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Fantasy Transhumansim ideas for worldbuilding.


I identfy as a 9000 series intelligences
space/ vacuum is the realm of undead asteroid miner/sailor. people move between worlds by teleports brought to target by undead spacers
Getting Turned(made into undead/tiers low class,hardcore spacer skeletons/ Vamps for dealing with the fleashys and liches for the deep range stuff high power stuff) is considered a business opurtunity
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Using magic plastic surgery, to alter yourself to have claws, skin that resist being cut or damage, having cute cat ears?

A potion that can make a girl focus to study or work?

Making a deal with a evil spirit to 'find' a body part to replace your missing one?

Sharing feelings and physical sensations by making them into an item to give or sell?


D20 Modern’s Cyberscape offers a few ideas with its Necrotics (replacing parts with undead parts), Golemtech (magic cybernetics), and Bone Runes (we break down a magic item, cut you open, inscribe runes on your bones, and stuff the item’s power into the runes. Your bone is now a magic item)

In a game I ran, I had a psionic version, Psionic Circuits, with psychically active crystals smashed and mixed with ink for tattoos. Now you just think the right mnemonics and the item tattooed on you activates.
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