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Free games From Steam, Humble and elsewhere.


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Hellpoint is free on gog for 48h (34h left as of this post).



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The peculiar steampunk/dieselpunk point and click adventures from Benoit Sokal, Syberia I and II are on giveaway from GOG.com for the next wee while

Rufus Shinra

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Offworld Trading Company free on Epicgames

Found this on a lark. Though not sure if getting the game is worth having to add another distributor. I already have Steam and Gog.com. Epic Games store also has that negative reputation to consider. Good thing that the sale ends on July 22. So thoughts??
OTC is meh at best. Interesting idea, but soulless and quickly repetitive, definitely not worth opening the Epic can of worms on yourself for it.
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