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Gary Mitchell vs. Palp


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Just what's on the lid. Gary Mitchell, the Enterprise Navigator who was mutated into a quasi-godlike being in the episode Where No Man Has Gone Before, vs. Emperor Palpatine. Both men are at their peak (though we don't know what Mitchell's peak might have been. After all, he began transforming a desolate planet into a lush garden), and it's no holds barred.
Each man's power derives from a different source, remember. Palpy has the Force, and Mitchell's...well, it came from the Galactic Barrier, and God only knows what that really is.
So, gentlemen, start your engines...
How-what? How... how is this even...? What?
Anything more articulate, sir?
His was actually kind of beige. ;)
Anybody have a thought?
You wasted a whole post to say that?
Pot need a mirror dumbass? It shouldn't need to be said but you haven't figured it out after what a year?
I really don't know, dumberass. Where do you keep your brains? Assuming you have any.
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