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My laptop decoration is coming along nicely...


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Hopefully this will be the first iteration of this series, but here it is.

'Jakarta watches weird/ ethnic movies on Netflix because he is bored.' 1st post.

So I was feeling very, very bored, and I was trawling all across the Netflixes to search for some interesting stuff, some weird stuff mind you, and I found this gem.

A.K.A Gate Anime, Malaysian Special Forces edition.

It's you standard chest thumping piece about the skill of PASKAL, or Pasukan Khas Laut (Marine Special Forces) of Malaysia, it has all your elements for a typical 2 hour military movie that is most likely sponsored by the Malaysian military, latest military gear, inner character conflict between the Main Character's personal obligations to his family and the state, a woefully underdeveloped villain, all the stuff you'd expect from essentially a Malaysian Military PR piece.

Credit's due though, the director knows what he's doing. Although the character development is heavily focused on the military soldiers (I prefer the ex-paskal villain to be developed though, as to how he got there), the storyline progresses rather steadily, there is visible conflict, a climax, and a denouement in which the MC conveniently states that the Family and the State are the same thing. Which, IMO, is a bit creepy if you'd dwell on it a lil bit.

Any Malaysians here care to give their 2 cents on the movie? Anyone else wanna suggest me on a weird Netflix movie, preferably non-western, for me to watch?


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Depends on the type of potato and also photographer's tricks. Then again there is that powder thing where you just add hot water, stir and voila, instant mashed potatoes so what do I know? *Shrugs*
Didn't think of the instant powdered thing. Supermarkets actually sell that thing but I don't think anyone would actually eat it. It seems unpopular even with people who don't want to do any cooking.


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Kenny Rogers, love their chickens. Not the best BBQ chain in the world, but for SE Asia, they're really good.
They're not a BBQ chain though, they're a rotisserie chicken chain. That said they really need to make sure their new branches maintain food quality. My sister was complaining that this branch was crap when compared to older branches.


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Any popsicles who are of Asian Descent.

Have you ever had sore-throat and had these?


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I have left every subreddit except for ESS. Every political subreddit has been taken over by Berners.
I live with one every day, it's all we fucked we didn't get Bernie, the countrys on fire Nazis in the WH but the real problem is Bernie isn't the DnC nom. The fuck is wrong with people
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