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On a Knife's Edge, a Post Weltkrieg 2 Kaiserreich Japan Game


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[X] Plan Rehabilitation and Restoration Version 2. My ideas shall be in Italics except for Narita.

UN Resolution on the eradication of smallpox

Japan and the CPS shall fully support the eradication of smallpox. Disease does not limit itself to one country, economic class, race or religion. It strikes down young and old, rich and poor, educated and illiterate. This can be devastating to many communities as the young members of society are scarred during their most productive years. Not only will eradicating smallpox benefit many countries economically, it will also benefit the world of science as well, since the study of and the logistics of preventing and treating of communicable disease will be advanced also. Finally it is the moral thing to do. Many of the richer countries abound in wealth, wealth earned from the poorer countries of the world. We should improve these countries so that they can advance economically, scientifically and socially to be partners with us.

The Continued crisis around Narita

[X] To promote social harmony and prevent further delays we will offer a flat 20% increase in the initial compensation offered to the local farmers. For those who TRULY wish to relocate and keep being farmers we will offer access to interest free 20 year loans if and ONLY if they are used to buy land and homesteads in agrarian non metropolitan areas. Their initial demand both for compensation for their land AND to be offered new land and homes on top of that for free in places of their choosing are ofc absurd. Should they deny eminent domain will be the rule of the day. As for the student unions, we are willing to discuss a law offering the above terms for any future megaprojects but such a discussion will take place with their parent parliamentary parties. Student Unions have a place and that place is in their respective schools and universities. Allowing them to dictate terms or the appearence of such to the government is just asking for trouble.

[X] Occupied by the Japanese Space Program (Will end when we send a man on the moon)
[X] Prison Reform in Japan

The recidivism rate in Japan is roughly 50%. This means that if you have committed something to the detriment of society, it is a coin flip as to whether or not you would be capable of reintegrating into society or not after the time spent in jail. This is something that is garnering more and more public attention as we enter the 1970s, and we need to do something to make sure offenders are capable of reintegrating themselves into society after the time spent in prison.

Making our prisons more humane and more comfortable for prisoners, work programs within the prison, and better training for the guards to be more humane in treating their prisoners are some of the provisions in this Prison Reform law being touted by certain Shakai Taishuto members. Should enact this law? Selling this to the Japanese public would be tough, but not impossible. And the economic benefits of prison reform can be huge if implemented correctly.

The prison system must be overhauled from simply a means of punishment towards a means of restoration and rehabilitation. Both new and current prisoners must be interviewed by medical, mental health and social workers to see which ones can be considered candidates for job training, assistance with social services once released from the prison system and acknowledgement of their crimes. There will be those who are violent, who show no remorse or inkling towards reforms and they should be separated from the prison population and the civilian population as soon as possible. There will be those who due to medical or psychological reasons cannot be released back into the general prison population or civilian population. Those that complete their sentence will be reviewed by a parole board and determined if they can be released. Some former prisoners will be prohibited from sensitive government or private industry jobs based on their crimes and cannot own firearms. Other than that they will have the same rights as other citizens.

Prison facilities shall be renovated into Minimum, Medium and Maximum types with Maximum level prisons located in remote areas. All law enforcement and civilian positions in the penal system are to have background checks. Pay and benefits shall be increased but a requirement for a University degree shall be instituted for all new hires. Abuse towards prisoners whether from guards or other prisoners shall not be tolerated. Prisoners shall be allowed to produce goods and services for themselves and the prison system but outside for profit industries shall be prohibited.

Naval Tactical Fighter Program
[X] Naval Interceptor.
Using the lessons from the recent war in North America, along with our history of naval warfare, it is imperative we have the ability to hit hard and hit fast at a distance. While the Naval Fighter and Naval Attacker are both impressive designs the Interceptor can cover a multitude of roles. We can also use our technology to improve the electronic systems and missile systems over time to keep it in service for years to come. Versions can also be sold to our allies in the future.

[X] San'yo and Tohoku Shinkansen
The San'yo and Tohoku Shinkansen programs seems like a logical next step forward for our burgeoning railway program. The JNR has been operating the Tokaido Shinkansen for years now and it has been making consistent profit ever since its first year of operation. The San'yo line would extend the Shinkansen network into Hiroshima and up to the island of Kyushu, while the Tohoku Shinkansen would connect Sendai and Aomori into the Tokyo Metropolitan region, further boosting economic activity throughout the Japanese mainland.

This program will be important for promoting economic development in Hiroshima, Kyushu, Sendai and Aomori along with reducing some of the overcrowding. The constant profits from the JNR let's us know that as soon as it is operation it will soon recoup its costs. However, due to the recent situation in Narita care must be considered when planning the route and landowner and resident concerns heeded.

[X] Japan Oil Independence law
Currently. Japan imports quite a bit of oil from East Russia, Insulindia, and the Middle Eastern countries for our oil needs, while this is not changing anytime soon, it is imperative for us to maintain some form of independence should the supply of oil change for the worse.

This law would mandate that Japan builds the capability to have a 90-day fuel reserve, a long enough time for us to negotiate something in order to get the supply of oil rolling again. But it is a massive endeavor, making the facilities necessary for that 90-day fuel reserve to stick will need an enormous amount of money.

Still, there's no limit to our national safety right?

With the current tensions in the world and the reliance of Japan on imported oil, it is critical importance that we build up a stockpile of oil. We also must reduce our dependence on imported oil by promoting energy efficiency, non-petroleum sources of power production and alternative fuels. We must also promote the development of oil and natural gas production in CPS member states. Yes this is expensive but our industry and economy demand energy security.

[X] Rebuilding the military equipment stockpile.

Due to the conflicts in Africa we have exhausted our stockpiles of Second Weltkrieg era equipment. We should begin a process of building our stockpile of military supplies and equipment up to pre- Southern African Conflict levels. These needs can be provided by our industries and the industries of our allies. These stockpiles shall be maintained and cycled by the Armed Forces to prevent rot, corruption and make sense they are ready to be used. We should also encourage our CPS allies to have similar stockpiles for natural disasters and civil emergencies.


[X] Plan Rehabilitation and Restoration Version 2.


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I'm super busy with school right now. I will have an update sometime this week.


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Wait. @christopher_sni. I'm wondering, but for the Naval fighter program, are you choosing to go for the interceptors only? I was thinking you might be choosing all three per the Navy's recommendation.

Just as an FYI, but you can choose all three options presented, it's not a one-fighter program.
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Wait. @christopher_sni. I'm wondering, but for the Naval fighter program, are you choosing to go for the interceptors only? I was thinking you might be choosing all three per the Navy's recommendation.

Just as an FYI, but you can choose all three options presented, it's not a one-fighter program.
Oh I thought it was a one fighter program. Then we choose all three.
1970 Results, Turn 22 New


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[X] Results on the eradication of smallpox (You rolled an 11)

12 June 1970
GHO Resolution on the Eradication of Smallpox
Aye: Unanimous
Nay: N/A

As it has been said, it is done. The Global Health Organisation, with the proper funding and manpower, will scour all continents to vaccinate individuals, quarantine the sick, and educate the masses on this Smallpox disease.

May great success follow their efforts.

[X] Mixed results from your attempted proposal (You rolled a 9)

The people in Narita are having mixed feelings regarding your current proposal. On one hand, they are happy that the government is willing to give them the breathing room necessary, and the offer itself is compelling, but there are some segments within both the Student Union and Farmer groups that have grumblings. Firstly their connection to the land is very strong. This is historically the Emperor's land and the previous Emperors have seen fit to give these farmers land where they reside now, and secondly, there is uncertainty regarding where they should move in the first place. With many fear that they might be left in the dark trying to find land that might not be available.

They demand that the government should assist them in finding them the land needed to relocate, but will take the offer we give to them, the student unions are also expecting that this precedent will be set into law as well.

[X] Prison reform paves the way for further reforms within the Japanese Criminal Justice system (You rolled a 15)

This is a significant step forward in reforming the Criminal Justice system in Japan. With the standard set for Minimum, Medium, and Maximum prisons, and also an increased focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment. Existing prisons are being remodelled to be a much more humane environment for the prisoners, with more open space and group activity events available for the prisoners, while more mental health experts, job trainers, and other specialists are being hired on the job for making sure prisoners that are not complete lost causes are able to reintegrate into society.

We shall see if this prison reform program will work within the next couple of years.

[X] Naval fighter program off to a rocky start (You rolled a 6)

While the program has good intentions. It seems that the Navy underestimated the sheer magnitude of handling three different programs all at once. The program's rollout has been chaotic and the companies that have been chosen for this project have predicted that mass production of this aircraft is going to take much longer than expected, perhaps into the late 1970s due to the nature of the project.

Still, at least the projects are well on their way. And the Navy will soon have the ability to wield much more projective power in the future.

[X] Chaotic start on oil independence efforts (You rolled a 6)

Turns out, making sure Japan possesses an independent stock of oil is proving to be much more expensive than realized. Purchasing barrels upon barrels of oil is proving to be a very expensive effort, requiring us to spend quite a bit of money building the infrastructure necessary to store them, and also to ensure that we have a 90-day stock of oil in the first place. This is looking like an endeavour that will cost us years to fully finish.

The efforts to diversify our energy supply are also proving to be much more expensive than initially thought. Rolling out nuclear energy en masse is encountering less civic resistance than last time, but the technology is expensive and we haven't yet possessed the ability to mass build nuclear powerplants yet, so, the construction of nuclear power plants has been hobbled by scaling and funding issues.

The only saving grace we have is Dam construction, which is proving to be a relatively easy endeavour compared to all our efforts to be independent of oil.

[X] Construction of San'yo and Tohoku Shinkansen off to a blazing start (You rolled a 19)

The only thing that we are getting right in our projects. Construction of both the San'yo and Tohoku Shinkansen is proceeding incredibly rapidly, with both lines bound to be complete by 1975. A significant upgrade in construction time ever since our first foray into high-speed rail with the Tokaido Shinkansen. Institutional knowledge, better construction techniques, and better project management by the JNR are all proving to be very valuable assets for these two projects, as the best practices we noticed during the Tokaido Shinkansen are being put to use in the construction of both these new lines.

[X] Stockpile rebuilding proving much more expensive than expected (You rolled a 7)

Turns out, rebuilding a stockpile of weapons that we have exhausted is proving to be a much more difficult challenge than expected. The nature of the weapons we want to restock, and the complexity of modern weapons is proving to be a difficult endeavour for our factories in terms of mass producing them in a higher quantity than before. In a nutshell, Japanese weapons manufacturers are having a hard time having to significantly ramp up production of weapons due to the sudden demand from the government, with new factories having to be built due to the very acute demand for restocking our stockpile.

Still, more weapons are in reserve for the potential war across the Volga and the Urals, so at least it will be put to some good use hopefully.
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