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Lets Talk About Our Lives

Rufus Shinra

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Very sorry for being away for so long. My 960 GB boot ssd kaporked on me, destroying all the stuff I had exclusive for FiC.

Then after recovering from it, got a strong plot bunny that had me posting to QQ. Then I was busy trying to survive through the pandemic, now going all-in to my original works on Patreon as an extra income source. :(

It has been a hell of a couple of months, and it's only now that I managed to find a breather.

Anyway, I'm back. Is @Rufus Shinra still around? I need some story advice.
Le Quack.


Beach bum, Esq.
Tried out this new Thai place near my home. Verdict, quite nice. Authentically spicy too. A bit on the pricy side though (€4.70, or $5.50 for US folks).


Some chicken wings with sweet chilli sauce, rice with chicken pad kra pao and some fancy drink.
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Today's dinner more or less.

I finally had some time to REALLY indulge, I had everything ready and lined up and suddenly! relative surprise visit!

I hate surprise visits.

There are NOT supposed to BE surprise visits in fucking Covid era, especially not from my sister and my nephews that then I had to share my carefully prepped food with.


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Well, still healing a bit, but I was worried about nothing. The anesthesia was actually the most fun I'd had in years! Definitely something that should be confined to doctors offices though, I love that shit WAAAAY too much lmfao


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Well, I'm halfway through my fourth run through of my story, doing some neating up and final edits. I still have my word count issue being almost exactly 210,000 words, but I still feel like splitting it would be a mistake. And I would like a second opinion on it but I'm not sure who to trust to beta read it.

That being said... once I'm done with this particular round of edits... I have a feeling I might be near done with the thing.

Either way, it's been a long journey with the thing. The first components that would form the setting would pop up in 2011-12, and would gradually collese together to form the full actual setting some time after that. Eventully I decided to stop just imagining the thing and decided to write it around... I would say 2015, maybe even 2014. I would write it on and off until 2019, where given my circumstances at Uni I decided to accelerate my efforts and got the first draft finished up in August last year. I only took a short break before I delved back in to get a second draft done... which was almost word for word a complete rewrite since many of those chapters were three-four years old at least by this point and the setting had moved on a little bit. Same plot, just improved writing... I hope.

And now nearly ten years after I first came up with the idea... and alot more before and after. And with it nearly done well... too say the least I'm a bit nervous. I have thrown so much time and effort into this and came up with so many ideas and possible plans that I have got to see it through to the end... if I can't get it published or worse... it becomes hated... that would be... painful...

And whatever happens with that book would pretty much determine my future. If it succeeds, well, that's my path laid out. If not... well, let's just say I'm going to probably end up upseting a few people in my life... because now since my chances of getting into a STEM field are effectively zero now, I'm not going to be spending the rest of my fucking life in the service sector. I'd rather hang than put up with that.

And for the record, no, I'm not looking in those rather horrid directions you are thinking of.

Well, back to work on the novel I suppose.

Zhang Jiao

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Welp, that's it: I'm thinking about getting into anime again specifically because nobody knows what's going to happen with this season and what will be good. According to my bro, there were a lot of sleeper hits, at least in his opinion. That, and I haven't watched Vinland Saga yet, which was at the beginning of this year, I think.


Cutest Mod
I've been loving the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Currently doing a flight (in real time) from Madrid to Athens. Using an Air France 747.

The plane's currently flying over Italy, should probably descend once we reach the next waypoint.

Zhang Jiao

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I've been loving the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Currently doing a flight (in real time) from Madrid to Athens. Using an Air France 747.

The plane's currently flying over Italy, should probably descend once we reach the next waypoint.
At this point, this is the only way that I'll be able to get to Xinjiang or St. Petersburg with the money I have.

Of course, I'm getting money with a new check, so I guess it won't matter, but I'm pretty open about this: I have spending problems, tbh.

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