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Early-warning system cooperation between China and Russia


On Thurs (Oct 3), during the Valdai Discussion Club conference in Sochi, it was revealed that Russia will be helping China to develop their own early-warning system to identify and react to long-range missile launches, including ICBMs.
[TASS] "I don’t think I will reveal a big secret, this will become evident after all," Putin said. "We are now helping our Chinese partners to create a missile warning system. This is a very serious thing, that will drastically enhance the defensive capacity of the People’s Republic of China. As currently, only the US and Russia have such systems," he added.​
The Russian system currently involves a newtork of three types of Voronezh] radar stations and a few satellites, with a command centre a bit north of Moscow. A substantial part of the past station network was dismantled following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, which Voronezh is intended to replace.

Military cooperation between them is getting stronger, with a recent delivery of S-400 anti-aircraft system and Su-37e fighters from Russia to China, along with Chinese participation in Russian military exercises (East 2018 and Centre 2019) and a joint patrol near South Korea and Japan.

I wonder whether this might eventually evolve into a common security policy between them.

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