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Fighting erupts between Armenia and Azerbaijan over disputed Nagorny Karabakh region


Bean Daddy
16 Armenians killed and 100 wounded so far. Azerbaijan has said its military has suffered losses.


Bean Daddy
The propaganda from the civilian and government sides of the two countries has been interesting to observe.


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This timeline is being written by a schizophrenic. Pick a specific fucking plot and stick to it godammit


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Someone had a very emotional moment.

Emotional and probably exhausted his allocation of luck for this and the next 2 lifetimes.

Zhang Jiao

Azerbaijan sealed off the border between Iran and Karabach, is 20 km from the road connecting Armenian main with Karabach and Putin is calling for peace/

Yea Armenia lost this one.
That's a pity. As a Turk, I was rooting for them, tbh.

That being said, while I have a preferred side in this... Neither side came off looking good. Not Azerbaijan/Turkey and not Armenia. This whole sordid affair was based on nationalism at the end of the day.
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