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How did you find FiC?


I'm always curious about how people find our site, so I though hey why not start a thread. So members of FiC, how did you first learn about FiC?
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I joined DWW to see how salty the true personas of some posters were.

But then I saw that Horton was active and had a link to his own forum, so here I am.

I forgot to mention that this place is a lot more chilled, there's no fear of being banned unless you truly are a nob.


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I got FiCked over by some asshole


Someone sent a giant PM asking a whole bunch of SBers to join, which then devolved into a typical "THASF opens his mouth and is wrong about literally everything" thread, which probably turned a lot of people off who might have otherwise wanted to join the site.
It’s funny because I’ve flat out banned Gamergate. As I don’t want that shit here :p
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