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How did you find FiC?


Found it on somebody’s signature on either SB or SV I forget. Decided I would stop by.


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Hey, everyone. Finally decided to join.

Found this place sometime back when someone mentioned it on SB, I decided to check it out, and have been lurking for a bit now. I usually lurk for a while on a new board before jumping on. Least it didn't take as long as my lurking for SB, for which I lurked several years before finally pulling the trigger. Yay for learning better commitment habits. :p


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Found it from Sv. Decided to lurking in instantly. Used different username from SV to keep in privacy. I am watching you

Mr Wumbo

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I forgot. I think Horton PMed me? We were acquainted back in 2014 in this browser nation sim game called "Politics and War".


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As I recall, I was just surfing around, and found it. The title/name intrigued me, so I decided it wouldn't hurt to have a look.
Beats SB on several levels.


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