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Lets Complain about anime.

Inquisitor Solarion

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I loved that movie. Not only for its style but because it's something that's not that frequently done in japanese media.

Many of the anime gems are mostly the mangas which originated from monthly magazines or the feature films, done by veteran directors who focus very much on the artform and story.

The weekly mangas on the other hand tend to fall off the roof on quality really quickly and fast.


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I frankly barely follow anime. Sakura quest was the only one in recent time, that and vinland saga.

Generally speaking it feels a tad too felatious and """safe"""
Vinland Saga was actually the best made show this season. I personally don't like it, story and all, but compared to other shows which almost universally tried to save money on production, Vinland Saga had the most money or at least effort put into creating it