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How would you integrate Earth into the Galactic Republic ??


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What the Titel says...

Somehow we end up in Star Wars Universe. Due to a chain of events we get Contact with Naboo. Naboo then introduces Earth to the Galactic Republic.
Using it´s political power(?) to offer us a Place in the Republic as a Member.

Now lets say, you are a Member of the Republic´s Govermental Apparatus, and your job is it to integrate this new World into the structure of the Republic, aka uplifting them.
How you gonna do it ??

Time: 50 Years before TPM
Bonus: We somehow manage to hide all the Information about Star Wars (Books, Comics, Movies, TV Shows, etc...)

Scenario Change:
As a Member of the Goverment of Earth, you are now responsible for uplifting Earth.


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We're fucked. We're fucked oh so hard it would be banned on QQ, because when there are mind-reading space monks around, we are sooooo fucked.

Those space monks don´t get info´s from our mind....
This is included in "Hiding"...

So, assuming the space monks don´t come over, but just politician, industrialists, scientists, engineers and military, how you gonna do it ??

Terra Novan

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Like, people do talk a lot about chocolate and coffee we have in this kind of scenario...

But considering how RL chocolate and coffee industries, and the countries that produce them, are like, I don't really see how that is a good thing.


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☭ Communism ☭
I wouldn't.

I would convince them to stay far away from the planet full of crazies, then stow away on a Republic ship so I can incite an inevitable communist revolution. Palpatine will not stand a chance at gaining ultimate power in the Soviet Galactic Republic!
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