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Juggernaut (Marvel) vs Might Guy (Naruto)

Strange Visitor

The Boss of Wanderers




Might Guy

Battleground: Tatooine

Win conditions: Death or incapacitation

Morality: In character

Knowledge/prep: No knowledge/random encounter

Earth-616 version of Juggernaut
Might Guy as he was during the Fourth Shinobi World War.
Might Guy has access to all 8 gates and for this battle he would not die from using the 8 gates.
Juggernaut has all his equipment and abilities.

Who wins?
What made you think this was remotely fair? Juggernaut tanks hits from planetbusters. He explicitly matched World War Hulk in strength, only losing when Hulk used his own unstoppable momentum against him. He's not fast enough to catch Gai with that much amping going on, but he doesn't need to, since he can just endure until Gai literally burns himself out (since the 8 gates won't kill him in this scenario, Cain just needs to wait until he runs out of chakra or simply gets tired)
Maybe if you're going with 1610 Juggernaut, or 90s X-men cartoon Juggernaut, yeah but otherwise I agree with Ravan here.
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