and Felicia were wearing clothing as anachronistic as the TARDIS' exterior.

Sabir was dressed in clothes from his native period approximately a decade prior to the current time, including a t-shirt with a catchphrase from one of his favourite science fiction television shows. Daniel’s mode of dress being somewhere between the two.

“Ah, Sigrid, there you are. We were just discussing the possibility of something happening,” the Doctor said.

Sigrun flinched. She was still getting used to the Doctor calling her by that diminutive. However, she did know that she did it out of affection, as she did with the other companions. “Certainly, it is likely that something will happen,” she added.

“I told you,” Sabir said cheerfully. “She usually agrees with me.”

“For certain,” Daniel said as an afterthought. Sigrun walked over to them, and waited with them for the others.

Agitated, Jia'hale re-entered the console room. Again with Earth! The TARDIS hadn’t been to her home planet since before it began going off course! She hoped that situation would change soon. She had just been to the wardrobe, and had been pleased to remove the toga she had to wear in Rome, and put on something more comfortable. She would have been happy to leave the TARDIS with nothing. But the Doctor had said (more than once) that the majority of places wouldn't have tolerated that sort of behaviour.

Sigrun had also had said that the Azores in 2018 were relatively conservative for the period. So she had dressed similarly to Sigrun and then left the wardrobe. As she entered the console room she saw Felicia wandering around the console in thought. She didn’t notice that she had entered. ‘Ok, I’ll just hop outside and wait for her with the others,’ she thought, as she approached the outer door.

“There you are, Jia,” the Doctor said, as she saw her companion from Tossekia IV exit the TARDIS.

“So what are we going to do? Are we looking for trouble?” she asked.

“Possibly,” the Doctor said, with a cheeky tone.

“Absolutely, that is what the Doctor does usually,” Daniel said.

“Most likely,” Sabir said.

“We are going to find some kind of trouble then?” Jia’hale asked, knowing that the Azores probably won’t be peaceful for much longer. The Doctor then had a thoughtful look on her face; she knew that she had spoken truthfully.

“Where is Felicia?” Sabir asked a minute later. He wondered if she had wandered off without them and possibly required rescue.

“She's still in the TARDIS,” Jia'hale added. “She was lingering in the console room in a thoughtful mood.”

“We'll wait a little longer,” the Doctor decided. “Then I'll go back and ask if she wants to come. It wouldn't be the first time someone stayed behind.”

They waited a little longer.

Meanwhile Felicia was thinking... It appeared that the TARDIS wanted to communicate with her in some way. The level (as it were) seemed different. It was certainly different to when she translated languages. (She knew, for instance, the Sigrun and Jia'hale spoke different Earth languages most of the time, rather than English). She was sure that the TARDIS was disturbed by something.
She saw Jia’hale pass through the console room, exiting the TARDIS. Felicia continued to think for a few more minutes. She was still sure that the TARDIS was disturbed by something. She then left the ship. She made sure to close the Police Box doors. She knew the TARDIS didn't like it when they were left open.

The Doctor was about to go back into the TARDIS when Felicia came out. She sensed her state of mind immediately and knew that the TARDIS had imparted (or had tried to impart) something to her. That was something that hadn’t happened for a while, probably not more than once since her last regeneration. She looked at the other companions. she saw that all of them, more or less, knew that something was up with Felicia.
“Ok, don’t be all staring at me like that. Let’s go and see if anything is going to happen here,” she said.

“Something is up,” Daniel said to himself.

Felicia felt uneasy. She felt like going back into the TARDIS. But she decided that everyone, including the Doctor, probably needed her help.

The Doctor decided to try to talk to Felicia privately after they were underway into Ponta Delaga. “Let’s go, we can solve this mystery later,” she said. The others all agreed. The Doctor then used her sonic screwdriver to determine the direction of the city, and they went off in that direction.

“Elisa, what do you think the TARDIS was trying to put to you?” the Doctor asked.

Felicia wasn’t put off by the Doctor’s nickname for her; she was used to it by now. “I think, that the TARDIS is disturbed about something. But that is all can say about it at the moment. Anything else would be rather private.”

“I agree.”

The Doctor knew she wouldn't get more out of Felicia. She had to process the ‘information’ the TARDIS had given her, in her mind. She would know what it was sooner or later.

Soon the TARDIS team arrived at the city. They found that there were people running around in panic. Something was going on.

“Ok, Something is happening. But what is it. Is it an invasion?” Sabir asked.

“I am not sure,” Felicia answered.

A ship landed nearby and figures emerged from it.

The Doctor told her companions to run. They ran to a nearby park and hid behind some trees before the figures in the ship could see them.
“What are they Doctor?” Felicia asked. She wondered if this was what the TARDIS was warning her about. She thought some more. No it wasn't she decided.

“Drahvins! But how could they have gained the capability to time travel without my knowing?” the Doctor asked.

“They look all female, Doctor,” Daniel said.

“Don’t let that fool you, Dan,” the Doctor said. “They are ruthless, they keep only a small population of males for reproductive purposes. They kill the rest and their foot soldiers are cultivated in test tubes. For one purpose. To kill!”

“You make them sound similar to the Daleks, Doctor,” Jia’hale said with a shudder.

“No, they don’t kill everything. They just conquer. They have a large empire in Galaxy 4, in the 6th millennium AD,” the Doctor said. She wasn’t sure how they got there, but she was sure that she would figure out a way to stop this invasion of theirs, before there was too much collateral damage...


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Chapter 1 – Invasion at the Azores – Part II: Incursion
29 September 2018, The Azores Autonomous Region, Portugal, just outside the city of Ponta Delaga

The Doctor and her companions were still behind the trees in the park as they watched foot soldiers march out of the Drahvin starship. Felicia was worried. “What are we going to do?”

The Doctor thought for a moment. “We will have to find the leader. Then I’ll have to improvise.”

Daniel gave this some thought, before asking; “Are we just going to march onto that ship?”

“I haven’t any other ideas, Dan. We need to find out why the Drahvins are invading Earth in this time,” she answered. “And why they're starting in the Azores.”

“I see that, but how are we going to get on board?” Sigrun asked.

“We will have to wait until all of the soldiers get out of the ship,” the Doctor answered. “Then we hope they won't find us here in the meantime.”

Soon the soldiers had left the ship, and the door remained open. “Ok, now, everyone. Run!” The Doctor directed.

The Doctor and her companions darted out from behind the tree, and ran towards the Drahvin starship. The starship looked the same as all other Drahvin ships she had seen, made out of a trashy tin-alloy that could easily be punctured by weapons fire or micrometeorites.

The Doctor bounded up the debarkation ramp, followed by Felicia, Daniel, Jia’hale and Sabir with Sigrun bringing up the rear.

“Ok, we need to find the bridge,” the Doctor said.

“Why?” Daniel asked.

“The leader is most likely to be there,” the Doctor answered.

“Wouldn’t that be at the top of the ship?” Sabir asked.

“You have been watching too much Science Fiction,” the Doctor objected “Most often the bridge isn’t on the top, but in a more protected position within the ship.”

Sigrun reflected for a moment. “Wouldn’t it be worth a try?”

“Absolutely. Otherwise we wouldn’t know,” the Doctor replied.

“Let’s go then,” Daniel said. The Doctor lead the way along the corridor and soon found a service shaft that lead upwards. She started climbing, followed by Daniel, Felicia, Sigrun, Jia’hale and Sabir. They soon found themselves on the top deck of the Drahvin transport.

“It's clear,” the Doctor said. “Let's go.” Her companions followed her out into the corridor, and followed her towards where the sonic screwdriver was indicating the bridge was.

They soon arrived at a door, which was locked. “Deadlock seal, the sonic screwdriver is useless,” the Doctor said.

“We could try a ventilation shaft?” Sabir suggested.

The Doctor thought for a moment. “There's no guarantee that it would be big enough.”

“But we could try,” Daniel said.

“Of course, Dan,” the Doctor said. They then looked along the corridor for any openings to the ship's ventilation shafts.

They soon found one, about 10 meters from the bridge door. This time the Doctor could open it with the sonic screwdriver. It clanged down onto the floor.
“Ok, I'll go first,” Daniel said.

“No, Dan, I'll go first. You don't know what would be in there. It could be booby trapped!” the Doctor said.

“Of course,” Daniel said, the Doctor usually went first into dangerous situations like this.

“You can bring up the rear” the Doctor said. The Doctor then entered the ventilation duct, with Jia'hale following.
Sabir, Felicia and Sigrun followed, and Daniel came last.

The Doctor leapt out of the ventilation shaft onto the Drahvin Bridge, where many Drahvins were waiting.

“Hello Doctor!” one of them, who seemed to be in charge, said. The Doctor looked up straight, and her companions carefully exited the shaft.

'Of course it has to be her!' the Doctor thought to herself. “Hello, Kellira.” She had met this particular Drahvin many times before.

“You know her?” Daniel asked.

“In a way,” the Doctor answered.

Kellira made a signal and suddenly every Drahvin on the bridge were pointing their guns at the Doctor and her companions. It appeared they were outwitted.

“We are in trouble now,” Jia’hale said in an exhasperated tone.

“What do you have planned now?” Daniel asked. Sabir, Felicia and Sigrun were speechless with shock.

“I have no plan,” the Doctor admitted. “I probably could have contacted UNIT or Torchwood.”

Kellira made another signal and one of her soldiers stepped forwards.

“Silence!” she shouted.

“There is nothing you, or the Earth organisations you referenced, can do Doctor!” Kellira objected. “Our plan is proceeding perfectly. The Azores will be ours and we can then interfere with Earth's history to our ends!”

“You can’t do that!” Jia’hale said.

“Yes we can,” Kellira said.

“You Drahvins are all the same! You use anything as a weapon.,” the Doctor said. Whatever your plan is, it will fail!”

“But you have no plan! Every time we met before, I could see that you had some kind of plan, you obviously didn't think that the bridge would be heavily guarded,” Kellira said.

“I have almost lost count of the times when I didn't have a plan and still defeated my opponent,” the Doctor said. “And as I once told a Dalek Emperor; doesn't that scare you to bits?”

Meanwhile, Sabir was edging along towards a computer console; all of the soldier's had their eyes on the Doctor...

“What is your plan?” Sigrun asked.

“Wouldn't you and your Time Lord friend like to know. You will not find out!” Kellira said.

“What is the point of taking over the Azores anyway?” Daniel asked. ‘They are quite isolated.”

“I am not answering that question,” Kellira said.

Unnoticed, the Doctor grabbed her sonic screwdriver and changed the setting...

The setting hadn't been used for a while, but she was sure it would work. She activated the setting. Bizzzzt, bizxewt, wizzzte.

“What was that?”Kellira said as she heard the Sonic screwdriver.

Sabir whirled around to the nearest computer station. Amongst other things the sonic screwdriver had brought up a directory listing.

“Call up their plan” he heard Felicia call out.

“That is what I am doing!” he shot back as he began looking through the files.
Jia’hale and Sigrun had flanked the Doctor, and they both charged at Kellira, ready to take her down...

Outside the city, the TARDIS waited patiently for the Doctor and her companions. It then received the signal from the Doctor, via the communications system of the Drahvin starship that she was in. She knew her thief was in trouble.
She sent a few messages to allies of the Doctor via the worldwide internet and then set into motion, homing in on the Doctor's signal.

Sigrun and Jia’hale had knocked Kellira over but it wasn't long before she recovered and fought back. Her soldiers did shoot in the direction of two companions, and the Doctor, but most of the shots went wild and some of them fell victim to friendly fire.

Kellira stood up again. “Feisty are you two? But I am a highly trained Drahvin warrior, you stand no chance!” she said fuming and charged at Sigrun, who promptly twisted her onto her back.

“I am also trained; in Terran Eastern Martial Arts. What do you say to that?” Sigrun then said.

“That just makes it more of a challenge! It will make no difference in the long run,” Kellira said.

Sabir had called up the file containing the plan. “Of course it would be encrypted!” he said, however he knew how to get around that.

“Yes, Kellira, I summoned my ship,” the Doctor said. “I can then use it to further the destruction of your plan.” The TARDIS finished rematerialising and she clicked her fingers, opening the doors.

“I haven't decrypted the file yet, but it can be accessed from the TARDIS,” Sabir as he ran from the computer panel towards the TARDIS.

“Guards, surround the Time Lady's ship!” Kellira ordered.

Many of the Drahvin soldiers tried to surround the TARDIS. But there was an interruption. Jia'hale lashed out, all feet and fists, and cleared the area near the door. Sabir unlocked the door and dashed inside.

“Feeling inadequate now?” Daniel goaded.

This only added fuel to Kellira's rage. “I am more than 'adequate' obligatory male companion. Not even the TARDIS can decrypt that file!”

“You seen very confident for a Drahvin who has just been outwitted, unless you pilfered some encryption software from a derelict Dalek ship,” the Doctor rejoined.

“I wouldn't think even you would risk that.”

Kellira called for the guards again, but found none were answering. While Daniel and the Doctor were talking to her, they had either been caught in their own crossfire, or had been knocked out by Sigrun and Jia'hale.

“You're still very confident, Doctor. The Drahvin forces are still as of this moment taking control of the city of Ponta Delaga, and I am still confident that you cannot change that fact, or decrypt that file,” Kellira said.

“Sigrun, Jia'hale, you hold Kellira here while Felicia and I help the TARDIS and Sabir crack the file.”
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