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John "Soap" MacTavish (Call of Duty) vs Fruit Ninja (Fruit Ninja)


Okay, okay, hear me out...

Fruit Killing Feat (Fruit Ninja):

Fruit Ninja (Real Name Unknown) - Mobile Star Shinobi and Fruit Slicing Savant
Obvious to anyone who's played Fruit Ninja, capable of slicing several fruit with no resistance.

Fruit Killing Feat (Call of Duty):

John "Soap" MacTavish - SAS Captain and Scottish Heartthrob (spoilers: literally)
If you think about it, that would require an absurd amount of physical strength to obliterate a watermelon with a fighting knife

Competition 1:
Arena: Fruit Ninja Dojo
Fruit begins falling, Fruit Ninja has their katana and Soap has his knife. Competition between them to see who can slice the most fruit in a set period of time.

Competition 2:
Arena: Rust
Soap and Fruit Ninja spawn at opposite ends of the map and must fight to the death. Soap has an ACR and UMP-45 but to make things fair Fruit Ninja has a Heartbeat Sensor

Who wins?
I could be wrong, but I feel like MacTavish has this. If all you're giving the ninja is a heartbeat sensor, and all he has is a katana while Soap has guns and a knife for close-quarters...unless the ninja has some superhuman feats I don't know of.
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