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Palpatiner vs. Sauron

Thanks for the clarification.
Movies for StarWars, Books for LoTR. For the same consistent reason: using each universe's primary source material.
I stopped using EU.
Movie Sauron vs Movie Palpatine changes the dynamic of this debate.

We are no longer talking about Sauron who has a body. I don't know what Palpatine would do trying to fight a big eye on top of a tower.
But considering what we saw of him in the movies by the time of Return of the King he would most likely hitch his wagon, so to speak, to Aragon.
He wins by not lifting a finger.

Or to make it interesting, he charges mount doom alone.
He would seek to gain all the knowledge of this new world that he could, then find out who he could corrupt to his service, and how quickly. I suspect that the orcs would be easy peasy for him.
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