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How would warfare evolve in this hypothetical scenario where a civilization has been isolated for more than a century?


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OK, a curious thought verging on ASB-territory while I was bored.

So in this scenario, the timeline divergent occur on mid-1939, where Nazi Germany scientist discovered an alien artifact and manage to activate it controllingly.

Said Artifact opens a 20m × 20m portal towards another world/planet with an identical artifact as portal.

The destination world/planet was perfectly habitable for human beings, with lush, editable vegetation grown near the other point.

But there's a catch, time on the other side moves twice faster than IRL Earth.

Occupied by IRL events and too much unknowns on the other side, a battalion of infantry plus a thousand civilians to conduct survey and prospecting operations, plus building an semi-sustainable outpost.

Soon in IRL 1941, the scientists in the outpost have discovered another alien artefact: a giant underground machine complex that is later identified as a "artificial womb". The operation of method is simple, insert genetic samples into the machine, and it will churn out infants with randomized genetics from the sample pool. Though with some tweaking, the machine can actively suppress "undesirable" genetic traits.

The machine will output at maximum 24 perfectly healthy infants per day, with selectable genders, where the infants would grow the same way as normal humans would.

In IRL 1944, when it is clear that Nazi Germany is losing, a plan was hatched.

Genetic samples of the best 50 man and 50 women in the eyes of Nazi Germany leadership is collected and send to the other world, along with a battalion of their best Panzer-grenadiers remain in their army, 5000 civilians known to be die-hard Nazi believers, and a detailed record of every Nazi Germany technology achievement up until that point.

Just before Berlin was fallen, the personal manning the earth-side artifact destroyed the artifact via demolition, severing the connection between two worlds for good.

At that time, the outpost had grew into a small colony capable of bare minimum self-sustainment and minimal munition manufacturing capability.

The colony, unknown and forgotten for 150+ years, flourished, growing to about ~10 million in population with a healthy industry supported by rich mineral deposits (But with pitifully few fission fuel sources). And they found a way to re-open portals back to earth.

So here's the question:
  1. How would warfare of that colony have develop within that 150 years in total isolation?
    • Assuming that armed conflicts with local "aboriginal" human nomads of around 1000 population and minor city states in early medieval tech-level?
  2. Given 152 years to develop versus only 76 years has passed IRL, how would the Colony fare against 2021 Earth?
    • Assuming the portal can be sustained from the other side, allowing a secure line of resupply, and the colony's first wave is 6 divisions of Panzergrenadiers under the cover of a dozen fighter wings and they hit the outskirts of El Alamien.

Rufus Shinra

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Nazi 'science' was pretty awful in terms of methodology. Then you have a very small population base that lacks all the access to the rest of the world, when interactions between countries and universities are fundamental for good scientific and technological progress. Then there's the issue that many technologies are industrially and economically viable with a much larger population/consumer base than that, like modern transistor factories. Then the unlikeliness of having the required level of fanatism holding that strong for 150 years in isolation.

Quite likely outcome? 150 tonne fortress tanks materialize in El Alamein and get introduced to the Toyota Hilux and its wonderful ATGM by locals. They get decent losses, capture land around until the rest of the planet realizes that there are Nazis, making Biden squee with glee as they are the only guys the US managed to beat in a fair fight, that a wartime president always gets reelected and that he won't have to bomb Australia now.

In short? They had twice the time but roughly a hundred times less population with access to education, an awful education base and an inefficient ideology. I expect them to field superbly crafted equivalents of the T-64 coupled with perfected versions of the Maus or Ratte, supported by early F-16.

The biggest issue will be about sharing that other world of theirs and avoiding nuclear warfare over control of the portal.


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If anything they might back slide a bit from loss of institutional knowledge and stuff just being lost incidentally combined with the craziness that fanatics indulge in. If the only ones they fight are medieval level people and hopped up on propaganda that probable morphs over time to how they will totally win and purge the unclean who cant stand against them if they can reopen the way and what comes through that gate are liable to be full on savage bastards who also would barely be able to fight WW2 armies much less modern ones.


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They're going to be shit aren't they? Rhetorical question. I love Nazi alt history stories, ideas and the like but they're not any kind of threat. They wouldn't be. By 1944 Germany was on its last legs. It this is early 1944 before D-Day, maybe they pull out a decent battalion of Grenadiers but they'd likely be SS which could mean they're fanatical die hard or just hard men making hard choices for their advancement. Most likely they're fanatical believing their own shit which stunts their military development considerably. There will be little high level leadership in 500-1500 man battalion. We're looking at a Major to Colonel, whatever stupid bullshit SS ranks are. God those are atrocious I want to be special and separate. But regardless, there's not enough high level leadership to wargame with the experience of leading to teach others below them. Sure the rank and file can teach how to shoot, clear rooms, storm buildings or towns to some degree but that Operational level, not even mentioning Strategic level of thinking is entirely absent here.

Now, going on with 5000 civilians. They're just civilians that share the ideology? They're not the trained engineers, doctors, scientists they need to teach the next generation? Not even mentioning they need farmers, mechanics, and more. But let's assume they have a variety of skillsets that allow them to function. It still runs into a deadlock in the fact they're extremely few. There's going to be a loss of actual knowledge. Sure, they may have books or documents on how to construct jet engines, build tanks, trucks, motor cycles, trains, rail roads, roads, power plants, electric lines, phones, sewers, toilets, sinks, homes, architecture, simple air planes, ships, cannons, guns, ammunition, mines, refineries, farms, distilleries, water treatment and so much more but at best there's only going to be a handful of people knowledgeable about each of those very very very important things among that five thousand.

They're going to be handicapped for generations. Even assuming the babies suffer no losses and we have 8760 in a year. Who is taking care of that many babies atop of building their town with 6-7 thousand people? Those children will have a generation gap if you want big numbers right away. If you go smaller controlled number than your knowledge base is going to see a decline as there won't be many children to pick up all of those skills or learn a rounded education. They're going to be hyper focused on one job territory or likely roll backwards.

I would imagine by the time they expose themselves in that timeframe they'll be lucky to have 1970s tech in a meaningful way simply because they'll be deadlocked by the population numbers and survival for several generations. This isn't even including the crazy antics of being Nazis and they'll see culls, combat losses.

It will be hyped up 1944s tactics, maybe some low level counter insurgency stuff against the primitive locals that is more or less exterminating them or even enslaving them. Tactics won't be very sophisticated at all nor will the technology. I imagine primitive jet engines at best with lots of prop driven aircraft because the locals have nothing better. There will be more heavy and super heavy tank battalions and probably similarly light tanks battalions. Heavies to knock down local fortifications, walls with lights to serve as mechanized cavalry.

Give them a hundred thousand people and maybe we'll see a better chance of them being a localized threat on their return in that time frame. Better yet, an Army Group and a city are transported allowing them the institutional knowledge to jump start their civilization.


Oh looked at the posting dates, lol. Guess it's been a while huh?
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