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Zhang Jiao

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It's a gacha game. I dunno about you but I played as a f2p (free to play) player. Right now, I did everything in the game free. Is it difficult? Yes, harder to progress than the whalers (the pay to win gamers) does but I never had anything blocked from me simply because I didn't pay Mihoyo any amount of money.
It's a great game. Honestly, I really enjoy it.

I mean, at least, I haven't run into any issues with it yet so I've got no complaints.

And besides, while I may complain about how the business practices may affect other people... Game companies in general have bad business practices, in my honest opinion, so Mihoyo isn't different in that regard at all.


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I’m planning to play the game after I get a new laptop. Any tips?
Don't go hogwild trying to wish (that's the gacha element of the game) for every new character and weapons they'd give away. Save your primogems for characters/weapons you really want or try to re-roll for characters you already have in your lineup. A chracters with extra constellations beats new characters most of the time.

Space your quest. By that, I mean your quests that progresses the story in-game. Genshin Impact have commision quests starting from AR10, so do those instead of just rushing along trying to finish the main questline. Trust me, grinding for materials gets boring if that is all you can do everyday.

In game, don't try to boost artifacts first ( artifacts are randomly found materials that boost your character's stats). Build your characters first, then weapons, then artifacts.

Most important, don't get sucked into the gacha mechanism to the point you spend money, or if you do spend money on the game, make sure that you don't spend uncontrollably.

Also, have fun and play responsibly. You can play it for free so don't feel as if you need to rush. It's entirely PvE so you don't have to worry about player killers.


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Well. At long last. After one year of solid writing, editing and proof-reading which was after three-five years of on-and-off first draft writing and ontop of another year at least having the idea cooped up in my head... it is done.

My novel is compete. Or rather at least, it's ready for the next stage. Because now comes the hard bit. Getting it through the publishing process. I will be sending it to agents to test the waters, and if I get a big bite, I'll go from there. If not, I'll have an excuse to go through it all again and find some more feedback.

Still, a pretty big moment.


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I've sent off my first sample of a novel to an agent a few days ago, though I have not heard anything back as of late and it is slowly driving me crazy. Worst comes to worst, it can serve as an indicator on how agents might actually react, which will allow me to adjust the story as needed, hopefully along with an Editor and some other feedback. At best, it gets through the gate and I'm on the road to actual publishing.

In the meanwhile, short of opening up another book, I need some writing to do to pass the time since now I am back on furlough due to COVID, so I've figured, just for a little bit of fun, to do a fan-fic along side this RP I'm running.

The only problem is... I have no idea of which one to try. So for that reason, I've set up a simple poll. If anyone would like me to go for one idea over an other, let me know through said poll here:



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I got Ubisoft+ and have finished Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Splinter Cell: Double Agent and am on track to beat Conviction. After Blacklist I’m thinking of either starting the old school Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon games.
I beat all the other games on the Hardest difficulty but am playing rookie for Conviction. My reflexes are wayyy too slow
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