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How would the Q react to....


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....You ?

Ok, lets, thanks the shenanigans of a bored ROB or ASB or other Higher Dimensional Being,
YOU, yes YOU, is getting equipped with TREMENDOUS Powers....

The Powers, Abilities and Equipment of:

Dr. Manhattan
Phoenix Force
Superman One Million
Najimi Ajimu
Alita 2.1
Penny Polendina

All the Powers and Abilities, beginning with the Strongest of the Bunch, Dr. Manhattan down to the Weakest, Penny Polendina.....
And all of this, just to annoy a certain Group of Ascended Beings, aka. the Q.

After your "Upgrade", you´ve been dropped somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy of the Star Trek Universe.
And yes, said Higher Dimensional Being made sure that your "Arrival" will alert said Q.

So, how would the Q react to a Being, who´s Powers and Abilities rival and even surpass that of the Q ??

Yes, i know i´m a lazy Bastard. I used some of those Characters Powers before, but i don´t care....
They are just too cool, not to use them.

Edit 2:
If you don´t like your appearance, feel free to change it....

Edit 3:
No, the Q cannot take away you Powers, nor can you relinquish your Powers.
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The Q share a universe with a pile of other super-powerful beings, most of whom we see only in a single episode. Remember Trelane, or Nagillum? Or the Dowd?
Or the Organians, the Thasians, or the Metrons?

The Q are not some sort of cosmic police. Unless your character causes trouble on an exceptional scale, they might simply not care. As far as we know they did nothing about the old man who Thanos-snapped an entire interstellar empire, just because... well actually for a pretty understandable reason, when you think about it.
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