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My Magic is Blue (Isekai/Final Fantasy)



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"The boy is ill. We need to go hunting tomorrow."

"I'm worry about leaving him behind, he is just too young."

"Don't worry, it is just a short trip. We just need to hunt on the outskirt of town."

They left and did not return. On that day I suddenly remember my other past. I am in a fantasy world.

Ten years from that day.

"Oi you. Did you clean up the warehouse?"

"Yeah yeah I'm just tidying up some of my stuff."

"Ah alright."

You may have gotten the wrong impression from that conversation, though it was hard to be a child in a fantasy world, a sick one as that, I have somehow ended up as a student in a magic academy. Warehouse cleaning are students' responsibility and we take turn to do it. The school has many warehouse so it is not like I'm the only one suffering.

Thinking back, the life of magic academy's student is not bad, we are well fed and treated well, it is because wizards are some of the most powerful being in the world that we get that kind of treatment in this world. However, sometime I wish I can actually advance in life and not just stuck as a magic academy student forever.

10 years ago I realized I was in a fantasy world, it was also at that exact moment that I instinctively realized I can use Blue Magic. The abilities appeared in my mind like a blur, but it was very familiar. It comes from a recent game I was just playing in fact, it was Blue Magic, specifically the same system in Final Fantasy 5. It was supposed to be the most cheesy and versatile magic of all, solving every situation like a puzzle. I can see every blue magic ability I had gathered in game appearing in my mind, like a shining beacon that cannot be silence except for one. However I soon realized what did not come along.

Levels, MP, HP, stats...

There was no level, MP, HP or stats, just like the real world, the only thing that come with me are Blue Magic.

Worst of all is that I was born in a body with low capability for magic.

The magic academy's policy is generous in that everyone who are capable of magic can apply, however their magical ability is the only way they can advance in life.

When I realized the parents of this body died, I wonder the street in depression, trying to get the adult to help. They were all dismissive, however

"I-I can use magic." I beg in desperation

One man stops and ponders, he was an adult, someone who always seems to be serious, he was wearing a blacksuit and hat, after listening in on my begging, the man stops a bit, looks at me, before pointing at the magic academy's registration branch.

"You are recently orphaned?" The man asks. "The magic academy accepts all who can use magic. Wizards are treated well in this world... The rest, it will be based on your ability."

The man says unconvincingly.

The man was a wizard, he can see if one is a potential wizard or not, however he cannot see any magic potential whatsoever in the child before him. He is unconvinced.

Even the examiner was surprised that I can actually do magic. Though it was also the day I realize the only Magic I could cast was...

Goblin Punch.

"Don't worry sweetie. As long as you can use magic, you are accepted. I'm sure your magical ability will grow in time." The woman who supervise the exam tried to console me. Even she was surprised that the orphan can really use magic. For a moment she was almost skeptical, in this world wizards are some of the strongest being and stand at the top of the food chain, there are impostor trying to take advantages of the generosity the elder Wizards have provided.

Most of those are taken care of quite easily.

However the child can use magic alright. It was a strange, simple magic, simulating something akin to the force of a punch from either close range or a distance. It is exactly like a straight, clean punch albeit with the strength of a child. He is qualified for the magic academy, at least that is one burden off her conscience. However even though he can use magic, the woman shakes her head, he does not have a bright future ahead of him when it comes to magical ability. His potential is limited, his magical quality are too weak to even be noticed. It was as if it does not exist at all.

He should be fine living peacefully being provided by academy for the rest of his natural life.

There is just no way he can become something of news.

"I'm sure it will grow in time."

There are something call magic quality in this world, it is the measurement of a person ability to do magic. It determine how many time a wizard can cast spells a day before getting tired, as well as the strength of their spells.

I was told that I have very low magic quality and it is a miracle that I can do magic. In fact the teachers even propose a plan to study how that actually work and I was like "EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and refused them. At least they accepted and respected my decision, I was worry that it was non-negotiable and I would end up as a guinea pig. In fact wizards were more democratic then I expected.

I can already guess what magic quality mean in game term based on my understanding.

At the beginning the only magic I can use was Goblin Punch. It was the only Blue Magic that did not cost MP. In game mechanic term, I start with 0MP.

However, that is about to change.

Because I volunteer to clean the warehouse all the time, I receive some credit from the teachers to exchange for some facility provided item. I have a small box in the warehouse to keep those items.

It is all potions. Because I'm in a fantasy world, I thought that my lack of magic problems can be solved by one of the magical brewed or potion in the world. However it was not so, if there was a potion that can allow a person to increase their magic quality, it isn't something I can acquire. The only thing that is common enough to be acquired by a student is mana potion.

However.... However. There is a way, a stupid way but there is a way to work with that.

Taking out half of all the mana potions I have ever saved, around 20 of them, I start looking at them for one last time. The man potion was somehow so typically video game-ish that I can't believe I'm not in a video game. It is swirly purple liquid contained in a flask that looks exactly like every mana potion in video game ever. I am extremely worry that it is a Final Fantasy game, because you just know the world will end somehow by one way or another.

It was just a side thought, that was that, however right now I'm living in this world, it's my life, I need to focus on the present.

So I try to drink all 20 bottle of mana potion in one sitting. It was not a good feeling. Sickness from overdrinking aside, there are clear label warning about overdosage of mana potion. It is a kind of drug in this world, of course it has side effects. In the years 170, it is recorded that an old Wizard after getting high on fermented mushroom started doping mana potions to continue the high. It did not help him get high, it did cause him to be bedstricken for days however. During that time, despite his actions, that wizard is a respected researcher in the community, and since he can detect a small increase in his magic quality, he turned in a paper called "Over-dosage of mana potion and its beneficial effect".

It was his paper that gave me hope for the future. The increase in magic quality is abysmally small mind you, and only temporary. However it is exactly the cheatsheet I need for the coming test.

"Are you done man?"

Wizard test that is.

"Yeah." I give him a thumb up.

"You, uh, you look blue man, are you sure you are fine?"

"Wait what?" I look down at my arm. Oh shit.

"Despite the listed side effect being fairly well-recorded, there may be other, unrecorded effects." Overdosing with Mana Potion is surprisingly not a popular research subject.

Chaos Magic class.

So called Chaos because of the unreliable-ness and randomness of the magic involved in the classroom. Almost everyone in the class use magic that is unreliable, random and unheard of. Usually most wizard can follow the same set of education, use the same set of basic spell, the higher level spells are based on their own ability and research, however it is generally acknowledge that those can be taught too.

Chaos Magic class are for all who does not follow that pattern, however it is acknowledge that what the previous students of the Chaos Magic class can do was extremely freaky and unheard of thing and actually advance everyone's understanding of magic. Having said that, I don't actually know anyone who is supposed to be an amazing wizard in my class.

It is my class by the way. I actually feel better being in such class, because everyone is bad at magic in a way.

Some students were standing guard at the front door of the class while I secretly get my skin color changed back to normal. Other classes have powerful seniors, our class has sister Amedelia. She has the power to change the color of anything, Other class may have powerful, versatile seniors, but is there anyone who can change your skin color back on a whim, without any teachers knowing?

If anyone was to go about changing the color of something, they would have to cast illusion magic, usually it is not permanent, and leave a trace of magic. There are other ways but none of them is like sister Amedelia. It is as easy as breathing for her, and just like painting, voila now the color of the thing she was working on has changed. The teacher literally says it was like painting, it was as if no magic was involved and she has literally taken a really good paint and paints it on what she wanted. The point is that unlike what the other seniors from other class can do, the teacher can't see through sister Amedelia colorization changing magic.

"Alright we are done." She gives me a thumb up and signal the students standing guard.

It is time.

Cheating is a class effort.
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Imagine being a student from other classes, they can't even have magic that defy every laws known about magic, can't advance understanding about magic alone with just your own innate ability, have to actually study to pass test.

Testing is different for students from from Chaos Magic class, as long as you can prove you have found new application for your magic, can consistently use your magic, you would pass with very high grade. Well every previous years I did manage to be very consistent, consistent in casting goblin punch that is. This year is different, if I actually advance my grade this year I may actually get increased provision from the school, more mana potions, more money, more fund for our class.

"Haha. Hey it's that guy from the Chaos Magic class trying to take the test. What's his name again?"

However despite our advantages not many of us students from the Chaos Magic class take the annual examination, it is not mandatory to take the exam so many choose to not even try at all. This year though, two whole students from our class decided to join.

For two of us, two students from another class step up with a mean grin on their face trying to prove themselves as top dog. The only thing they prove is that they are very stupid however, with the teacher standing right there giving them warning glance and the other students looking at them with exasperation.

Well the situation could have solved itself out, however this year I'm different, it is also a good place to show off my magic.

"Frog Song." With a flick of my finger, one of the two student turn into a frog in front of everyone. The other looks back at his fellow, his face turns green at the thought of being turned into a frog and then he runs.

I figure that despite the increase in magic quality due to overdosing on mana potion being described as incredibly small, if it was like MP in the game, then that small amount would hopefully be enough to let me access some of the deceptively useful and powerful spells the Blue Magic line has. Take for instance, Frog Song, it is an incredibly useful ability in game for certain enemy, in real life however, it would be extremely powerful if it work all the time. At the start before casting Frog Song, I feel as if I could cast two Aera in a row. That is a wide enough margin for a lot of low cost useful magic that I can show off today. I just want to tell the world that this year, I'm different.

"Hey hey, as long as I'm here no one are doing anything to anyone alright?" Teacher Arthur chooses that moment to interfere. With a swift swing of his sword, the student who was transformed into a frog turn back into normal.

It is normal for there to be dickwaving between the students from different class during the annual examination, not that our class ever participate in any of them. It is also because of the nature of a wizard exam, there are going to be a lot of magic being used from offensive magic to curses that a teacher like Arthur is required to be present at the scene.

Teacher Arthur is old, he is in his 40s, though most male students agree that he is a man among man after seeing him beating up a dragon with his swords last year. Of course any boys would look up to a sword wielding knight who beat up dragon, it is that simple. Despite using sword and not looking like it, teacher Arthur is also the premiere healer and remover of curses and other abnormal effect among the teachers. It is rumored that teacher Arthur can remove any curse in the world, but I don't believe that, saying every would be too absolute, it is simply asking for an exception to show itself at the worst possible time, a death flag.

The student who was transformed into a frog, and then back to normal starts to shiver when he looks at me. Teacher Arthur just shakes his head looking very disappointed, I just give him an apologetic smile, I mean, something like this happen every year.

"Turning someone into a frog instantly? Isn't that a higher level than what expected from a student? Shouldn't we just let him pass the test with an increased score an call it a day, especially if he is someone from the Chaos Magic class."

"It is not like the normal spells or curses that are used to turn people into frog. Something else was at play, it was like a completely different kind of magic, fundamentally working on a different set of principle. Speaking of the Chaos Magic class, the best I can compare that with is Amedelia."

"So you mean another magic that does not work anything like normal magic, follow no principle and simply just work? The Chaos Magic class is really something huh? Always causing a headache for their teachers..." The man sighs.

"If turning people into frog is new than what was he known for before? I mean at this point we shouldn't be surprise students from Chaos Magic class keep on breaking expectation, I mean after a certain someone turns the sky around the world orange, I just accept that nothing is impossible, but gaining a new specialty all of a sudden is unusual."

"Well it is actually good for him, because before now his specialty magic is to cast a spell he calls goblin punch, which is literally an invisible punch like force that can be used point blank or at a distance despite his magic quality being so weak that it cannot be detected."

"Ah, that one."

"What is a goblin anyway?"

"Ahem. Let focus. The test has not started yet, let's see all what the students from the Chaos Magic class can do before making a decision. We don't want to be baited again like a certain someone did years ago. Alright, Arthur will stay on standby as usual, Xavier will oversee the test with the students from Chaos Magic class and other, and the rest of us can take shift with Xavier I guess."


My bro Gaben is the other person from our class who takes today class. He goes first to demonstrate his power. Usually his special set of magic allow him to materialize tree branch in thin air, or other wooden material. Today because the teacher in charge of the exam is Xavier, it is even more advantageous for him to show his stuff.

You see mister Xavier is really practical in his grading. As in, he grades you based on how well you do in a fight.

I would be worry if it was not for knowing that is just how mister Xavier is. The man is built like a tank, he is no knight in armor like teacher Arthur, but he is still respected by the other boys in school.

"Alright, show me what you got. Hit me."

"Alright teacher Xavier."

So saying Gaben drops a giant log of wood on mister Xavier.

The other thing about teacher Xavier's test is that he would use his body itself as the testing dummy for students' spells. It would be pretty dangerous and stupid if it was not for nobody being able to do a thing to him through out all those year.

Gaben's ability has always been the ability to materialize wooden item in thin air, it is extremely familiar to other class of magic and is not so different from any normal magic, however the only reason he is in Chaos Magic class is because he can only materialize wooden items just like I could only perform goblin punch until now.

Because we know this year it is mister Xavier who is the examiner, the class nominate Gaben who is the most compatible with mister Xavier kind of testing. It is not just about the offensive capability of sudden giant wooden log hanging over your head.

"Uwah? Wa ha ha ha ha ha ha"

So saying, teacher immediately defends himself by punching the giant wooden log that is approaching him rapidly. It is as thick as a house, like the oldest, most majestic tree in the forest, and harder than the normal wood. It is a good thing that the exam ground has a wide parameter for examination purpose or else it would have hit other students in the crowd. Sister Amedelia personally oversee Gaben's training just for this day as one specialist to another, though I don't actually know what the training entailed, since just yesterday Gaben still had trouble controlling the thing that come out of his magic, let alone its size, he has trouble seeing whether a twig or a lovely crafted wooden doll would result out of his magic.

The other reason we nominate Gaben to take the test is because teacher Xavier really like magic that has a physical aspect to it and magic that get him to get physical.

After finishing his destruction of the giant wooden log, teacher Xavier starts laughing satisfying and pats Gaben on the back.

"Ha ha. Good job. You pass with flying color my boy."

"/Cough. Ah thank teacher Xavier."

Well then, Gaben has done his part, it is my turn now.

"Alright. You."

I step up to the stage looking at the other students smugly. The new me is different now, I can turn you to frog and toad anytime...

...Even though it is only temporary and that I will probably suffer terribly for this when this event is over, the point is that it still count.

"Wait just a second." Suddenly teacher Xavier holds out his hand.

"You already demonstrated your 'Frog Song', I'm not Arthur and I ain't interested in being a frog, so is there anything else you can show me or are we done here?"

I nod at him and start preparing mentally. A list of spells start appearing in my mind, I start listing those that I can cast right now. The examination does not allow students to use mana potion at the exam, so technically me using the potions before the event is not cheating, technically. However it means that I can't recharge my mana after casting, so I need to think carefully about what spells to use to best demonstrate my ability.

There are a plethora of spells available to me currently, however many of those aren't impressive, especially for something like this. I currently don't want to kill myself for a sacrificial Blue Magic spells and I'm not sure there exists revival magic in this world so those are out. The Level spells are too arbitrary and because the concept of Level doesn't exist in this world, I don't know if it will work or not and I may make a fool out of myself in front of everyone, casting a single spell that cost all of my MP that doesn't work.

Teacher Xavier doesn't like turning into a frog, so I think turning him mini is also out of the question.

Finishing with my planning, I nod to teacher Xavier who gets into a stance. Though if it goes as plan it wouldn't even matter if he goes into his stance.

The most powerful low cost spell to use on any powerful enemies.


I yell.

Nothing happens.

Teacher Xavier raises an eyebrow

"I can feel something was going to happen, but it just fizzle out lad. You are not good at that specific spell yet."

The whole examination ground was silenced after my turning another person into frog ordeal and then immediately after me failing to cast a spell in front of everyone.

Ah it is this feeling. The RNG Gods are surely cruel.

So Missile can be one of the most powerful and versatile spell in my own opinion. There are plenty of powerful and cheesy spells in the Blue Magic category, and Missile belong to the cheesier side. What it does is that it divide your enemy HP by four ignoring thing like damage and or spells resistance. Unless the enemy specifically resist something like missile, it gets really ridiculous really fast when you realize that is a lot of monster it is useful on.

It simply divide them by four. Imagine a really big buff boss that you have trouble damaging them. But then you can simply divide them by four.

However there is always downside to a powerful and cheap spell like that.

It is reliance on the RNG Gods.

The odds are in my favor, but sometime it just simply does not work. That is why you have to cast it one or twice. But I don't have the luxury to do that currently. I mentally calculated that there is a possibility of failure, I can only cast one other high power low cost spell, if Missile succeed in the first time then it is good, however if it fails I doesn't have the luxury to gamble again in case the RNG Gods being really really cruel that day.

That is why I was always prepared of this possibility of failure.

I have prepared a second chance.

"Alright, it seems you're ready lad. Let's see what else you are trying to show me."

Without any other word, I went for the most powerful spell I can currently do.


I felt a huge drain on my body, but I know it is worth it, Aera does not sometime randomly fail just like Missile. It is comparable to spell like Fira and Thundara of the Black Magic line, a respectable standard offensive magic that is useful in any situation.

However what I didn't realize was...

A huge gust of wind starts flowing over the court yard aiming at teacher Xavier. It dishevels the carefully combed hair of some students watching as it passes by. However it was just a gust of wind, which dissipate upon contact with teacher Xavier, doing nothing more than disheveling his clothes.

Why God, why? Why do you do this to me?

Aera is actually a spell based on your own magic power. That is why it didn't work at the exam. I just wish I know sooner.

"Soup please."

Matthias was holding a bowl of soup to my face, with a spoon in one hand and a face full of rage. Matt is a friend, well a classmate, but classmate help each other in their time of need right?

"Eat it yourself."

I open my mouth wide, shape like an "ahhh" waiting for him.

"I say eat it yourself or I'm force-feeding you this fist."

"Hmm." I say, sitting up from my bed and start slurping my food. Currently I can only eat liquid food, and as one of the "heroes" of the Chaos Magic class this year, of course my treatment would be different than just Barb from the kitchen sneaking out a portion of soup for me. I got myself a nanny, a classmate as a nanny.

Our class got a good haul this year.

...Well sister Amedelia got new jewelries, but the rest all got what they wanted.

I want more potions provision.

Gaben and some girls want to start a gardening club and want a garden around our classroom.

The class agrees on needing a new library.

The best of all is that despite my floundering, both of us who took the test passed with flying color, that mean we got more than what we needed.

Sister Amedelia advises us to entrust our reward to a merchant guild.

"And has one of the teacher as the witness so that they won't cheat you. It is reliable not just because of their reputation, it is also because of our position. Cheating a wizard out of his money isn't something to be done easily, especially with a teacher as a witness. You should choose a medium side merchant guild in the city outside of the academy, not the biggest one because they are the one who could afford to actually cheat you and get away with it. Not the smallest one because when they perish, your money would be gone and it's no used asking money back from something that doesn't have any. You choose the medium side one because they are the one you can trust with your money, and they are also the one you can afford to pressure to get your money back when thing get awry."

Sister Amedelia smiles.

"You know how wizards become the most powerful creatures on earth? That's how. Invest in the future and then control that fund with an iron fist while other people work for you."

Both Gaben and I are actually more freaked out by the smile than without.

"Expand your investment until you actually own multiple competing merchant company in a city. Mortal laws don't effect us, we can do that as long as you are stealthy about it at first. Then you drive other business out of town until your are the only one left, after that do as you wish with the city unless another wizard try to interfere with you or the mayor ask for the school to interfere. That's why you should invest into the future by leaving them to operate their normal operation without interference. The merchant guilds grow and grow while the city prosper and the people don't have the excuse of a tyrannical ruling wizard to ask other for help."

She continues, unfazed by our reaction.

"See this necklace."

She shows off an embroided golden necklace with a brilliant red ruby as the center piece. It is beautiful, though I don't see its meaning.

"It's beautiful." Gaben says awkwardly

"It fits you sister Amedelia." I continue after him.

It does fit her. The light dark blue of her dress accentuate the red of the ruby. Actually when I saw the Ruby I immediately thought of how much it fits her long curvy light purple hair, it does not make sense, but I don't think I can look at the Ruby without thinking of sister Amedelia's hair.

"You have to know how to choose what to invest in." Sister Amedelia says smugly. Though she is kinda cheating though, she always look good in whatever clothes she chose, however as a person who work on color in every living breathing moment of her life, it is extremely easy to coordinate the color to fit her.

"However it is not about how beautiful this thing is." She says her eyes shining when looking down.

"It is about how this is a good investment."

"A piece of jewelry is a good investment?" I accidentally spurt out. Gaben quietly glances at me, asking if I am crazy. I return the glance saying it was an accident man.

Sister Amedelia pulls the necklace up.

"I will let you in on a little secret, in the near future, this thing I bought will worth more than 10 times its price."

The both of us look at each other. But how much did it cost her in the first place?

Sister Amedelia laughs.

That conversation aside, I choose not to do anything with the reward yet. It is the first time I have seen actual gold coin, well not the first, but it is the first time I have seen actual gold coins that belong to me. And it is a lot.

For now, I keep it in my smallbox in the warehouse. Talk about investment can be set aside for now. The way I see it, if I mature enough to leave the academy, I would want to travel the world.

However, currently...


"What are you sighing for? You are the one who has it easiest in class right now." Matthias says.

"I'm just thinking about traveling."

"Really? My brother is part of a merchant company that travel around a lot." Matt says before thinking of something. What is with all this merchant guild talk.

"Though if you are thinking of traveling, your best bet is to ask to accompany a company temporarily while they travel. It not safe for people like us to travel alone."

Technically, wizards are expected to be lone traveler who people encounter at the most fortunate time, or other mythical crap like that in one of the children book we boy in class read and laughed at one upon a time. However, this world is dangerous to travel. Bandits aside, there are monsters in this world. Though I don't think I can handle even bandits, I really really wanted to travel. It is just that I feel I have been too isolated from the beginning. Other people has family to return to, some who don't has memories of what the world outside is like before going to the academy. The only thing I have known was half a day traveling outside before being taken to the academy. This is literally all I have known. The memory of the host didn't even come with me. The only thing I know that my parents was hunters who died on a hunt.

I could ask my friends and classmates, however their version of the world should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Take Mathias for example.

Mister "The servants prepared a hot bath with soap bought from a foreign land for me every day because I happen to like the smell", when I asked him some questions about the outside world to see if it fits my vision of a fantasy world. Question like how do you bath for example. What do people eat every day? How do you entertain yourself?

Most of the time people just give me a weird look for those weirdly specific personal question.

Matthias isn't even the worst. Gaben listen in to his father's court for entertainment. Brew's family kills and prepares a deer for him everyday even though he can't eat it all "I grew sick and tired of deer and beef" he said. Watt's family's favorite hobby is counting gold coins.

I don't dare ask sister Amedelia.

I may not have memory of my past, but I distantly remember my childhood home not having a giant stone table as big as a yard, a bath, a luxurious dining room. In fact it was just a wood cabin. I don't think the normal people live like what they are describing.

And then I was the weirdo when I told them what my childhood home is like and that I think my parents are hunters.

"Magical hunters" Wyatt added.

"Probably disgraced noble coming from a fallen line." Matthias chirped in.

"Don't worry bro." Gaben patted my back consolingly.

"Goddamnit. I said it is not like that."

The point is that somehow most wizard come from royalty, Chaos Magic class students especially moreso for some reason. It is said that Chaos Magic class students are usually all descendants from famous wizard heroes in the past who carve out kingdoms of their own, and the reason for their strange power is because the blood of their ancestors run so strongly through them that it effects their magic. It is seen as a good thing and students graduated from Chaos Magic class are respected and feared by their kingdom when they make their return.

Though again, I don't see how anybody can be descendants of a legendary heroes in my class.

The words that my savior in the past used resonate strongly.

"Wizards are some of the strongest being."

Well it is more accurate to say that it is because they take all the ruling position isn't it? Should I be actually be worry about that?


"Soup please."

"Why you." Matt tries to strangle me with his eyes.

I really wanted to see more of the world.

I tried to get better by myself, I really did, but some time you have to rely on someone else, especially when it comes to illness.

Sister Amedelia introduces me to an underground medical facility run by students from medical class and water magic class. I wouldn't have go if I have any other choice, but I feel like actual shit after three days of being bedridden due to the mana potion side effect. I am good at keeping it to myself, but after many fits, I actually need someone to take care of me. We also need to keep a secret about my cheating, so sister Amedelia show me a solution.

The medical facility is actually just an old class room, with a few students standing guard. When I walk toward the door, three students stand in my way. They raise their hand and I can actual feel pressure from that simple gesture.


"Easy, easy." Sister Amedelia choose that moment to emerge out of the shadow. Actually she has been hiding behind my back the whole time, giggling the whole way for some reason.

All three guards stiffen upon the sight of her, while sister Amedelia has a mysterious smile grace her lips. It was as if she was a lion and in front of her are three frightened deer. I think I understand why she was giggling the whole way here.

"We already got reservation. You wouldn't lay a hand on my poor, ill, junior would you?" She blinks innocently at the trio and starts pinching their ears.

Ignoring their blight, I went forward and open the door to the classroom with trepidation. Sister Amedelia stays behind to play with the good looking students from the medical and water magic class.

10 pairs of eyes look at me when I come in, but they just went back to their business. It is just another medical class classroom in our academy. 5 row of tables are arrange neatly into makeshift bed so a few students can lie there and get their treatment. Row and row of medical potion and herbal remedy are stacked in the corner of the room. I would have went into the medical class to study how to improve my condition, but I am not qualified to do something like. I could only be in the Chaos Magic class from the beginning.

After looking around a while, someone finally signals me to come.

"Alright you are Azul Magia, from the Chaos Magic class, who has a preservation for the 10pm session. It's just about time so let's start with our session."

"Please just call me Azul." Magia isn't even my last name. It's just that when I got accepted to the magic academy, I didn't remember even the name of the people who I called parents let alone my last name. Magia is just a place holder name the school assigned for me, it means magician, Azul the magician.

I look over at my "doctor", she was a short petite girl with deep black hair, in the standard student uniform. Wait a minute. I would remember a shortstack like that anywhere, because it is rare to see people shorter than me around here.

It's Aisha. She is a famous water class magic student, famous in that she is one of the most prodigious students of the entire class.

Once upon a time in testing, she reattach a guy's arm who was recently detached due to an accident on the spot. She has never experienced something called failure in her academic career. From academic testing to practical testing, she was always the best.

The normal students from the other class is different from us Chaos Magic class students. They have standard testing, they have to learn and read a lot of book for their academic testing. They have to learn and performed all the spells they learn to perfection before passing. They are the real deal unlike us so to speak.

And she is their ace of ace.

I didn't expect someone like that to be involved with an operation like this, but guess what I know.

"So mister Azul, how can I help you?"

"I have been suffering because the side effects of overdosing on mana potions. Vomitting, fevers, weakness in the lower body, you name it. As well as a splitting headache, I just don't feel like doing anything, but I have to go back to my lesson soon."

"Alright, but first you did go through with our payment scheme already right?"

"I did already."

Sister Amedelia took care of the advanced payment, and all she took was a quarter of my reward. So much for helping your fellow students for free.

"You are thinking of something rude aren't you?" Aisha questions.

"We can't just run this operation with goodwill can we? Mrs. A runs a tight ship. If you can't pay, you shouldn't even be introduced here in the first place." Aisha smiles.

"When you say Mrs. A, you mean miss Amedelia aren't you?" Aisha looks scandalous when she hears my dry voice.

"Please don't talk about our founder like that. It's thank to her that this operation run smoothly and we got our chance to practice our medical skill."

Actually that person is right outside scaring innocent member of the students body.

I kinda guess it involved sister Amedelia when she oh so innocently introduce me to a place she know can treat my condition. Just like how she oh so innocently invite me to invest into a merchant guild she just happen to know. That woman took half of my reward money when I was most vulnerable.

"Alright, let do this." Aisha goes back to smiling. I don't understand, this girl looks beautiful, her grade is good, why did she even got wrapped in that shrewd old woman's scheme in the first place.

Aisha is the ace of the water magic class, she specialized in water healing magic, to the point that she can instantly reattach lost limp. Because of that, after she finished saying, a snake like water stream starts crawling all over me. That was only the start, then the snake suddenly completely engulf me, it was like being underwater, the water run over my skin feels cool for a moment.

Suddenly it was very warm, the water screen engulfing me warms up and change color. It was as if the water is sucking every bit of energy from me. I feel so tired, my skin, the part coming in contact with the water hurt. The water snake slowly turns into the color purple before disappearing from my body, leaving me alone.

"Treatment is complete. Thank you for your patronage." Aisha says suddenly.


"The extra magical energy circulating in your body causing problem has been removed. Usually it would have been purged by the body natural magic energy, but it was a strange case this time. However, no worry, I was able to completely remove it. Treatment is complete. Thank you for your patronage."

She stands up and starts smiling, causing another male student to stand up and escort me by force outside. Which cause that male student to freeze up when he meets sister Amedelia standing there smiling. I guess wizard may be the strongest creature on the planet but sister Amedelia belong to the top of the top of the predator huh.

What I did not know that day was how close I come to death by not being able to purge the mana potions taint by myself, but that is a story for another time.

Everything went back to normal thank to Aisha's help. I got extra warehouse duty due to skipping to much work. I went back to class as normal. I missed a couple of lesson, though as a man from the 21st century I can already do most math they are going to teach. I can't even use their magic so magic lesson are useless. Crafting lesson isn't getting interesting yet, so mostly I missed nothing. It is a consequences of not having standard testing like other class that I start being pessimistic about learning.

It helps lesson to be fun when there is no pressure though, I can do it on my own term.


Lately I have been helping sister Amedelia with her business.

I waited for a few students here and there, and then escort them to the secret classroom for treatment. It's easy work, and I got pay in mana potion since as students from medical class, Aisha and the pals have easy access to lots of potions. That is how they start this business in the first place anyway.

It's easy work...

However I'm afraid. I'm afraid that this whole thing is wrong. Should we really be doing this?

Lately, not just students, I'm escorting some adult from the outside. Grown men and women, always traveling in group looking quite serious, arriving under the guise of night. They arrived by carriage at just midnight at the gate of the academy, which was suspiciously empty during that hour, and left by carriage at around one in the morning. I always lost sleep those days. But sister Amedelia pays extra good, so I endure.

However I am also extremely suspicious of these groups from outside. Sometime it is the same group, sometime it is completely new people. So one of those night, I peeked into the class room during one of there session.

There are treatment going on, but only one person was getting treated. Every time it is the same, they travel in group, but usually only one or two people would get treatment, from Aisha only because she is the best of them all.

I don't know who they are. But it is okay I think.

During one of those long night, there was another party that arrived inconspicuously. They tried to act as anonymously as they could, all wearing robe, hiding their figure, but I could tell there was a specific trio who were really closed. In the healing room, they took off their robe, and I can finally see their features clearer.

It was obvious that the trio was a family. There was a girl, skin as pale as a ghost, she was creepily beautiful, an ethereal beauty, as if she does not belong to this world.

But she was anchored back to this earth by her parents. The girl clearly got her father eyes, and her mother hair. It seems to be the only thing real about her. The two elderly person was helping her walk gently. They clearly are her parents.

And then Aisha gets on with her treatment, I can literally see the paleness being bleached off the girl. And somehow she becomes less beautiful in my eyes, no more ethereal beauty, however she starts becoming "real" even as Aisha seems to become more and more ragged through out the treatment to the point that I was almost worry about her health, but the boys on guard in front of the door put a hand on my shoulder. They are professional alright. They have been through a lot of this.

At the end of the session, the girl looks completely normal. She is not exceptional, or extremely beautiful, but she is still a nice girl and she is healthy. Which is all that her parents want, they gave her an unabashed hug in the room with a tired Aisha in a corner, the water bleaching off the ground was pure black. It was disgusting and smell horrible, but after gaining a bit of her energy back, Aisha dematerialized them with a flick of her hand. The father's smile was pure joy, the mother was hugging the girl tightly in her bosom. Aisha just looks at the three and smiles.

I think that it is okay. As long as we are healing people, it is okay. That is what the other who also joined in this operation think to,... I think. As long as we are healing people, it is okay.

There was another thing that happened.

"The White tear of the North has been found and is currently inside the Magic Academy!" One day Matthias comes into the class and yells like that. The normally composed Matthias suddenly seems excited and full of energy.

I have never heard of that though. Before I could ask what the hell he is talking about, the class broke into noise, even the poor teacher in charge at the time seems hopeless. For some reasons, the teacher who is assigned to the Chaos Magic class always seems to be on the shy side. We need someone like teacher Xavier to kick the class into order. However that would make it harder to slack off so I ended that train of thought.

I whisper into Gaben's ears while he is talking with a cute girl from the gardening club in a way that make him extremely uncomfortable.

"What is the White tear of the North?"

"It is the most famous and precious diamond to ever existed." Despite the first few moments of awkwardness, Gaben starts talking excitedly about the White tear as if it was his famous bed time story.

...It is.

"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful female wizard in the north who ruled over the land of the north in her crystal palace. How great was her beauty? Well it is said that the snow of the north itself is a relic of the God who once tried to court her but was refuted. Respecting her decision, but not wanting to leave her side, he ended his life and turned into the snow itself to always be able to be with her, and can gently touch her skin even by accident. It is said that the snow only fall when the wizard feels sad, as it is the sign of the God trying to console her.

After so many men tried to court her, she became wary, she decided that in the end all men only lusted after her for her beauty. So from that day on, she started killing all men who come to court her. She froze them to death, one by one. And slowly no one come.

'Only the one who love me truly would risk death to try and find me'

She reasoned, and decided that since no one has come, what she had said once upon a time was true, that all men only 'love' her because of her beauty.

One day a man started climbing mountain Matill. He was an established wizard in the field of cyromancy so he easily survived the treacherous trap of mount Matill. And yet even he suffered as he lost one of his arm in the process.

The beautiful female wizard panic, and thought the man was just like the other. She intensified her spells, trapping the man in a never ending blizzard, after a month of fighting the blizzard, the man emerge at the top without even turning back despite her leaving him a way to leave.

Then she started raining hail stone down at him. Everytime she did so, she would make it clear that he can leave anytime he wanted. Despite that, he continued, losing an eye in the process.

Then she started making it cold, cold enough that the air itself froze off, an absolute chill. An unassailable zone. The man trudge on using his knowledge of cryomancy, losing his leg in the process.

She panicked and then did something unthinkable after seeing the unfamiliar shadow of a man approaching her crystal palace. He was going to defile her, she thought, he was going to get his revenge.

And that is why she casted an eternal spells. No one know what an eternal spell is nowaday you see, it is an old magic, but it is said that it is the only unstoppable magic, once cast, there are no way to stop it, except... if you kill the caster that is. But if you can't there is no stopping the eternal spell, whose effect is eternal.

But he is so close, surely she can't cast it in time. However, she rationalized it as.

"If he love me he would let the spell go through, and prove that there is someone who love me enough to die for me, if he was going to defile me, than I might as well as die right here and then, and finally prove that love is dead."

However the figure that arrived was extremely familiar to her.

The reason he can get through all her spells and traps, the reason he was motivated enough to go get her even risking his limbs and life.

The man was her brother, he was family.

When he heard his sister had closed herself up on a lonely mountaintop he was extremely worry and risk his life to see her. But when he saw her, and what she was doing he was resigned.

"I just want to see you happy."

He said moment before taking the full brunt of the eternal spells before his sister's horrified face.

In the end even if no one love you, you still have your family. The people who truly worry about you, but in the end the icy queen of the North was too selfish to realize that. Her brother turned into an eternal ice statue, never melting, never leaving this world, an eternal symbol of love, familial love.

It is said that the snow was especially heavy that day and in the morning, the mist was cleared of mount Matill and the queen was no more, as well as the statue of her brother who love her enough to die for her.

There was only a strange stone lying on the ground, the first diamond ever existed. From that day on diamond started appearing in the world. It is said that diamonds are the regretful tears of the icy queen of the North raining down on the world, however the first are especially special, it symbolizes that love is not dead, and is the tear of the sister for her brother. It becomes the White tear of the North and the female became the guardian of the North. It is said that if any female was to wear the white tear, they would find their true love. It is why the preferred betrothal gift for a queen of a kingdom is a piece of diamond, as a stand in for the white tear. And that is also the reason why diamonds have many application in cryomancy."

So this world has a scam going on to sell diamond at an extremely high price.

"That is a nice legend. The girl in the story is extremely foolish."

"It is not a legend."


"Though the time scale is not determined yet, it was determined that there was a period where diamonds did not exist. The White Tear of legend was an actual legendary item that exist too, it was the heirloom of the northern kingdom Saraven, passing down from princess to princess hoping that they would find their true love. It is the most powerful focus item in history when it comes to ice magic. It is said that even in the hand of a simpleton who know a little bit of ice magic, they would become strong enough to repel an army with a horrific blizzard. It is why Saraven used to be the most powerful northern kingdom to exist, still is, but not as much."

Gaben quips in delight at something.

"It got lost during a transitional period." He then slaps his hands on the table in anger.

"I can't believe they would lose such a legendary item."

"And now they find it. Is that why everyone is making it out to be such a big deal?"

"Are you kidding it is one of the most famous story ever. There are plays and story books and everything, at every store and every kingdoms. I can't believe such an item of legend would be here. If I can get my hand on it, I woul-" Wyatt chooses that moment to butt in. He is also as excited as Gaben was, and it seems Wyatt's home town is close the the North so this story is even close to home for him.

"It is only a rumor that it is inside the academy. Don't make it difficult for your teacher, students."

Suddenly at that moment a shadow starts looming over the three of us, causing me to fall over backward. I know choosing the table next to the door was a bad idea.

It is teacher Arthur who appears at that moment. He is decked head to toe in full armor, and behind his back strapped a giant shield that is almost as big as he is tall.

"Class is over. Every class go back to their dorm while the teachers sort out the mess this rumor has caused." He tells everyone in the class with that deep, commanding voice of his. Everyone instantly cower and slowly make their way to dorm.

However I look back at teacher Arthur, if it was just a rumor than why is he in such a hurry that he comes and meets us in full armor?
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I was getting jittery and nervous even when we march back to our dorm.

"Hey where is sister Amedelia?" I suddenly realize and ask the group.

"I saw her go with the teacher a while back." One of the mate says back.

It is alright then, if she is with the teacher. But why would sister Amedelia goes with the teacher?

I suddenly remember her words a few weeks back.

She shows off an embroided golden necklace with a brilliant red ruby as the center piece. It is beautiful, though I don't see its meaning.

"It's beautiful." Gaben says awkwardly

"It fits you sister Amedelia." I continue after him.

It does fit her. The light dark blue of her dress accentuate the red of the ruby. Actually when I saw the Ruby I immediately thought of how much it fits her long curvy light purple hair, it does not make sense, but I don't think I can look at the Ruby without thinking of sister Amedelia's hair.

"You have to know how to choose what to invest in." Sister Amedelia says smugly. Though she is kinda cheating though, she always look good in whatever clothes she chose, however as a person who work on color in every living breathing moment of her life, it is extremely easy to coordinate the color to fit her.

"However it is not about how beautiful this thing is." She says her eyes shining when looking down.

"It is about how this is a good investment."

"A piece of jewelry is a good investment?" I accidentally spurt out. Gaben quietly glances at me, asking if I am crazy. I return the glance saying it was an accident man.

Sister Amedelia pulls the necklace up.

"I will let you in on a little secret, in the near future, this thing I bought will worth more than 10 times its price."

The both of us look at each other. But how much did it cost her in the first place?

Sister Amedelia laughs.

I tried to remember details about the ruby. Actually I have never seen an actual ruby before, but I don't think a ruby would look like sister Amedelia's would it? It is a brilliant red, so brilliant that I almost thought it was not real. It was as if it was designed to perfectly fit sister Amedelia. And actually most people think of a red jewelry when they think of a ruby wouldn't they? Because we were not used to jewelry sister Amedelia could show it to us two, Gaben and me, but would someone other who know their stuff realize that it is actually somehow a diamond that was tainted red?

It is plausible isn't it. as someone who could change the colors of anything without leaving a trace, couldn't she just change the color of the White Tear and hides it as a ruby?

All of that however at the end of the day is still just a theory. I'm not even sure the piece of jewelry sister Amedelia has is the White Tear, all of these are really some wild theory crafting.

However I think to myself...

It is possible isn't it?

"Azul where are you going?" Matthias as the leader of the group notice me leaving the group and heading to another direction starts calling out.

"To the warehouse. I'm getting my stuff since this seems it's going to be long."

Matthias nods, he also realizes that something is wrong. If this event is going to be as big as everyone thought, as in literally one of the most powerful artifact of legend being rediscovered, who know how long they are going to be under house arrest. Even the other classmates are also getting restless. They all realize that there is something more going on.

"Could it be...?"

"Could the White Tear really has been discovered again?"

Normally sister Amedelia is in charge of getting everything under control, but she is not here today and Matthias is going to have his hand full with everything going on, and he also knows I'm not someone to cause trouble, so he nods and gives me the go ahead.

"Yes. But take Gaben with you just to be sure."

The two students who aced the examination this years from the Chaos Magic class. In the end, even if something was to happen, the two of us is the best to handle it is what he probably thought.

Though what he doesn't know is that currently I can't do magic. That is why I need this trip to the warehouse for future proofing.

"Stay safe you two."

"No worry, I will keep him safe." Gaben jokes.

I hope everything will go well.


I have seen one before though only from afar. It was less scary because at the time it was being beaten down by teacher Arthur. If you ask me whether dragons are scary or not?...

Well, seeing is believing and what is currently in front of me is the scariest thing that I have ever seen.

"Azul! Run!"

Gaben is in one corner, holding back the falling ceiling with a giant tree logged in between. He is trying to say something, but I can't hear because currently I...

"ARGHHHHHH!" I scream holding my ears, blood is flowing out of them. And everything was just going so well minutes ago.

Gaben and I was just standing in the academy's warehouse. Everything was still safe while I unload two boxes of mana potions and took them back to the dorm. Gaben even questioned why I needed that many potions, but suddenly I can't hear anything anymore.

It was just like a giant explosion going off, something put heavy pressure on my eardrums, and just like that something burst.

The entire ceiling right above us was torn apart right in front of my eyes. Strong wind blew debris in every direction. The wind blew me aside straight into a supporting wall. Right at the beginning, Gaben was the one who reacted the fastest, he put up a giant wooden log to block the ceiling falling down as well as it acting as a shield from the wind for him.

I think it is the heavy wind and the loud sound from the ceiling literally being torn apart that did me in. The last thing I saw was a behemoth of a dragon.

Its shadow cover the entire warehouse, and our school warehouse is kinda THE warehouse. I don't know how big that dragon is but its shadow alone covered hundreds of yards and its wingbeat killed my ability to hear.

Lesson learned, dragons are scary, do not even think of fighting them.

So saying I collapse from the pain.

It is strange, even though the light is being taken from my eyes, I can still see the dragon. The black behemoth is moving its lips, it is as if it is saying something.

Suddenly there is a hot stinging pain right over my cheek, causing me to be startled awake. My entire being is surprised at being awaken. The face that await me was someone I was not expecting to see.

"Are you alright? Get up now."

It was Aisha, literally dragging me up from where I'm lying down. Currently I'm disoriented and confused, but she didn't even give me a moment to catch my breath, she takes my hand and starts dragging on it, the both of us are running somewhere. I have half the mind to resist, but at that moment I was too weak to think of doing so.

Suddenly we accelerated in way I did not know I could do, I suddenly see the direction we are accelerating at. There was a bunch of students and teachers standing in waiting. One student in particular who I don't recognize is casting magic, and then I realize he is casting magic on us, a yellow gentle light is surrounding Aisha and me, and it is dragging us into safety at quicken pace.

In moments we are in safety with the students and other teachers.

"Alright is there anyone else?" Aisha suddenly asks.

Another student I don't recognize suddenly speaks up.

"No more. There are no more life sign in the vicinity."

Still confused and disoriented, I still remember something.

"Wait what about Gaben? He was with me."

I say, but then remember the circumstances of our parting. Oh shit, don't tell me he-

"If you mean the other Chaos Magic student with the tree power who partake in this year exam, teacher Arthur already rescued him."

I breathe a sigh of relief. But wait-

"Wait, then why was I still lying there?" I ask the crowd, confused.

"More than likely he were thinking you were dead and cut the loss. We would too if we didn't have someone from the Healing Magic class with strong detect life magic." Aisha cuts in bluntly causing me to pale. The thought of me being so close to death almost cause me to puke..

"What happened?" I finally ask, seeing all the students from the Healing Magic class standing so close together. There was a few teachers too so I assume it is teachers from the Healing Magic class. How do I recognize students from Healing magic class? At this point I have mostly known most of them thank to the night business. But still I can't figure why they would be here.

"A silver dragon attacked the school. Us students from the healing magic class was mobilized to help with the situation because the dragon specifically targeted buildings and then takes it rampage there, destroying its whole. This behavior is unlike anything before from dragon, it is as if it is trying to cause as much damage as possible...

Or it just really hate large building. The end result is still lots of damage to both the facility and the students body. We are here to heal as many as we can."

"But where is the other teacher like Arthur and Xavier? Doesn't our academy has a ward?"

"Do you think they aren't doing anything while this happened? They are already doing everything that they could." Aisha says with her mouth curls down.

"It's just that this dragon isn't interested in a fight, it just drags the fight everywhere in the school campus, and they are trying to contain the damage. Now then, you could just stay with us while we mobilize, or keep your head down." Aisha continues, losing her patience.

I am honestly at a loss for word, everything is that serious?

No, the fact that I was almost dead is serious enough. As if a chill just descends out of nowhere, I hug myself slightly.

After that, I make myself busy and help the Healing Magic class with carrying their supplies while we move. One in a while I could hear the teacher talking with no one in particular while the blue light of magic lighted up, so I can guess that at least we are coordinating with other teachers, or at least we are moving out of the way of the dragon.

Suddenly the teachers order us to stop, and then as if simultaneously, every single one of us reacts as one to an all invading hideous voice.


The shadow of the dragon flew over us with a shadow trailing it, and all of us almost screams in surprise. It is the silver dragon being chased by teacher Arthur. However the dragon isn't interested in waiting for teacher Arthur to catch up to it, it flies in a circle before diving suddenly, destroying a building in the process.


We can all hear what it is saying as it rummage through the remains of the building in front of us.

Suddenly all the teachers present start preparing their staffs and spells. I was surprised, seeing that everyone is preparing for attack, I eye the mana potion supplies I was carrying. Should I do it too? Do they need this more? This is literally the healing squad here, would these potions make the different between life and death of some other students.

While I was conflicted, suddenly a hand touch my arms to stop me from doing anything.

This time I actually jump back in surprise. It is sister Amedelia, making a surprise appearance in her normal students uniform.

"Don't bother. No dragon younger than 400 years old could talk. And if it is a dragon more than 400 years old..."

She doesn't bother to finish her sentence and wait for the firework to start.

Hundred stream of light was headed for dragon, water snake, fire stream, raging wind, literal magic energy itself.

All the teachers and students in the room fire off every thing they could as a response to a giant big dragon in front of them. I find myself wondering, so this is how true wizards work, no hesitation or doubt in their power. It is do or die, unlike the unreliableness of us students from the Chaos Magic class.

It is also then that I realize why the dragon could rampage like that in the academy ground without any repercussion.

Every magic that touches that brilliant silver scale disappears as if nothing happen.

I turn to look at sister Amedelia in horror. What do we do now? But at that moment there is no sign of fear on sister Amedelia's face.

She is looking intently at the dragon, her face sprung up in focus.

And then suddenly the dragon starts moving back and fro before falling and hitting its whole body on the ground. It looks like it keeps trying to move, but like a drunk man without balance, it just keeps falling.

It spreads its wings, trying to fly up, but then in a strange turn of events it flies into a nearby wall, destroying the wall completely but the dragon was not able to take fly.

"Now we can retreat safely." Sister Amedelia says in satisfaction.

"Arthur. It is blind. Kill it now." She yells at an approaching shadow with glee. It is teacher Arthur approaching rapidly. He looks worse for wear but at the same time, he is fine.

I breathe a sigh of relief. Are we really fine now?

"Are you sure we should be standing here?"

After the dragon was disoriented, teacher Arthur finally manages to damage its wings, but it is the only thing he did. The scale of the dragon was too hard for teacher Arthur's swords.

I realize that teacher Arthur models himself as a knight in shining armor, but I didn't realize he literally fights with his sword in a world with wizard and range attack. However thank to that his sword manage to damage the wing enough to ground the silver dragon. Thinking back the last time he fought a dragon is also with a sword, so I guess he really is "sword magician", but I would prefer the title "knight" more.

Teacher Arthur uses 3 swords interchangeably. One was a green sword that seems to heal his wound. Another was a shiny silver sword that he uses to jab into the dragon's wing, damaging it but causing it to be stuck there. The last sword he uses was comically big and thick and doesn't seem to have an edge at all, he uses it to bash the thing most of the time. It looks like a brightly colorful toy hero action figure would carry around, painted bright red and silver. The most absurd thing was how he carries himself around in the first place carrying three swords like that, but I realize he doesn't really use the green sword, it is just a tool that seems to passively heal him when he carries it around, even now he mostly straps it to his back.

At first teacher Arthur still has his tower shield, however after realizing his approach the dragon start thrashing wildly, knocking it out of the way. It was too bulky and cumbersome so it can't be helped. So currently teacher Arthur is using his giant sword as a shield.

Suddenly the silver dragon starts breathing fire, I was almost breathless seeing that, but teacher Arthur calmly raise his giant comical brightly color sword and blocked off the fire. It was as if the fire itself was redirected when it tries to get through the sword.

"The dragon is resistant to normal magic. Arthur can handle himself, but if this battle drag out for too long, it will be too troublesome for him. We as students of the Chaos Magic class are perfect for this situation."

Sister Amedelia gathers me and Gaben, the two other students from Chaos Magic class present.

"Chaos Magic is unpredictable and sometimes ignores things called laws, if it is resistant to normal magic, we can try our magic."

I glance at sister Amedelia who continues her explanation.

"Did you use your magic on it?" I ask her.

"Yes." She glances back at my question and looks at my sullen expression.

In truth I have seen her doing something to that effect a long time ago.

Three male students from another class was picking up on Wyatt, Gaben and me while we were still small. Sister Amedelia was always the same, she intervened as the senior of the class.

However even as young as we were, we knew it is not fair. Three men picking on one, and we as men cannot do something about it. I remembered Wyatt yelling something about that effect, however the next moment all three delinquent students are on the floor. They started spasming, two of them kept trying to stand up but the only thing they managed to do was falling down and hitting their head against the floor again and again. That day I learned that women can really be scary, sister Amedelia moreso.

However no matter how scary sister Amedelia is I still can't stand this, all this secrecy, all this magic that can down a dragon that is resistant to magic. Sister Amedelia was the same when I entered the Chaos Magic class ten years ago. Just how old is she really? Sister Amedelia is all about money, sister Amedelia is about secret shady deal, sister Amedelia is all about mystery. And that mystery is scary. The fact that she is asking us to face a dragon that almost killed both of us is unreasonable.

"I only paint over the dragon's eyes." Sister Amedelia continues with a gentle voice.

"Azul. Listen to me. Do you trust me?" She suddenly asks.

I look at her for a moment, remember all the years back sister Amedelia has been taking care of me.

I reluctant nod my head.

At the end of the day, even if sister Amedelia is mysterious, even if she is scary, sister Amedelia is still sister Amedelia.

I look back at Gaben next to me who was all determined a long time ago. Well he was not the one who was left for death for an undetermined amount of time, but whatever. Finally I look back at sister Amedelia in determination.

"As long as it is not too dangerous."

Sister Amedelia nods back.

"Teacher Arthur would be the one holding it back but there are students from the Healing Magic class to pull you out, I believe you already experienced it one."

I nod.

"Then if you are ready... Drink." She suddenly takes out a handful of mana potions to my surprise.

"I know the amazing magic you pull was related to mana potions. Only when you are overdosed on mana potions can you use your advanced magic was it? The side effects are very nasty, especially for a relapse, but we have an advanced line up of students from Healing and Water magic class here. You can use to heart content, show me what you got."

Wait, what that about relapse?

Putting aside that for now and putting on a brave face I unsteadily take the potions off her hand. There are around 30 in total, and judging by last time 20 would be enough for my starting kick. Right then, 10 would be in reserve to fill up my reserve. I have a plan of action based on the information at hand. I know that I can at least do something, however just looking at the dragon from a distance away is enough to send a fear of death up my spine.

It is like looking down at a bottomless abyss and wondering what it is like to fall down. It would be very painful, I think so even as I put my hands on my ears.

Aisha is a great healer, I almost notice no different from before and after, however I know for a fact that it happens. I can say that I die one, even though the dragon was not interested in finishing the job, and was more interested in ransacking the warehouse in search of the White Tear.

As someone who has never had to do something like this before it is hard, especially after such a hard day.

However I look over to Aisha and the healing party, faces that I know from our shady dealing, they are having an even harder day. I guess that I should be thankful that I have such good medical care after "death".

Gripping the potions, I start chucking down exactly 20 potions down my throat, expliciting surprise from the Healing party from afar. I know, I know this is not medically approved.

It also taste like shit, for some reason the first time I did it I didn't taste anything, but the second time it tastes bitter. I look over sister Amedelia, or is it because this cheapskate gives me some of the cheaper alternative? Ignoring the silly thought in my mind, I try and finish my overdosing session. I almost choke up and spit it out several time but it manages to hold.

I nod at Gaben, who is doing who know what, however I got my own plan.

"So does it negates all magic or does it just lessen it?" I ask sister Amedelia one last time to finish up my strategy.

"From what I know, it is just like an armor. The Silver Dragon breed is rare in that its scale can resist magic just like armor with physical attack. It is quite expensive an item, rarely appears on the market. Some nobles try to have armor made out of Silver Dragon scale, however it is always the scale of a child, not an adult. This is an adult dragon, so whatever offensive magic you are going to use, expect it to lose effectiveness or simply not work."

"I was not planning to use any offensive magic anyway." Because even if the dragon was not resistant, my magic is not high enough to matter in the first place, those spells will simply do no damage.

If I have Doom all of this could have been easier, however for some reason one of the most useful blue magic spell is denied to me. It is gray out in my mind. I cannot access it.

I still remember its description from other material, it could have been the most powerful spell I could use in this world.

To plunge my hand into the thread of destiny and pluck out my target thread of life causing their life to end like the Fate of old could have been the most powerful thing I could do. However for some reason the moment I entered this world, it was denied to me. I'm not a pessimistic, you play the deck life hand you with.

"Frog Song." I start my strategy by casting Frog Song and preparing a mana potion in my hand. As expected nothing happened, even though I know teacher Xavier himself is afraid of being turned into a Frog, there is something called resistant in game, and I believe it is the same in this world too. Resistant to strange effect like being turned into a frog. I kinda expect a dragon to be resistant to being turned into a frog, they would lose their image in my mind if they do that. The image of a noble dragon being turned into a frog is just too much for me.

Just for testing, I cast Frog Song two more time to see if he is truly resistant to being turned into a frog, because if he is not, this will end very quick. However it does not stick, so I move on.

"Tiny Song" I move on in the spell list. However right after casting Tiny Song, I can feel my body draining away, just like the day of examination. This is the feeling of mana drainage, so I immediately drink another mana potion, hoping to keep me on this high for a while more before the side effect kick in.

Just like Frog Song I cast Tiny Song two more time to be sure. Just like Frog Song, Tiny Song would have ended everything right then and there if it works. The dragon would have turned into a miniature version of itself and would be easier to handle. It is less useful than Frog Song in that even if a magic caster turned tiny, a magic caster is still a magic caster and can cast spell in their tiny form, unlike Frog Song turning them completely into a frog without any magic or ability to defend themselves. Because of its less usefulness I was hoping that it would get through, as a compensation thing, but it just does not stick.

A roar startles me on the spot. My heart goes hundred beats a second, however I reassure myself, teacher Arthur is still holding the thing back. I am still safe.

Actually couldn't I just say I tried while stalling hoping that teacher Arthur would win? I mean teacher Arthur already win against a dragon once.

However I actually want to do something this time. I want to do something by myself, to prove myself? It's a selfish reason, but I really want to prove myself.

Next, it is already blind so Flash is useless I think.

"Timeslip" I scream at the top of my lung.

Suddenly the image of a witch on a broom appears in my mind. In game Blue Magic is the Magic of monster, and the reason a caster is able to use them is because they copy the monster that use the magic.

The monster who represent Timeslip in my memories is a strange witch on a broom, except the broom is a laughing moon and everything about her whole design is just like a fever dream. When I was playing as a child, using my imagination and seeing character design and ability I would assign random lore to them, like seeing someone riding on the moon in the sky, I would think that she is one of the stronger/stranger monster who control time. To me she best represent the strangeness of wizard. She rides on the moon and randomly causes your time to slip away but at the end of the day she is still human and can be beaten.

Suddenly that image rises up strongly in my mind, I can imagine myself laughing like a witch, well just copying sister Amedelia of course, but for a moment I am laughing like a witch. Like the Traveler my Timeslip memories come from.

And then suddenly it works.

The beautiful silver scale turned gray, pale deathly gray. The gray that is closed to death. The Dragon is old now.

Suddenly teacher Arthur's sword breaks through those scale while they weren't able to before.

The Silver Dragon slowly turns from a respectable specimens of its species to an even older powerful dragon, however it is not allowed to stay there, it has to be even older. The horror of seeing time slipping away from you is to see yourself growing old and ineffectual. Even moving is hard for your age, even your skin pale away.

Everyone present suddenly realizes it.

"All out attack now." Sister Amedelia suddenly yells seeing a chance.

Its scale should not work now, now that it is old.

It is an old dragon. It has lived an eventful life. It has forgotten more than what most dragons know in their entire lifetime. And then it is just tired. The brood are all grown up now, with their own brood.

"Grandpa, wake up grandpa." If it could it would have woken up and slap that oh so bothersome whelp with its tail, it does not allow no one, not even its brood to talk that way to it. They have to refer to it by its tittle. The ruler of the Silver Dragon mountain, named after it after it has taken root there. It was an easy job wooing the broodmate with the White Tear it has taken off some human's academy.

Now that it remembers, everything seems so fleeting, so small.

But right now it is sleeping, so forget the long meaningful past, forget the little annoying whelp.

"Leave your grandfather alone, little Whelp. The old one always falls asleep." It moves a little from its resting place hearing the familiar voice of its brood. It has had the mind to slap the impudent little shit too. That one is the only to never leave the nest. And then it has the guts to start its own brood here. The Silver Dragon can barely tolerate it when it was young, if it wasn't for it being the Silver Dragon's spawn, it would have been dead a hundred times over by other dragons' claw. However it is family all the same.

"Sleep well father. Sleep well." And then the little shit whispers in his ears as if a great dragon like him would ever need someone to take care of him.

And then it falls into a slumber again.

Great. Sleep is good.

And then as sudden as it started it was awoken from its dream by a horrible tearing pain on its neck.

Wait a moment, it is still young. The young lord Silver Dragon still has its life ahead of it.

Wait a moment-

The moment the all out attack was called, its effect is immediate. The teachers present are vicious, none of the students can even compare to what they did. Chunks of flesh was carved out along with the scale using their magic, then another teacher cast a spell that seems to jab earth needles into the bleeding wound, her goal is not to just damage it, but to spread the wounds, making it harder to heal by leaving chunk of dirt inside the dragon body. And then the wound was sear over with flame as hot as dragon flame. Hundred blades of wind tear the dragon apart.

They did more damage than teacher Arthur ever did in that small amount of time, however if it was not for teacher Arthur stalling for time, would they even be able to that?

The strangest thing of all is that they never even one consider teacher Arthur standing in the crossfire, searing flame, wind blades, earth needles were being thrown with wild abandon, without caring about hitting the only friendly who is literally wrestling with the dragon there.

Yet even though all the attacks seem indiscriminate, none of them seems to bother teacher Arthur. I have a feeling all the staff members know this before they released all their attack at one.

It's working but not fast enough. At this rate the dragon will die from its wounds, but it will suffer a bit more before dying because none of the teachers can lay down a killing strike. None of them are strong enough to do that.

One person is though.

Teacher Arthur, after recovering his silver sword that was stuck on the dragon's wing start advancing slowly on the unmoving dragon. Maybe it is a mercy act, maybe it is because he wants to end this as quick as possible to avoid complication, it doesn't matter. What matter is the fact that he is attempting to decapitate a dragon whose shadow cover entire warehouse, and is big enough to not die immediately after being hit with a combine barrage from every teacher present at the scene.

Yes, the man aims the sword right at the dragon's neck. It is a comical act since both the man and sword is like a dot compares to the dragon, but raises his sword he did. And then with a kick at the ground, he reaches the peak of his jump and then starts falling down straight at the dragon.

I realize the reason he uses the silver sword is because it is his sharpest sword, it is the same sword he uses to ground the dragon in the first place. But I don't see how it could do anything to a being of such scale.

I eat my words the next moment when a horrible tearing wound appears on the silver dragon neck right as the silver sword touches it. The wound expands even as teacher Arthur falls, blood starts spilling, though nothing as comical as a geyser, it still bleed enough to taint both teacher Arthur and the sword. Teacher Arthur stops in mid air when the resistance seems too much, I can't see his expression, but the next moment the tearing wound continues to expand. It looks as if he could actually decapitate it. 'He is going to make it' is what goes through the mind of everyone.

However what happen next can only be described as a miracle, a horrible horrible miracle. It is the only thing to describe how the dragon whose neck was cut half way through starts fighting back.

Its head is lolling to the side like a broken doll due to teacher Arthur's action. Its whole body is unsteady due to the myriad of wounds.

And yet, and yet... It flicks teacher Arthur to the side just right before its neck is completely cut through. It starts flipping to the side, ignoring its wounds, kicking up the debris and dirt from the ruined building at the direction of me and the other. Surprised at its tenacity, the teachers hastily put up a barrier make out of earth, water and other to protects their students.

"It is casting a spell." Someone from the crowd yells. At that moment, seeing the change in situation, I quickly try to hustle back to the teachers' side for safety. I signal the student from the Healing Magic class in charge of getting me to safety, however currently he is too transfix by the battle at hand that he did not see.

Aisha did though, and soon enough I feel something like a cold wet hand dragging me toward the crowd of teachers putting up the barrier. It is not the fancy quicken magic I know of previously, it is in fact literally just a hand make out of water dragging me to safety, but I am thankful for it.

"Disrupt it Gaben!" At that moment I can hear sister Amedelia's voice, somehow she is already over at Gaben's side giving instruction. In this battle the one who is in charge from the start is sister Amedelia, the one who moves from place to place the most is also her. Just for today, she has her work ahead of her.

A giant log of wood, as big as a house, just like at the examination starts appearing over the dragon head. Gaben's face is in full concentration, I look at him with a happy expression, this could be the finishing shot. However the dragon is just faster. In moment a gentle light appears all over its body and the dragon shrinks. I was surprise at why it would do something so counter intuitive, even if that would help it dodge the giant log of wood Gaben is going to drop on it, it is just going to make itself an easier target wouldn't it? My jaw was quickly on the floor when the dragon starts discarding its skin just like a snake, except it burst right out of its old skin, revealing a much smaller stature and an unharmed body.

How the fuck does that work?

"Transformation magic." Sister Amedelia utters in surprise at that moment.

Its wounds have disappeared just like magic, because it is exactly magic. Goddamnit, why must life be this hard?

I am ashamed to say that at that moment I lose all my resolve. Ignoring all that I could do, my knees give out, I was on the ground shaking, helpless.

The dragon roars angrily. It is looking at us. Straight at the students and teachers party.

It is as if the dragon realizes that it was one of us that did it in like that.

"I-it's not working." Gaben says.

"I-I'm not going to die again." I say, turning my body and try to run, at any directions that would let me get away.

"Not my fault. Not my fault. Not my fault." I hear sister Amedelia mutters.

The dragon breathes fire. It is as if my world was blacked out for a moment due to my fear.

At that moment however, a green light descends on us.

"As long as I'm here, you are not doing anything more, Dragon."

And then my fear disappears. My mind is clear, I'm more compose than ever. I eye the dragon and start formulating what is the best thing to do at that moment. It is not as if fear disappears completely, it is just that at that moment I am able to put that aside for a moment to do what I have to do. I curiously look over to all my fellow and realize that they are all like me.

A green light descent on all of us. Teacher Arthur finally discards his comically large sword and takes out the green sword strapped on his back, it is not healing him anymore, however I realize it is healing us. Giving us courage, like a battle cry that rally everyone.

Because the dragon swaps to a new body, it has gained back its sight. Sister Amedelia steps up and immediately does her thing, disorienting it. Because of my hyper focus mind, I realize what she is doing in clear details. The entirety of the dragon's eyeballs turn black, there aren't any white left in its eyes. It does not stop there, the color keeps changing, from black to pink to dark blue to green.

I nervously realize why some of the people sister Amedelia did this to start spasming. She didn't give any of her victim epilepsy did she?

Because of what she did, the dragon starts losing its balance.

Teacher Arthur jumps at the dragon like a demented man with a sword and starts swinging. However this time he is doing damage.

"It is weaker than before." He yells.

"We can do this." His voice is like a confidence boost to all of us. Everyone is preparing something. I am quicker though, my mind is clear.

"Missile." A two syllable word is faster than what anyone can do. At this moment I feel an euphoria that permit my very being. It was the third mana potions I have consumed not counting the one I use to kickstart my magic energy. The taste does not matter anymore at that moment, because it allows me to do this.

I realize that Blue Magic is magic of monsters, but can a machine be called a monster? And can a literal missile be considered magic?

If a machine is considered a monster, than the gun and missile it uses would be considered its magic is the logic behind this spell.

Everyone present turns to look at the giant magitech missile appearing in thin air, temporarily forgetting the battle at hand. If I remember right the first moment Missile appears in game is when the party is fighting a giant flying magitech fortress city. The city send out "monster" that is just its gun and the "monster" start firing Missile.

The thing that appears in front of me is a building size missile.

I stare nervously at the construction that is appearing in front of me.

If I'm not wrong the firing of a missile of such size would kill everyone involved here, basing on the energy required to make it fly, especially me who is so close to the thing.

A mantra of "It's alright. It's just a magitech missile not a real missile. It's just a magitech missile not a real missile" starts reverberating in my ears.

As if in slow motion, I see the missile launches. I breath a sign of relief when the missile didn't even disturb the wind when it passes. At least it is not going to kill everyone involve with sonic boom.

But then the missile accelerates and disappears right in front of everyone. It accelerates right into the dragon with incredible speed as if it has disappeared.

In the next moment a horrifying screeching sound was heard by everyone despite how large the entire school ground is. Large winds blow everyone off their feet. An incredible explosion occur at the impact point, temporarily obscuring it.

Everyone is silent for the moment, waiting for the mist to disperse.

The dragon figure slowly appears, its body is destroyed in way hard to describe. The only thing left intact is its head. The only thing I could say is that the spell does exactly what it is supposed to do, it leaves behind exactly 1/4 of a living dragon.

The Silver Dragon that has a long life in front of it remembers the reason for why it fights.

There is a mate with beautiful white scale that it fancies. The female dragon tells it about the White Tear, of how beautiful it would look, of how wonderful it would be to have it.

The Silver Dragon at the time was wondering how it would be like to start a brood with that beautiful white scale mate. And then the brood would grow up to have broods of their own, but there would always be this one hatchling who never left its nest who stay with the Silver Dragon. And then the one weak hatchling would start a brood with a blue dragon, creating many whelp that bother the Silver Dragon.

And then the Silver Dragon would grow old with the beautiful white scale mate looking over its hatchling's hatchling.

At present time, the Silver Dragon feels its life going out.

It remembers the beautiful white scale mate.

It is not worth it.

'I'm never setting foot on the human's magic academy again.' It thought.

Using the last bit of its energy, it gathers its life force, damaging its life force, reducing its lifespan. Well it's better to have a reduced lifespan than to have no lifespan at all. So saying, it uses that life force as fuel for a spell.

It flees.


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The dragon fucks off to space, returning to the planet it comes from is what I was going to joke at the sight in front of me. The silver dragon starts shining brilliantly, and then just like that it disappears instantly being drawn in by a pillar of light that come down from the heaven. It is so ridiculous that I can't help but tried to joke.

Well since everyone's eyes are on me, I might as well.

The moment I open my mouth, I starts tasting copper.

I look down at the mouthful of blood and look up at Aisha with confused and hopeful expression. I know that at least I will be taken care of.

"Wait Azul-" Someone tries to say something to me, but at that moment I drop down from the horrible, horrible headache I am having. I start trying to grasp my scalp with my two hands. It both hurts and itches like hell. Finally I feel flesh tearing and my head is bleeding, it hurts like someone take a rusty knife and performs improv brain surgery on me on the spot.

I look at Aisha and the other again, horrified, what is happening to me?

"Oh what the fuck, the academy is destroyed again, the last time is what? 100 years ago. Why does this always happen when we are away?"

"You have it the other way around, these things happen exactly because we are away."

"I'm sorry. It's exactly because of my weakness that the dragon got this far. I take all responsibility leaving Arthur alone to deal with the dragon."

"Don't move you stubborn man, do you want to meet death sooner?"

"But it is exactly my fault that Arthur was alone in facing the dragon. I was just a burden to him in the fight."

"You and every teacher assistants there. It is not your fault.



"In the end the only thing that matter is that we can finally put the White Tear matter behind us. The dragon is repelled. The kingdom of Saraven has finally decided to send their representative. The only thing that matter is that you are safe in the end."


"Reconstruction magic is much more difficult than re-attaching lost limbs. However it is a field that I just happen to specialize in. I can give my promise that after three months you can try your revenge match against the dragon or whatever, however until that point as your healer I would recommend bed rest and relaxation." A stern female voice starts speaking.

"...not even a little bit of training?" A very cowered man finally starts speaking.

"No. No training until then." The stern female teacher starts flipping a wooden wheelchair and tries to push both the chair and the patient despite the patient's protest.

"Ahem. We can leave that until later Araea. Let's talk about today's topic. 'Missile' is it?"

"I am the one who bring this topic to everyone's attention today. Do you know of the student who cast the final spell that drive away the dragon?" A male voice starts speaking

"Ah that guy was it? The one who casts punch?"

"Goblin Punch, Xandria. Goblin Punch."

"Yeah whatever, you know what I'm talking about. What about him?"

"He starts to show case a variety of magic unrelated to his original magic. Turning people into frog, aging a living being rapidly, causing the wind to move, and finally creating a large mechanical construct that can damage a Silver Dragon that is almost impervious to magic, what is the common points between all of this?"

"I don't understand. So? It is normal for Chaos magic to be unpredictable and strangely powerful. What about that?" The flippant sounding teacher says again, however his voice is serious this time, as if testing the one opposite of him.

"If you can get your head out of your ass just for one moment you will realize there is no common points between all of that, that is the point. There are too many consistent effects to just attribute it to Chaos Magic." The voices in the room start raising, if only slightly.

"And what do you propose we do about it?" The flippant teacher says again, his voice extremely testy and tense.

"Move him out of Chaos Magic class and starts studying him seriously of course." The teacher raises his voice, a hint of excitement in his voice.

"First of all, we have to consider what he has done. Each of the individual effects he causes have a name, it is not as random as the other students of Chaos Magic class,each of the 'name' has a specific effect to them. That suggest there is a system to what he is doing, something completely new. Especially the final one, the Missile!" The excitement grows even more.

"I can bet my academic career on it, that one is special, my instincts are saying it is something completely different. Anddddd if it is actually a physical object the student conjure we can actually learn from the construction process and see if we can recreate that. Can you imagine, such a powerful attack being recreated and manufacture by the blacksmiths and engineers we have? We just need to study him. My instincts are screaming that we should do this."

Waiting for the speaker to finish, the teacher opposite of him says a single word with great satisfaction.


Everyone in the room are silence, before the teacher continues.

"Azul Magia did not give his permission to be studied when he was specifically asked once upon a time. According to the mandate the grand master left behind we have to respect that. It is the foundation of a universal school for wizards, no self respecting wizard would defer to another and let them decide their fate, how would they trust an academy that do exactly that? If a student can't decide their fate, soon enough we would just grow into a faction of tyranny that has to be taken down and rebuilt again. Since the student has decided that he does not like to be a study subject, we have to respect his decision." Xandria looks at the teacher opposite of him, his face extremely testy.

For the moment, the air in the room is tense.

A muscular right hand is slowly raised in the air.

"I have to say I agree." Xavier scratches his non existent left arm looking at the two rival teachers before saying.

"Beside I remember that student, he has used Missile one before."

Both the rival teachers turn to look at Xavier at the same time causing him to almost retreat backward using his wheelchair.

""He did?/In the school ground of all thing!?""

"It was at the annual examination."

"In the midst of all the students? What the fuck. Was he trying to be famous and go down into history as one of the worst wizard in our time?" Xandria mutters.

"How was it? What happened?" Xandria's rival starts taking out a pen and papers and starts jotting down notes.

"Relax. Relax. I don't think he knows what he was doing. Judging on that student's reaction at that time he probably thought it was just a generic powerful attack used to impress me." That statement is mostly expressed at Xandria.

"Though we really need to talk about what is appropriate to aim at your teacher one of these day. Really, a man to man talk that is all." Xavier starts flexing his only arm menacingly.

"Whose fault is it that a certain someone like to use his body as the testing dummy?" At that moment the voice of the stern female teacher returns, sterner this time.

"Ow. Ow. Ow. I'm injured, injured alright?" Xavier says pathetically.

"It's a good thing that at that time the Missile didn't work or I would have been a goner."

Everyone digests that tidbit of information.

"See? See what I mean? It is extremely dangerous to let a magic user like that alone, we have to study him and keep him under surveillance." The teacher tries again.

"I don't think that is needed." The one who speaks was Xavier once again.


"I don't think that we have to worry about that specific student using strange spells beyond him anymore." Xavier says with a heavy finality

Sometime your enemy is yourself. And sometime you can't win.

I poke at the two hole in my head, the wound tore out a chunk of hair in the process, even if the flesh grew back one day I am afraid I may have two strange bald spot on my head. I request a mirror in the healing room, and people was kind enough to provide for me. There are two bloodied holes on the top of my head, previously they were horns. I request the teacher to remove them, because it is needlessly monstrous and cause me some mental damage every time I look at myself in the mirror.

Not that two bloodied holes that are slowly healing are any better.

Sighing, I tie the bandage back on.

Oh well, you play with the deck life hand you with.

A few day ago.

"I would advise against taking any mana potions ever again."

"What is it? Is it like an allergy? Every books about mana potion over dosage I read never detail anything as drastic as this." I said, doubting, because the first recorded case of mana potions overdose was a drunk old man, so how can I, someone much younger with better condition be affected this heavily?

"If I'm right, based on the testimony of the students from Chaos Magic class, this is not the first time your body experiences unrecorded changes after using mana potion."

I tentatively touch the horns that just grew on my head.

"But that time was only-"

"It's absolutely not normal for your entire body to change color. Honestly I don't even know what you kids were thinking, hiding something like that. But from now on you must not use any mana potions again, without supervision.

When a wizard use a mana potion, they inject themselves with a foreign energy that they can use to recover their magic reserve. However your condition is special, I don't know how to say it, but your body is just like that of a normal human. It goes without saying but something meant for wizard can never be used by normal human. Their bodies are not made to handle the magic energy we do. And if the body can't handle the magic energy, that energy will have to go somewhere. In this case it leads to bodily change. It was a good thing that the previous changes can easily be handle, however what would happen if it leads to change inside your body? The heart for example, what would happen if it suddenly changes in shape and function? It's extremely dangerous if you can't instantly purge the energy from your own body. Unless it is life or death, you should never try a stunt like that ever again."

I nod at the female teacher in charge of healing me. I never met her before, but what she said made sense. My body is just like that of a mortal because-

I'm exactly a mortal.

I look down at the rabbit staring back at me. Actually the rabbit was not there before, it was called here by me.

I remember clearly what exactly happened when I fainted.

"...You gain 15AP. Ranger level up. Ranger is now level 1. You gain 'Animals'"

Thinking back, my parents in this life were hunter weren't they? Though my memories of them are faint, their last appearance still lingers in my mind till this day, it was the day that I "woke up" after all.

They were going hunting outside the city wall but did not return even three days later. That was when I realized they were dead and I remembered my past life. Thank to my memories from past life and Blue Magic, I survived all these years. I always thought I was a Blue Mage, but it was Ranger that level up? What the heck?

And why is it only now does something like Level Up appear?

I realize it is because I never actually do something dangerous like fighting a dragon in all these long years, but isn't it too abrupt to appear now? And why is it that only the Job level up? What about my own levels? What happen to my dream of leveling up, gaining MP and becoming OP?

Just as I was doing my reminiscence, the rabbit on my lap starts tickling me, dragging me out of dreamland.

Oh right, my newly gained "magic".

I laugh and play with the rabbit a bit. It's the dumbest looking rabbit I have seen, with big red eyes and whisker that look like a mouse. It has a typical wizard hat on top of its head and a purple piece of cloth as its clothes. It is magical how something can look this goofy.

The moment Ranger level up I instinctively know how to call animals to my aid.

Though it was such a strange thought at the time that I wait until now to execute the ability.

Nothing actually happened the first time. It was because I thought the ability is too silly and Disney princess-esque that it did not work. Mindset is an important part of this ability as I have learned. More importantly it is not a spell but an ability, I don't know if shouting "ANIMALS" just like I do with spells would work. It does not though, I tried.

What my instinct told me was to focus, sit down on the ground and try to communicate with nature.

It is too hard for me, communicating with nature and becoming one with nature or anything like that, however after sometimes it just happened. An animal comes, and as expected it was the rabbit.

I hold the Mysidian Rabbit in my hand and look at its wizardly appearance. Like its name, the Mysidian Rabbit is a rabbit from Mysidia, a village of magicians in Final Fantasy. Magic is considered a benevolent hobby in Mysidia, almost everyone in the village can use one kind of magic or another. It is just like this world I think, a village where magic is promote everywhere, and a world where magic is everywhere, or at least the world that I know of. Because it is the Mysidian Rabbit it has to wear a wizard hat to promote its identity as a bonafide magician.

I smirk at the Mysidian Rabbit I call up.

"Now might you just be a powerful wizard with power beyond the keen of men hiding in the shape of a rabbit? Could you take me to your magical plane far far away oh mighty wizard? Could you take me away from this world?"

I coo while playing with the rabbit.

This proves it.

I was born a ranger, at least this body was.

My parents from this life were hunters, no matter how lousy they are, they are still my parents after all. I really did not expect to be a Ranger though.

I think it explains everything. This body seems so different from that of a wizard because it is exactly not the body of a wizard, it is that of a Ranger.

Ranger is one of the job class that actually impose penalty on magic stats too, I laugh at the irony.

Final Fantasy 5 is said to have one of the best job/class system in every Final Fantasy ever. The point is to multi class, you level up a class by gaining AP and gain a permanent skill from that class that can be equipped to another class. Each class has its own stats distribution, that is affected by the other class that you level. In fact class level and skills are much more important than anything like actual levels, that with the right distribution of class and skill you can defeat the last boss long before the requisite level.

Technically speaking, this body is Ranger class through and through, judging by how Ranger is the only one that actually level up. By my present and Blue Magic it becomes a Ranger that has Blue Magic as an equipped skill, allowing the Ranger to use Blue Magic.

It is not the Blue Mage class that actually increases magic stat as its natural state. It's Ranger.

"Mugu?" The Rabbit looks at me confused.

When life gives you lemon...

"What was that?"The Healing Magic class teacher goes into the room to check on my condition, and in my hand currently there is nothing. The rabbit escapes from my hands when he hears the noise. And the moment he slips away he disappears in thin air as if returning to where he comes from.

When life gives you lemon...

A bunch of students from Fire and Earth offensive magic class are passing by. Two students not in proper students clothing are watching them from far away.

The two students are from Chaos Magic class.

"Are you ready?" One of them asks.

"I already did it." The other answers, pointing at somewhere on the ground beneath the students from the Fire and Earth offensive magic class.

Currently coins are probably falling out of the pockets of students from the Fire and Earth class while none of them notice.

The other student from the Chaos Magic class nods and starts waving his hand rapidly and soon enough the coins that fall on the ground start disappearing from the ground beneath the students from the Fire and Earth class and reappears in front of the two students from Chaos Magic class.

I observe the scene with a surreal expression, this is advance pickpocket isn't it? Pickpocket using magic?

One of the two students notice me and waves me over.

"Oh hey Azul, what are you doing here?" He says nonchalantly. Of course we would know each other, there aren't that many students from the Chaos Magic class, unlike the other. Though currently I am looking at him with a dubious look. He always uses his magic like this. One part of the delinquent duo from the Chaos Magic class, "The Misfortune" Lutian.

He causes small misfortune to happen to other people, from money falling out their pocket, to clothing damage accident.

"Yeah, what happened to your head? Did the dragon fire on it or something?"

The other male student starts speaking. The other part of the delinquent duo, "The Litter Picker" Nathan.

...It isn't a flattering name, but the people who gave that nickname wasn't trying to flatter him and Nathan just happen to like a trashy name like that from people who are annoyed with him. It's proof that he is getting to them, he says.

What Nathan does is that he can freely control small objects that fall on the ground, up to and including teleportation, but it has to be on the ground for it to work.

These two are the prime example of the very specific and random nature of students from Chaos Magic class.

"Don't ask. I'm worry about going bald here. But what is more important is you. What do you think you are doing?"

"Aha so it really did fire upon it. Did it burns off all your hair or something?" Lutian says, pointing at my bandaged head, laughing.

I don't understand these two, why do they always have to seek trouble with the other classes? It is as if they are always looking for a fight with the normal students despite our class never actually interacts with the others normally, these two would always provoke a fight with students from the other classes. They know better than to involve other in their fight, but don't they realize picking a fight with a group of pissed off wizards in training with just two people with shoddy magic would just end up with their asses kicked? I can't count how many time they got their asses handed to them, how many time they got hospitalized, but they would always start something up again. Picking a fight with students from other classes. They can be okay people to talk to while in class, but after school they would just go and pick a fight.

However these two are the perfect people to ask, the reason I'm here today.

"Do you know where I can find knives?"

"What did you do yesterday man?" In class, after I have been deemed fit enough to go back to school, Gaben suddenly asks me.

"Nothing!" I instinctively answer.

"Is that why you were with Lutian and Nathan yesterday and dislocate your shoulder? Whatever man." He says dismissively. As one of the two who participate in the dragon hunt, both of us are just tired. As in mentally tired.

It has been almost a week after that ordeal, we are both rested up, but we both acted like two balding middle aged men with no energy whatsoever. Maybe it's because we both went through a life or death ordeal, but it's just not the same. Maybe we will regain our balance later on, but not now. At the same time GABEN has a bunch of cuties from the gardening club to listen to all his woes while all I have are a bunch of dude so fuck fairness am I right?

All the while we both are going through this shit, the other person involved doesn't seem to be present at all. In fact...

"Hey, while you two are both here, have any of you seen sister Amedelia anywhere?" At that moment, Matthias as the temporary class representative asks.


"Me neither."

The both of us take turns to answer.

"Oh, alright, it is just that I'm getting worry since she has been missing that is all."

"She was fine in the immediate aftermath of the dragon hunt, she will be fine." Gaben tries to lessen the temporary class president's worry.

...In fact no body has seen sister Amedelia anywhere after the Silver Dragon has left. Last i heard she went somewhere with the teachers, however that was one week ago.

Speaking of, I think I am the only one who figure out the connection between sister Amedelia and the dragon attack... When asked, Gaben shows no sign of knowing anything about the White Tear, yes he could be faking ignorance, but I don't think he needs to since both of us has seen the necklace once. If it is going to be like that, I'm going to keep this secret with me, for sister Amedelia's sake until she decides to say it.

Though I know of at least one person who may know of sister Amedelia's whereabouts though.

"Did you hear? Apparently the city lord and his daughter is visiting our Academy on important business."

"What business does he have? Didn't the last time he come begging for teacher Araea's help he was refused outright?"

"Sshh. People might hear."

I ignore the two Water class students and walk down the corridor to knock on the door of a known wicked witch with a scathing mouth.

It takes a while for the door to open, so I adjust my clothing a bit before stepping in. I realize it looks bad for a man to enter a young woman's room, no matter the era, but I think as long as we keep this strictly business like how "she" likes it than it is fine. It's also daytime currently so it's even better.

The problem was, the face who welcome me when the door opened was that of an old man I have never seen before. His face is full of wrinkles however his eyes are some of the kindest I have ever seen.

Not that that put me off my guard, a strange old man inside my friend's room is reason enough to put me on guard.

Thankfully there was another young girl in the room to help lessen my worry.

"Ah you must be a friend, Aisha is out currently but she will be back soon." The girl says kindly while sitting on Aisha's bed. Lady, you are more of a friend to that girl than I ever was, that woman would never allow anyone to be that close to her.

I gaze back at the kindly looking old man wearing good looking cloths and the young lady in noblewoman's attire, what is this some kind of friends and family's visit? Shouldn't these people be in a ball or something?

I decide to come back later seeing that Aisha has guests, but just as I was about to leave the awkward atmosphere the old man suddenly utters

"Ah! You are the young man who acted as guide that night."

I look back at the old man in surprise, he may not be wearing a cloak right now, and the light quality back then was shoddy, but I recognize him. It's one of the customer from the underground clinic.

I almost slam the door shut so that nobody outside would hear, I don't know what the punishment would be, but running and aiding an underground clinic run by students would definitely be a big no no according to school rules. I think.

The daughter sits up and whines slightly

"Father, we talked about this. We may bother miss Aisha if you talk about those matters casually like that. And in this case, you are bothering this mister too." She looks at me apologetic for her father.

Ah, if that old man is the father, than this girl is probably the patient with the extremely pale otherworldly complexion. I almost did not recognize her with her make-up on. I also blush and look away because she is really beautiful right now. Truly make-up really makes a woman, previously the girl was nothing special, pretty but not too beautiful, now she is stunning. She still has her father's eyes just as I remembered.

"Ah right, ha ha ha. My bad, I'm sorry Mr..."

"Azul, Azul Magia." I offer to shake hand with him. If anything I was taught to respect my elder both in the previous life and this life, and seeing that he was at least an acquaintance it leaves me a bit at ease.

"Alright, mister Azul." The old man starts laughing and shakes my hand back.

Did Aisha became friend with the daughter after healing her? I ask myself, but I don't think there will be an answer, Aisha doesn't like other people digging their nose into her personal life.

The atmosphere is still awkward even after realizing that we know each other though.

I really should go.

"Please wait a little if it's not a bother. It's really rare for us to talk to magician. My name is Rose Magisery. And my father is Manas Magisery the third. We are visiting miss Aisha to give her our thank. This is actually the first time for us to enter the world renown magic academy officially." She bows and introduces herself.

My eyes twitch a little bit. Even if you say that lady, this is really awkward though.

Before I know how to response the windows to Aisha's room suddenly shatter.

Both the father and daughter duo retreat from the window in surprise, though judging on their facial expression, they at least seem to know what is up.

Suddenly three man in black appear from the window, each brandishing weapons and ropes for some reason.

Hey! This is the world renown magic academy here just like that lady said, why do random people like this get in?

"I know you are here for me. Leave my daughter and mister Azul out of this." The old man speaks up, putting on a brave face, he steps forward to cover all of us. Is he thinking because he is the oldest he should take responsibility or something? Get real here, I would feel bad if I let an old man in his 60s faces the music instead of me.

It's really bad luck that currently I can't do what I did when we fought the dragon, but at the same I don't have the potions or the time to drink them right now.

The men slowly approach us, ignoring the old man's words.

I realize if we can just get to the door, we may be safe, especially with the other students outside. We are on the third floors though so there aren't going to be many, but they are there, and if even one student helps we will be save.

Thinking that I slowly grab the old man and back away to the door. The three men react instantly, they jump at us, I immediate pull the old man back forcefully, and finger the knife I got. Before it even left my pocket however, I feel a terrible stinging pain on hand, I look down and see something embed there. One of the men focus on me and kicks me in the chest. I immediately realize what their plan was for dealing with the students that may have been in the room. They are fast, they react fast, I realize that normally I'm faster than everyone in school because I can just call up the name of my spell for it to actualize, but these people are faster than me. They react before I so much as move my hand, let alone speak. If there was even any distance between a student and them then they are fucked, but in this small cramped room, they have the advantage. I realize this is planned, they waited until the father daughter duo are alone in a small room, then they jump in, hoping to deal with everything quickly and efficiently before anyone can react, even if there are some magic academy students there, they maybe fast enough to deal with them.

I try to grab my knife from my pocket again, and the man literally whips me with his hand.

It's too late though, even though I did not touch him from beginning to end, a gaping wound slowly appears on his face, through the facemask, he bleeds profusely. His friends turn to look back at the man who just yells in pain.

There is a clean cut straight through the man's nose and dig deeply into his cheek. It tears away the facemask too, with what appears to be a single cut.

His fault for sticking his face too close to me.

I did not touch him.

The cut is exactly like a cut made by a young adolescent male carrying a knife with perfect leverage. Except it can't be dodge as the men have learned. How can you dodge an invisible force that cut you without rhyme or reason? I pull my knife out of my pocket, I know I could try to actually fight, but getting close and personal is too far out of my zone of comfort. The moment the man kicked me was almost too much for me, I'm not used to that amount of pain. But that is not to say I can't wave my weapon threateningly from a distance and cut wounds start appearing on the person I'm aiming my knife at.

All of it is Goblin Punch.

I was really sad the few days after the dragon hunt. I really was. My only hope to use magic normally just like all my friend, dashed away right in front of my eyes. I remembered thinking how unfair it was, why do you wave unlimited power in front of my eyes, just to never let me use it? But then I realized how pointless it all was. The only way to move forward is to move forward. I can't waddle in my own self pity forever. When life hands you shit, you make the best of it. After all, how would I realize my dream then?

I dream of being able to travel freely.

I have never left the academy after the day I was administered in. It's because I don't have a family or the ability to travel on my own. It is also because I was afraid. My last memories of the outside is wandering the street in desperation. After years of living a life like that, one day I realized that I really want to travel, to see more of the world outside, to not just stay at one place and waste my life away. After the dragon, that dream burns even more. After all, I finally come to term that I only live one.

So, I brightened up and work toward my dream. There are three rules that I have written down.

1. Have enough money to travel. Walking, riding horseback, eating, trading,... It would require money sooner or later.

That is the reason I take part in the nightly operation of the medical class. I already earn a bag of gold, I don't know if that is much or not due to my sense of money being dulled. I have never had a reason to use money, the academy really take care of its students, but sometime it could be a bit too much. Despite not knowing the value of my saving, I think it's enough. After all the thrill of traveling in my previous life is to improvise with what you have, in this life, well it's is a fantasy world, it would definitely be an amazing experience for sure.

2. Map out your route, look for a place to sleep.

The map of the world I have definitely paint the world as an amazing place, but it is just too big perhaps.

632,054,020 square km of land. And it is land only, the world does not have an ocean. Many large lakes perhaps, but no ocean, all of it is dry land. That is a large different from my old world I have noticed. There are no ocean, but all of the lands are habitable. All the culture and civilization around the world... just thinking about it get me excited. I know I can't visit them all though.

That is why I'm only going to visit my friends' home. That may seem a boring answer for someone looking to travel the world, but with the total planned travel route of 3,041 km, I realize that my classmates live stupidly far apart. It goes to show just what an international magic academy drags in. There are people who lives somewhere even farther away on the map, but I ain't doing it. I am not capable of doing that.

My planned route would hopefully provide me with a roof above my head as I travel, my classmate's family would be good host... I think, just have to ask my classmate to send a letter back home asking for permission first.

My dream route would take me through the lake side city of Luconia, the vast desert Mytsopedia, the jungle of Memphis, and the final destination the famous Matill mountain and the Northern territory. It's a good combination of places to visit, I decided.

3. Be able to defend yourself.

Usually wizards do not have to worry about that part.

I do.

That is why I learned how to use a knife. I think about my option, the only thing I have is Goblin Punch. Just as its name suggest, it is equal to a punch. But it does not have to be just that. Just like a real fight, a fist fight is different when one person has a weapon. Especially if that weapon is invisible and will always hit. The always hit part is the most important thing of it all.

Goblin Punch is equal to an average attack from the caster, whether the caster use a sword, a staff, a whip or a punch. It will always be equal to that attack, and it will never miss. I have never learned that application before, because I have never had to fight before, the only thing I have to think about is my study. But after the dragon, and thinking about my future, I started thinking about how I can fight back.

A sharp cutting object is the best weapon to use when you talk about an attack that will always hit.

Goblin Punch is a spell that deal damage to an enemy or object equal to what the caster can dish out. It's almost meaningless in game because the enemy will have a big HP pool to tank your undodgeable spell that only equal to an average attack. However human are not monsters who have a big HP pool. This is what I learn when I applied my new technique to the three men in black who were attacking us.

A man's hand got fucking cut off.

I was actually in shock at the blood and scream when the man's hand falls off just like that.

This is not what I expected. I have never had to fight and hurt another like that in civilize 21st century.

But that is my mistake. Even as I was in shock as the scene, one of the men use the situation to his advantage and jumps me, kicking the knife out of my hand. That man has a slight cut on his chest, compare to the deep cut in the face of one man, and the other who lost his hand. I realize it is because he wears armor on his body that the cut didn't go in deep.

The man brandishes his blade at me, while I don't have a knife left in my hand. I stare at the sharp part of the blade, its surface almost reflects my face.

This is what I get for being distracted while participating in a fight.

"Oh thank god you are here, Aisha."

Everyone in the room turns their head when they hear that.

The person speaking was Rose, she is at the door to the room. And the person next to her is the model student from the Water magic class herself, Aisha.

The model student looks at the scene in front of her, me on the floor, the old man in a corner of the room, bleeding due to one of the men in black's attack and decide that discretion is already out of the window.

Water tentacles lunge at everyone, me, the old man, the men in black, everyone.

No one manages to react fast enough, and soon enough, the three men get sent flying straight out of the window of Aisha's room on the third floor.

I look at her with a thankful expression

"What do you mean assassins got into the school, sneak into a student's room and then escape? Find them, kill them all, leave only one of them alive for interrogation."

"Uh madam, most of them are already dead. Falling unprepared from the third floor while injured do that, only one of them managed to escape, but he must be a professional, we can't find him."

I look incredulous at the head teacher of the healing magic class giving casual orders to kill another human being. I was even more shocked to know two of the men have already died. Jesus, did I and Aisha cause that?

The answer is that of course we did. I try to rationalize it as defending ourselves, but my conscience just gnaws at me after knowing that another human being died because of me. Currently we are still in Aisha's room, though the room is a mess. For some reasons, while Aisha said we should wait for the teachers to arrive to deal with the situation, she specifically told the Magisery father and daughter to go somewhere safe for a while.

She bowed her head when she said that, and apologized that she couldn't treat them due to current situation. I don't think that it is forbidden to invite friend over to your room, even while we are at the academy. Some of the classmates invite family and friends over all the time, I lost a lot of sleep due to them being too noisy at night all the time. Moreover, if the men in black was actually after the father daughter duo, shouldn't asking them to leave at that moment to be incredibly dangerous?

However Aisha still politely invited them to leave with incredible seriousness, Manas nodded after that and left, from what he was saying, apparently they had preservation waiting for them, so there was no need to worry, but I still feel that it was all too abrupt. However Rose refused to leave, she hold Aisha's hand for a while, smiling.

For a while Aisha did nothing, after a moment I can see her shaking while the other girl kept smiling at her. And then she grabbed Rose's hands back.

It was a very uncomfortable wait for the teacher to arrive for me. I just wished I have another guy in the room to talk with, why did the old man leave too early? The two girls kept holding hand until the head teacher arrived.

I actually recognize the head teacher from the Healing Magic class because I just met her recently. In fact, she was the one who nursed me back to health after the dragon hunt. Maybe because at that moment she was acting as a healer but I could never in my wildest dream imagine the kind but stern teacher casually talking about death.

At that moment, teacher Araea turns to look at us.

"And what is 'that' doing here?..." For a moment the room atmosphere is tense. Aisha grips her hands like she has something to say, at the same time I don't understand what is happening? Shouldn't we be more worried about the assassins inside the school?

"Rose is my friend... Teacher. I have healed her. And now she is about to enroll in the school as a new student."

Teacher Araea regards Rose and Aisha for a moment. After that, she just ignores the both of them. I think that we dodge a bullet somehow, even though I don't know what that bullet is.

Teacher Araea surveys the room, damaged by water, and the shattered window. There is a hand on the floor, the hand that I cut off. She picks it up and looks at it with concentration.

"So this is Azul's doing. Good job Azul, sometimes Aisha doesn't have what it take to do what is needed because she is afraid of blood, but you managed to take care of thing. Like I told you, boy, even if you don't have access to that super powerful spell you have, you have no need to worry. You are still a wizard at the end of the day, you would figure something else sooner or later."

The teacher pats my head, however I don't think cutting off a man's hand is a good job though.

"And this is where Aisha comes in," She points at the trail of water on the floor.

"Pushing all of them off the third floor is more her style. However you didn't make sure that you finished the job. One man died immediately, another died of blood lost soon after." Teacher Araea continues, her eyes looking at something only she can see.

"I can see that both of you hold back, Azul after the men started looking like he is going to die." She paces back into the room, looking down at the ground.

"You shouldn't have shown any mercy, that was also when you got surprised attack and didn't manage to finish them off, wasn't it?" She walks to a particular part of the room.

"This is exactly where you fell down. But where is Aisha...? Ah I see."

Just how exactly is she doing this? It is more like she is talking to herself at this point.

"Aisha arrived later after the altercation, and she pushed all three out of the window." After pacing around for a while, she ends back right at the window.

"We could use this hand to track its owner if he managed to escape, but sadly he died because of blood lost. But don't worry, the school will investigate it to the end. Provocation on this level can't be ignore."

Rose starts speaking.

"It's all my fault, if I didn't visit miss Aisha room, I wouldn't have involved both miss Aisha and mister Azul with my busines-"

"As if you were the real target." Teacher Araea cuts her off.

"As if assassins from the outside could slip through the security of the magic academy. No they couldn't have gotten inside without help, this is clearly the work of an insider, and no one from the magic academy would care enough about a little city lord and his daughter." Her voice was harsh for a moment, but there was something else in it.

"Either this is an act of provocation from another teacher trying to mess with me, or their target is something completely different. Aisha, from tomorrow you are staying in the room at the top of the tower, next to mine, because the assassins this time attacked your room, you may just be the real target."

Teacher Araea continues, completely ignoring Rose in the room. Aisha looks up at her, defiance.


And that is my cue to leave, I think I should really stay clear away from this drama. I slip Aisha a note, hoping she would send a return letter soon.

It was late at night in my room that a letter arrived. I look at the messenger as if asking him 'do you even know what time it is?', however he just shrugs as if saying 'what can you do'.

Aisha's handwriting in clear and beautiful, it starts with-

Dear Azul.

Sorry about dragging you into my family's business. Thank you for helping Rose and her father before I arrived, I couldn't even imagine what would happen if you weren't there. Regarding the matter about sister Amedelia, I suggest you talk with the Magisery family in the school's guest house. Regretfully currently I'm under house arrest, even getting this letter out is hard for me. But I can tell you that if you follow Rose for the next few days you would definitely find sister Amedelia. From what I know the city lord (Manas) would mediate as a neutral side between our magic academy and the kingdom of Saraven. The three party would meet to negotiate a transaction, what, I do not know. But I know at least that sister Amedelia would be involved as the seller-

Wait, that old man is the city lord? The city lord that is rumored to have beg teacher Araea to save his daughter but was denied?

...Thinking back, teacher Araea did say something like that, but I was mostly trying to get out of there at that moment.

-The rest I would leave it to you. On a personal note, I have a favor to ask of you.

Could you stay with Rose for the next couple of days and protect her? Currently I'm indisposed, you are the only one I can ask for help. Please consider it.



I fold the letter and put it away. Letting out a sigh I get to bed, thinking about tomorrow. Why do I do this to myself? At least I can ask some of the classmates for help. Maybe Gaben or Wyatt. They are free. Slowly, I slip into a deep sleep.

"I can't believe you did that."

"Yeah, crazy man."

I asked Gaben and Wyatt to join me. They were worried about sister Amedelia anyway, so it was easy to persuade them.

On the way I told them about what happened yesterday. Things have been getting crazy lately, what with the dragon and the assassination, sometime it's good to take time to talk with friends like this.

Also, I'm more confident with both Gaben and Wyatt around, the two of them can combine their magic into something quite formidable, it's just that the annual wizard examination does not allow for pair examination or else the number of people from Chaos Magic class who passed this year would be three.

"About today-" I speak up.

"I get it. I get it. I know what we have to do." Wyatt cracks his knuckles.

"We are used to do this." Gaben adds in.

"Seriously out of all three of us, I think you are the only one blessed enough to not have to deal with the dark reality of the world." Wyatt continues with a seriously pretentious statement.

"Sure and you two are some old masters who have had enough of worldly matter." I say dryly.

"But seriously man. We get it. Just have to make sure the city lord and his daughter survive until the day of the negotiation. At that point, all sides would send their own force, beside no one would be stupid enough to provoke the Saraven kingdom for nothing." Wyatt says.

"You did send a note to the city lord right?" Gaben chooses that moment to ask.

"Yeah yeah, in the morning. He said we can come over in the afternoon. Where is the academy's guest room anyway?" I ask.

"Follow me." Wyatt seriously acts pretentious today like a know it all, but I will let it slides for now.

We walk down a forest path, the school has lots of small patch of vegetation because the old grand master like trees, it is no wonder we have a whole forest on the school ground. But it is not actually a forest like I imagine, the forest's vegetation is thin for students' safety. There aren't a living creature within sight, not even a bird. The teachers went overboard, is this even a forest? And how do the trees survive without any supporting ecosystem whatsoever?

The house in the forest appears in the horizon, a villa actually. It gives an old fashion feeling. A house in the forest surrounded by trees. There are two guards in armor standing in front of the house. I guess they are Mr. Magisery's guards, but from what I see, I don't think they are magic users.

"Azul, when did you send a note to Mr. Magisery?" Suddenly Wyatt asks.

"This morning?" I answer.

"It's a good thing they didn't have time to prepare." Gaben says.


"The letter must have been intercepted." Wyatt suddenly says. "Don't worry, we got this." He looks at Gaben and both of nod at one.

"Wait, do you need my help?" I ask.

""No need."" Both of them say at one and start looking around. I think the guards in front of the house also notice their strange behavior and get their guard up. But they didn't have to do that, because in the next moment, loud crash and strange slithering noise resound all over the forest.

That is Gaben and Wyatt's combination magic. Saying it is a combination magic is not correct, it is just that they are very compatible with each other.

Gaben can create wooden material on a whim, from tree log to wood craft art.

Wyatt... how do I say this, he can create strange tentacles monster that grow rapidly out of any wooden material.

In class, their combination magic was like so:

Gaben launches a log of wood at great speed. Wyatt uses his magic on that log of wood, causing tentacles to grow rapidly out of the log of wood and grab anything in its path at great speed.

But we are currently in a forest right now, I don't think they need to do any combination magic. There are plenty of trees around for Wyatt to use.

"Do you think we got all of them?" Gaben asks.

"Nah. This is just a warning to get them to flee." Wyatt says in that sagely voice of his.

"Is it even assassin or are you two just making a scene?" I ask dryly. The guards on the other hand look extremely wary at the strange sounds around them.

"See for yourself." Wyatt points at a certain direction.

One of the guard join us because he recognizes that we are students from the magic academy, though one of them still need to stay back to guard the house. We walk into a patch of vegetation that look like a mess. Definitely not the well controlled forest from previously. Dead vines literally cover the ground, that and two fallen logs of wood.

Even though I know the vine tentacles die as quickly as they appear, I still feel icky knowing that they are literally tentacles. No one from class seems bother by the fact, so I guess it's only me.

Under the layers of dead vines are two men struggling futilely to get free. First of all, the vines wrap all around in strange ways before they die. Secondly, there are too many vines on them, making it hard to escape. They dress in black, and look just like the men who attacked me previously.

The guard hurriedly call the other guard over to apprehend the two men. We walk into the house to meet the Magisery. Despite everything ending well, I still wonder...

How the fuck can Gaben and Wyatt do this so well?

"'Overcoming weakness, defying God, open the Gate of Eternity!' The man has spoken, and that is how the Magic Academy as we know of today was created!"

"That is bullshit." I say to Gaben's retelling of how the Magic academy was created. Somehow we went from a tense body guarding mission to a sleepover. Actually it's just the three of us sleeping in a room in the house while the Magisery family stay upstairs but it's count.

At some point we were having dinner in the guest room with Rose and old man Manas when we started talking. Rose is really interested in stories about the academy because she is going to enroll next year, and that is how we ended up with this rendition of the founding of the Academy.

"Yeah I know, but I'm talking about the Sin Nora." Gaben just glances at me.

There are two versions of the story recorded down, the historical version written in textbooks, and the Sin Nora version, a widely popular historical novel published somewhere 150 years ago. The Academy has been found for at least 1000 year so mostly that book isn't going to be accurate. But it's popular. It's written from the point of view of a secret admirer, and friend of the grand master of the Magic Academy, detailing his rise, his founding of the Academy and his fading from public eyes.

In history, the man just disappeared from the history books without any explanation, it's speculated that his age has gotten to him and he simply retired. However in the novel version, the grand master retired because of a broken heart, due to the circumstances between him and the queen of a nation not recorded in history. The last few pages of the book was pretty tragic with how the main character trying to convince the grand master and the grand master not noticing her feeling due to his heartache at the woman he loved marrying a King of a powerful nation and become a Queen ruling over the mass.

All in all it is a pretty typical Love triangle story, though it's actually the only book that managed to captivate my attention in this world.

And I hate love triangle drama.

That, is probably the reason Sin Nora is so popular. The way it's written is so different than any books of its kind. How can I say it, the plot is trash, but its flow is a thing of beauty.

There are plays, adaptation, continuation by various authors, so it is quite popular. I guess it is reasonable to talk about the most popular version of the story about how the academy is found even if it's fiction.

By the way the old grand master of the Magic Academy is actually still alive, and emerge out of wherever he lives to do some spontaneous thing one in a while, I wonder what the man thought about the various portrayal of him. Though from what I heard the man is quite senile and strange.

After talking for a little more, the jovial old man Manas claps his hands.

"Alright. It's late, we won't bother you anymore than necessary. Thank you for coming to our help. Have a goodnight sleep and I will see you tomorrow."

Rose nods politely, though I have a feeling she has been more reserved ever since Gaben and Wyatt came. It couldn't be that she is shy around them right? Than what does that say about me?

When the father and daughter are gone, suddenly Wyatt was immediately on me.

"Gah! I couldn't believe you have a head start on such a beauty. Even playing the role of hero saving the maiden. What about me huh? What about me?"

I try to push him off.

"Fuck off dude. Take it to Gaben. I don't even have a girlfriend yet."

"Don't drag me into this."

A few minutes of messing around later, we each went back to our bedroll. Though I'm not sure this is okay, isn't this just a sleepover? Hopefully the guards outside can do the job. But then why are we even here?

A man is tied vertically to a poll, immobilizing him from head to toes. He was expecting to be taken to somewhere to be interrogated, but this is not how he envisioned it. And even then, his employer is supposed to bail him out, if only for that person's own sake, yet even now no one interferes or rescues him.

He is a member of a band of mercenary, specialized in catch and grab mission. Anywhere from a pretty noble daughter to a simple kidnapping case, they are professional at it.

Yet perhaps they bit off more than what they can chew this time, taking a mission to grab a student from the Magic Academy itself. The pay is good truly, but the risk is too high. Even if their employer manage to sneak them inside, the number is simply dwindling too fast. In the first place, a mission like this requires limiting their own number, at the same time a small force is not enough to take a wizard alive, in the Magic Academy of all place.

Yes, they shouldn't have taken a mission like this in the first place. He is just a grunt, perhaps if he talks he may be able to walk away, jailed maybe, but at least unscathed.

A woman walks into the room, her footsteps resound through the empty room.

With one look at her face, an instinctual terror arises deep inside the mercenary heart. Blue eyes pierce through the darkness looking coldly at him.

The woman looks tired, but pissed.

"So you are the other one. I don't care if you will talk or not, just like the other one. He is dead now. What about you? Which body part do you want to part with first? Don't worry I'm a healer."

She didn't even take off his mouth gag to allow him to talk!

Suddenly there is a knock on the door, causing his heart to sing with relief. A man coughs slightly at the door to the room, interrupting what the woman is about to do.

The man gives the mercenary a 'look'

After that, nothing happen. No eventful days for me. The three of us just stay at the Magisery's guest house and wait until the day of negotiation.

And then we finally see sister Amedelia again. She waves us over to talk. The negotiation talk happens inside a school building, a cold faced young man is sitting opposite of us, looking at us while we are talking.

Outside of the cold faced man, there is almost no one in the room yet. Suddenly Gaben walks over to greet the young man as if he knows him. The young man's face turned even colder and even more annoyed.

"Ignore that man boys. He will never know what is fun in his entire life." Sister Amedelia says. She looks over us, me, Wyatt and the Magisery's family.

To be honest, I don't even know why I'm here. At the start because I was worry about sister Amedelia, I went to see Aisha, but then events kept on happening, leading to us going to an important negotiation between the school and another country of all thing. We should not be here, but sister Amedelia just laughs.

"If anything, with Gaben presences, you guy at least have an excuse."

Apparently Gaben's family's territory is near the Saraven kingdom, because of that they have some relation. It still boggles my mind that the people I meet everyday is actually important somewhere. I still can't see them as descendants of legendary heroes though.

"But how did you end up here anyway? Was you guy worried about me?" Sister Amedelia teases us.

"I went to Aisha to ask for your whereabouts, but then things happened." I start recounting the events that went on in the last few days and introduce her to old man Manas and Rose. Though they should already know each other, because there are other people in the room, I do it to keep up appearance.

Old man Manas almost said something, but Rose pats him in the back causing him to cough slightly.

"So this is the famous miss Amedelia. I have heard of your many entrepreneur exploit, I can't believe such a young person has that many achievements. Talking about a transaction with the kingdom of Saraven..."

Sister Amedelia quietly laughs, covering her mouth with her hand.

I still can't believe that this bumbling old man is the city lord. Though judging by his title I guess he is kinda like a mayor or something, not a king. Thinking like that I got a lot less nervous.

"Don't be fooled old man. That hag is much older than even you." I blanch at the voice from opposite of us. The cold faced young man ignores Gaben and says that.

Wait a minute, what did he just say? Older?

Sister Amedelia glares at him, and for a moment it looks like he is going to be defiance, but then he just shrinks into his seat.

"Anyway, it's good to see you." Sister Amedelia acts as if nothing and continues talking with old man Manas. Ah okay. It is just the word of someone who wanted to start some shit, how can sister Amedelia be older than old man Manas anyway? From what I see, Manas Magisery is at least in his 60s, his wife looks to be around that ages too. Sister Amedelia looks to be an 18 years old, going 20.

"I also heard about you. I think I should be introduced to my junior right?" Suddenly sister Amedelia turns over to Rose. Last time she has talked with the family, Rose should be in that creepily beautiful state of her. I still can't understand what happened then, the image of a pale beauty still imprints into my mind. That Rose is nothing like this Rose. The pale beauty draws your gaze in and then it would never leaves your mind. It's like nothing in this world. It is as if I won't want to take my mind of that figure.

It's a really creepy feeling. It's as if I wanted to go somewhere with that figure at that time. There was also a spell that resonate with that feeling too, for some reason even though I have never used it, and have no intention of ever using it.

Roulette is a spell that light up in my mind. And currently it is the other spell that I could use outside of Goblin Punch, that and Self Destruct.

Out of all three, only one of them does not kill me.

The two other spells I could cast, but I never think about. Self Destruct causes me to explode. Because of that it costs next to nothing. That would tell everything anyone needed to know about why Roulette is so low cost. It causes exactly 1MP and kills one random person. Either me, someone near me or my enemy. Most of the time in game, it hits the party instead of the enemy. But it works exactly like DOOM, except even more instant and cheap.

Remembering the pale figure, it causes me to want to cast Roulette.

Because the spell is based on Russian Roulette. I always imagine as if there is a gun in my hand. What it is telling me is that I should take that gun and shoot myself in the head.

That is a really scary feeling, thankfully it has already passed. I always wanted to ask what was that but decided against it. It has already passed.

"Thank you." Rose holds her dress and bow to sister Amedelia, who is wearing a white shirt and black pant combo. It's truly a winning combo, girl in businessman suit is really awesome.

"I was bed ridden for many day but thank to a mysterious benefactor, I was finally allowed to have a chance to live and enroll." Her eyes glint with mischievousness looking at sister Amedelia. It's a look that say "A secret only we know".

"Also Azul." Suddenly sister Amedelia turns to me.

"You sure has it hard the last few days. Assassins and all." Sister Amedelia says with that low conspiracy tone of her.

"After hearing the whole story, I don't think the Magisery is the actual target." She says that, causing Wyatt, Rose, Manas and me to look at her. Gaben also looks over like he understands something, but he is too engaged in a conversation with the cold faced youth.

"Outside of the Rose and mr Manas, who is the only one who was presence at all the attacks?"

Suddenly Wyatt nods, Rose looks sorry, and old man Manas turns to look at me.

The one who was presence both time is me.

"I should have guessed." Wyatt shrugs.

"Wait, let say if I'm the target, what is the motive?"

"I don't know man. But they would have even less motive to attack the Magisery and provoke the Saraven kingdom on such a day. Maybe just simple kidnapping."

The talk come to an impasse. After that, everyone just makes themselves busy waiting for the guests to arrive. Sister Amedelia suddenly whispers into my ears.

"Don't trust no one. Not even the teacher. Perhaps it is going to be my last lesson to you." She looks at me and smiles.

I look back at sister Amedelia. It looks like she is going somewhere far away. But isn't it just a negotiation for the sale of an object? Even if it is the White Tear.

...No. There is something more important right now. Just like sister Amedelia has said, I have to look out for myself. Now why would someone hired assassins to go after me? My mind was thinking even as sister Amedelia turns away.

One of the thing sister Amedelia used to say was

Be selfish

...in business. But still, I guess it would make her happy. Finally the door to the room opens, it's time.


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The cold faced young man in the room is actually someone important from the Saraven kingdom. I want to say I'm surprise but I ain't. He has been in the room from the beginning, if he was not a related party, he would have been chased out a long time ago.

From the Saraven Kingdom are a group of men in armor. The testosterone is almost too much for me, though if I remember right, the kingdom of Saraven is supposed to place great importance on their female, based on the tradition of the princess being the protector of the kingdom with the White Tear, so it is a surprise that there aren't any woman in their party. Among the men, one man in particular looks like an adult version of the cold faced young man. Except unlike the young man who looks like he would never be able to grow a beard on that smooth chin of his, there are stubble and aging lines on the face of the man.

And the man can actually smile warmly.

Speaking of man in armor, from the academy side, teacher Arthur walks in along with a bunch of professors whose faces I don't recognize. Teacher Xavier isn't in the crowd, but teacher Araea is there, so there is at least one other who I know.

The teachers see Wyatt, Gaben and me and look like they want to say something but hold their tongue. If the man from the Saraven kingdom is fine with it, than it should be fine is what I think.

Old man Manas stands up to mediate the negotiation, though it looks like they have chosen the wrong person to mediate a negotiation like this.

It is as if everyone in the room can talk over him. More importantly it is as if he is under pressure just by being near everyone in the room, and no one in the room actually pays him any mind. The man from the Saraven kingdom just keeps on talking warmly with sister Amedelia, the teachers just sit on one side while watching the proceeding.

"It makes sense." Gaben whispers. "From what I know, the teacher is just here to make sure that there isn't any underhanded move on the part of the Saraven kingdom, they are here on behalf of a student from the Academy who made a transaction with a kingdom. The main party is still sister Amedelia."

Yes but more importantly, it is a negotiation isn't it, shouldn't they be taking turn talking, and shouldn't the party who mediate make sure that that is what happen?

Rose coughs slightly, looking embarrassed. It's a small cough, but it gathers everyone attention.

The cold faced young man looks like he is annoyed with that faux pass.

The teachers remain the same, except for teacher Araea who recognizes Rose and looks annoyed for a moment. Teacher Arthur also pays attention, but in his case, he looks concerned for a moment, but returns to normal quickly.

"Alright." Sister Amedelia claps to stop the small talk between her and the man from the Saraven kingdom. "Let's talk about why we are all here."

Slowly she takes out the necklace that Gaben and I have seen one before.

"Isn't that-?" Gaben suddenly says. "Oh man when she said the necklace would be worth more than ten times its price, I didn't believe her, but here we are today. That is sister Amedelia for you."

"Yeah." I nod seriously, waiting for the other shoe to drop, the revelation about the big red "Ruby" in the middle of the necklace.

Suddenly the cold faced young man stands up violently and slams his hand on the table.

"That is not what we are here for. Is this a joke? Where do you keep the White Tear woman? Where do you keep our stolen national treasure?" The young man points at sister Amedelia with anger.

Gaben clicks his tongue at his acquaintance acting like that, but then Wyatt interfere.

"Wait, what is this about the White Tear?" And Gaben also focus back to the situation at hand upon hearing that.

Sister Amedelia just holds the necklace without saying anything, a small smile on her mouth that slowly dim down, and dark lines under her eyes.

Suddenly someone slams the young man down on the wooden table. Two similar face looks at each other, the leader of the group from the Saraven kingdom looks down on his relative. I don't actually know the relationship between the two, but they look so similar that I can believe they are parent and child. But no father would slam their child head down on a table and hold him there with his muscular arm.

The only silver lining of the whole thing is that the leader from the Saraven kingdom wears less armor than his companions or else a gauntlet would have hurt a lot more.

"Be silence boy. I have had enough with your childishness, intentionally antagonizing our benefactor of all thing. Look at our savior there, she is now the most important woman to the whole Saraven kingdom, she is the one who brought the White Tear back to us. Why do you treat her like an enemy instead of a savior?" The man does not let up, not even allowing the cold faced young man to speak up while continuing to shove his face down on the table.

Gaben cringes and looks away.

Wyatt just nonchalantly watches the scene.

Is this domestic abuse?

Even when old man Manas tries to interfere, the man does not let up.

Right now, the smile has disappeared completely off sister Amedelia's face. She looks at the scene and says


And the man lets go. The cold faced young man was helped up by old man Manas, no one from his side even lend a hand to do anything. There are bruises on his face, he looks very angry, but does not say anything.

Slowly sister Amedelia starts prying the ruby off the golden necklace. It is a shame. It is a very beautiful necklace, but is ruined just like that.

With a final flick of her finger, a clicking noise from the necklace release the Ruby fully.

Everyone starts looking at the stone in sister Amedelia's hand.

In my opinion as someone who knows nothing of jewel, the stone does not look that big, if it is a treasure of a whole nation, shouldn't it be bigger?

However, even I know that something as big as a woman's palm is bigger than most diamond I see in my old world. It's just that I have unrealistic expectation, I thought that something that can be considered a national treasure in a fantasy world would be something out of this world.

"Is that...?" Suddenly the party from the Kingdom of Saraven starts becoming very noisy. Even the teachers look on with interest.

"My God!"

"It is!"

"Finally the White Tear returns to Saraven again."

Even before the Diamond starts losing the red colorization, the men from Saraven already recognize it.

As I expected, that "Ruby" is exactly what I think.

The color red starts disappearing from the White Tear.

"Even now I don't need to think to dispel the change." Sister Amedelia suddenly says. "The whole while it was in my possession, I have to consciously use my power to keep it red, unlike anything before. Even the color of the sky can be changed, but this... it is truly a mythical item."

I pay attention to the true appearance of the White Tear, and then the next moment...

I'm blind.

There is only white in my eyes. Everything in my vision is white. Complete, beautiful white.

I avert my eyes trying to regain my vision. It takes a while for it to return.

What happened?

I look back at the White Tear, and can see that it is still shining. So this is where the 'White' in White Tear come from. Previously I thought the jewel was a diamond that was turn red. But now I don't think it is actually a diamond either.

It is as if there is a white void in space in sister Amedelia's hand. It's so white and unison that it looks like there is nothing there. How did sister Amedelia even turned something like that into another thing that looks remotely like a jewel?

I feel yanking on my neck, I look back at Gaben who shakes me in a panic.

"Azul, that thing is the White Tear? Can you tell me if I'm dreaming? The thing that sister Amedelia showed us is actually the White Tear? Did you know?" He continues to shake me in a panic.

"Wait, what do mean the thing that sister Amedelia showed you? You have seen the White Tear before?" Wyatt also manages to turn his gaze from the White Tear and looks at us at that moment.

Both of them act in a panic, or more accurately in excitement. They are too excited even. I think Gaben even hugs me at that moment, but I was more paying attention to the center of the room where the White Tear is.

Sister Amedelia slowly uses both of her hand to cover the White Tear to snap everyone out of their trance.

"Truly the purest of white. The most beautiful diamond in the world." She says.

As an artist type, I believe she means it. As someone who works with colors all her life, she would know what she is talking about.

The cold faced young man who had objection from before slowly closes his mouth. He goes back to his seat, and instead of angry or dissatisfied with how he was treated, he looks very serious and proper.

From the story the White Tear holds a very important place in a Saraven man's heart. It's their symbol of salvation and protection. It's the reason they have their sovereignty in a harsh land like the North. So this is it, the way a Saraven's man treat the White Tear.

The negotiation continues with Gaben hugging my arm in disbelief while Wyatt listens carefully to everything everyone says and translates it back to us.

It turns out Wyatt is also very good when it comes to money talk and other technical terms. As expected of someone whose hobby is to count money.

Sister Amedelia is in the middle of all of this. She talks with confident to everyone, there was a few moment in the negotiation I didn't understand, but sister Amedelia was very firm and I realize she is winning. From that point on the talk becomes heated, sister Amedelia still remains very calm.

At one point Wyatt suddenly gasps.

"Wait, what is it?" I ask. Even Gaben looks up from where he is hugging my arm. I push him off since he lets up.

Wyatt starts whispering and gesturing with his hand.

"Imagine the kind of money you can't imagine. The kind that is only talk about in annual yearly income of large kingdom. Multiply that a couple of time."

He lets out of breath and continue, sweat covered his body.

"The Saraven kingdom doesn't even have any way to pay for this. It will cause the whole nation to go into debt for decades. That is the kind of money you can buy multiple small kingdom with, if they have that kind of money they would have been bigger."

Suddenly sister Amedelia starts smiling with the leader from the Saraven kingdom.

"Wait, they agree?! No, this must have been from a previous arrangement. What is the method of payment? Annual? What about the interest?" Wyatt says with deadly concentration.

The two people then went to another room.

"Wait what is happening?"

"Finalizing of the deal, if I'm not wrong, they already expect this, it is definitely from a previous arrangement."

We wait for hours while old man Manas and Rose also went to the other room with one of the teacher to make sure nothing is wrong. Finally they appear out of the room, old man Manas looks very shaky holding a parchment. From what Wyatt says it is definitely not a contract, because finalizing a contract is much longer. If anything it is only an informal agreement between two party based on a previous arrangement, but it serves as a satisfactory ending for today negotiation. It is the basic from which a contract would be written, it is the broadstrokes which the two party agree with.

The parchment is then passed to the teacher who look at it with disbelief. 'What does it say?' Is what both Wyatt and me is thinking. Wyatt because this is his bread and butter, me because of my damn curiosity.

After the teacher finish reading the parchment, Rose collects it and keeps it with her. She bows to everyone, and leaves.

"This does not make sense. A negotiation for a transaction that historical cannot be this short. The Saraven kingdom definitely cannot agree with that transaction. What is the caveat here? What did she do?" Wyatt starts muttering so unlike his normal casual self.

Even I feel that something is wrong. I do not know how much money that is, but like Wyatt says, if it is that much money, it cannot be transferred that easily.

Everyone slowly leave, but the man and young man who look like each other from the Saraven kingdom stay back.

They really look like father and son who are about to have a talk.

Rose and her father leave with the teacher because they are holding the parchment, they should be protected for now.

We leave with sister Amedelia back to the Chaos Magic class dorm, to deliver a literally historical news.

On the way sister Amedelia says nothing, Wyatt and Gaben don't either, it is as if they recognize the atmosphere is different than usual.

Suddenly sister Amedelia says.

"We should prepare a big celebration when we come back." It was so sudden, but yeah I agree, I don't know how much money is too much money, but sister Amedelia should be a very rich woman now. By the way, if the money is as much as Wyatt explains, than how is sister Amedelia going to keep it all? From what he explains, it is something that can buy kingdoms, how can she even spend it all in her entire life? What is she going to do with it?

There are many thing in my mind, but sister Amedelia suddenly continues.

"A going away celebration for me." For a moment, the figure of sister Amedelia seems very fleeting, the feeling of her going somewhere faraway returns. I guess there is no party that doesn't end, but-

"Why?" I ask unbidden. It's concern from my part.

"You should be congratulating me. Your sister Amedelia, I- I am getting married." She smiles slightly. It's a part of life, everything changes eventually.

The world is changing everyday, it is also time for me to do so.

Before doing anything, I have a hypothesis to test, that is why, the day after the negotiation, I went to the wood behind school alone. I stand in front of a tree...

...Even if my hypothesis is real, it is going to be very painful. It is a medium size tree, it is good enough to test my hypothesis.

I punch the tree with all my strength. There is a fist size hole imprint on the tree. My hypothesis is proven true, however...

"Motherf- fuck, why do I do this to myself?"

I roll on the ground in pain, while holding my hand. It's not broken yet, I hope. But the pain is so bad, at least I manage to prove what I'm here for.

The moment I realize that I was actually a Ranger with Blue Magic instead of a Blue Mage, I also realize another thing. If my magic power is crippled because I am a Ranger, where is the compensation? Yes, the world is not a game, even now I still can't see thing like level or HP, however I know that my power at least partly came from a game. And game has something called balance. Even if I'm not the end game class Blue Mage, Ranger is still a class that has to be balance.

If the X-Mage class has bonus in magic stats, than Ranger as a physical class has bonus when it comes to Strength and Agility.

No Stamina or health though, that is why this hurt so bad.

When I grow up my health was as normal as everyone else, so I didn't realize, but am I physically stronger than my classmates? I am. If my stamina was also higher than everyone else, I would have noticed myself being some kind of superman along time ago, but no, the only thing that is bonus to Ranger is strength and agility.

That mean they can hit hard, but can't take the hit. They are a striker type character. It is why the incident with that guy's hand happened.

A few days back I was defending myself from an assassin. Somehow that guy's hand fell off. It's still a terrible memory in my mind, I am not that violent. More importantly from what I know, a knife can't actually cut a man's hand clean off normally.

So this is what happened back then.

More importantly should I do that more often? I am in danger right now, and not just my general situation. I am actually in danger right now. Currently I am surrounded by a bunch of men in black. Generally speaking, usually I have an advantage in range, but there are more than 20 guy in the surrounding. That is not even talking about whether they have any things like crossbow in store. They can just rush me down.

It is really bad to go for a walk by myself while the assassins thing is still on huh? That is exactly why I need to deal with it quickly if I want to be free. I can't have a bunch of people I don't even know about being a problem to my future.

That is why I'm here today. I really can't let these people be an obstacle any longer.

In an instant, they all drop down.

Teacher Arthur deals with all of them just like that. Last night-

"It's very unfortunate but all the culprits involved in this situation have died. Araea was very embarrassed, but it is probably not her fault. Probably. That is why I will need you to help me tomorrow."

I give teacher Arthur a wave. I don't even know how he did it, but it is really amazing. I thought he was more of a dynamic entrance kind of guy, but sometime he can do thing like this too.

"What will we do with them teacher Arthur? And how do we make sure they don't end up like the other guy?"

"We will take them all back to the academy. And the other problem is why I'm here. I will personally oversee them this time to make sure nothing happen."

To arrange this little stunt, we have to keep a tight lips about every thing. I didn't tell anyone about what I'm doing today, teacher Arthur said it is because there is a probable insider involved. He said he will deal with everything.

Actually I felt that it was very risky. Here I am, letting myself be vulnerable to anything really, without telling anyone, and the only other person in this operation is teacher Arthur. What if teacher Arthur turn out to be the true mastermind? I would have been toast, those other guy aside I don't think I can do anything if teacher Arthur decides he wants me dead.

All risk aside, I was not wrong to trust teacher Arthur.

He already prepared a cage carriage thing before hand, so we disarm the assassin by stripping them completely and then load them into the cage. There are only two horses, but they look buff and strong enough to carry all that many people. We close the cage and teacher Arthur controls the horses to get us back to the academy.

"Good job out there. It's still early out, when we get back I can introduce you to someone who may be able to solve your little magic power problem."

And the other reason why I trust teacher Arthur like that today is because he presents me a hope to use my other Blue Magic spells again without involving Magic potion. I may not look like it, but I was very excited when I hear he says he can maybe introduce me to someone who can solve my magic power problem. I am not actually that close to teacher Arthur, but I think of him as an upstanding teacher who care about students. Imagine my surprise when I was talking with him last night about capturing assassins who had infiltrated into the school and I incidentally mentioned my magic power problem, he suddenly said he know someone who can help with that. It was so random that I almost cry, I already ask teacher Araea and she said she knows of no possible way to achieve that, but then teacher Arthur said he know someone who could help me with that. Maybe. If I have gone to teacher Arthur in the first place, would I not need to deal with all that mental anguish?

I am very excited.

I am not showing it but I am very excited. I can't believe it happened like that. But I can't wait.

Yet, all my hope is dashed away in a moment. Just as I jump on the horse, I can feel a gauntlet fist in my stomach. I look back in disbelief. A very familiar looking sword chop the cage carrying all the assassins into two and kill all of them at the same time.

It looks exactly like teacher Arthur's sword.

No way. I look back at him, for a moment my heart feel betrayed. But at that moment teacher Arthur's face look as confused as I am at the presence of the sword.

I try to mouth my surprise, he looks down at his own body seeing the shape of my mouth. Another very familiar looking sword goes through his body like in slow motion, like a lumberjack chopping down a tree.

For a moment, the body of teacher Arthur that could withstand all that the dragon throw at him...

...get cut in half.

I scream.

"Ha ha. Classic Arthur. As stupid as always. I told you, that guy's plan is the same every time. Always straightforward and simple..."

I see a handsome blond man in white being the cause of all this tragedy. The horses teacher Arthur and I are riding start panicking, and thrash around. I hold on to the horse's neck, hoping that at least if the horse run they can take me with them.

However in the next moment, the knight in white armor decapitate both horses to stop them from being a hindrance. He holds two swords in his hand, which looks a lot like teacher Arthur's sword but not quite right. One of them glows orange under the sunlight while the other is pale gray, one of them is blatantly supernatural, the other just looks like any other old steel sword. However that normal steel sword just cuts straight through teacher Arthur's torso. The young man uses the glowing sword to cut off the horses' head and kill the assassins, but he uses the gray steel sword to kill teacher Arthur.

The horses' shock was so great that both teacher Arthur and me are thrown violent off their back. While airborne, I finger my knife. The knight in white armor's armor cover his body completely. It is a tight fitting armor, not bulky like that of teacher Arthur or the men from Saraven. However he does not wear a helmet. It is extremely fitting to his image, a handsome knight in white armor, why would he hide that handsome face? But I understand what I have to do. I completely get it.

It is as if the adrenaline causes me to see everything in slow motion, I see his eyes as I get thrown off and fall down. I have a good look at the sheer viciousness in those eyes, with that good look, I cut his eyes using Goblin Punch even as I fall down. Something happens, but that something is not to my advantage. It cuts alright, but it cuts something else. The moment I thought his eyes are going to be cut, a transparent sheen of light appears for an instance, after that, Goblin Punch finally shows its result. There is a slight red line on his face, near his eyes, a single strand of blond hair was also cut. However it didn't manage to pierce the skin.

Then I finally fall down. I black out for a moment because my head hit a nearby tree. Everything is blurry, my back hurts like hell, but it cannot compare to my head.

The knight immediately recognize what happened to his face, he instantly moves, the next thing I see is his white armored boot on my face. He starts stomping on my knife hand, he repeatedly stomp on it until I can't feel anything from that hand anymore.

"Enough! Don't kill him." I hear another voice appears in the clearing. A man with long black hair ties into a ponytail appears, I try to stir my memory, he looks very familiar but I just can't remember from where. He dons a white coat, and wears a pair of glasses, looking like a respectable scholar.

The knight spits at me.

"Going straight for the eyes. I can see why you are interested in this kid's magic. It almost got me by surprise."

He turns away as if his interest in me has gone out, it is as if he was looking as trash whose usefulness has run out, as much as trash is useful.

"When Arthur said he is going to handle the situation, I was extremely afraid, but in the end I can't believe he goes down that easily."

"Just as we agree. You get the kid, while I get to kill Arthur." He twirls the two swords in his hands.

"And to think, the great knight Arthur, perishing just like that. As some kind of shitty teacher in a shitty school, protecting some brat instead of dying on the battlefield. However no matter what path you choose, a warrior or a teacher, in the end you are always going to have the honor of dying by my hand. Not so invincible now eh?"

The knight continues talking. The scholarly looking man starts being impatient and yells at him.

"Enough, finish him off."

The knight starts chuckling.

"What are you? Afraid of the big bad Arthur? Even now that he is on death door? But whatever, a good employee always listen to his employer eh?"

The knight walks slowly over to teacher Arthur and crouches down. He can kill him standing, but now as the man is weak and helpless, the knight wants to taunt and humiliate him as much as possible.

"I just want to say, you deserve all of this. This was a long time coming."

However his taunt is cut short. Teacher Arthur who is on the ground suddenly acts, he catches both of the knight's arms and press them into the ground in an angle that made it awkward for the knight to use his swords. In the first place, using two swords is already extremely awkward. The knight's eyes show his surprise as he looks into the eyes of the man who is supposed to be cut in half.

In the next moment, Arthur continues to press down using his arm, a loud crunching noise resounds through the forest. I look up, blood in my eyes. The other scholarly man looks very afraid and panicky.

The knight's hands are crushed, gauntlet and all beyond recognition. He finally lets go of his swords.

"FUCK! ARTHUR! Heal me. Heal me now!" He yells at his partner.

Because his face is close to teacher Arthur's face, teacher Arthur headbutt him, causing the knight to fall back with surprise.

Teacher Arthur then tries to reach for one of the swords the knight dropped using his hands. The knight immediately uses what remains of his arms to push the swords away. It's impossible for him to move his arms, but he can move from the shoulder, like a shoving motion. His arms hang uselessly from his shoulder, but they manage to sling the gray sword away with his shoulder motion. Teacher Arthur manages to grab the orange sword.

The two men look to be in a stand off. If teacher Arthur manages to move his arm correctly, the knight will die.

But what happened next was:

Teacher Arthur suddenly pushes himself up, the bisection that happened to him seems to have never happened. Teacher Arthur starts running. Bum rushing. That is not quite right either. In my old world, I used to watch one of those American's football once. The athletes in those football match would always lower their center of gravity before running, and when they run, it is powerful enough to push another grown adult man out of their way. That is what teacher Arthur did. He did not even fight the knight in white armor, he pushes him away with his shoulder in his jog. The orange sword shines brightly in teacher Arthur's hand. He rushes toward my direction, and scoop me up into his arms. Then he keeps running into the wood..

Teacher Arthur is fast. Supernaturally fast in fact, the scholarly man finally manages to snap out of his stupor seeing a man who is supposed to be bisected by the waist power running. He starts throwing up spells at us. They looks like giant black tentacles that destroy countless tree in their chase of us. But teacher Arthur outruns all of them. The orange sword starts glowing even more brilliantly in his arm. He does not say anything but breathes heavily.

We continue to escape, but the problem is that we are running even further into the wood, instead of back to the academy. Usually teacher Arthur is supposed to be able to fly, however I don't think he could in the present situation. He continues to run, and as if I am imagining things, it seems to be even faster. The scenery just fades away. Once I was on one of the bullet train back in my old world, the scenery just disappears and be replaced by other scene, it is like one continue rolling roll of tape, and I realized back then that that is very fast. The current situation is just like that. Soon enough we escape the two man's pursue, however teacher Arthur continues to run. Soon enough the wood disappear.

Where are we? How far did we go? Slowly the orange sword in teacher Arthur's hand starts to dim. He finally starts to slow down. Teacher Arthur starts to stumble, but he tries to at least slow down some more before falling, dropping me.

I look in front of us. A waterfall is raging violently.


There is no waterfall in any of the school nearby area.

"Teacher Arthur!" I ask the man who drops down like a rock.

"What about your injuries?" I try to ask him again. However when I look down at his body, I see something really really horrible. I thought he has healed himself in the short amount of time the knight was boasting and that was why he has the strength to do everything. However, when I look down at his waist, the two part is still separate, only staying in place as if hold together by an invisible force. His upper body and his lower body has a clear gap among them. They did not heal. Just what the fuck is this?

The man in question is still breathing heavily, his eyes bulges out like an angry god. Teacher Arthur's heavy breathing drown out the waterfall

The "Holding the world hostage" incident of 50 years ago.

This person only barely made it on the list due to a technicality, the most notable person in the last 50 years, the last time this person affect the world at large was 50 years ago. In the first place, this person should be embarrassed to stole the spot from the younger generation and still has the gall to call herself a student after all those time!

A certain Amedelia (Age: Unknown, family: Unknown) is a student of a Chaos Magic class from at least 50 years ago. even before that, her past is a mystery. Since the school has a policy of not kicking out students or graduating them unless they wanted to, a few old croon with useless magic power has been exploiting that policy to live their lives within the academy ground. The teacher from the previous generation refer to them as the lost, even old men and young men with their future ahead of them chose a comfortable life instead of going out into the real world. These people would hang around school facility and dorm, despite them not being allowed into any classes because they have finished them all, and not into the dorm because newly admitted student from a young age may stay there and get the wrong idea about how life works. No, they are only allowed to stay inside a special dorm for the people the same as them.

While her situation is familiar, Amedelia is not one of the lost. As a money minded person, she calculated that staying inside the academy while managing her business empire is actually safer and does not cost daily upkeep (much to her then professor's chagrin). Amedelia at the time is definitely not one of the lost, with a successful business, and a steady supplies of high quality artwork to the king and noble of the world. Almost said to be the greatest artist of her time, she wanted more out of life, and that is what lead to the Holding the world hostage incident.

On a certain day 50 years ago, the sky around the world turns orange at the same time. Amedelia then starts making demand to the world's various authority to pay a ransom to change back the color of the sky. Naturally, most of the teachers think of it as kids will always be kids, while the various nations around the world are a bit annoyed, but it is not like it inconvenient them with the sky turning orange. The saturation of light remains the same, and the crops cycle are also the same. It turns into an incident where none of the world leader pay up.

But eventually her scheme pay off, while most nations don't, there are certain nations around the world, with backward belief and isolated from civilization who believe it is the sign of the end time and start sending tributes back to the academy. Amedelia was stated to be very smug, and the incident ended with her turning the sky back to normal.

The teachers of the academy then was very annoyed because they lost a lot of reputation over that incident. However the thing the magic academy gains over that incident is also reputation. No one in the world manage to turn the sky back to normal no matter how much they tried, except for Amedelia.

Amedelia would then go out to the world after "making it". She would soon learn the length men would go to for their greed as a wealthy single woman in the world but it is another incident.

Currently she does not draw anymore, and is back to the Chaos Magic class as another student

I go out hunting for food after a long while. Teacher Arthur is unresponsive no matter how much I try to call out to him. The only signs that he is alive is his heavy breathing. I lay him near the trunk of a tree and drape a blanket of dry leaves on him. I feel bad but it is the only thing I could do in my current condition, I don't know how to build a camp or start a fire, even if I do, I couldn't have done any of that with only my left arm.

But I could do hunting. Even if I only have my left arm, I could still cast Goblin Punch. It counts as an attack from the left arm or whatever, but it should work. It is much weaker than my right arm, but not by much. I lost the knife somewhere along the way so I grab a tree branch. If I actually swing it with my arm, it would have broken a long time ago, but since Goblin Punch is not an actual attack using tree branch, the tree branch will do. I try to pick up the orange sword that teacher Arthur has dropped after he fell down, but it is not an experience I want to try again.

It is a pain that is hard to describe, but the moment I touch the hilt, it was as if the whole world itself is on my shoulder, it crushes me down, it grinds me down, it was the worst pain ever, but when I let go of the blade, it was as if nothing happened, I didn't feel the pain anymore, the pain stopped and I don't feel any other harmful effects. As long as I don't touch it I will be fine, but if I do the pressure would press down on me.

I don't understand how teacher Arthur and the knight in white armor could wield it so easily. However I realize that if I could use the sword, I could have taken revenge. It is the key of everything. Why the knight was so overwhelming, why we manage to escape.

The knight was so strong and fast that none of us could have reacted to him cutting teacher Arthur in half, however immediately after teacher Arthur surprise attacked him and caused him to drop the sword he seems a lot more manageable. He is not super fast or strong, he is just human. Teacher Arthur then picked up the sword, and he suddenly managed to accelerate and get us out of there.

This sword is the key, if I could pick it up, could I have gone back and get revenge? Could I have fight back? If I was as fast as the knight was at the beginning, I could have just do as he did and kill everyone before anyone notice anything. Even the other guy who was with a knight take time to cast a spell, no, he will be even easier.

It is no use to think about an impossible situation, my thought was also getting a bit morbid. I realize that I have strayed into revenge fantasy territory. It is best to focus on the present, that is we need food right now.

I thought about going hunting. With one arm, I stray into the forest. Sure, hunting is hard. But with Goblin Punch I never miss. If something is caught in my field of vision I could attack it as if I have personally whack it with the tree branch. Even the bird in the sky that is normally impossible for me as I am right now, can be hunted. I was thinking something like that.

That is when I stumble upon it.

It looks like a deer, with one eye and malformed teeth. Its mouth is that of a predator, every teeth jutting out like a hideous killing weapon. It looks like a deer, but what teeth it has is tainted with blood, old blood. It towers over me standing on its four legs, its eye pushed back deep inside its socket. It is muscular, but part of its bone jut out clearly against its body. Smell of rotting meat permeate it, the smell of the prey its has eaten. Its skin is sickly gray. Everything about it spells death.

It stands on four legs like a deer, but at that moment, it suddenly stands on two legs. It towers me even on four legs, but now, it is even more. It looks at me, down from that height. It looks at me straight in the eyes,

Just this time.

Its eyes say to me. Everything about it screams death. I too would have been dead if I was not-

If I was not so in tune with nature. If I was not a ranger. I could communicate with animals. However the thing still stands on two legs proudly.

Just this time I will let you go. I would not feast upon you, hunt you, slaughter you. You would not be slain as all that have trespassed upon my territory. But just this one. Even your wounded kin in the forest. But just this one. I will let you go.

However if you was to hunt upon my forest once again, I will feast on your flesh. I will tear out your intestine. I will use my legs, I will give you death.

Our eyes are in contact, the beast keeps looking at me on its two legs as I slowly back away, retreating back to where I come from. My eyes keep tracking back to the unnatural beast. I know I am not on Earth anymore, but that was still extremely unsettling.

I make it back to where teacher Arthur is, all thought about hunting, destroyed.

Just what is that thing? Even the dragon did not instill that fear in me, because the dragon I'm pretty sure does not have any intention of eating me. But that thing does, it is a more raw feeling, it is as if because I'm a ranger, I am more aware of nature. It is as if I could know exactly what it would do to me. The hunter and the hunted.

Thinking that, I turn my eyes to the waterfall. I look back to the stilled form of teacher Arthur. Yeah I would get some food back soon.

I trek down to the waterfall. The location we ended up at is a lake at the bottom of a waterfall. A river is connected to the lake. I could probably follow the stream according to some details about survival I read in my old world, but I don't want to leave teacher Arthur behind. I also don't think I could make the journey with my injury.

I think about drinking water. Currently I have been drinking water that is deposited on leaves in the forest, it seems it was raining earlier, I am worry about shelter, but I really could not do anything about that. I also let teacher Arthur drink some of the water from the leaves, but I don't think he is drinking much in that state.

What I did was I tore out a piece of my shirt and caused it to be soaked with water, then I put it in his mouth. Unconscious people may not be able to drink safely, but that method could help them absorb some moisture. The water from leaves may be safe, but it is just too little. I am not satisfied drinking just a bit like that. With a raging waterfall right next to us, I wonder over again and again if that water is safe to drink. On one hand, that is a lot of water. On the other, if I caught diarrhea I would end up becoming useless in a day or two and will actually end up dead with just me and teacher Arthur here. The risk outweighs the benefit, so saying I just focus on finding fish.

Thankfully the fishes aren't some monstrous freak of nature like that beast I encounter in the forest, so I kill them easily. The fishes look like they all have butterfly wing on their back, all of them are small, slippery thing. Their flesh is of a pink and red color. I have to waddle out in the lake until the water is up to my waist to find them. Even though they are small and fast, it does not matter because Goblin Punch does not miss. As long as I can see them, they are dead. After all, each blow is like a large tree branch hitting a small fish. Of course they would die.

But that method was too messy, each time the fish I aim at would turn into smashed small fleshy bit that is easily swept away by the current. It would have been easier if there are large fishes, they wouldn't have died messily like that.

I couldn't eat that.

I think about setting up a mesh and hang them at the stream, but I couldn't actually make a mesh with one hand.

After a long time in the water, I left, cold and frustrated. The more important thing is that I let myself get wet with nothing to gain. It's extremely frustrating. Tonight would be a cold night.

I plop myself on to the ground after getting out of the water. I just stay there, face first, feeling myself a failure.

The academy would definitely realize something is wrong and will send out a rescue party soon, but would they find us? And more importantly, would they find us before the enemy party find us?

My body lay on the ground for a long time, it is very warm despite my clothes being soaking wet. The taste of grass is my mouth is not that disgusting anymore. Suddenly I gain some insight.

"Mugu?" The Mysidian rabbit appears out of nowhere, looking at me curiously. It is still wearing its silly wizard hat and robe.

When in the wood, ask for the help of woodland friends.

That night, with the help of the Mysidian rabbit and a pack of friendly squirrel, I find a bunch of berries and nuts to bring back.

While I am eating, teacher Arthur wakes up that night

"It seems I have inexplicably escape death once again." Teacher Arthur says, his hand tracing down to his wound. It is quite morbid but I can see why he did it. If I was cut in half and then wake up realizing that I am still alive, I would do that too.

"It is healing. The spine is reconnecting." He checks over it with his fingers, I turn my eyes away. The one thing about teacher Arthur from school is that he is not a combat instructor, he is a teacher who teaches healing magic class. Of course he would be good at biology. But I would prefer that I don't have to see that.

"It has healed enough. Azul come over here." Suddenly he says. "Help me with one thing. Behind my back, in my armor there is a compartment that can be opened. Help me with it." He says tiredly. Currently while he is speaking and moving his arms, he still can't actually move.

A while back I tried to give him some of the berry I found, but he refused and said "No need. You eat it."

I am worry about his condition, but there is nothing much I can do. With my arm like this, I can't even look after myself. I am just waiting to be rescued, I can't do much else.

However despite what situation I am currently in right now, I still can't help but be incredulous that his armor has a secret compartment in it. It is a joke from a better time in the academy with the classmates, we joked that his armor is always bulkier than needed.

"It is manlier than the normal armor." Wyatt jokes that.

"Can you imagine the face of the enemy when they face a man in giant armor that looks like a giant, but it turns out he has a normal head in the middle. They would have been too shocked to fight." Another student from another class said.

I almost said that he is compensating for something, but kept that for myself. At least I still respect teacher Arthur.

"Hey don't make fun of teacher Arthur's armor." Gaben protests.

Remembering the jokes we used to make of teacher Arthur's armor still make me laugh, but I can't believe that it was actually designed to be bulkier on purpose to hold a secret compartment in the back. Who does this? I almost say, but comply. There is actually a compartment in the armor, there is a clear space between the outer part of the armor and the inner part. If that space was completely filled with metal, it would have been extremely heavy, but it was actually used to store other thing...

Which are three metal swords that probably also weigh as much. It is teacher Arthur's three swords. He always keeps it with him it seems, but who does this? How does he even take the swords out in time? How did the white knight even miss this? If his sword even hit a little bit higher, it would have hit the compartment and cause the swords to fall out, or hit the swords. It is nothing but a freak coincidence, however why did he do this? Build his armor this way? Keep his swords this way?

What I didn't realize that even though it is bulky, the swords are extremely important to teacher Arthur. As long as they are kept on his body, their effects would activate, effectively protecting him better than the armor could. Even this time, he survived because of a sword. I did not know this currently.

The three swords lie neatly inside the armor, I try to take them out because that is probably his intention. But then I remember the pain I felt when I tried holding the orange sword, but at that point it was too late. I hiss and back off from the prone form of teacher Arthur, who yells with concern.

"Are you alright? Don't touch them by the hilt! You are not ready yet, grab them by their sheath." He instructs, I slowly take them out and lay them in front of teacher Arthur.

The comical large one that is painted red, the silver one that is unfading, and the gentle green sword whose presence alone causes me to feel better.

"Take the green sword and press them to your wounds. You look very unsteady right now."

"But what about your wounds? Shouldn't you be keeping it?" He has a point, though a point he does not know about. Right now I think I can only see out of my right eyes, I think the fall did something to me, but it is not as important as healing teacher Arthur right now. If he is healed everything will be solved.

"Listen to me Azul. Death is a scary thing, and you are right to be afraid of it. However I will not die. Between the two of us currently, you are the one most likely to die."

"Wha-" I try to ask.

"You can't see out of your left eye currently can you? Don't hide, I can see it clear as day. You must have hit your head hard enough to do that. We are lucky that you have been stable until now, but head injury is more serious than you think. You may die at any moment this night."

My heart feels cold. It is a creeping cold of death. Suddenly I also have the urge to cast Roulette. I realize that the urge only appear when I am near death, either other people's death or... mine. But it is not just now, I have the urge of casting Roulette all days now.

"What about you?" I still try to ask.

"Look at me. I am bisected by the waist and here I am. Do you think I am going to be even more dead? It is you whose situation is more worrying."

Teacher Arthur was adamant. I finally pick up the sword with the green gentle light by the sheath and press it to my head. The pain in the back of my head finally subside somewhat after a while. It is dark out, so I lay down and try to keep it by my head the whole night. I gently move my right arm so that it could touch the blade too.

Teacher Arthur quickly falls back into a slumber after doing what he wanted. But I am in so much pain right now that I could not sleep.

In the middle of the night, teacher Arthur starts talking in his sleep about someone named Meldraut.

In the morning my arm is completely fine. I return the green sword to teacher Arthur side and prepare for another morning outside. I think I'm ready to make a shelter, but something is wrong.

When we escape, teacher Arthur managed to grab an orange sword with him.

Yesterday I took out three swords from his armor.

That is a total of four swords.

Currently there is a fifth sword being stabbed into the ground. It is a black one.

For some reason I think I could actually wield it unlike the other.

It calls to me.

Teacher Arthur is asleep, it is fine.

Also let talk about the references currently in use:

The whole subplot with Arthur and his swords is of course based on the Arthurian mythos and the various legendary swords used by the named knights. But which mythos? There are many version of the Arthurian mythos, from T.H.White to the Fate version. This specific reference is based on this version:

Noble Knight

So this is probably Arthur and his friends in his youth (everybody died in the end)

And this is the image I based Arthur on in my head


The dude and his six swords. So the six swords would be based on

The sword in the stone

As you can see, that is a lot of different sword in legend, however some of them are also supposed to be the same thing too. Some of them are supposed to be Excalibur at different point of the legend, and Arfeudutyr (Arondight) too is supposed to be Excalibur. This is because in Yugioh, Gwenhwyfar is also supposed to be the Lady of the Lake. After the whole Arthurian legend happens in Yugioh, a remorseful Gwenhwyfar begs Merlin to send her back in time to change everything from the beginning, and she becomes the Lady of the Lake. At that point, it is thought that two Excalibur actually exist at the same time. However as you know of Arthurian legend, the Lady of the Lake is Laundsallyn (Lancelot) godmother. Gwenhwyfar at the same time was also Laundsallyn's lover. So the story is that after going back in time, Gwenhwyfar commits the same mistake again and fall in love with Laundsallyn again as Lady of the Lake and give him that Excalibur from the future, causing the whole tragedy to happen again. All of it is a loop and only Merlin realizes.

Of the six sword, only Gallatin and Clarent are supposed to be their own swords.

That is the inspiration of making the six swords of Arthur in the story, it is also why there are little trivia like the head master of the academy saying random thing like all six swords are the same sword at different points in time.

What is the point of the six swords?

All of them combine is supposed to emulate all of Excalibur's feats in legend. King Arthur can heal from any wounds, as long as he wield Excalibur, king Arthur can't die, as long as he hold the sword king Arthur is peerless, King Arthur is protected from any curses and spells aimed at him etc.

I was also thinking about making the Head Master of the academy a Merlin's expy, who is eccentric and only Arthur can talk with him. That is why Arthur says he knows of someone who can help the MC, but Araea says she does not know of anyone who can do that, because Merlin is too eccentric for her to speak to.
Book 1 end.


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The black one has bat like wing for the hilt and a moon symbol in the middle of the sword that somehow looks like an eye. It calls to me, and I pick it up just like that. Something tells me that this is a good idea. The blade is clean, it gleans with silver and I have a feeling it is going to shine even more at night. I manage to grab its hilt and start swinging it around.

I tried to wield a sword one, when I was testing Goblin Punch with a knife and I have to say you have to know what you are doing when you are wielding a sword. You can hold it sure, but using it as an effective weapon is another matter. While I was swinging a sword with Nathan and Lutian watching, I dislocated my shoulder. The teacher yelled at us a lot, especially at that time I had not recovered from my other injuries yet.

But this sword is different. I can wield it. Even though I throw out a full strength blown, it does not dislocate my shoulder.

A deep gash in the earth is created with my full strength. So that is actually my full strength while swinging a sword. I don't actually know how strong I am before now, because if I even try to do something as extraneous as throwing a blow with my full strength, I would hurt myself in the process. A drawback of having too much strength and not enough stamina to withstand that strength.

But this sword help me with it. So with this sword I can use my full strength. Truly amazing.

Why would I want to put it down ever again?

Suddenly I have an urge to go hunting. How could a ranger be afraid of some animal enough that he does not hunt? If that thing appear I would just kill it, what else.

With that epiphany I take the sword into the wood to go hunting. I look back at teacher Arthur, tonight we are going to eat some meat.

There was not actually that many games within the forest. No birds or any other living thing for miles. I put my ear down low on the earth trying to hear nature.

It is because this is that beast's territory. It has slaughtered and chased out everything inside this territory. But of course that is not sustainable. It could not have eaten everything and slaughtered everything, or else it wouldn't be alive right now. It is the law of nature, it must have spared the species of its prey. Allowing them to grow and prosper before hunting them down.

Mother nature says it could have eaten everything, but through the bestial intelligence it recognizes that is a bad idea. A cunning and dangerous beast, but now its food is my food now.

I start taking the blade and crawl through the underbrush of the forest so not to disturb the elusive prey that have escaped me from the beginning. I brush on a layer of leaves as cameo and slowly crawl to my target. My ranger instinct zero in on the prey no matter where it is inside the forest. Mother nature says follow the sign if you don't want to return to her or go extinct. So I follow the track, from the smell of feces to the disturbance of the undergrowth.

Finally I found it.

It looks like a giant slug, but all of that is meat. A small head and a large body that is used to run quickly and escape. It has four tongues used to eat leaves and wood. Slowly it would eat all of the forest if it is not culled by the beast regularly mother nature says. The beast does not allow a predator to coexist with it, so only a herbivore through and through is allowed. Nothing else. And even then it is the most passive of herbivore, the one that fight back will be culled into extinction is what mother nature says. An unintelligent thing that only know how to eat and breed that was carefully herd into existence through many generation mother nature says. Herd into existence by the beast.

That revelation about the beast's intelligence and cruelty almost shocks me. But then I laugh quietly.

If it comes I will kill it. It is a smart beast but I am a man. The species at the top of the food chain. I am the king. I will just kill it, slaughter it, eat it if it comes. That is what will happen.

There are three preys that was cultivated into existence by the beast. Three dumb things that only know how to run.

Before they could run I jump out from my hiding spot. With a quick yell to bolster my strength, I chop down a prey with the black sword. Goblin Punch kills one other at the same time.

Their blood get all over me. Mother nature says it is bad. Blood can be used to locate me by other predator. But I am going to be the predator here.

The third one starts running, all of its muscles sprung up like one solid mass with the sole intention of running. Mother nature says it is wasteful. The two prey alone is enough meat for many days. The effort used to chase the third prey can be used to do other thing for survival. But the thing here is that I enjoy killing that thing. It is not useful for survival sure, but it is for my entertainment. I have failed so much while I'm here, it is time to do some stress relief.

I can actually use Goblin Punch again to barely catch its leg right now before it disappears from my vision. But why would I do that?

I let it run before I slowly take my breath and pursue it in silence again.

Wilderness is running when you encounter a superior predator. Running into safety mother nature says. So its herd is going to be there, mother nature says.

I slick toward the herds according to mother nature. What a large haul.

There is a secret cavern underground, according to mother nature it is the breeding ground of these creatures that the beast instilled in them. The third prey comes home running. It is unusual because the only one who is supposed to hunt them is the beast and the beast never sets its foot here. The herd is supposed to notice something wrong, but because they are all stupid here, the third prey just run into them and they just accept it.

Countless of the thing crawl all around the cavern. They don't have fur. They just lay around with no natural predator. They just stick to each other and breed and eat. That is what the beast instilled in them. Thousands or hundred thousands? It is hard to tell because all of them lay on each other, stick to each other like snake even though they are mammal. It is just what the beast instilled in them.

They should have gone extinct a long time ago, mother nature says. I laugh, roger that, cloud and clear.

"Flame thrower" I cast. I realize that normally I shouldn't be able to do this, but right now I'm feeling so good that it is like I can do anything.

Again Flame Thrower is not supposed to be a spell. A giant mechanical flame thrower appear after I finish casting. Yes Flame Thrower is not supposed to be a spell, but that is just how Blue Magic works.

I start directing the Flame Thrower at the direction of the herd. It is one of those gun that are used in defense of the flying city of Ronka, but currently because it is supposed to be a Flame Thrower spell, throwing flame is the only thing it could.

Normally in game Flame Thrower is only a single target spell. But real life does not work like that. I move the Flame Thrower right in the entrance of the underground cavern before going in myself. One Flame Thrower to stop them from running.

The next moment I jump at them.

Preys that were breed to never fight back, only run. Not even a kick, they were breed to not fight back. But now that they cannot run, what can they do?



The screams of the beast echo through the cavern.

I stop after blood cover my entire body and my arm is tired. Mother nature says this is stupid. I should have just smoked them all to death with Flame Thrower.

That didn't even dent their number. The preys don't even move from where they lay, just accepting their fate. So this is what the beast instilled into them.

I bite into one of the recently fallen beast to enjoy the raw taste of slaughter. The taste of blood is good.

I look back at the herd. Fuck it. If they are not going to move from their location, I am just going to do this. I went back to the opening of the cavern. If this whole thing is between predator and prey than this spell is the spell of an apex predator. Alone it butchers everything in its environment on a lonely desert. It is such a predator that even though its oppositions are all supposed to be stronger than it, it slaughters all of them. And its oppositions are supposed to be some of of strongest creatures living in a harsh environment. And once the Blue Mage copy its spell, the Blue Mage could too slaughter all of the supposed apex creatures that the thing usually hunts.

In my hand is the sword in black, I reach back with my head to prepare and the next moment I breathe out

"Aqua Breath"

Aqua Breath is the strongest spell to used on tough monsters in desert environment. And monsters in the desert are always stronger than monsters normally found in the wild. It is because the originator of this spell comes from a desert where it is the only thing living in that desert. It is because it has killed all the other things with this spell. Even though it is statistically speaking weaker than all the other beastie in the desert, it is the predator because it wins.

Aqua Breath is extremely costly. Even a mid game party can't just mindlessly spam it without burning MP.

But I don't care. I can do it right now.

I cast Aqua Breath countless time and surround all of the stupid beast with water and drowned them. I lost count after the hundred time.

But something is wrong. My skin starts cracking and becoming dry after the first hundred. It is slowly becoming black from my sword hand and is spreading to the rest of my body, but there is no way I'm letting go of the sword.

I am powerful like a king. Maybe like a king in black surrounded by his slain enemies and blood of his enemies on his blade. Yes, a king in black.

Now that I think about it, something is wrong. If anything the color blue fit me more. Yes, a king in blue. When I look back, the black on my hand turns into blue just as I wanted. Good.

I take back a few preys to teacher Arthur.

When I come back he is awake. He looks at my appearance and looks like something is wrong, why I don't even know, but-

"You- No. It's okay. It's not your fault. When we come back to the academy, we can solve it."

I look at him questionably but then shrug my shoulder and prepare the food.

"Flame Thrower." I hang the meat on the flame thrower. Then I share portion of my food with teacher Arthur.

It tastes like shit. Everything is charred. It was better when I eat the prey raw. I think I also take too long to take the food back causing it to go bad. Mother nature says it is stupid of me to not cut out the intestine to make sure they do not go bad.

That night, the eery sound the beast makes resounds over the entire forest.

"Did you know I choose mediocrity?" Teacher Arthur says.

"Listen Azul, right now I can't actually say anything to you, but I can give you advice. Once upon a time I choose mediocrity.

It was after a long streak of failures and failures. I lost a lot battle, lost a lot of friends, all because of my weakness. I fight yes, but I kept on losing. I was then given a choice, to grow stronger or to accept my fate and swallow myself in mediocrity. Do you think I was weak to choose the latter?"

It does not fit my image of Arthur, but I did not say it. It is counterproductive for a hero. The only thing I did was to say


That is the point he was leading up to. It makes sense. But is he trying to convey something to me?

"It was because my own ambition was one of my weakness. Do you know why I failed again and again? Because I didn't know when to pick my fight. I am strong, but there are people out there stronger, and I wanted to be the strongest. All I see was the glory ahead of me, that I did not see what I risk. And before I know it, all the faces I know either die, or left. New faces come, new faces left,...

That is why when I got my shit together, I retired. I am too old now to strive for glory. But what is the moral of this story?"

"That it is wrong to strive for glory?"

"No. It is not wrong to strive for glory, to strive to be better. That is what make a man. No, the moral of the story is that even though it is not wrong to strive for glory, don't let glory blind you. Don't let power get to your head. Lots of knights lost their life that way. Know yourself, know your allies, know what you may risk, then and only then should you make a decision."

By now teacher Arthur has started being able to move his left leg. He said that by this time tomorrow, we may go home. When he is healed enough, we could fly back and leave all of this behind us.

I chew on a charred piece of meat while looking at him.

"Then was the knight in white armor and the king in black someone you have failed in the past too?" It is unnecessarily harsh, but I feel it was appropriate to say.

"Where did you meet the king in black?! Don't list-" Suddenly something cuts him off and the man went back to being quiet.

While holding the sword, sometime I have a vision of a man in black. A king or a knight, carving a heart into stone. I know that the man has died. With the black sword in my hand, my mind kept having vision of that person. I know that something is wrong.

This is not like me.

Secondly, where is my AP?

I know that something is wrong a long time ago. After I killed the first prey, nothing pop up into my vision, no AP or EXP or anything. Let say it is because the preys are too weak, but what about thousand of them? I killed them all just to see if I could super charge my power, but where is AP?

I know that something is wrong. I know that somehow the sword is doing this. But I can't let it go just yet.

Let presume that this is in fact the sword doing, and my mind is in fact not in a right state of mind, but isn't it still in fact in my favor though?

Even though it is affecting me somehow, it is still giving me strength to protect myself and one other temporarily. Endless strength that I do not know where it comes from, but it is in fact in my favor while I'm in such a dangerous environment.

Mother nature can be a real bitch sometime, you have to defend yourself. At least until I get back to the academy can I let go.

No, the only problem with the current set up is that-

"No. It's not your fault. As long as you do not encounter another human being, this is still fine."

I nod at teacher Arthur, knowing what he is trying to get at even though he can't say it outright.

Let assume I am not in the right state of mind right now and may flip at a moment notice, it is still only animals who I'm slaughtering. But when it is another human being, it is a different matter. At that point, I think I would cross a metaphorical bridge that I can't never return from.

I laughed it off and went into the forest to try to kill the beast after teacher Arthur is asleep.

I failed.

The once proud beast is falling apart on the floor after I am done with it. I use a few "1000 Needles". However it actually takes 10 casting to reduce it to this state. As expected of a proud apex predator. Even in the first salvo where thousand of needle assault its body, it was immediately cripple. Real life is not a game where you just keep getting up and fight until you run out of HP, you will get wounded, even a crippling wound.

I keep casting 1000 Needles until it is dead, but it refuses to die. The muscles from its body keep contracting into a solid mass that heal extremely quickly, even though 1000 Needles still tore it back up easily.

I think it tries to harden its muscle in response to 1000 Needles, and I believe if it was just regular arrows or swords it would have worked, but 1000 Needles ignore thing like defense or magical defense.

So I keep casting and casting and casting, and when it could not get up anymore, I go closer and start chopping. Its muscles have soften after that much trauma. So I keep chopping until my arms are tired.

But it did not die, it just looks at me with its one eyes.

I think about stabbing into one of its vital organ or even its eye, but then I back away.

I remember that it lets me go when I was injured and dying. I went into its hunting ground and killed off all its preys that it has spent millennia to cultivate.

Just what is wrong with me? Do I choose to be this bloodthirsty?

I walk away, not finishing the job, letting nature sort itself out.

Later on mother nature says the beast looking at me in the eyes was just a tactic to gather sympathy and it succeeded. It has used that beastial intelligence to escape death, and has quickly recover from its wound and run away.

I laugh at the irony, but thank to that I have at least manage to sort out my mind. I keep talking with teacher Arthur after to try and keep myself stable. Just one more day and teacher Arthur can take us back. Whatever the hell that beast was, at least it helps me, and at least I'm not forced to kill it.

I try to stay positive, thinking that when I go back to the academy someone can lift this curse from me.

However, nothing ever go as planned.

On the morning of the fourth day I start checking out the track in the forest. From the moment I pick up the sword, I have started to be able to do something I have never been able to do before. But it is something I am theoretically capable of doing in the future.

Teacher Arthur is almost healed, the wound has almost disappeared. I can't tell if he is still wounded, but I will still try to keep him safe.

That morning I pick up track of human. One in armor and another in leather boot. If it was just coincidence, then sure, it is a happy coincidence, we can ask for some help. But this is too close. Have the knight and the scholar track us down? But the land is big, and in this case, I am better at them at doing the tracking.

I read the signs from the track, shouldn't they have some other people accompanying them? Even if the knight in white armor is superior to all of the assassins, they still have to have at least some right? At least as scout and tracker.

But then mother nature says mother nature is a bitch.

The signs say all of the other outside of the knight and the scholarly magician, the entire party who set foot into this land has already died. Actually they all died two or three days ago. I think I should check back to the scene of the crime.

It is easy to track the smell of blood and rotting corpses. There is no one single scene of crime, the first corpse I found belong to some unlucky scout.

Something tore his entrails out and eat it when he travels too far into the wood.

And then next, it seems their employer sent out a few more scouts, who were more well-equipped.

The party of four carried crossbow and scimitar, as well as a poison smoke bomb, because they had figured that something seriously wrong was happening.

But mother nature was a bitch. The poison they had was not effective on the beast they were hunting, because that thing does not even has functional organs somehow, let alone lungs, I don't think it even breathe. It is something wrong with nature, but seriously mother nature is a bitch.

The party of four found the beast, or more accurately it found them. Frightened by the appearance of the creature, they was slow to act, one of them was dragged away just like that into the wood.

The creature then used that captured scout as bait. He bit off the unlucky scout's leg and drop him off a few miles away. Leaving him to death.

At that point, the party still believed that they can kill the beast with arrows and weapons.

They run to rescue their member. It was a big mistake. The beast circled back to pick them off one by one. Because of their hurriedness in rescuing their comrade, they made mistakes, and because they were on the move, they were more vulnerable. The creature just dragged them off with those jagged teeth of its.

After the two scouting party failed to return, the large force started to move on into the forest using strength in numbers.

Instead of the usual tricks, the beast confronted them in the flat land, it trampled some to death, while biting off the other. It was invulnerable to normal weapon and arrows, but it was deterred by either the knight or the magician. At least five or ten died there.

The large party finally tried to pursue it, but it was a lost cause because the forest is its territory. They lost it in the wood, and also lost their lives.

I realize that the beast was strangely absent the day I hunted all of its preys, it was actually because it had other preys to hunt that day.

The beast was deliberate in taking them even further into the wood, slowly they died one by one. It feasted like a king, and the more it feasted, the more frightful the party became. It hanged back some of the entrails to destroy the party's morale thank to its bestial intelligence.

All of them actually died except for the knight and the magician who fucked off somewhere because of the beast. I remember the first day I entered the forest

Just this time.

Its eyes say to me. Everything about it screams death. I too would have been dead if I was not-

If I was not so in tune with nature. If I was not a ranger. I could communicate with animals. However the thing still stands on two legs proudly.

Just this time I will let you go. I would not feast upon you, hunt you, slaughter you. You would not be slain as all that have trespassed upon my territory. But just this one. Even your wounded kin in the forest. But just this one. I will let you go.

However if you was to hunt upon my forest once again, I will feast on your flesh. I will tear out your intestine. I will use my legs, I will give you death.

Our eyes are in contact, the beast keeps looking at me on its two legs as I slowly back away, retreating back to where I come from. My eyes keep tracking back to the unnatural beast. I know I am not on Earth anymore, but that was still extremely unsettling.

It was not boasting. It would have butchered me. Raw and simple. Mother nature is a bitch, that is why she birth something like that.

The scene of the massacre is horrible. It is raw and unsettling. It was deliberately made this way. It aimed to injure instead of killing some of them to cause them to suffer and dragged down their party. It made the scene as messy as possible, heads were rolling.

A pit starts settling in my stomach.

All of the armed party that approached the forest died.

Was it a mistake to let a cunning predator like that go? Something as horrible as that. Did I make a mistake that would cause some other to die? Something with that horrible intelligence. Human fears nature because nature is too raw and horrible sometime. We have civilization to protect us from the savageness nature is capable of. But the thing that live in nature does not have thing call civilization or law or moral. It is the worst thing ever.

All of them die. Human. Dozens of them. Eaten and slaughtered like pigs

The white knight's name is Meldraut, and currently he is having a really bad day. It is bad enough that he failed to kill Arthur and got the sword of Charging taken away, but currently both him and his employer are in a life or death situation not even because of anything relating to Arthur or the academy or the authority.

It is a creature in the wilderness.

They have been hunted by a certain creature for days now, and currently his employer Rodriguez lost his left arm, it was eaten when they were careless.

That thing's body is like a dream. Everything about that thing, it is like a dream that has become real. The way everything in that thing's body being perfectly controlled, the unnatural build of its muscles. It can harden its muscles, causing all of them to be focused into one spot, mending every wounds just like that. The first time he managed to damage it with the sword of the Traitor, it cut as expected of the legendary, through that dense network of muscles, ignoring anything called defend. But it did nothing. He was too slow for that thing's muscle to merge and heal the deadly wound. Thinking back he could have tried crippling it for a time before joining force with the other to hack it to death, but it does not matter now. If he had crippled it, and kept on crippling it with the sword of the Traitor would they have won?

He does not know. But like a wise man said, the present is the present.

"Hurry up. Don't tell me you are going to die? Should I just kill you right here and now to spare me the effort?"

"My arm..."

Meldraut drags his employer with him to a cave, the only reason he keeps that guy with him right now is because he realizes as he is right now, he would not survive against the beast. He requires strong damaging spells instead of an unstoppable sword that cut anything. It may cut everything but it does not rend that wound, causing it not to heal. The only choice they have is to destroy the beast entirely, which requires Rodriguez the magician.

But that guy is in shock right now.

They were careless in pursuing the beast, and the magician with the widescale attack is the first thing the beast aimed for. That cunning intelligence is frightening.

It realized from the first time that Meldraut and Rodriguez were the most dangerous, and Meldraut was the toughest nut to crack, so it separated them with its tactic and attacked Rodriguez.

It was very lucky that Rodriguez survive.

The last few days... was a nightmare. What a beast.

"Remember Meldraut, if it is a battle you can't win. You can run away." Arthur says.

"Fuck you Arthur." Meldraut utters.

He prepares the fire and waits for the magician to get a hold of himself. The wound has already been seared shut by Meldraut, and the few magic healing salt Meldraut kept on him has been given to the guy.

"I will... I will be good."

Rodriguez finally utters causing Meldraut to lower his sword that has been pointing at the magician. Rodriguez is a wizard, by all facts he should be on top of society's food chain. He can live anywhere without worry, instead of being here, being hunted by a beast.

But that man has always been curious. The reason for his rise is also the reason for his fault.

By the time he was 40, he was an important member of the Magic Academy despite the opposition being centuries older than him. He was always in support of learning more, knowing more, doing more, and that is how he ended up at that position.

From curses to spells advancement, to healing magic, he dabbles in all. Lately he has been researching on curses, as always he pours all of his heart into the practice.

But curses as a subject is always more controversial than the other art, his rival Xandria has used that opportunity to harass him at every point, turning his intellectual peers against him. It is not just a rivalry between the two, that guy despises him as simple as that.

Xandria is 154 years old, he has been teaching at the Academy for well more than one hundred years, with the seniority, of course he would have known other teachers for a long time, and in some case be their actual teacher. That guy used that influence to harass him at every turn.

Even though Curse is a legitimate subject to research on.

From that point on, Rodriguez realizes that is just how society is and decides that he does not need to hold back anymore.

Even though he was researching a harmless subject he was harassed to the point of almost quitting his job, then what does it matter if he researched even more forbidden subjects? All of it is the same. No matter what he does, he will never get out from that guy's shadow of influence. Society will never look well upon him, so why does he have to care what society think?

All of it is for the advancement of the art.

Slowly but surely though question of ethic and moral start plaguing him more and more, he started doing more and more unethical research, but it plagued him night and day. All of it is just for the advancement of magic, he says to himself.

It was to the point of eliminating other teacher from the academy for his advancement of magic.

On one day, he heard of a student who with a single spell almost take down a dragon. It does not concern him with how powerful that is, or how much it may benefit him. In actually the academy profit a lot from that dragon hunt, because even though the dragon escaped, it has casted a transformation magic at least one that let it molted its skin to heal itself completely. That is the entire skin of a powerful dragon that has the rare properties of anti magic. No, Rodriguez did not concern himself at all with the benefits or the gold, what he concerned himself with was the magic.

He has a theory that the magic the boy used to take down the dragon is something completely new. That was enough for him to start thinking. But then his proposal to study the student's magic was completely shut down again by his rival Xandria.

He hated it.

He hated that man.

At this point, Rodriguez was not unfamiliar with mask and dagger business, using the negotiation with the Saraven kingdom as distraction he planned on kidnapping the student for study later on, but somehow the boy got involved with the Saraven's negotiation itself. And then Arthur got involved and thing spiral out of control.

That was when he managed to get into contact with a legendary mercenary who had never failed a contract before, Meldraut. As someone who does not concern himself with money, but the advancement of magic, he did not have the money to hire him. But after Meldraut heard his situation and the involvement with Arthur, he agreed just like that.

He really should not be here.

Rodriguez looks down on the stump that used to be his left arm.

That beast... is a nightmare that come true. He...

He... wants to study it. His bad habit kicks up again, but he really really wants to know how that thing work.

That beast...

Its entire body is like a singular mass, perfectly controlled at all time except for the bone.

It does not have a vital organ like any normal creature, except for maybe the brain.

Its intelligence is more than any beast known.

But more importantly the way the beast caught Rodriguez by surprise. Just remembering that day sent strange emotion down Rodriguez's spine.

It just looked like any normal beast, but then its entire torso split into two. Its entire body is one giant mouth, no biology should allow anything like that to exist, but it does. Every muscles in that thing's body can be controlled, everything can be turned into a mouth if it has bone in that region.

That day Rodriguez's hand was not even anywhere near that thing's mouth. But he brushed over its body, which split into two and snatch his arm. It is a nightmare but he really wants to study it. He really wants to.

For two days, he has nothing to eat, while Meldraut keep the little food he found for himself. The cave they are staying at is cold, but Meldraut says it is a defensible location. The only thing he could do is trust that guy.

Suddenly Meldraut stirs from his location. There are noise from the opening of the cave. Rodriguez peers at the intruder.

It is the same student from days before but something is wrong. His entire body is covered in red, dry blood. In his hand is a sword that is also as red as blood. He stands at the opening of the cave with baleful eyes looking at Rodriguez and Meldraut.

"That sword, giv-" Meldraut suddenly says something, he recognizes that sword in the boy's hand.

"Nah, let's duel boy. I will get that sword off your corpse." Before Rodriguez could even object, the man and the boy lunge at each other. The red of the sword in the boy's hand gleams ominously.

That red sword used to be a black sword.

By the way, if it was not clear enough, the beast is completely fine even after the rain of 1000 needles and the MC. It just decides to fake weakness to gather sympathy from the MC to get away. Otherwise it has completely healed from its wound.

The condition for that beatdown the MC gave it despite its nature is:

1000 Needles ignore defense
The MC hits first
The MC managed to cripple one of its leg at the beginning
The MC managed to spam 1000 Needles after that

If any of that did not line up, he would have ended up fucking dead, and even then after everything the beast is still alive and well. If the MC hasn't continually spam 1000 Needles to waste away the beast's biomass and choose some other method to deal with that thing, he would die. 100 percent. It is a happy incident that make it looks easy. The beast then chose to get away than to stay and risk death, it could have also faked death to do that. As long as there are biomass remaining, it would live.

That morning Arthur wakes up with a horrible premonition. It is the same feeling right before everyone he once knew once upon a time died. It is the feeling that something is about to go wrong.

He takes his sword close to him and stands up. He has to go, something is happening. Maybe from the time the boy picked up that cursed sword, but he knows something is going to happen again. At that moment, a shadow descends on Arthur, causing him to look up in surprise.

He does not know about anything in the last four days, he does not know of any predator or enemies but if anything comes, he will deal with it.

Even though he is wounded, he manages to take a stance and raise the Sword of the Invincible at the sky.

However it turns out it is just the entire head teaching staff of the magical academy.

It is just the entire teaching of the academy...

"What the hell are you guy doing here?" Arthur yells.

All the familiar faces are there, staring back at him, except for a few people who stay behind and the head master who is too old for everything.

"What do you mean man? When you are missing, we mobilize everyone right away. How can we lose one of our dear friend and teacher of the academy?" Xavier says first. The buff man has healed from his wounds from the dragon. His limbs are back to where they are supposed to be.

In fact he was the most vocal about going to find Arthur, because the two men are great friends... well no, but at least the two have a great chemistry at work. Xavier considers Arthur a man among men and Arthur is polite.

Everyone is there, Araea, Xandria, Jasmine, Lucient, Magne, Lustia...

"Fucking fuck. I can't believe one of the teaching staff betray us like that. I'm going to fucking kill him after this." A rude teacher says as the opening word. In fact the man is actually really important and powerful among the teacher. But his personality is just like that. He likes to yell at people.

"Check his wounds Araea." Another teacher says.

"It is just being cut in half. I can easily reconnect two separated part." Araea says.

"'Just' being cut in half my ass. You are fucking amazing Arthur." Another teacher says.

"Yeah." Xavier says bitterly, the last time he tried a heroic last stand, he lost his limbs.

"I can't believe you didn't realize Rodriguez was evil when he came visit you and the prisoners all die the next day Araea."

"How could I know, I did not expect one of the teacher as the perpetrator." She says, offended.

"Where is the student who was supposed to be with you anyway Arthur? The witch from the Chaos magic class is bitching at us for delaying her go away party with the boy not presence. Though I think it is just an excuse for us to go rescue you two."

"...He is out looking for food I think. However we should find him now, I have a bad feeling about this." Not knowing what to say about the sudden presence of his friends, Arthur can only say that.

"...Who are teaching anyway?" Arthur asks suspiciously.

"It is a privilege of the top. Why do I have to work anyway?" The rude teacher says, causing Arthur to rub his brows.

"Let's go." Arthur urges. "Can you locate him?" He asks one of his colleague.

"In a cave, a mile away from here. But something is strange, there are two other person there with him, and something other... Is it a ghost?"

"Let's go now!" Arthur's voice turns serious.

"Why the rush? I can just teleport us all there." The rude teacher leading the party says.

In a moment all of them end up at the cave on the eve of the battle.

On the eve of the battle a strange scene is happening. A man is sword fighting a boy, and the boy is the one who is winning.

The knight has longer reach and better armor, but the boy is more agile and is just better. In everything from skill to fighting prowess and bravery. No the correct word to say is recklessness.

The boy may be winning but only one wrong move and everything will end. The knight is in armor, and can take hit better here and there, but the boy is only bare flesh and clothes. Any straight hit is the end for him. And more importantly he is not using any magic.

"Isn't that the boy from the Chaos magic class with that far hitting magic thing? Shouldn't it end with him using that?" The head teacher asks.

"...No" Arthur says gravely.

I imagine myself fighting the knight in white armor once. It was what I called a revenge fantasy. I wished violence upon him, and I can imagine a million way to harm him. It was immediately after I and teacher Arthur was done in by that guy, so I think a little grudge can be forgiven.

But of all the scenarios I think of, this is not it. I think the knight is manageable. But only if I use all of my advantages to fight him. I have 1000 Needles and all of my spells at my disposal now, if I could use them I think I can handle the guy, even if his armor is some kind of strange magical thing.

But this is not how I imagine doing it.

I am not supposed to be dueling him in melee like what I'm doing right now. I dodge in and out, of the edge of attack with my heart beating in my chest. I am going to fucking die.

My mind is extremely clear now. My mind is not muddled any more. I don't want to hold the sword anymore.

At the same time I am not the one in controlled of my body right now.

Even as I can see, and my nose can smell, and my ears can hear, and my skin can feel the air brushing against it, I am a prisoner to my own body. And what I can feel at this moment is extreme danger and pain.

My sword arm is starting to crack more and more, it is not even blue as I want anymore, but it is black mixed with red.

The final state of the sword, the wielder become prisoner in their own body being wielded by another force. It is accurately to say they who use the sword for power end with the sword using them.

The one who face the knight in white armor is not me anymore. Both of us in the duel can see the real person who is participating in the duel.

It is a knight completely bathed in blood, even his eyes are bloodshot. He is the king in black who was then completely bathed in the blood of the innocent. He takes a defensive stance and my body in the real world ended doing the same thing. Damn it damn it damn it damn it. Let go of me you ancient ghost! I try to scream, but no word come out.

During the duel, a commotion broke out causing Meldraut to look away for a moment, but the king in black didn't let up for even one minute and he charges at Meldraut. I almost scream You maniac, but I can't do anything. The only thing we can do now is to fight to the death.

I may not be able to see what the commotion is, but I can see the face of the partner in crime of Meldraut who is standing near us. And his face is extremely pale.

Soon enough Meldraut's face is extremely pale too like he has seen a ghost, even though he is actually fighting a ghost right now.

"Don't interfere Arthur if you value your student's immortal soul. You know there is only one way this is going to end. Let the duel finish and determine who will wield the sword. The ghost of the past should die." He says under extreme duress even though I am the one who just barely managed to dodge a sword at my torso. No more accurately the black king is the who dodge.

I have many questions. Like what the hell am I doing here? What was I doing in the last two days? I know two days have passed but the memory is just a hazy mess.And more importantly, what the fuck is happening right now?

The black king stabs straight forward with the sword of Nightfall at Meldraut. It is the proof of his superiority in swordsmanship that he has caught Meldraut completely off guard. The sword goes for the knight's neck, but at the last moment it stops. Completely. A barrier is in place, Meldraut's face is in complete concentration.

"Surprise huh? Only the dead stop improving."

And the his sword chops down into my shoulder. The king in black manages to draw back, but the damage is done.

I feel all of it.

MY shoulder is almost detached.

At this rate I am going to die.

That is the fate of all who wield this sword. I am going to die fighting.

Suddenly I hear the voice of teacher Arthur from afar.

"You said if it is detached limbs you can attach it right back right Araea?"

"Yeah?" And the next voice is the voice of teacher Araea. What is she doing here?

"I'm sorry Azul." That is the last thing I hear as the king in black is busy fending off an attack from Meldraut with my injured shoulder. He is really not going to back down until I am dead. He is going to fight with my body until I am dead. To fight to his heart content.

The next moment both of my arms are cut off from the elbow.

"The sword of Charging!" Meldraut curses. But it is drowned out by my scream.


I keep screaming but no one answer me. My tears fall down into my mouth. It is extremely salty.

My entire body feels weak. My breathing start increasing in speed. My mouth starts feeling dry. I look at teacher Arthur. Why, was it really necessary? However I also realize something else. I can move on my own now. Even though it is sudden, I realize what he was doing.

Meldraut comes again, but teacher Arthur kicks him back with superior speed and strength, the other man does not have a chance at all. I know what I have to do. I start running, running away from the battle toward safety. I can see teacher Araea and Xavier and a few others. I run toward them, armless trying to get them to protect me.

In my old world, I use to look through a so called "Most shocking picture compilation". One of the picture in the compilation is a war picture, the notes at the bottom say 'surviving from a bombing run'. The woman in the picture lost both of her arms, it was a recent thing in the picture, and her entire body is burnt horribly, but she still has the strength to run to safety. So this is what it feels like to be in a situation like that.

I stumble, and fall, but a large strong hand catches me.

"It's alright young man. We are here." It was teacher Xavier who looks at me with those deep green eyes of his. I look at him extremely thankful, but the moment is broken by a bloodied object being thrown back to where we are at.

It is one of my arm. The second follows shortly after.

I look at it incredulous. And then I look back at teacher Arthur. Even though it is necessary, that is still more gory than needed.

"Araea I leave it to you." Teacher Arthur suddenly says causing teacher Araea to pick up the hands, causing my stomach to turn. From what I remember this is not the first time she holds a human hand like nothing has happened. The first time I couldn't believe teacher Araea would be used to scattered body part, but then this situation causes me to realize what her duty as a healer does to her.

"Alright, no more hostage. Shouldn't we wrap this up?" One of the teacher suddenly says. He looks young but his voice is old, his eyes are as red as blood and are almost positively gleaming at Meldraut and his accomplice. I agree. Now that I look at it, there are surprisingly a lot of teachers here. The conclusion is already forgone, the end is coming. But how will Meldraut accept this end?

Suddenly teacher Arthur drops the orange sword in his hand, the sword of Charging as I believe it is called and pull out the green and giant sword from his armor. The green sword of Dawn and the sword of the invincible as they are simply called. What is he doing?

"Stay out of this." Suddenly teacher Arthur says. He throws the green sword toward the injured Meldraut.

"And just what do you think you are doing?" The red eyed teacher says exasperated.

"Finishing what I started." He says.

"Are you fucking stupid?" The teacher says blatantly without holding back.

"Please, just this one Julius. This is what I have to do." Teacher Arthur says again.

The red eyed teacher just shakes his head in frustration.

"You are a teacher not a knight anymore. Just what do you think you are doing." He finishes shaking his head and raises his hand. I can feel the whole cave system shaking. The rock above Meldraut's head suddenly move.

"Heh." From the look in Meldraut's eyes he has already accepted his fate. A mercenary values his life above all, but losing one's own life is still a natural thing to a mercenary. It is only that this time he didn't even get pay, all he wanted was to pay a debt to someone he hates.

At the same time my concentration is broken by teacher Araea holding the arms and hover it over my elbow as if for measurement. The black sword has fall out of that dead arm a long time ago. I feel a gentle green light on my elbow, making it not hurt anymore, and it stops bleeding. Teacher Araea still hold the two separated arms in that situation as if nothing happened and continue to measure with her eyes.

I want to say this is not the time for that, but how can I complain. It is literally my arms on the line. Sprinkly cracked arms, but still my arms all the same.

The cave system continues to shake. Suddenly teacher Xavier puts a hand on the red eyed teacher shoulder. He looks at him for a moment.

"You too? I swear all of you are just like children." Suddenly the man says and the cave stops shaking.

"This is just a farce." Meldraut laughs.

"I will intervene whenever I want." The red eyed teacher says.

"But thank to this farce I get the chance to face you again, Arthur." Meldraut says.

"Heal your wounds and let finish this Meldraut." Teacher Arthur says.

The atmosphere is different. Even I could tell, no matter who win or lose, the result is still the same. But the spirit of the two men are as strong as ever. As if it is a battle that can determine everything even though it is not. No matter what happen, Meldraut is not walking out of this.

...But he laughs anyway, he lets go of the grey sword in his hand and takes the green sword. He is an orthodox fighter, even if he could use two swords when needed, he feels more confident with one sword. And in that situation, even if cutting through armor is a good trick, it is not good enough against someone with greater physic like Arthur who is especially on guard. He chooses to heal himself first. And there is one other unknown properties of the green sword of Dawn Meldraut knows of since he was a child.

Ever since he was a child, Arthur taught him swordsmanship with the black king as that time, Laundsallyn. Their mercenary party was collecting the legendary swords for Arthur and Laundsallyn. It is as much for their leaders as well as for fame and profit. Collecting all six legendary swords are a worthy task for the greatest mercenary in the world.

At that time Meldraut was a child, and when they found the Green sword of Dawn, Meldraut was the child who was found along with the sword. The party used the child to pull out the sword, in fact the sword is supposed to belong to Meldraut, not the sword of the Traitor or whatever. It was the kindest blade, but funny how that work. Here he is now, as the villain, holding the sword again, but it was given to him this time.

The green sword is perfect for his hand, just as the sword of the invincible is perfect for Arthur and the sword of Nightfall is perfect for the black king.

He tests the blade one, twice, three slashes. The air is cut, creating a large popping sound to everyone presence.

"Wait why is he suddenly bettter?" A teacher from that goddamn academy says. Of course a sword that fits him have to do this much. Meldraut was alone from the moment he was born, this sword is the most fitting for him. It is fitting for a sword that heal him from any disease or wound. Even if he injured himself by trying too much, the sword covers for him. No matter what happens, this is the perfect sword for him.

But that guy takes that away.

Arthur looks back at him with pity, at him like he was remembering a child playing with his blade once upon a time. Meldraut hates that. That guy should be filled with guilt. Be guilty for what happen to me, damn it. Is what in Meldraut's mind.

That year the black blade of Laundsallyn was not always a cursed sword, but it was still a quite demanding sword. It destroyed the body of its user in exchange for power. Arthur started arguing with Laundsallyn over his usage of the blade, how it may affect him. But Laundsallyn did not listen, and they started having a rift.

It was worse when the black king and Arthur starts fighting over one single woman, a flighty woman who said she loves them both, but what man can accept that. And then they fight, again and again, even though they were friends. Duels after duels, some Arthur won, some the black king won. And then duels escalate to full scale conflict, Arthur pushed the black king to use more and more power from the black blade, destroying his body.

The woman took pity on Laundsallyn and took care of him on his bed and then got into his bed too, the next time Arthur found them, he throw a fit causing a battle to initiate with the black king killing most of the people in the mercenary party. If the black sword sacrifice your body for power, then in that moment, the black king must have sacrificed something in his brain.

Meldraut's family, all that he know of died because two men's fight over a woman.

The woman was of high born, from a family with a tradition of looking over the legendary swords. It was rumored that the one who possessed her will possess the world. It was her that iniate the quest for the sword which the black king and Arthur undertake.

Because of her everything Meldraut know died. His family died. Arthur and the black king too, they are also at fault.

After that event, the black king was the one who won. Became the woman's husband and the king of the kingdom. He was still mad as always, but the woman took care of him while Arthur accepted his bitter defeat like the weakling that he is.

Come on, that man is the one who killed our family.

The young Meldraut screams at him.

He killed our family.

But Arthur was weak, so the young Meldraut took thing into his own hands. He was 14 then. If the woman is the cause of sin and the one who possessed her will possess the world, then he was the last one who possessed her. Meldraut took the woman while the black king was high upon his own madness, and then he took her. Again and again and again, and the last time he used his sword.

The black king was already mad, but that horrible scene was the tipping point. He couldn't take it anymore, and became a monster who kill everything in his sight. His kingdom, his citizen became cattles to the slaughter. It was easy to trap a mad man, and killed him, no matter how freakishly strong he was at the end.

That was it, the last remnant of his family died.

Before he died the black king had a moment of clarity, and he cursed him. The father figure Meldraut always relied on cursed him before he died.

His kingdom did not last after that horrible massacre.

That was the origin of the black sword as it is now.

After that Arthur became his enemy. The man started another mercenary band, but it was always at odd with Meldraut. Meldraut hated that man. And that man couldn't forgive him after what happened to the last kingdom. The man kept losing to Meldraut though, as Meldraut grow up. The man lost the sword of the Traitor, and then his most powerful sword, the sword of Charging itself. The man kept losing. And then next thing he knows, that old shitter gave up after all the blood on his hands. Retirement.

How could he retire?

The man responsible for the destruction of Meldraut's family.

Meldraut's last family member.

Everything ends today. No matter what happens, he will die. But he will show that old coward one last time, he is superior.

And his last family member will died.

This is the end of everything after all those years.

Two men fight, but the result remain the same no matter what happens.

I pick up the backpack I have prepared. Food, clothes and other necessities. A tooth brush too because I'm afraid of cavity.

On my head is a magical hat prepared for me to deal with my magic power problem. After the ordeal, it took weeks but teacher Arthur finally snapped back from his depressive mood and took me to the head master.

I did not expect the head master to not actually be the original head master in historical book, but actually a friend of the original founder. I also did not expect him to actually be Nora Ambrosia, the writer of Sin Nora. And he was a he, not a she likes in the book.

... Don't tell me that love triangle drama is the actual truth of how the academy was founded?

After that the homely old man crafted me a wizard hat.

...that give me magic power even though all the books I read and all the sources I asked said it is impossible. And the old man insists that it has to be a wizard hat and scuttle me off his nap time.

I don't understand but it works in kinda maybe way. I'm not sure.

After that I was ready. I waited until the day after sister Amedelia's going away party. I can still heard her said in my ears.

"I made it." She was so happy at that time.

...and then she started explaining that because with all the money it is dangerous for her as a single woman, so she is going to use the Saraven's king as protection for her interests and how she is going to get every dimes out of him. I kinda tune it out because I feel sister Amedelia has already corrupted me enough ha ha...

I am worry about sister Amedelia's marriage.

Then I said goodbye to each of my friends.

Every day after the dragon and the journey into the woods, I can feel my mortality. It's absurd, I'm a 17 young man, why am I accepting of the fact that I'm going to die one day?

But that is just how it is. I want to live a life that has no regrets. I want to go to the four corners of the world.

The current class president was waiting for me in front of the dorm of the Chaos Magic class. Matthias is a worry wart as always. I feel bad about drifting away from him during all of those events, though I know that Matthias as a person is going to live his life happily without being exposed to such turbulent event. The most traumatic event he experienced is probably going to be taking care of me while I was (temporarily) armless. Teacher Araea was a miracle worker to attach it right back. But the damage is done to poor Matthias though.

Gaben is also with Matthias when I walk out.

"So you really are going? First sister Amedelia and then you, the known weirdo of the class." Gaben jokes with me, though at that time Matthias is serious.

"Be careful when you travel. I have contacted a merchant guild that can be of service, when you get to the Magisery city, contact them."

"All of those events happening in that short amount of time, no wonder you change. I guess I can't call you the most sheltered student anymore."

"Who are you calling sheltered and weird huh? Huh huh?"

I fight the rascal for a bit before getting serious.

"I guess this is goodbye." I wave at them. It is not as if we are never going to meet again.

It is said that there are ocean of lavas and giant subterranean caves human has not explored around the world. There are man-eating wild beast and terrifying dragon immune to all magic. It is said that there are good and bad human. And that wizard reigns on top of the food chain.

It is a wide world out there for me.

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Book 2 -1


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Old man Fisher was a miserable man. He worked hard when he was young. He worked hard when he was an adult. And now even as an old man, he worked hard as the village fisher. His back has curls so far forward that it is a miracle that he still moves at all. However today he paces back and forward on the river bank.

His son is out since the morning. When he was young he has no need to fear of the dark, but these are dark time for the small village by the river.

From a flourishing fishing village, the young people have mostly left, leaving behind the old and those who can't afford to move.

The old man is the first. His son was adamant on working hard days and nights on the raft to get enough money to get him out of there even though the old man did not need any of that. The old man only need his son to stay with him.

That night, old man Fisher's boy did not come home until late at night. Old man Fisher went to look at the river bank, his old decrepit form exuding misery. His skin has cracked, his eyes are still good after all the years though. He took a torch and watch the river bank.

And then he screams. Poor, poor miserable old man Fisher whose only treasure is his son, he discovers his son's head rolling around like a ball on the river bank. Like a twisted toy some one left behind. He immediately recognizes his son's face, bloodied and pale.

He starts cradling that head.

"My boy. My poor boy. I told you I don't need anything but you. I told you you don't need to work too hard. Why do you work into the night and let this happened to you?"

His pitiful and blood curling scream wake up his neighbors who after hearing his scream start nervously gathering a large group of people to go check up on him. All of them carry torches and pitchfork.

It is not know whether it is a coincidence or a work of fate, at that moment, another body drifted a shore completely unrelated to the fact.

The wave keep fluttering and fluttering. Even though the torches are lit, everything still felt cold and the darkness is all pervading. There was no sound outside of the footsteps of men, not even insects inhabit these ground. That is why the men have to go out further and further for food. But they still starve.

Misery likes company. The men who all suffer the same would more or less be more sympathetic to another's blight. And who can not be sympathetic to such an old man.

"He died because he goes out in the dark." Someone mutters. The muttering turn into loud noises. Everyone is talking about it.

Lots of people have died recently. Mysterious, unexplained dead. Their corpses are sometime found in the edge of town, mauled beyond belief. 'Don't go out at night' the men whispers. Or that is what will happen to you.

The air is cold and foreboding. The water is even colder. It is a bad night to fall into a river.

Suddenly young Maff starts to holler

"There is something in the water." He yells. All of the men's balls seem to have shrunk in half at that moment. But not old man Fisher. He wanders aimlessly, with grief and tears down his aged face, cradling his son's head and a torch.

He points the torch at the dark river bank.

"Come eat me o scary guardian. Like you did my son, come and grand your punishment down onto me. Do it if you dare!" The old man screams futilely into the darkness.

This wretched town is cursed.

The men from the village are surprised by the discovery of another person from outside the village in the night a corpse is found. Each of them start praying. Is this the true face of the night? Some of them start checking if that person is dead. He was hanging on a wooden plank, it looks like he was shipwrecked, but who shipwrecked in the river?

During all of this, the old man fisher who was still cradling his son head starts yelling, creeping everyone out.

""It is him. It is him who kill my boy. My poor boy. He is the incarnation of the night." The men are usually not a superstitious lot, however the old man's blood curling scream effect a lot of them. Fear is human nature, it is the driven force of man irrational decision. In this case, fear has started from the sight of the old man and his scream.

A man died today.

Two men died yesterday.

A party of ten wandered to seek help after the local governor failed to do anything disappeared in the forest.

Darkness has coveted the mind of every single man present. Fear has driven them. And in this case, it leads to murderous thought.

"I say we kill him." A butch man says, stating the thought of every men there.

"Kill him." Another says.

"Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill." It was an irrational thought. How could a single man be the cause of their misery? But at that moment, fear has driven them.

Slowly, in their hand, the pitchfork and torches are raised. That night someone is going to die.

"Tie him up." Old man Fisher suddenly says. Though his eyes are still bloodshot, he is one of the elder of the village who understand the ritual used when committing important thing.

"A sacrifice to the night is a must. If he is the night, return him to the night. If he is not, a sacrifice will appease the night over our village and leave us with a few peaceful nights." He explains plainly which seems reasonable to the men presence. They did as they were told and hang the shipwrecked man up.

"Gather the wood, tonight a sacrifice must be made." His sanity has long since gone, old man Fisher finally declares.

He looks at the boy lying on the riverbank. An irrational hatred shot through him, why does he lives while the old man's son didn't? Irrationality fills his mind, the only thing he could see is the misfortune the boy brought.

Somehow, the old man rationalizes his son's death is on the boy.

An outsider can die without a fuss, in this cursed village filled with fear. Fear of their circumstance and fear of their governor. Nothing can help them now.

It was because according to the tradition of the village, they have angered a god in the last month.

I wake up being surrounded by pitchfork and torches. The angry face of people I didn't know surrounded me. The problem is that I don't remember anything.

"Hey guy can you let me down?" I say to a random guy in the crowd. The man stares into my eyes. One moment later he starts shaking and drops his pitchfork.

Now that is rude. I still don't remember anything, I don't know if I offend any of the people here for this to happen, but my gut instinct says we can talk this out. Though at current time, they have tied me down to a wooden poll and have me surrounded. For some reason orbs of light suddenly light up in my mind at that moment.

I have no idea what they are.

There is one called "Flame Thrower", another called "Goblin Punch" and yet another called "Mind Blast". I think that is my option at the moment. I don't know what they do but if I use them, maybe I can get out of there?

An old man was yelling and screaming at everyone, and he is kinda scary so I aim at him and start cycling through my option. What should I do?

At that moment old man Fisher feels a chill down his spine. He tracks the source of that chill and deep red eyes look back at him. He stumbles under the gaze and almost falls backward.

"Devil- Devil! Hurry up and get the flame up!" He says to the men on the scene. I'm still confused. What did I do? All I did was circling through my option.

However that moment is cut short, a large sound surprise everyone at the scene. I see a girl carrying a strange contraption in her hand walks to the scene. Flanking her are two men, a guy with small build and a big guy with muscular arm.

"Just what do you think you are doing?" The girl almost yells at all the adult involved. She picks up the pig blood being smear on the ground and looks at it, disgusted.

"Pig blood. Ritual, sacrifical ritual in fact. What do you think you are doing? Just what year do you think we are living in? Are you alright?"

At that moment she turns to me, and the man with the muscular arm starts helping me down. In fact all he did was ripping the rope and it is done just like that. I almost fall down, but catch my balance before the guy catches me. With one hand on the ground, I push myself up and look around at the crowd.

"I'm fine." I state neutrally.

I don't actually know what was happening so I think I'm fine. No harm done.

"He is the one who brings us misfortune tonight" Old man Fisher screeches.

I look at him, still confused about what is happening. However the orbs of light are still circling around in my mind as if they are prepared to go at any moment. I think the old man realizes that too, because at that moment he flinches.

"Do you see that? Look at his eyes, it is filled with death. He looks to kill me." The old man says with ragged breath.

"He is the incarnation of the night. He is the one who brings us this curse."

I still don't under stand. But at that moment-

"The night is just superstition, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this." The girl declares, shaming the villager. "How could you even think of sacrificing someone who shipwreck into our village?"

"Mark my words girl. I have lived longer than you have. I have seen everything. And that boy, everything about him spell misfortune. He is the one who bring misfortune to our village this night." The old man starts shaking.

"Look at my boy. Look at what happened to him tonight. On the same night that thing ended up here."

The old man then hold up a round object. I am curious because I have seen him with that same object from the start, but I never got a good glimpse at it.

A face stares back at me.


I see the old man holding a face. Just what the hell?

The girl looks sick at that moment. Even she is surprised. I thought she acts like a person of authority, I thought she knows about this.

"Another victim." One of the two men who accompany the girl mutters.

"Gods..." The girl mutters. "Why are you letting someone who is clearly unstable walking around like that?" She looks at the crowd that has gathered.

"He needs warm water and a time to calm down. And someone takes that away from him. That is not good for his psyche." The girl instructs the crowd. And somehow people listens. Some grumbles, but they did as she said. Even they realize that this is wrong. It is just that at that moment, everyone was acting on impulse. But now that an unstable element has disrupted that momentum, everything just die down and people manage to cool their head.

And it does not help that the girl seems to be someone important in the village.

"Wait! Let go of me. Let go of my boy!" The old man screams as the men of the village easily turn on him and take the head away. The scene is both tragic and eerie in my mind. However thank to that, the orbs of light in my mind disperse. At that moment I feel more pity for the old man than hatred.

I look back at the party of three casually. So that happens. What now?

At that moment, my entire body starts to shake. Being in the water for an extended period of time at this time of the year is not good. However I have the feeling that I have been through worse. It is just that I can't remember.

"Here is a towel. Wait a moment, Oscar is heating the water." The girl has introduced me to all three of them. The girl's name is Mathilda. Her brother is Oscar, the big bulky guy. Jason is a friend to the both of them. Mathilda and Oscar is the village healer's children and Mathilda has inherited her parent's position. That is why she has an important place in the village's hierarchy.

"Nah, it is not needed." I say and take the towel and walk over to boiling pot of water. I mixed it with cold water in a bucket and dip the towel in despite the big guy's objection. Then I use the towel to cool myself.

"This is the first time I have seen a feverish patient wiping their own body to cool themselves." Despite saying that, Mathilda knows it is not that rare. Even in her village she knows of a few elderly person who lives alone. It is thank to her that they are taken care of, but for a distant village without a healer, taking care of yourself must be a common occurrence.

The big guy just laughs. So after the incidence, Jason went home, while Mathilda and Oscar takes me back with them. I am thankful that they did that. I really need that warm water.

"You are just a regular hardy guy huh? I like it, even though you do not look like it." Oscar says, but at that moment I look at him offended. 'What is that supposed to mean?' But he just laughs.

"Alright alright, I have a few questions for you." Mathilda distracts us from our manly staring contest. I look back and prepare myself for her question, my head has clear a bit.

"What is your name?"

I wrack my brain. That is a good question. Just what is my name? Wait that is bad isn't it? It is bad that I struggle to remember my name.

Thankfully after a few more moment of thinking, I finally remember.

"I think... I remember... It it Azul. Yes, Azul." It is something so innately familiar with me that it has to be my name. Truthfully it is because I can hear phantom voices calling out my name.

I remember, they seem to be familiar voices. The voices of my friends and acquaintances. The voice of my family perhaps. Though when thinking about family, there is a strangely absent feeling in my heart. I can hear phantom voice from my memories calling me.

"Hey Azul"

"Yo Azul!"

"Pay attention Azul. Today we are going to be learning about-"

"I think Azul is a perfect name for him" A woman said, satisfied. We were staying in a wooden cabin.

Wait, where did that last one come from? I try to wrack my brain but can't remember. But that is enough I think, as long as I remember that my name is Azul. It should be the name my parents give me shouldn't it?

The brother and sister duo didn't miss how I spend at least a few minutes just trying to remember my name. They glance at each other.

"Alright then." Mathilda clears her throat. "You may be experiencing some temporary memory lost due to trauma, the best thing to do in that case is to jog your memory. What else do you remember?"

At that moment Oscar's face looks a bit serious. I'm thankful that they are doing this for me. Helping me out of that predicament, helping me with my fever, but their generosity can only go so far. I can tell what he is thinking. If I can't remember anything to go back to my own home, they can't just let me free load forever.

So I do. I try to remember. I try to remember strong impression. I put both of my hand on my head. Come on, remember. Remember something important.

But it is very hard to just try and remember thing that I have no idea what the things are supposed to be. I try to remember anything that happen recently. Suddenly Mathilda speaks up.

"Go slowly. It's okay. You ended up drifting ashore. You must have been on a ship. Why was you on a ship Azul." She speaks in a calm voice.

I remember the coldness of lying on the river bank. And then the wind, I remember the wind. Lots and lots of strong wind. God that is a lot of wind.

The captain yells.

"Hold on to something lad. We have a freak storm ahead. I have never seen anything like this before. But just hold on to something. Wai-"

And then I remember the wind blowing me overboard.

"Did you remember something? Good... good... Hold on to that memory, continue that train of thought, try to remember." Mathilda continues with a calm voice.

I try to remember with that lead. Why was I on a ship? ... I remember something.

I was on a trip. Why was I on a trip? I don't remember. But I think I was very confidence while on that trip. I was traveling with a band of men.

And then those men hold me up at sword point and demand all of my money!

I remember being very miserable. I comply but one of the men kick me unconscious. At least they spare my life.

I try to remember something else, that was a very painful memory. I remember trekking through the wood, being very hungry after the men took all of my belonging. But somehow I was very positive about finding food. A rabbit was there. Was I eating it? But I think that rabbit is too cute to be eaten though. I found some berry to eat.

Yes that was it. I remember now. The next thing I know, I was chased out of the forest while holding those berries by some very angry elves holding bows and spears. I remember the leader of the elves being very unreasonable.

What was next?

I sit down on the ground, mimicking a contemplation pose.

I somehow ended up in a city, and ended up having to pretend to be some traveling wiseman who can perform magic trick to get the money for food. The rabbit appeared again, I pulled it out of my hat, surprising many viewers. But no one throw me money, they called some men in armor on me. And next thing I know I ended up being interviewed by a very scary looking man in armor.

"First time? Pretending to be a wizard is a very serious crime. They are our protector and ruler, beings who stand at the very top. However, because this your first time, just keep this a secret among us okay? You are free to go after a few days, just don't try that again."

"But I a-"

I forgot the last part. But the scary looking man turned out to not be that scary after all, in fact he seems kind. But somehow I ended up in something worse. Much worse.

I remember being forced to train under harsh condition in a room with other muscular men who are also forced to train.

"I don't know how you ended up here. But this is the end of the road for you. Or perhaps the start. Criminals, killers, bandits, only the worst of the worst ended up here. And they aren't going to do jack, because you know why? Every single member of the facility here are bigger and badder. Welcome to the fighter guild. The training are mandatory."

The testosterone in that room almost chokes up my nose. The images of muscular men being forced to do push up are forever ingrained into my mind.

And then I think, after that I ended up on the boat.

I retold my story to the brother and sister who can only look on with disbelief.

"So you got robbed by bandits and have all your money stolen. And then you stumble upon hostile tribe of elves while trying to forage in the forest and getting back to the city. The guards in the city roughed you up because you were performing scam magic tricks in the street for money and you got sent to jail. You somehow was force to go to a rehabilitation facility managed by the warrior guild, famous for their harshness.

Is that when you escaped on a ship and ended up shipwrecked?"

"I don't remember. Out of all those strong impressions, I completely don't remember anything."

The girl, Mathilda sweatdrops. That guy must had an eventful journey. Now she is not so sure about dismissing the Fisher's word about him being misfortune incarnate.

"I believe you." Suddenly Oscar says.

"I don't think a kind looking guy like you are some hardened criminal. I have some experiences dealing with the authority before, and I could tell you they are just as unreasonable as an angry mob. Even worse, they have an agenda, I could even say the one I have dealt with are evil. And I have heard some rumors about the warrior guild before. I think it is fair that you escape on a boat." Suddenly Oscar pats my back.

I think that was unneeded. But my impression with the brother sister duo seems to have improved after I recounted my misfortune. They sympathize with me somewhat if only because how unlucky I was.

However... I have an inkling that all of those memories are not the full story, I just don't remember everything at the moment. But I think those memories would come back eventually.

"Okay okay. That is enough for today, I think you should go and rest Azul. Sleep the fever off, you have a hard day." Mathilda says to the men in the room. With that, the sister and brother left the room, leaving me alone.

Mathilda and Oscar think that I'm some escaped refugee when they left, but I think something is wrong. There is something very important I'm forgetting.

At some point because all of my clothes was wet, Oscar changed my clothes for me.

But something is wrong. For a while before I felt an energy like current running in my pants, I don't know what it is but I feel that it is kinda somehow wrong. However the moment I changed my clothes, I can't feel that current anymore. So right after waking up, I try to find the laundry. I was about to do that at night, but the moment I sat on the bed I just fall asleep. In the morning I found myself sleeping while sitting.

This is not even the first time either, something told me. 'You don't have a lot of option in prison' Something other tells me.

After getting the kink out of my system, I quickly found my clothes. As expected of someone who has nothing, there is nothing of worth in my pile of clothes. I found what something else though. I found a hat being sewn into my underwear with the word "Wear me" sewn on it.

I hold the shorts up to eyes level and look at it for a long time. I'm trying to figure out why a hat is sewn into my underwear, it is such a whimsical hat too, the sewn words aside.

It looks just like a wizard hat.

I guess this is one of the prop I used for my scam while I was on the street, the question is why did I sew this hat into my underwear?

After a while I can feel a current on my fingers, those that are in contact with the hat. It is the same current that I felt in my pants, so that is what I was feeling last night, it is because of this wizard hat.

But again why would I put something like this into my underwear?

I spend a really long time trying to understand and hoping that it is not because of a strange hobbies. Am I obligated to pick up whatever strange hobbies I have the moment I remember them?


A male voice shook me to my very core, it is mostly shame because I was thinking about strange thing.

"I don't think standing alone in the laundry room to look at someone underwear is appropriate."

Oh it is that guy... I try to remember. I think his name is Jason, he is friend with Oscar and Mathilda. He is a kinda short guy.

"You are thinking something bad about me aren't you?" Jason says with a terribly scathing voice. I just kinda ignore it.

"Where is Oscar and Mathilda?" I try and make up with him by talking about another subject. The guy just seems so serious.

"They have an emergency meeting with the town council in the morning because of what happened last night. Mathilda asked me to come here and watch over you."

I nod, yeah it's my fault.

"After all who can trust a random shipwrecked stranger alone in their home."

"Yeah it makes sense." And it does, I can understand their reasoning. Jason seems to have a very serious personality but I don't mind, I think he meant well. I put the underwear with the hat sewn on it into one of my pocket and go about my day. I think that it is important.


After a night of rest, well a certain meaning of "rest" anyway, the fever has gone away. I feel fine. Because of that, suddenly Jason calls me.

"Hey come over here!" His voice was cold, sending foreboding feeling down my spine.

"You cannot freeload forever can you? Come over and make yourself useful." His voice is still cold, however just like that the feeling disappear. I also wanted to do something for the host of the house, they help me from a tight situation, I should do something useful.

It is just work after all.

I see many racks laying around in the sun with strange seeds being dry on those racks. The racks are made out of criss cross fibers, and sometime liquid drop down from them, perfectly in the center. There are bucket lying under the racks to catch the liquid. The seeds seem rough and dry and do not look like they are liquid bearing at all, in fact when I hold one of them to my hand, I don't feel any moisture in them. It is like hard dry wood. And the sun ahead is hard, all the moisture should be dry out, not be dripping down like that, I don't understand.

"What are you looking at? Are you going to spend all days looking and not doing work?"

Hearing that, I start and copy what Jason is doing.

"This is the Macoa seed, there is an important medicinal remedy made out of the Macoa seed. It cures the cold. Every years Mathilda has a very hard time gathering enough medicine for everyone. Not this year, however I am still giving you a hand, and you need to stop being a freeloader."

The guy glances at me with cold eyes before looking away. Under the sun Jason starts to shake the racks, one at a time. He continues to do that again and again, after every racks are shaken, he returns to the first racks and starts shaking it.

Liquid start coming out of the racks.

I look at it without understanding anything, but with Jason's glare, I start working. I do what he does. Jason is strict, and he yells at me at time but after a while of working, he stops that. We get into the monotone of work. It is just doing the same thing again and again.

After a while under the sun, Jason starts breathing heavily and takes a break. I feel fine.

I think I have been through worse.

I was going to continue working but Jason calls me over.

"Hey, come over and take a drink. The sun is too hard right now."

He stills glare but he scoot over in the shade and leave me a spot. The Macoa seeds are left in the sun while the house garden is covered with shade from the two large trees planted. There is a surprisingly lack of any flowers being planted, just strange trees, but I think they are tasteful.

In a certain sense, they are art. At the same time they are simple just as the Oscar, Mathilda siblings.

While drinking some water, I survey the scene and everything. Where I ended up at. What is the house like.

Also, the guy sitting next to me who seems to have relented. It is just a quiet water drinking session.

After a while

"Alright. I think you are an alright worker. What is your name again?"

I turn to look at the person named Jason for a very, very long time.

Sometimes you have to try new things to see if it works. While working on the grains, for some reason I can't wrap my mind around how it works. So I ask Jason even though he is being a prick.

"What are you, dumb? The precious liquid lays inside the Macoa seed, and the only way it would come out is if we continue to do this." But it seems to be time consuming and tiring job though. We have been continuedly shaking the seed in the heated sun. It is hard on the human body even if it works. So that got me thinking, if the liquid is inside, wouldn't it be a simple matter to just crush it and for the juice to come out? It's a logical assumption. However Jason just says

"It's impossible. The seed is too hard for it to work. Even putting it in a stone grinder do nothing to the outer layer. If it worked, we would be doing that right now. Though at least it's logically sound. So, you do have a brain." Snide end remark aside, I pick up a Macoa seed in my hand.

From what he is saying, the Macoa seed is very tough, but I don't think so. In my hand it feel delicate enough. With a snap, I close my fingers into a fist. Wetness flows out from the inner part of my palm.

When I open my fist, there is actually liquid. There was some powdered saw dust like thing, but it got swept up by the wind. I look at the sight and smell the inner part of my palm. Smell like the liquid I have been trying hard to make in the sun, yet within moments it has come out.

"I'm going out for a bit, be right back."

"Oi where are you going? You are going to quit just like that? I should have known better, you are a quitter-"

"What are you doing?"

Mathilda goes home early from the meeting. She looks at Jason with a frown

"What do you think you are doing making a sick person work?"

She just stands there at the garden of her house, staring

"Why are you even here? I thought I told you to go home, yesterday."

I went to find two stones that fit my criterias. It has to be two large stones with flat surface. I wash it up a bit with water to clean the surface. With the preparation for my plan completed, I go back to the garden.

"What is going on here?" I ask.

Mathilda is pinching Jason's ears until they are all red while Jason is swatting on ground and saying "I'm sorry I'm sorry" on the ground.

"Just somebody who has no business being here. Don't worry about it Azul. A patient should rest. "

Mathilda says with a finality.

"I say I'm sorry. How could I not be worry with that weird stranger staying with you guy?"

I raise my eyebrows. Alright that guy deserves it.

I lay the two stones on the ground, one on top of the other.

"You should go rest- huh? How are you carrying that?"

Without saying a word, I take some Macoa seeds and lay it on top of the bottom stone. Using the other stone, I lay them on top of eachother with the Macoa seeds in the middle. Then, I press down in front of Mathilda and Jason.

Liquid starts flowing out in the middle.

""-w-what?"" Both Mathilda and Jason say.

"In the future you should do it like this. I think it's much easier."

"Oh god he is as much of a muscle head as Oscar." Jason mutters under his breath.

Speaking of Oscar, I suddenly ask

"Where is your brother?"

Forgetting about the previous event, Mathilda starts grimacing.

"He is dealing with the guards."

Wait isn't that bad. But before I could say the words, Mathilda cut it off.

"No it's just a common occurrence. The guards sometimes get really rowdy. They just want to cause troubles. I can't believe they would do it in trouble times like this. Oscar is taking care of it."

Her fist is shaking. I think she is angry that she can't be there and solve the commotion herself. But in the end, people still has limits of what they can do.

"Never trust wizards, Azul." She finally finishes her rant.

'Oh come on now' For some reason I wanted to say that to her face. But it was just a passing thought. I don't even know what I was thinking.

"It all starts at the magic academy." Because of my amnesia, Mathilda tries to get me to know how the world work.

"They take children with magic ability, and raise them under the tutelage of monsters-"

"Monsters?" I ask, intrigue. Mathilda's voice is serious when she says that. The mood is tense, though Jason in the room nursing the bruise on his cheeks kind of ruin the atmosphere.

"What else can you say about people like that?" What that is, Mathilda didn't immediately elaborate, choosing to let the seriousness set in.

"There is a man they call Arthur. In his youth he and his small band of mercenary slay the entire standing army of a nation. Those who opposed them are killed, those who surrendered was allowed to live, spreading his fame far and wide, even in this backwater place. People calls it fame, me, I just call it an act of violence. I can't imagine what would drive a man to such horrific act, but to imagine such stories actually happening in our life time is a scary story alright."

It is one thing to read such awe inspiring stories in myth and historical books. One man slays an army they said, it is a good story in the book, but if it happens in reality, it really puts everything in perspective. That hero who slay armies in the book is such an awe-inspiring figure, and his act is a myth worthy feat, but the guy himself is going to be scary in real life.

What can you do about such powerful being who can end your life on a whim and there is nothing you can do about it?

Having said that, I imagine even if it is a bit scary meeting a hero straight out of story, it is going to be interesting. His feat of arm is one thing, but what about the man himself? Would he be a kind man or a horrible tyrant, settling everything with force? I think that it is impossible to say what a person's personality is without actually meeting them face to face.

What he has the potential to do is fear-inducing, but the person himself may not be that scary. It is a small different in perspective.

"And that man-" Mathilda continues, "-is a teacher at that academy."

I gasp at that. They have such people working as teacher? Just what kind of academy is that.

"Keep up slowpoke. The academy is the most important place in the world, you are going to get in a lot of troubles if you forget about that. Maybe you will insult a mage and get thrown into jails, though I believe you have already experienced that. Pretending to be a wizard my ass, what kind of idiot do that? It is just going to get the authority on you faster than you can say 'idiot'." Jason is smirking, though after the first insult Mathilda has already poked his rib. Hard.

"It is a den of dangerous people Azul." I try to imagine that in my mind. Nope, I do recall any dangerous place with easily offended people from high position my mind. Thank god if it means I have never been to a place like that.

"There are other scary people there, Araea 'the Hand of God', Xavier 'the Bear Crusher', Xandria 'the Inhuman'... Though you know what is the most distressing point of all? In an environment like that, with teachers like that, the children grow up in an isolated culture that put themselves above the rest of us."

Something seems not right about that description, there seems to be a lot of preconceived perception in the mix, however because I have never met a wizard before, I can only trust her.

"Well, it is not fair to say that, perhaps there are a few good people among them." She immediately corrects herself "However, make no mistake Azul, the wizard is at the top of the food chain because they seize it. Most of our government consists of wizards Azul." They are? It seems bad at first, however

"They are the government, they can't actually be bad right? We are living in a society govern by them right now."

In my memory, I recall a prosperous merchant cities with a large tower in the distance. The people's smiling face stick out in my mind. It seems as if the happiness of the place outweigh the negativity, if such a place exist, I figure the government can't be that bad. I told her that though Mathilda just has a complicated smile.

"I envy you. You must have been to many places even if your luck was not good. I have only ever been living in this village so I can only draw upon my own experiences." Having admitted weakness, Mathilda still pushes on.

"And from my own experiences, as well as those of the people in this village, the wizard government has done nothing for us.

There may be wonderful talented people coming out of the wizard academy, but the flunky and the failure must surely has been assigned to faraway villages like this."

"You are saying the wizard in charge of local government is awful?"

"He is the worst." At that moment Jason solemnly says.

"I have never seen the villagers happy under his rules."

There is a family of wizards. They can use the starter elemental magic.

And that was enough for them to assume a leading position in some backward village.

At least that is what Mathilda and Jason told me. I have not met them yet, but Mathilda got sour when they were brought up. Not to get on my host's nerve anymore, I decided to let the subject go. Jason mentioned something about uncle but that got hushed by Mathilda.

Something about how her grandfather?

I went back to my room after the bout in garden, I was going to help them some more with the Macoa seed but story time got in the way of that. Mathilda and Jason takes turn telling horror stories about arrogant traveling students from the magic academy. Those stories appear to be very popular because of just how eccentric those students are, and just how much they love going out in the world making a name for themselves.

Most of the time they just cause troubles for people for no reason, and that is the start of most of those stories.

Though some of the tales was very humorous.

Oscar comes home just about time for dinner, and despite considerable effort from Mathilda, Jason is not leaving and we four have dinner together.

I start to help people around town. As a doctor, Mathilda doesn't really need assistance from someone like me.

Unless I have secret doctor training that is, but I don't think so.

So to earn my keep, I do labor around town. Being strong to carry a lot of stuff around help.

At the start, people don't like it, especially after the incident at the river bank, but they really can't refuse cheap help. The youth around town is all gone except for a few.

Slowly people warm up to me, except for old man Fisher that is.

I don't know why he hates me so much, it was not my choice to drift ashore the night his son was killed, but from that day, he labels me as a bad omen.

It has almost been a month since I have been to this fishing village, the people have warmed up to me but I haven't seen any signs of the governor anywhere.

Today while helping at the dock, I saw the old man Fisher fishing alone, carrying a net full of fishes to the market to sell. Even if he is sad because of the brutal death of his son, he still needs to eat. As an old man without any support, it is hard to live alone.

Standing up from the dock, with his old bone, old man Fisher shakily supports his knee while standing up. With his thin limbs, he drags the fishes with him. But he lacks the strength of youth and fails several time.

And then he was stuck in a bad position, his back stretches in the wrong place, old man Fisher starts moaning painfully.

Quickly, I run toward him while waving at the other fishermen in the area. We help old man Fisher pull the net, while I support him up.

Suddenly he pushes me, almost causing me to lose my footing and fall into the water.

Though in the worst case I would just get my clothes wet, old man Fisher is just old. I could take a punch or two from old man Fisher.

Because at that moment, old man Fisher was punching me.

"Get away from me you symbol of misfortune."

The other fishermen has a look of uncertainty in their eyes. 'It is okay. Don't worry about it' is what I thought.

I want to do more for him, but at that moment, it would just probably make it worse.

Me and the men pull the net up. I whisper something to another fisherman, before excusing myself and leaving.

Hiding in a spot, I wait until old man Fisher went away.

The man who I whispered too, Van, he was a good man. Suddenly Van smiles confidently at old man Fisher, and with that strong fisherman hand of his pull old man Fisher up.

'Van you idiot, old man Fisher hurt his back, you need to be gentler' I want to say, but if I go out now, old man Fisher would throw and even bigger fit.

"It's alright old man Fisher. You hurt your back right? Let me carry you back to Mathilda."

Old man Fisher has a look of uncertainty at the unexpected kindness, I stand and wait for him to accept Van's help.

"B..but my fish..."

"No worry. The boy will take it to the market after we are done to sell it for you. Then we will bring the money to your house."

Another one of the boy says. Suddenly his face softens

"We know you have been through a tough time. This is the least that we could help."

"Yes. Yes. Help. Not from that unlucky black cat." Old man Fisher mutters.

I feel bad about it, but at least the old man is happy.

After Van and the old man is away, I step out from the shadow. One of the man slaps me on the back.

"Good job there boy."

"I know." I say proudly. I know how to deal with old man Fisher.

"But you are doing Van's portion of work, get it?"

"Yeah yeah."

This much, two person workload is nothing. Because the town is short in labor, I have done even more before.

Though it seems that after I arrive, the disappearance and brutal murder stops.

To consult myself, I believe that means I'm a lucky charm right?

It has been a month since I end up here, I wonder if anyone who knows me from before is looking for me right now. I don't know who they are, but it would be sad if I'm not remember. I also start to think about living in this place.

It has been one month, do I belong to this place?
2-2 Sweet sweet nostalgia


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I carry a few barrel of fishes on my shoulder. The smell is horrible and is never going to go away, but hey it is a good day job.

After selling old man Fisher's fishes, Van finally returns, however he taps me on my back gesturing that he has something to say.

I don't know what could actually concern me since I'm just a newbie here, but I listen to him anyway.

Van is not actually my age, he is like in his 30s, however the man doesn't act his age.

"Hey Azul, good work today, old man Fisher says you are a black cat, but since you have come here, no other incident has happened, I have to say it is the opposite. You are our lucky charm."

"But of course, I am very lucky."

Though I have always wondered about that, people says that the curse has been really horrible before I come, there is a murder every night, just what really happened? Since I have been here, no other incident occurs so I don't really know.

But I remember one incident though,

It was when I first drifted here.

It was the reason old man Fisher hates my gut.

The day I drifted here, old man Fisher's son was butchered. It was really horrible, people says there was only a head left, and old man Fisher actually kept the head inside his old home.

It's horribly unsanitary but I understand the emotional aspect.

What father could part with his children? Even if they are dead... No it is actually worse when a child die before their parents.

Van's voice gathers my attention back to the present.

I wonder what he is trying to say. His face seems complicated.

"Hey... say Azul, you have been staying at the doctor's house right? Mathilda, Oscar and Jason?"

"Yeah." I say. I have not been able to find a place yet, the townspeople are still wary of me. It's horribly impolite of me to impose on the life of my savior, the brother and sister Mathilda and Oscar, but they were okay with it. I offer to pay rent, Jason, their friend agree with my reason, but Mathilda doesn't accept it.

For some reason though, lately they have been saying something like "Well, you acting as a lucky charm is more than enough."

Did something really change since I came here though?

Suddenly Van's face change into seriousness.

"I'm just saying this for your sake. Even lucky charm or not, I'm warning you, don't stay to close to them. I don't want to see you hurt."

What did he mean by that?

After that, as if seeing something scary, Van turns around and left immediately. I look around to see if there was something really scary around.

And wow, it was just a man in light armor.

Huh? I wonder what a man in armor is doing here, I'm not sure I have ever seen a man like that in town before. However, for some reason, even though he is carrying a sword and is wearing armor, I am not impressed. It is as if I have seen something more impressive before.

I walk over and wave at him.

"Hello. I am one of the new fisherman, what do you need?"

The man has the a look of surprise as if not expecting something, however the next thing he says let me know what that action mean.

"...Peasant these days. No manner at all."

He starts berating me for almost a minute stating that he is the captain of the guard and that he expects at least a modicum of respect from people like me. I ask him what he meant by people like me but he just keeps ranting.

Ah, he was an unreasonable man. It is like old man Fisher, however he is only ranting so I stand around and let him rant for a few more minute. It is not like listening to the rant hurt me in anyway. Strangely, the captain of the village guard is the first guard I have seen in the village.

With that excuse, I finally have something to say

"I'm sorry, you are the first guard I've seen. I'm new here so I didn't know."

The man stops, thinking about something.

"They have been ditching their duty huh... Anyway, the point is that the governor has summoned you. Azul, the village's lucky charm right?"



Even if I want to deny him, it is not as if I could do anything about it, the man is armed and dangerous. It's not like he is pointing a sword at me, so I comply anyway.

While I walk around town with the captain of the guard, Vische following me, the town people didn't react that badly. In fact, they actually turn their face away, The man must be the real deal to walk around town with a weapon like that.

I saw a few of the boys working at the dock with me, but they don't look at me in the face. I kinda understand where they come from so I didn't disturb that peace they desire.

I just hope I'm not tied up to a stake like the first day I arrive at this village.

When we come to the edge of town, many more armored man appear, fellow of Vische I guess. However all of them have a look of dread on their face.

"We are going through the forest again."

Vische orders, causing almost all the guards present to jump.

"What are you? Scared?" Vische yells at them again.

"Remember that your family live peacefully by the grace of the governor."

The men straighten up and start walking.

I look up in the sky.

...For some reason, the scene of a forest seems nostalgic to me. It is calming to the soul. This feeling is the best.

Even though the townspeople tell me that the forest is cursed, and is dangerous, I always wanted to go out there. I wanted to go and see if there is anything there. I wanted to see if there is something actually call a curse. Call it a quirk of personality, but I really wanted to go and see more.

I don't know what kind of life I live before, but running around being scammed by a merchant company, chased by elves, bandit, going to jail in a foreign city because I was performing trick on the street seems like an eventful life. That may seem harsh, but it seems to be a fun life, even if it ended with me being shipwreck and drifted to this place.

I really wonder if there is a curse in the forest.


I look around at the strange voice.

"Hey, did you guy say something?"

I ask around. Van berates me for saying something stupid

"Don't act stupid, we are still going whether you want to or not."

We continue to move.


I look around one more, but all I see are birds.

"Hey, did you guy hear something?"

I say again, though in retrospect, it seems I really shouldn't have said that because all the men there start acting really spook upon hearing that.

"H-hey he is saying he heard something"

"I-is there really something here right now?"

Vische frown and berates the man again, but it seems like even he was spooked.

Slowly he turns to me.

"Don't say anything again."

We continue to walk, I didn't say anything again.

On the way, the birds keep following us.

Suddenly, I heard it again


I keep my mouth shut.

When we continue trekking, suddenly I notice a small squirrel on the ground.

...I heard it again.


I keep my mouth shut, we continue to walk. Suddenly a flock of birds fly overhead, gathering everyone's attention.

I think I'm starting to understand what is happening now.

"The land is cursed by the goddess."

The birds start chirping loudly, frightening all the village guards at such a strange natural phenomenon. To most people, it is just chirping, but to me...

HUH? Why am I hearing animal talk? And why is this so familiar. The last time I heard this was-

"Mother nature is a bitch"

"I will use my legs. I will give you death"


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It was another bad day. Another bad day.

Why do I have so many bad days?

Suddenly in front of me was not the forest of this small fishing village, in front of me was a grander forest.

It was a forest filled with death, what was I doing there? I don't remember. However, I remember the smell of blood, and the tremor the men made before their final passing.

In the grand forest, a lot of men die, hunted by an intelligent beast.

Their corpses was left behind in a grisly state to deter intruder. The forest was the beast's land.

I remember feeling someone being torn to shred, their innards spilling all over the ground. I remember not caring about those death because I have a bigger problem.


Why am I remembering those things right now, in a forest? What is wrong with me?

No matter how much I try, I could not stop shaking. For a long time, I wish to have my memories back. But when it comes back, just what is wrong with me?

It is fear. Definitely fear. Fear that could not be compared to anything else, I have suddenly remembered fear.

I know fear once, while I was being sacrificed by the angry fishermen. But even though I was about to die then, I thought, "it was not that big of a deal". In fact I was kinda neutral about the situation. I did not fear the fishermen, I did not fear my death right there at the hand of the fishermen.

There was also many dangerous situation, but I was also kinda ambivalent about them. Indeed, I understand now.

They were not as scary.

It was not as exhilarating as running through a forest littered with human body parts while an apex predator is about. It was not as scary as coming face to face to that monster.

I stare down at my arms.

Are these supposed to be there?

So lost in my thought that I completely shut out the outside world .

Just who am I? Where am I going? Where am I going to end up at? All these questions are much more interesting than the outside world.

I completely shut down.

"What is wrong with him? Captain, I'm starting to get scared..."

I ignore the voice from the outside world. Just where are my arms? Just where are they? Why are they attached to my shoulder? What is with all the corpses? Why is that guy being hanged on a tree-

With a loud clang, I lost consciousness.

I think I was on to something important, but the last thing I heard was Vische's voice.

"No matter what, we have to obey the governor order. You two, carry him. We can't continue to stay in this forest like this just because of one guy is having an episode. As long as we take this guy back alive, our family is eating well tonight. The governor is the one who provides that privilege to us, so the least we can do is obeying his order."


The governor of the region is someone who has magic.

He flunk out of the magic academy but is still accepted into a ruling position because he still has magic in the end. Because of his low power however, the land he was given was a small piece of land in the middle of nowhere.

After the outbreak of murder, he didn't show his face anywhere outside of his castle, fearing for his life.
Castle Visca


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"Where do you think you are?"

A woman voice wakes me from my sleep. I rub my eyes looking up, there was a young woman looking down at me and I was on the ground. The lady was pretty but she was quite short. She adorns a white red with gold trim and jewelry. The carpet I was laying on was red. I look around, but suddenly the young lady yells at me.

"Where are you looking at? I am talking to you."

"I'm sorry, I am just confused"

I say to the lady

"Some lucky charm you are. Falling asleep all the way until you meet your master."

My master? I'm not quite sure what the lady is talking about.

"Now, now Lanya. He is friend with the Mathilda, he may be important." Acting as if he didn't see me, an old gentleman says to the girl. Then he turns toward me

"Ah, you must be the lucky charm that I have heard about. Now...are you something special?"

The man was greezy with extra fat on his face. He dresses pretty like his daughter, but he does not look good in that look. And instead of a beautiful dress, it was an extra large coat with jewelry on it. He wears many rings and gold.

It is funny because I have never seen a fat man everywhere I walk. It was probably because like me for the last month, the villagers only eat fish for dinner. At Mathilda house, sometime she gave me some rare herbs and spices for cooking, but it was always rare. I'm always hungry at night, I wanted to eat sweets, apparently that was something I was eating regularly before, but Mathilda told me there was no sweets in this small village, we only have fish and some vegetables to eat. After that I accepted that reality and only eat fishes and stay hungry at night while working tomorrow.

I got thinner while I was staying at this village, not so much, but I was getting more muscular too.

"Are you surprise?"

Suddenly the man took my empty-headedness as surprise.

"Are you surprise my grandness? Are you surprise by castle Visca's sheer magnificence?"

"Um... I don't follow."

Suddenly the man's face turns ugly. He kicks me backward, I just rolls with it because it does not hurt as much and, judging by the look of the armed guards around if I did anything, I would have been toast.

"You insignificant-"

"Dad. The guy was unconscious all the way here. He couldn't have seen castle Visca's magnificence along the way."

Suddenly the little lady holds the old man back. I sent her a look of gracefulness but it seems she didn't accept it. She has a look of distaste on her face, but at least she saves my life.

I look back at the greesy old man, will he accept his daughter's words?

"Oh. Is that so?" Suddenly he looks over at the head guard Vische,

"Why did that happen?"

Vische seems used to the situation, he answers immediately.

"The boy was so scared that he passed out sir?"

Suddenly the old man starts laughing. After a while, his daughter follows suit too. Hey! It's not like I wanted to pass out. I was just-

What was I doing again? I feel like it was something important, but I cannot remember.

"Hah! The peasantries never fail to amuse me. Believing into something silly such as curses, I am a magnificent wizard, if it was a curse, I would have known and dispel it a long time ago."

I take the man for his words. Ah, so he could dispel the curse then, because there is a curse.

Human may lie, but animals don't. They are more sensitive than human about their environment, and if they say it was cursed, that must be so.

"There is a curse-"

Suddenly the man kicks me again. Vische looks at me with a pity look but does not interfere.

"Quiet! This is the second time, the first was my daughter. Now, how dare you talk that way to me? Did your parents not teach you to not interrupt your better?"

Suddenly mentioning my parents, there was a small sting in my chest.

Do I even have parents?

Why does mentioning them hurt me so much?

Ah... I was an orphan then. That is why it hurts. Bits and pieces of something come back to me.

A hungry child running around in the cold, asking for helps with no one helping him.

There was a gentleman in black that was kind enough to point him to sanctuary. But what was the name of that sanctuary?... I think I'm just on the curb of remembering.

"There are no curses." The man sneers at me. "It's only the result of the peasants superstition. Hearing that you are the village's lucky charm, I was expecting something interesting. But it only turns out to be a brute smelling of fishes related to little Mathilda. We will have to wait for my wife to make her assessment, but I don't have any high expectation for someone such as you."

Hey! It is not my fault that I smell like fishes. I am always hungry at night, I still have to make a living you know.

But the man ignores me. His daughter stares at me curiously, but then she ignores me too.

I glaces over at Vische, captain of the guard.

Is that why I was brought here? Just to suffer abuse?

The answer is probably yes. It was because moment later, a middle-aged woman and a younger boy walks in. They look like a mother and son couple due to the way the woman The boy was red hair while his mother was blond. I guess the angry little in the room takes after her mother because she was blond too. Moment after seeing me, the woman utters

"He has nothing."

The words cause the boy next to her to break into sneer.

"It really was useless then, he really is just a boy related to Mathilda."

For some reason, that hurts more than I thought it would. And then it was the boy who shouted at Vische the guard captain

"Why did you even bring this smelly guy here Vische?"

"I'm sorry sir, I thought he was going to be interesting to you, but if it was like that, I would take him away."

Suddenly the boy runs over to kick me. It was a comical sight because he was not even up to my chest, but he tries to kick my knee. It did not hurt as much as his father's kick. Again, with the armed guards around, I know that if I did anything, I would have been bad.

However, the next moment, the boy drops down on the floor, holding his leg that hit while crying.

Soon enough the guards apprehend me without me even doing anything.

"Dad! That guy hurt me!"

It was just like that and bam, dozen of armed men pile up on me while my face is pushed into the dirt.

If only... If only I could do anything.
A random woman appears


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I woke up in holding facility. The walls are made out of stones. Far above me, there is a single window with steel bars allowing moonlight inside.

It hurts to stand up. I think they broke something when they beat me up. It was a dizzying experience to stand up. I hold my head, there are blood and my face has started to swollen. It hurts. But the more important part is how do I get out of here?

I need to get out of here, this family is crazy, they will kill me.

I didn't hurt that kid, he hurt himself trying to kick me, but it is my fault all the same. And they even have a gang of muscular armed men ready to jump on me at a moment notice, I need to get out.

Slowly, I try to reach for the window, can I get out from there?

It seems the bar was old and weak even though it looks brand new because when I so much as touch them, they parted way, bending and breaking in unnatural angles.

However, there was another complication, even though the bars are removed, the hole is still too small for me to crawl through. Just trying to reach out with my arms hurt, my body is bruised badly, I could not get out of there in my current situation.

Slowly, dangling from the window, I regard the moon outside while thinking about my situation.

What did I actually do wrong for me to get to this point? It hurts so badly, it could be worse I think, but right now, I don't want to do anything other than laying in a soft bed recuperating my wounds, but that is not happening.

Just what did I do wrong?

From vantage point, I actually saw a few people out there. They are all well dressed and eating well despite just being guard, the thought made me hungry.

They took me in the morning, I was knocked out until the afternoon, now it is already night, they didn't even let me eat something. I'm already thin as it is, however it was another foodless night. This looks to be a sleepless night too, I don't think I could sleep without thinking about the state of my body. Combine that with the hunger, it looks to be a tough night.

And yet something tells me...

It could always be worse.

Slowly, I let go of my hand, letting me fall down from the window. Crumbling into a heap on the floor, I just lie there, trying to sleep. Whatever comes tomorrow, it is tomorrow, not today.

The only thing I regret was not being able to see more. I'm kinda jealous of memory me, it seems I was living a fun life, in contrast to the life I'm living now.

After that, I vomit on the floor, my throat was also dry because of no water, so it is a thing that happened.

The liquid is warm and gross, and it got all over my sleeping arrangement, but I ignored the sensation. I'm more concerned with staying still. It is comfortable in a way. It is warm.

I close my eyes.

It could have been worse.


In the cold kingdom of Saraven, staying alive is a full time job. The proudest and most powerful kingdom of the North, there are still time where people fall off the cracks.

There is a thriving economy, the resources boom is still happening. Everyday people go to the mine, or they join the fishing hunting part. A new market has also opened after the war.

Without the wartime economy, people wonder what the soldiers who went home are going to do. Though it seems, the leadership has forseen the complications and change the economy accordingly. What happened to the soldiers who went home? Well they join the workforce of course, it is a labor market, a lot of strong able bodies suddenly joining the workforce is just what the doctor ordered. Alongside the employment, Saraven was a militarist government by nature, the soldiers who went home also receive a bonus as well as donation from their leaders who lead them in war, the money was injected into some new hot thing call bank that the average layman does not know where it even comes from. Apparently it comes from the South, an economic route was also established recently, they brought with them items that are invaluable in Saraven, like heat stones and sand that are used in the reconstruction effort.

Lately, the government building was rebuilt with the latest technology in insulation architecture that include heat stone in building infrastructure. It is always warm in one of these building, and it becomes a gathering spot for the average people lately. A few richer citizen was thinking about doing something like that with their home so that their home would be warm even in cold, cold Saraven.

It leads to the boom in heat stones and sand export.

It all happens recently thank to the effort of a large merchant guild farther south that has open trade with Saraven, no one know how the agreement was made but things are looking up and up lately.

And yet, there are still times where people fall off the crack, and feel that the world is unfair.

Like a certain young man that is currently jobless, complaining that the returning soldiers are taking all the jobs.

"I mean, what is the big deal? Those greedy bastards, they already receive a big fat pay check, why do they even need that job? If this is not a society of law, I bet I could have kicked his ass."

It was a specialty of Saraven, an outdoor pub. Chairs and tables are arranged on the pavement, it is cheap too, without the housing tax, everyone can go there to get a drink.

However, the problem with that is that there are bound to be troublemakers. You are in public, your actions are your own, owning your action while inebriated is never a good idea.

Everyone could go there, a jobless young man could, soldiers could too for their after work relaxation.

Sitting on the table next to the certain young man, a group of retired soldiers was getting heated by the words, troubles are bound to happen.

"What? Do you want a fight?" The man slurs, suddenly around him, men and women start standing up, menacingly. Each of those people have a weapon, knives and sticks and other street fighting weapons. While it could have escalated further, the group of soldiers back off, knowing when to pick their fight.

"I thought not. Let go back to drinking brothers and sisters."

The young man laughs, causing other to laugh too. The owner of the establishment has a helpless look on his face. He would have chased these troublesome people away if he could, it is not like they normally pay either, these groups are usually layabout do nothing, not in employment. How could they have money?

But the problem is that while they are not in employment, they are in a gang.

these are the people that fall out of the cracks. The young men and women who got into gangs.

And in just about two days time, rumors have been going around that the two biggest gangs in Saraven are going to duke it out in the street. This is the job of the government first and foremost, but it is still hard.

After that, the young man went home. His mother sews and does handicraft, that is why she opened a small shop selling scarves and warm clothes. However, with the big market opening in the city, it becomes increasingly harder to make a living.

You know what is the most important thing in life?


Feeling heat on his face, the young man went home after a week absent.

Living in Saraven, surviving is a full time job, that is why he took those protection money and sent it home. He lived like a hobo in the gang's warehouse, intermingle with all the other fucks in the gang. The gang looks after their own. Warm meal, and sleeping places are guaranteed. Yesterday, the boss told him to lead a bunch of the men in the first charge against that other gang. The fighting is going to get big, the gang look after their own, so it is about time to pay it back. That's about right.

However at that moment, the young man almost pisses himself with fear.

He joined the gang because of the cushy conditions, but in two day, he is going to be actually fighting. Who know if he is even going to go home to his mother?

No one know.

For a while, the young man just keeps shaking. Ever since yesterday, he has been shaking.

When the boys went home, he is still drinking. He kept drinking. Suddenly a woman in a white coat sits in front of him.

"Table taken." He says

"What are you doing?" The lady says

"What is it to you?"

Suddenly feeling heat on his face, even though the other person is a woman, he stands up and tries to rough her up.

Her fault for dressing fancily like that in this part of town!

Suddenly as if his vision has gone dark, the man lost his balance and falls over the floor.

The man stands up again, but he falls down again.

The lady says

"Don't die drinking in this place, your mother at home is going to be sad."

"What do you know?"

He yells staring at the woman who is looking down at him.

"Living in Saraven, surviving is my full time job."

Suddenly as if the dam has been broken, he started ranting and yelling profanities at the woman on the floor. The owner looks concerned and was about to walk over but the woman waves off his concern.

The woman looks intensely at him, for a moment, the young man feels intimidated. But then he realized she was the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and he was dazed for a few moments.

The lady keeps looking at his drunken, ranting state and finally says

"You are pathetic you know that?"

"What you-"

He was about to object, but then, as if it is the tiredness speaking, he drops his head


He stands up, again, it is solid this time, and he went home, a bit more sober.

The lady follows him.

"Are you not scared?" He asks

"What are there to be scared of? This is quite a safe neighborhood you know, I'm just curious what a guy like you are doing here"

"Well fuck you lady. I don't need that insult. And go home, this neighborhood is not safe anymore."

It was because this neighborhood was gang territory now, eyes and ears are everywhere. And in a few day, this is going to be the place where the gang war takes place.

The young man already told his mother to stay home that day.

"I live here after all..." he says something like that.

"Acting like a rascal in your own neighborhood is not wise you know?"

The lady lectures him.

Goddamn, she is right. But she is annoying. Though at that moment, he was trying to avoid looking at her face.

She is too beautiful, she is like one of those lady from the next neighborhood over, the place with all the patrols and important people and all that. She looks like trouble if you even touch her.

Slowly, the man puts on his torn scarf, his mother made it for him, but it was torn the other day. He hasn't gone home yet so the old woman doesn't know.

"...why don't you buy one the new heat stone, it is more efficient, and cheaper in the long run."

"Cheaper my ass, that is almost one month of salary." Even though he told himself he isn't going to talk to the nosy woman, irritation still resurfaces

"You have to think ahead, it is expensive now, but it is going to be a profitable trade in the future."


"Don't you know, heat stone last for a life time. When it runs out of heat, you just left it alone for a while, and it will reheat again. It is something that last for a life time, in Saraven, a month worth of salary is cheap."

A random woman appears to advertise the effectiveness of heat stone


Later on, while the woman was walking, a random face in the crowd steps in front of her.

"Lady Amedelia, this letter is for you, it appears it is from one of your...classmate."

The man's face was grave, on the surface he seems just like any other person in the crowd, but the man is well armed, from head to toes, his body is tense, yet relaxed at the same time.

He is a professional in the cloak and dagger business.

"I was expecting that. Let see how my juniors are faring without me, especially Azul. I always worry about that boy."

While reading the letter, lady Amedelia glances over at the nondescript man,

"It seems two days from now, the large gangs in town is gathering at the warehouse district, have you prepared adequately?"

"Ah..." The nondescript man seems surprise for a moment "I will told the lord and prepare the army immediately."

"Good, I hope you apprehend them all, gangs are bad for business..."

The lady trails off.

The nondescript man waits for a moment before speaking up.

"Lady Amedelia... though you are very capable, next time you go out, could you at least inform me or at least my men please? Please, it's dangerous."

In two days, a gang war was going to happen, and here, a magic user, a person who married to the royalty is walking around town, unescorted.

"I'm not exactly alone."

The lady gestures to the warehouse workers who was oppressed by the gangs taking over the warehouse district recently.

The normal workers suddenly drop all they were doing in sync.

Then they gather in formation, if there was any other person here, this scene is going to seem strange, but the lady was sure that all the people here was "in on it"

The nondescript man raises an eyebrow, when did she-

"I'm just protecting my investment, I'm not a reckless woman, you don't have to worry about that."


Even the man was surprised for a moment. Then he remembers the circumstances of the lady's marriage into the royal family. Then he also remembers the merchant guilds that have taken shop within the country, opening Saraven's trade route with the rest of the world, with lady Amedelia's having the first dibs.

It was scary just how much power this woman has.

The letter was from one Matthias. After reading it, suddenly lady Amedelia's face turn grave.

"Tell Matthias it's okay, I have ships in the region, tell his family members they have my permission to use it to search for Azul."

The nondescript man does not question order or the message, his only job is obeying order. Though he wonders just who this Azul is.

Having relations to two big royal families of the world is not normal.
Night is different from day


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At night, suddenly a petite young lady visit my room. The room was a bit filthy, but the young lady tries her best to ignore it. With a key, she hands it to her servant, the ever loyal Vische who was standing in guard of the prisoner who just arrived.

Slowly, Vische opens the door.

"Don't get me wrong. I don't like you at all."

The lady suddenly says

"But I'm not some fairy tale villain. I know when enough is enough."

I turn my head up in surprise. Such a lady from such a family is that reasonable?

"Even I know even though you are smelly, you didn't do anything wrong. Litea is too spoil. But don't get me wrong alright, I'm not like you plebian, I am of wizardry blood, that means I'm superior. I should know better, so I'm letting you go now."

Vische unhands me while leading me outside. The spoil girl just walks back without another look.

"Even so... Thank you."

I whisper. It seems I somehow get out of that situation. However just on the edge of the castle, suddenly Vische says

"That girl is just too naive. "

Suddenly Vische turns away before giving me a pitying look.

"Now your life is in your hand. It would have been better to stay in the castle."

I just realize that Vische left me right on the edge of castle, leaving me to walk back into town, through the forest in the dark that the armed group in the day was afraid to walk through.

I decided that I didn't like Vische.

But still, I just walk into the darkness, under the watchful eyes of Vische. The man is not going to let me turn back. It is his lady'r order.

He is not going to accompany me either because what is in it for him?

There was not even a bit of chivalry in him at that moment, it was full of self-interest.

I understand Vische, but I don't like Vische. The one who give me misfortune in the name of order.

Still, I walk into the forest in the darkness. Whatever will be, will be.

I have been through everything so far, what is a bit more of dancing with danger? Whatever will be, will be.

I nurse my wounds and broken arm and walk back.


I didn't see, and trip on a tree branch, worsening my pain. I just want to curl up on my self and lay in pain. But if I stay like that, I will die, 100 percent, so I move on.

It is hard to see in the forest at night.

There was no light, there was not even a single ray of moon light that escape the foliage.

The lady from the castle said that I have nothing special. Perhaps she is right, I'm just a normal person.

A normal person that can hear the voice of the woodland creatures that is.


'In the morning, he will just be food for me.'

'A child of the forest he may be, but he is already a dead man walking. Nonetheless it is not yet time, it is not time to eat him yet. Not now, maybe not tomorrow. He is not like us, he is still human. It is not a matter of eating him when he is weak, let extend the courtesy to a human. Only until he dead could he be eaten.'

'Get away from me.'

The last voice was from a snake under a branch. Walking in the forest at night, there was many danger, snakes was one of them. But contrary to expectation, snake is not that gungho about biting a human. But human are big, rude and dangerous, and just get into a snake's personal space. Snake is an easily spooked creature. And when they are spooked, they react in the only way they can.

They bite.

Acknowledging the warning, I move away from the easily scared snake. I just keep moving. There are many dangers at night.

At least it is comforting to hear voices while I walk, even if it is only the voice of nocturnal creature.

At night, the creatures are different from day. They are a lot colder, and a lot less helpful. But it expected, they are a different lot from the daytime creature, with different lives.

There many dangerous nocturnal creature.

'I am hungry'

There was a fox like creature with large ear and dangerous eyes that bare his fangs at me. He is very dangerous not because his appearance is dangerous or that his fang is dangerous, he is dangerous because he doesn't listen to reason. The only thing on his mind was 'I am hungry'

Slowly, I point at the tree branch that is making noises. It is smaller, so it should be easier prey than me.

Finally, the fox creature moves toward the noisy tree branch. It was where the easily spooked snake is, who immediately strike as the first thing it does. The fox like creature struggle for a while before dying.

It is rough, but it is nature.

I just keep walking, avoiding a few shy one for a few times. The other nocturnal creatures avoid me while gossiping. I trip on a few tree branches for a few times.

Suddenly, there was light.

In the middle of the forest, there was a swamp of fireflies that comes out of nowhere.

There was light for me to see the way.

I just keep walking, the fireflies follow me.

At night, the forest creatures are cold, but they are like their daytime creature all the same.


Suddenly the fireflies disappear.

All the creatures in the forest go silent. Nothing dare to make even a noise. Everything become quiet.

I feel a dangerous sensation on the back of my neck.

There was no creatures to even make a comment. No more comment about how I'm going to be their food in the morning.

I feel dangerous eyes on me.

All sounds disappear.

Not even the cricket under the foliage made a noise.

Whatever it is, it didn't even make a noise toward me. It did not say anything.

Mother nature says something is looking at me. I feel dangerous eyes looking at me.

Mother nature says that the something is on my right, I turns toward that direction immediately. Suddenly there was a sound, there was nothing on my right.

Mother nature tells me, it is behind me. I immediately looks back, there was a noise, there was nothing behind me.

I immediately move my right arm and point it behind me.

It was behind me but I am not turning fast enough, so I just point my hand at it as a sign.

'I see you'

In this small opening, how something could just move behind me repeatedly without me even knowing is beyond me.

But I know, that is what the animals fear.

The snakes, the insects, the various predators. None of them made a sound.

Dos that mean that the poison, the insects, the fangs could not do anything?

If only I could do something. If only, if only.

Why do I keep saying if only? Why would I say if only if I could do something?

Suddenly the tree behind me explodes and falls backward. Good, if it falls in my direction, it would have been bad.

I did that.

The forest was silent.

I think I remember something.

It was a spell.

Goblin Punch.

Though the reason that tree suddenly explodes escape me at this moment. Why would the tree explodes as if an explosion has gone off like that?

It is a mystery for the age.
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Why do you look like that?


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It was a creature that looks like a human, however there is just something wrong on the edge of my vision. All life become quiet upon her introduction, there is no way it is natural. And if you look closer, you will see the edge of flesh fraying at the seam.

Is this a curse? The thing that constitute her flesh is not flesh that I'm quite sure. She is not a creature that live in the forest either, that I'm undoubtedly sure.

However, right now, the most important part is not how unnatural she is, it is that-

"W-why do you look like that?"

The humanoid figure looks at me listlessly, unmoving. In front of her, a tree has fallen over. She is uncaring.

I aim it at a tree next to her again.

"I'm not going to ask again, why do you look like that?"

The answer to that question is important.

Is this a curse?

She was unresponsive. I wave my arm again, I'm pretty sure that even in my state I could still use Goblin Punch at full power. Is this a spell? Does that mean I'm a magician? Magicians are supposed to be people with incredible right, could I do this?

"That's it."

I imagine an invisible punch in my head and it materialize. I realize that this was something I have been practicing on in the wilderness somewhere. It was in a grand forest, there was a lot of trees there. I was traveling with a band of mercenaries who worked for a trusted person. But I have a feeling their intentions were not quite good in the end-

'Again, stop daydreaming!' I tell myself. All thing in due time, when I remember it is a matter for that me, currently I'm here, I have something to do.

In front of me is the twisted figure of someone I know. I'm sure of that.

I punched the ground immediately next to the female figure. There was a small explosion of dirt and debris, the dead leaves was scattered all over the place.

I remember that this was something that I could do. However I also remember that it was something I could only do with Goblin Punch.

I remember that there was something wrong with my physique. What is wrong with me, why am I remembering words like STR and END now? What do they even mean? I have a feeling they were very important.

All I remember is that I myself is a striker. I could exert great force, however my body is not up to par.

If I actually punch that tree with that much force, I would tear my skin and break my bone. Not even impacting against another object, if I even swing my arm around with force like that, or kick the air with force like that, I'm not even sure if my body is going to stay in one piece.

I am strong but perhaps I'm not a shower. I could exhibit greater force but this body of mine is not just quite up to par. I could carry a lot of thing around easily, I could pick them up with one finger, but at the end of the day I'm going to feel hurt allover. If my body was as strong as my strength, would I have even felt the beating they gave me?

I don't quite understand, but I just chart it up to something I have forgotten I guess.

And because of that, I could not actually throw a full punch around, my arm would literally tear itself from my shoulder.

But I remember that I found a solution to that problem, namely, with the convenient Goblin Punch around, I don't actually throw a punch. It was an invisible force of something that is equal to my full thrown punch.

And with that, I'm quite strong I think.

...But just what is with the destruction really? A tree was blown up, and now the ground? The dirt has not settled, however I could already tell what is going to happen.

The figure will be unresponsive, she didn't even make a sound when the punch strike the earth, I aim it away from her as a warning to see if she would react.

But she is really inhuman.

The figure remains unscathed.

I don't even think she is sapience.

Now that I look closer, underneath her feet there was the snake from earlier. But it seems lethargic, it coils slowly around her legs without making any threatening gesture at all, enthralled, it did not make a sound or even strike up a conversation. I'm supposed to be the child of nature like the animals said, I could even talk the snake, but now he is acting nonthreatening to her but not me?

No, it is not quite right. It is more correct to say that he does not even have a mind right now.

I think I figured out something. The humanoid figure was not living but is still moving. The unnatural way it quiets nature...

Is it a curse?

If it is so...if it is so... than why does it shapes like a human?

And why does it shapes like that?

It looks just like that person.

However my musing got immediately cut off when the ever silent figure finally makes a sound.

"Interesting child. You don't belong here."

"You could t-"

I felt the cold air stopping my breath in my chest, as if I'm not deserving of speaking. A coldness descends in the night, wrapping everything in a mantle of darkness. All the creatures avoid this place, by this time they are pretending to be dead, or they are already dead, no matter what, they fear the unnaturalness.

"Your soul don't belong here. But pitiful child, pitiful child." It just keeps repeating.

Slowly, other dangerous animals start appearing, as if in a trance, they keep walking toward us. I tried to urge them away, but they aren't listening. There was a wolf, a fox like creature, and something else that I don't even know.

Is this how the villagers was eaten.

No. Not likely. Something that leaves bite mark like that on the corpse has to be a bit bigger than that.

The dark figure stares straight into my eyes, then it looks at my arms.

"The pitiful child finally relearn the cruelty of human nature again."

However what she did next was even more shocking.

She started removing her clothes.

"What are you doing-"

I says with ragged breath. It is more correct to say that unseen force just tear her clothes away without her even moving a finger, but I'm 100 percent sure that she is the one causing this.

However, she puts a hand on her lips.

"Just a small vision of what to come."

What does she mean-

Suddenly the figure screams out. There was a fight. The figure was fighting with an unseen force, her clothes are being torn off. Slowly bruises appears on her body.

I couldn't watch. It was the image of someone I know.

After a while, the dark figure, bloodied and bruised falls onto the floor. All hopes, lost from her eyes. She may not be dead yet, but she might as well be.

Suddenly, the figure stands up, all the bruises and blood and broken bones disappears.

It was all a show.

But her words ring in my ears, it keeps ringing. "Just a small vision of what to come."

What does she means by tha-

"Off you go now."

Suddenly I could breathe again. The figure is standing with all the enthralled animal.

"Off to be eaten. Future vision is not taken lightly, for those who has regarded it, only death await them."

She says, but none of her animals make a move. At the same time, I'm pretty sure that I could take them. However, facing that creepy sight, I could only turn and run, run toward the village.

Her laugh echoes in the night. Is that a curse?

What does she mean by I'm about to die?

I could only take a few steps when it becomes clear to me.

I could only take a few steps when an overwhelming pressure starts pressing on me.


The thought just keeps echoing in my head.

"Off you go now. Off to be eaten. Future vision is not taken lightly, for those who has regarded it, only death await them."

Her words rang true. There is noway out. Whatever it is, unlike the curse, I don't even dare to turn to look.

However at the next moment, something stupefied both the figure and me.


Whatever it is, the voice addresses me. It addresses me personally.

I don't quite dare to turn back and look, but I was able to take a few steps. And then there was a few more. Nothing happens when I walked away, so I just get up. And I just run.

In the back, the figure of the female acquaintance I know start screaming horridly.

"Go get him!"

She orders her back of animals. But I don't even need to turn to know that-

In the next moment all of them are going to be slaughtered.

Whatever it is that just arrived, it lets me go. At the same time, everything else is in its territory now, and I have a gut feeling that whatever that terrifying presence is, it does not tolerate anything moving with out permission in its territory.

So I get up and run, and run, and run.

And then I get back to the village in safety. Nothing happened. I'm alive.
Are you dead?


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But the wheel of fate has already begun to turn

I walk out of the forest, a bit battered, but fine. The only serious wounds was my arm, which was starting to turn blue, causing me endless worries.

I will just find somewhere, lay low for a few day. Maybe walk back home to miss Mathilda and ask her to help me with my arm.

But nah, I don't want to bother her. She already helped me enough. It would be bad if my business becomes her business. I owe her, it is not time to make that debt bigger.

But what do I do now? What do I do? I could not tell anyone about what I saw... I couldn't. It is so horrible.

Wondering the outskirt like that, suddenly I saw a fire.

I already saw their face from afar, but it seems they have not seen me yet. It was a good thing that it was a friendly face, I try to wave at him. It was Van from down the harbor. However, when he sees me, he was pointing his torch at me.

"Wait, stay where you are" He says with a threatening voice.

"Who are you?" It seems he couldn't see me in this darkness. But it is strange, I could see just fine. I could even tell that he has brought with him my handkerchief. Miss Mathilda gave me it for safe keeping, but I left it at the harbor. Now why would he have that? I don't me.

"Wait! It's me. Azul"

I raise my hand up, trying to placate him

"Azul? Azul?! Why are you out here? Why are you not staying in the lord's castle?"

Van gets closer to see me in full. He sees my state and expresses pity.

"What happened to you man?"

"The guards beat me up. Broke my arm and thrown me in jail."

Van looks grimly at that.

"These people are just too much. That stupid fuck Vische, did he want a punching bag or something?"

"He was just following order."

Suddenly, as if there was a realization on Van's face, he slowly moves.

"Wait. Whose order?"

From the start, I already noticed something. Today is not like everyday. Van is a lot more nervous today. From the way that his facial features twitch, and the way that he sweats profusely, he is nervous. No, that is not right.

In the animal kingdom, there are certain odor. A horrible odor is simply mother nature's way of protecting oneself. However, there are certain 'flavor' that could be taste in the air. Was it pheremone or something other, it doesn't matter.

It is the smell of fear.

Certain animals emit that kind of smell when they fear for their life. At time, it tastes horrible. At time, it just speeds up their inevitable demise further, letting their predator knows exactly where they are.

Van smells of fear. The primal terror that grips him is like no other. It is instinctual, something told him that he is about to die, and he fears death.

I suddenly remember the words somebody in the village has told me.

'This whole village is cursed'

Just what happened for it to get that far?

Is everybody about to die?

From the start, the land around this place seems weird. A sedated kind of peace and quiet unheard of, as if it was


The land itself was dominated by that which everyone calls curses. Even the animals seem strange, they are fine in the day because it has not caught up with them yet, but some strangeness is afoot at night.

However, at this moment, there is a more pressing concern.

Van from being a pal of mine now looks like he could turn on me at any moment.

"Whose orders, Azul?"

"The boy."

"The boy who?" He asked again

"The boy from the castle. He kicked me and hurt himself, and now he is looking to hurt me."

Van's face become even paler.

"You have been to the castle...?"

"Yeah, you saw me go out in the morning?" I asked him back.

Suddenly, Van took a step back.

"Azul... you are Azul right?"

He looks at me with a terrified look

"I am Azul. I have been to the castle. They throw me in jail. At night, the lady took pity on me and let me out. Vische forced me to walk back. I'm telling you Van, that is what happened. I'm fine now, with a bad arm maybe."

In fact, I am unsure if that arm could be used again.

It just hanged listlessly next to me.

Now that the adrenaline has started to settle, the pain is about to set in. I'm dreading that moment with all my heart.

However, Van's face is full of suspicion.

"You... walk out of that forest... alone in the dark... after the lord took you inside the castle and gave you a beating..."

He just keeps staring at my face, as if a fear is resurfacing inside him.

"Are you dead?"
It is your time to go


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People's face was fickle. Sometime you live, sometime you die. Sometime you were a distinguished warrior on the battlefield, sometime, you die with out even uttering a word due to a surprise knife in the dark in some back alley.

It is that fickleness that makes life precious, but no, I don't think I'm dead yet.

After a long while of waiting, I finally speak up

"No. I'm not dead."

Van was looking at me, his face gray.

Slowly he opens his mouth

"Azul, a lot of people died.

You were listed as one of the deceased."


I look at one of the mangle corpse.

People mistook him for me because he was at my new place. His body was mangled beyond belief. It is no wonder why people didn't bother to check if he was really me. His body was about the same shape. He was also a man. No wonder people mistook him.

In the dark, it is hard to see any recognizable features, especially with the state of the corpse.

But I recognize him, someone who would suddenly drop over at my place. Someone who just suddenly barges into my house without telling me first, someone who is rude, someone who I'm sure has some deep-seated grudge against me. However he was also someone who is not actually a bad person. He is mean but he is not evil. He is not kind but it does not mean he is not good either.

Someone who took an interest in me


Suddenly a lady in the distance broke down into yell and sobbing.

Currently, I'm being brought in front of the whole village to prove that I was actually a living person and not a shade of the dead. It was that and, in my opinion, to recognize the deceased.

He died in my house, I should know him after all.

He and five other people passed away just like that in the same night.

As if to make up for lost time, the string of grisly murder that stops when I arrived has begun again, and it claims 5 lives in a single night now.

Suddenly, someone punches me in the chest.

It was a woman I don't recognize, I think she is Jason's mother. She punches me, it hurts.

"Tell me. Tell me it is not true."

I don't have anything to tell her, only that I'm sorry for her lost.

She punches me again, however it was in the shoulders this time. It was on my bad arm, so I almost fall over. It hurts.

"Tell me it's not true. It's not true. It's not true." The woman keeps repeating while she punches and kicks me. Being badly injured, I could not really defend myself. It was not like I could blast her with the full force of my strange power either, this Goblin Punch.

However, the sad thing was that when I fall over, no one move to help me. Perhaps they didn't want to disturb the grieving woman, perhaps they don't like me, perhaps they are still apprehensive about the whole ordeal, the fact remains that no one help me.

However thankfully, Van, the fisherman who I work with moves to help me. But on his face was still apprehension. It is like he doesn't trust me.

I don't trust myself either, looking at the fact.

There was a string of murder before I come. It stops when I drifted to the village. It started again while I was await one night, claiming five lives.

But Jason... Jason was someone I know when I first arrived at the village.

"He told me he was going to Mathilda's to play. He told me he was going to Mathilda's to play. How could he be at that black cat's house? R-right everyone? That bad luck is a liar." She sobs, laughs and cries. No one say anything, there was only murmurs.

Jason, Jason was a friend of Mathilda.

Jason, Mathilda and her brother Oscar was the one who helped me when I first arrived at the village. When I arrived on the night of old man Fisher's son's murder, I was going to be lynched by the village. But Mathilda arrives at the scene to stop that. However, she was only a small girl, how could she intimidate everyone alone? She has help in her brother, Oscar and her friend, Jason.

Mathilda let me stay at her house for a while. Jason didn't like me much, he made me do menial work to repay Mathilda and her brother.

While Jason was rough, he was kinda right. For that, I don't begrudge him.

However, right now, he is dead.

Someone who I knew from when I first arrived at the village, someone who I knew first after I lost my memory.

He is dead.

Van has stopped Jason's grieving mother, but I could not really get up from the ground. Urgently, I ask the murmuring crowd.

"What about Mathilda and Oscar? What about them, if Jason is here..."

Normally, they travel in group, and if Jason is here then all my saviors were...

However, I was disrupted by someone's arrival.

Like the first day I arrived, Mathilda walked up to the crowd and they disperse so that she could pass.

However, this time, Mathilda's face was grim. On her right side is her brother, but there was no one on her left anymore.

And just like the first day when I arrive, she starts speaking

"Give him some space."

Suddenly she says. Immediately, some of the villagers surrounding me disperse. It makes me wonder just how did a small like this has so much power over people, it is not just because she was the village's healer, there must be something more to this.

"Someone helps him up."

Mathilda says. However, no one moves. It was Oscar that actually helps me up. None of the villagers do anything, and I slowly follow Oscar and Mathilda who leaves.

Mathilda's face was cold, however, after a while, tears fall down her face. Her first priority was getting me away from the riled up crowd who has lynched me once before.

Oscar' face was tightly wounded. It was like all of the muscle in his face was used to hold the tears back. He didn't cry.

Suddenly, the hysteric mother of Jason suddenly escapes from Van's grip and run over to us. All she could see was Mathilda's back. Mathilda has only shown her back to the villagers so no one could see her face.

Suddenly the woman yells.

"Aren't you going to stay with him? Aren't you going to stay with my Jason?

In life you were the one he likes the most. Even more than his mother. Why are you letting him alone in death? Why?

Answer me."

Suddenly she screams again

"Answer me Mathilda Escaflowe Endymion Magistrate. That is your name isn't it? Why aren't you answering? My son Jason knows everything about you. He was going to your house to play and he didn't return. He was going over to your house to play and he didn't return."

The things that I worry about the most finally happens.

"It is your fault."

It is your fault.

It is your fault.

The words reverb in the air. What I worry about the most finally happened.

I look back at Mathilda who only shows her back to the villagers.

I look back at Jason's mom who went hysteric with the trauma.

She was sad, I know that Jason's mom was sad. It was either from the physical abuses she lays on me, or the way she laughs, the way she sobs, the way she went hysteric. I worry about her mental stability, however she didn't know

Mathilda was sad too.

Jason was her friend.

And he passes away just like that. It was like a spinning wheel. The wheel stops at random, and when Death says it is your turn, it is your turn to go.

Looking at this tragic situation, I think something inside me has snapped.
Once upon a time


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Sometime I feel like I am about to die.

Everything just keeps piling on days after days. My body can't take it anymore. it is like I'm moving closer to death.

However, I keep telling myself that if I keep living, everything will one day be fine.

Everything has its limit however, it is when someone die that horribly in my presence.

That night I was dreaming. In a dream, something horrible was happening. I went mad and started killing everything. I didn't even spare a single one. Chopping, dicing, burning, drowning. I ate them alive, without sparing any single one. On the edge of my vision, there was a black blade.Sometime I see myself donning a robe in royal blue. Sometime I feel like sitting on a throne somewhere. I was like a king, judging whether all things live or die.

I feel like I am forgetting something important.

When I woke up, it was all a dream. None of it was real, I was back in reality. A reality full of pain.

"Are you alright?" A female voice asks me.

"What happened to you Azul...? What happened that night? If you are having a horrible fever like this, how could you tell me."

Suddenly I open my eyes

"I'm fine."

However, I could only stare at her without actually moving much though.

My entire body is burning up, perhaps from the fever, perhaps from the pain.

My arm is still broken.

There are no miracle cure that could cure a broken body after a night. We are all human in the end.

With raspy voice, I told her with all seriousness

"We need to talk."

We have a lot of things to talk about. I'm starting to remember. I don't actually belong here do I?


"It was a story of a long time ago."

I am composed. I trace back everything to its root, and the reason why I am in this current state, and why I was walking through the forest in the middle of the night, I have traced it back its root.

I have a small exchange with Mathilda before Oscar comes home. It was a small talk between a patient and a healer.

I told her the actions of the governor. I told her what I know, leaving out the magic part, and the phantom in the middle of the night part. That would be for later.

During all of that, I was rational. I remember things as they were.

However looking at her face was enough to tell me everything I need to know. There was a brief flash of anger, and then guilt, and then apprehensiveness.

"They did what?!"

In her voice there was righteous anger at the actions of the governor, however there was also bitterness. The bitterness is about to explode in full force I feel

"The doll-like princess helped me out in the end, in her own way sure, but she helped me." I state.

"But that does not excuse their actions!"

Actions in the name of you weren't they?

Now that I have some time to reflex, I manage to pick up a few things.

"Hey... say Azul, you have been staying at the doctor's house right? Mathilda, Oscar and Jason?"


"I'm just saying this for your sake. Lucky charm or not, I'm warning you, don't stay to close to them. I don't want to see you hurt."


"Now, now Lanya. He is friend with the Mathilda, he may be important."


"It's only the result of the peasants superstition. Hearing that you are the village's lucky charm, I was expecting something interesting. But it only turns out to be a brute smelling of fishes related to little Mathilda."


"It really was useless then, he really is just a boy related to Mathilda."

Why is that name repeated so much around here? I could only contemplate on my sickbed.

In the first place, I was brought to the governor because of Mathilda wasn't it? More importantly-

No, that can wait until Oscar is back. I heard he just went out for some supplies, the villagers are fickle lately with me around.

I'm not sure what they think of me now, something between an extremely lucky charm, or an extremely unlucky black cat. Not that I care about them anymore. All the pain just make me numb.

It may be the adrenaline talking though, and that will fade sometime soon.

Adrenalin was first extracted sometime in the 19th or 20th centuries. However, it is not like the manmade stuff was useful. It is really just like magic what mother nature can do. The feeling of fear, amplified by adrenaline could allow a body to do amazing stuff, even ignoring the pain. It was the best natural painkiller, so much better than what man can make for a time.

Under extreme pain, the most one could hope for is for adrenaline to help them fight the pain and have the will to go on. Under extreme circumstances, adrenaline affect what kind of emotional response one can have.

Sometime it could also affect memory.

Sometime people say their life flashes before their eyes, it is kinda funny, because two lifetimes almost flash before my eyes under my fever, only to fade away into uncertainty and vagueness of the mental landscape.

However, why am talking about something in the 19th or 20th century right now?

There was much thing to talk about, there was also much thing to be done. Gathering my thoughts, I wait for Mathilda's story. Just what does this have to do with her?

"Mathilda Escaflowe Endymion Magistrate"

That isn't a normal name is it? In fact, I would say it is as absurd as some fictional name I read about once upon a time. Damn, why couldn't my background be as cool as that, having an extremely long name and is respected by everyone?

"It was a story of a long time ago."

Finally, Mathilda bares her heart out to me.

"It was not me, it was my grandpa. He- he was some big shot wizard."

She continues

"I am not related to that however, my entire family isn't related to that, it was only- only my grand father. He was a magician.

In our whole family, it was as sudden as it comes, during my grand father, suddenly the 'talent' spring up in him, and he did many, many foolish things. He was a ruler of man, my grand father, I am not sure if I wanted to be associated with someone like that. Someone who rule over man like they were common objects is not worthy I say. Why do we have to obey the wizards, and why does a wizard's life worth more than 100 men's life? I could never understand it. We are all human right?

So why do we have to divine ourselves like this? Why would someone be born to rule why others are born to served? I could never understand those kind of men who embrace the whole system like that."

However, it was the truth of the world. The current state of the world may not be perfect, but it has achieved a state of equilibrium. It could be easier, I'm sure. But who is willing to pay the price of destabilizing an entire era?

The problem with old systems was that, it is old. It is established, sometime life was like that.

Even though it was extremely unfair.

"The villagers, they respect me don't they?" Mathilda says

"Even that worthless governor, from what I know, he was a flunkies from the magic academy, never achieving anything of worth in his entire life. And yet because he was a wizard, he was entitled to rule. Anyway, even he respect me. It is more fear than respect though.

They all fear me. They all fear that I would be like my grand father."

The bitterness exploded just like I thought.

"I don't think I'm ever going to be like that man."

She continues

"In life, he was a city builder. In truth he serves a more powerful man. In the name of that loyalty, he did a lot of things, he expanded the empire of his master. He expanded to this place. Some place in the middle of nowhere."

The founder of the land. So that is why the people who live here has a healthy does of both fear and respect for Mathilda family.

However, there was one more thing that I wanted to tell her, something important. I could only wait until she finishes her story though.
Why did she-


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As with all powerful ambitious people in this world, their fall comes unexpectedly with a surprise strike by the magic academy. Mathilda's grandpa's boss got too ambitious for his own good, and the school dealt with him in their own way.

I was a bit surprised to hear that name again. The school is really active when it comes to curbing ambitious wizard resident it seems.

It means they are not that bad, are they? The school actually made effort to curb magic user who got too big for their bridge.

It seems even though they were supposed to stay neutral, the school would still intervene just fine if someone actually makes a good attempt at world domination. It kinda makes sense, though I wonder why they leave all the big kingdom like Saraven alone then?

Perhaps it was because Saraven did not purposely aim to expand rapidly and did not pose such a threat, perhaps the school wants to leave some stabilizing agent.

I don't even know what all those busy people at the school would do with all that lands. Even if they could take down literally any kingdom in the world, what would they do with that, except for power hungry people I suppose.

At some point 1000 years ago, the previous head master of the school lay down the laws. The school was created in pursue of knowledge, the matter of the world should stay outside. However, he did not explicitly forbid to interfere with the outside, he just wants people to stay focus on learning, especially young wizard. After that, they could do anything that they want.

Because of that, after learning how to control their power within the school, some people goes outside and do some really bad things. It is why the school has to curb those kind of people if it is necessary. That was the foundation of the school.

However, later, some nation founders smarten up ad made a pack with the normal people so that the school won't breathe down on their neck too much.

With their magic power they will provide for the common people. Food, commodities. The simpler things in life, all of them could be conjure up with magic. Creating something from nothing, it is really amazing isn't it?

It seems Mathilda's grandpa's boss was not as smart as those guy, or perhaps he was too ambitious.

"It is said that the head master of the magic school himself personally comes to quell the chaos, and remove all the resistance within a fortnight"

"Umm..." I want to say something, but waited until she is finish. It is not that important anyway.

Namely the fact that I don't think that old man could actually do that. He doesn't even leave his room. And removing an entire empire in a fortnight? How would that even work without massive chaos?

But saying all of those things would give out too much information about me.

"As one of the leading figures, my grandfather who was expanding to this land was surprisingly spared. Also surprisingly enough, he never had any idea about power again. Perhaps he was frightened into compliance..."

Mathilda went quiet for a while.

"However, the thing I couldn't forgive the most. I couldn't forgive the magic school."


I wanted to say something again but shut my mouth. From her story, isn't the magic school the good guy then, stopping an empire hell-bent on world domination.

Suddenly Mathilda looks at me.

"I know what you are thinking, but it is not as easy as that." She takes a deep breath. "I don't hate them for doing what they did. I don't want to be some kind of dictator's grand daughter, living in luxury anyway. No, what I cannot forgive is what happened immediately after.

They left."

"What?" I ask because I cannot understand a words she was saying.

"In a fortnight, they came, remove all the infrastructure and resistance. However in the morning, they left just as easily, leaving all the workers and settlers and other people who follow my grand father on that excursion. It is not like they left them for death, they provide food and water, and open a path through the river so that anyone who wanted could leave.

However, it was only that, they didn't do anything further, they left.

The people of the village now are all descendants of those people. Back then, even if some could leave, what else did they know beside following order? I couldn't forgive the magic academy leaving like that. Without establishing order or even trying to set up a new government, they just left the people like that. And that was how this village was founded. That memory was still deep in everyone's mind."

Mathilda breathe again

"I guest that is why all the villagers respect me. They still think I'm a princess or something. Even that governor and his family...

You may not know this Azul, but this village is extremely backward in comparison with the world. If you have the chance to go out, you will see. Left without any guidance, staying at they are, deprived of all of their previous magic user and tools, they fall back into some backward way.

Belief in some goddess of darkness in this region was form, their almost worship-like behavior of magic users, their refusal to change. The magic school left without doing anything, and the people fall back to doing things like they have always known. They were taught to obey magic user of the empire, like my grandfather, so they keep obeying that governor when he was sent here. They respect and fear my family because my grandfather was their leader. I don't like this backward culture just because they (the magic school) cannot finish what they started. I don't like any of that at all. Even now they didn't change, they still keep their old way even though all of our history was clear bfore us. They don't change no matter how much I tried"

I hear her rant. However, there was a little something wrong with it wasn't it?

"But Mathilda" I told her "If you couldn't stand that kind of culture, why didn't you leave?"

It was a question that was on my mind hearing her rant.

If you couldn't stand it, why didn't you leave? Really, why do you put up with it? I wanted to ask her, but I already have my answer.

"I wanted to change this village." As expected, I already have my answer.

"The state of this village... it was the fault of my grandfather. Even though I don't want anything to do with that man,"

Hearing that, I start thinking about Mathilda's grandpa. That old man must have been really sad seeing his blood treated him that way. In my mind, there was decrepit old man, being shunned by his grand daughter for what he has done in the past. Mathilda's reasoning is understandable but still. It is kinda sad.

That man must have been a sad old man, even if he was a magical magistrate of a magic empire in the past. He must have been a sad old man.

"I wanted everyone to get better, live better, I really wanted it. What my grand father started, I will finish it. Even if it takes my life, I will make these people change."

With that, Mathilda finished her story. It was time for my story. It was something extremely related to the state of the village, and perhaps even to the state of poor Jason. Why did she-
A plan


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I tried to tell her something. It was something extremely important. But suddenly I was tired. It was like a trick of fate. Suddenly I was tired. The wariness of the day has caught up with me. Blackness caught my vision, and during the talk I fall into darkness.

It was a trick of fate because what I was about to say was extremely important. But I could not say it no matter what happened. It was a trick of fate...

I fall asleep.

Perhaps I could say it when I wake up.

With that thought, I let myself fall asleep.

...And let tragedy happens.

However, I didn't know it at the time.


I was awaken by a shrill scream in my sleep. Immediately, I open my eyes. In my own experiences, screams mean bad things. No matter what you have to wake up, if you wake up, it may even mean that you will live.

On the road, at night when there is a scream, it was either going to be dangerous animal, bandits or other. If you don't have a danger sense, you are going to die.

Waking up, I struggle to move. However, immediately, I tried to search for something.

I remember now. Because I remember, I know what I need to do to preserve my life.

In my old room with Mathilda's house, there was a bunch of old clothes, my old clothes, that I have left behind. Now that I think about it, it was extremely foolhardy. I almost left behind my lifeline in that confusion. If something has happened to those old clothes, I may actually be out of luck.

But luck hasn't abandoned me yet.

In one of the pile, there was a worn boxer, my old underwear.

I hid something in there. My most precious possession, in fear of being discovered on the road, was hidden in there.

It is my lifeline, with it, I will live... maybe. But it will surely help with a lot of things.

With that piece of seemingly useless clothing, I run out toward the scream. It was Mathilda's scream, so I have to hurry. I am worry about something happening to her.

However the scene that await me was even beyond my expectation.

A crying Mathilda is cradling a bloody Oscar, who is lying on the floor. It was clear where all the blood was coming from.

Oscar's two arms, from his shoulders... they were not there anymore.

On the floor, Mathilda is cradling Oscar. I look up, behind them, are a bunch of men from the village. However, the most bloodchilling scene was Vische.

Vische, the captain of the guard, the person responsible for assaulting me the other day is here. He was responsible for absolutely breaking my arms, and when his little mistress ordered him to spare me, he led me to my seeming demise.

Currently, he is standing in front of the men. Oscard is lying on the floor, bleeding. I look down and thank god, he was breathing. But that is an awfully bloody wound.

Chances are, he is unlikely to survive.

It was the fact of life. People with that kind of wounds are unlikely to survive.

Mathilda is tending to him, while crying.

Surrounding her are onlookers,and chief of them was Vische.

Currently he is glaring at me, the person who was responsible for most of misfortune is giving me a bloodchilling glare.

Wait, what is he goi-

"Azul the unnamed, you are under arrest for suspicion of conspiracy and the murder of 152 person. Chiefly among them was Oscar of the former magistrate household. The sentence is in effect from today."

Oh no, he is not going to-

Suddenly, Oscar ordered one of the men to approach me.

Why let me go only to catch me aga-

Suddenly, I come down with a faintness. I have not recovered completely yet. Thankfully, I hid the boxer very carefully. Instead of approaching me normally, suddenly, the man kicked me when I was down.


I tried to say something, but he kicked me again. He was not even one of the guards. He was one of the villagers. We are the same, why treat me like this?

However, it was clear to me when the chants come

""Kill him. Kill him. Kill him.""

It was from the other men in Mathilda's house

When I look into their eyes, I see fear. Fear of the unknown and a need to lay blame. It seems it was 'here we go again'. All the fears and mistrusts, it was back to the beginning.

For a moment, I thought they were not going to lynch me again. It seems I was naive.

The murders within the town have escalated again after a period o peace, and it seems people is taking me, the foreigner as the scapegoat again after all.

Suddenly, dropping the bloodchilling smile, Vische starts smiling, turning toward the villagers. It was a complete 180 degree.

"People, people! I know you all share the same sentiment, but this is a land with a lawful ruler. Under the word of the governor, this person will be trialed for all to see. He will be dragged in front of the village so that all could see."

Judging from Vische's smile, I don't think it i going to be a trial.

I am going to be lynch again. Literally this time. I didn't miss the mass row of poles in the center of town, and I'm not naive enough to not recognize noose is for.

And this time, I look over to the crying Mathilda who was on the ground, the person who protected me from the angry mass from before is not in any state to help.

Of the three person group, Jason, Oscar, and Mathilda, only Mathilda remains unharmed.

Even as I was dragged away, my mind clears.

The mystery is slowly clearing up in my mind.

It makes sense.

Even as I was dragged away, that was my final thought.

Why all of this happen to Mathilda's group.

The final question I wanted to ask Mathilda was, 'Why did you offend the goddess of darkness', but it seems my time was running out, I can't say it any more.

That day, what I see in the forest was the image of Mathilda.

She died a horrible death.

Why would there be a mass of darkness, with terrifying power like that targeting specifically a person?

No, actually, it was not actually specifically targeting a person, before I come, lots of different people die...

152 people, why the fuck didn't they move away?

That thought aside, I have a hypothesis. Though I'm not a superstitious lot, the legend of the goddess is very famous within the region, and I have heard some tertiary information from it.

Namely, old man Fisher ranting at me about offending the goddess.

It seems this region was seeped with the legend of the Goddess of Darkness. All of this events have happened before, in a legend.

About a century ago, a man was travelling in the forest, picking firewood. He stumbled upon a strange block of wood, thinking it was firewood. With his axe, he chops into it.

However, what the man didn't know was that it was the shrine of the goddess of darkness. With his act, he has offended the goddess.

The goddess casted a terrible curse on the man.

All the people surrounding him die in horrible ways, ultimately resulting in the man being sacrificed to appease the goddess. During that time before the man was executed, a lot of the villagers died. And so people was taught that you have to find the one who offend the goddess among themselves. It was a lesson to the children so that they do not offend the goddess. And from that day, the legend of the Goddess was ingrained within the local legend.

A lot of the death within the story was due to the animals being controlled by the goddess taking vengeance on the people. I don't know what kind of people worship barbaric goddess like that, but that is just what happened.

It has happened again.

I kinda remember the story.

Everyone who met the goddess face to face died. It was so that they cannot reveal to the villager who the offender was, so that their suffering prolong.

It was because the goddess takes upon the face of the offender within the story. She walks among them as the woodchopper and caused a lot of confusion and chaos in that shape. It caused all the people to question themselves, leading to even more death and chaos.

The important part was that all the people who met the goddess died no matter what. So it was a race to find the offender and execute him while avoiding the goddess hiding among their rank because meeting the goddess will lead to their death. In the end, almost everyone die, the people scatter to other land, but they have recorded down the legend so that future people know.

It was the legend of the goddess of Darkness.

In another version, it was not as grim. In the end, the wood chopper who started it all commission another temple made out of wood so that the goddess's anger will cease, and it works.

It was basically the biggest game of Werewolf I have ever heard of. But instead of a game, it was real, and it was a lot more unfair.

The short of it is that currently, we are all living the legend. Up to and including the creepy animal controlling, shape taking goddess in the wood.

I have met her before.

My mind is clear for now.

While the men and Vische drags me away, I could only stare at them. My mind is clear. I will wait.

I look at Vische

"You will regret this."

I am looking forward to being trialed in front of all the villagers. The Azul right now is not your average Azul. The Azul here is the Azul who has awaken from his deep dream, waking up to a completely new world.

With my lifeline hidden on my person, I ignore the strange look Vische is giving me.

I am thinking of ways to ruin them. All of my experience and training was not for nothing you know. This is not the place for me to die. Certainly not from being lynched. Now that I remember it, I hope the rescue boat arrives soon. It is not me, it is for the villagers.

I have a plan.