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How would you decide ?


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Ok, i´ve been tinkering with this scenario for quite some time now....

Now lets say you are a Father of a Family in a Coal Mining Town somewhere in rural Kentucky.

You and your Daughter are working in local Mine, when one day a accident happened and your Daughter got severely injured.

To be more precise, she injured her back really badly and cannot work for next time. The Doctor of your town gives her some very strong painkillers, so she can work again, because the owner and boss of the Mine threatens her and you, if she cannot work, she will be fired. And since this mine is the only employer in the region.... Well, you can add two and two together.

Unknowingly, the Painkiller she got are also extremely addictive and she needs a higher dose everytime. Slowly she got trapped in a vicious cycle of drug addiction, crime and lastly, her death. A Overdose. As you and your wife see standing next to her dead Body lying in her Bed, something strange happens, from somewhere very bright light enters the room and the next thing you know, is that you are standing in a white featureless room, your wife and the body of your dead Daughter.

You feel that something is very gently brushing against your mind. Kind and not intruding. Your wife had felt the same. As you turn around you see something not from this world.

For many years, strange lights could been seen in the night sky. Some claimed to be experimental Aircrafts from the Airforce or simply UFO`s...

Standing before you, you see three different Aliens. One looks like the a floating Jellyfish, the other one a huge white Gorilla and the last one a beautiful blue skinned female Alien with Tentacles on her head.

She introduces herself as Samara, member of a Federation of more then three dozend Alien Races. For more then 200 years they were observing this Planet and it´s Inhabitants. Since the People of this Planet have reached now a certain Level, it is time to commence the next step of the Plan to integrate this World into their Federation. But this will happen not now, but in about 600 years. For now it is imperative that the technological Level of this World must be increased by carefully introducing new Technologies, wich your Daughter will be playing a major role in it.

The "Script" they have written, prescribes the she will leave this town, go to the East Coast where she will buy a Lottery Ticket, wich she will win. Using the Money, she then will leave the USA to go to Australia where she will find Gold in the Australian Outback. Using this Gold, she will then found several companies, wich "develop" new technologies, such as a functional Plasma Engine that can be used for Atmospheric Flight as well in Space.

She will be instrumental that Humans will colonise the Solar System.....

However, in order to achieve this, one of the Aliens will must be taking her role.....
One Member Species of this Federation is capable of assimilating dead organic Matter. In other Words, the Alien will be assimilating her dead Body, thus resurrecting her.
After her "Resurrection", the Alien/Human Hybrid, will the commence the next step.

Since the Aliens are not Barbarians, they ask you, if they can resurrect her.

As you ask, why her, they are telling you that their leader has the ability to look into the future. With about 99 % precision. It has seen that she must be the one.
However, her death shouldn´t happened. She should have survived her addiciton and then left the town. The Aliens then would have used their tech and resources to fulfill the "Script" then.

No matter how you and your wife decide, you will be brought back to Earth with your Memories erased or changed....

So, how will you decide ???
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