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Megamind and Alma(Alma's Way) vs. David Xanatos(Gargoyles)


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Scenario: Xanatos has moved out of Eyire Buidling and moves into the Bronx with his resources and his trusty assistant: Owen Burnett for his mayor campaign. But unknowst to him, Megamind has heard about this plan for the Bronx and uses his watch to disguise himself as "Space-Dad" to pose as an babysitter to train a 6 years old Lanita "Alma Rivera" (the latter who her family is taken an 3 weeks vaction)

  • Megamind gives Alma Metroman and Oberon's powers/DNA and he can interfere.
  • Alma is given 2 week prep and training she given by Megamind.
  • Megamind has the invisible car, brain-bots, Johnny/Number Five, 1 spider-bot, equipment(the watch, de-gun and death ray).
  • He must keep his disguise good around Alma.
  • Xanatos has no intel on him.
  • In Character
  • He must do this in the span of three weeks before her family come home.
So what is Megamind plan after training Lanita?
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