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Player Recruitment Thread

Lord Inquisitor Adornable

The Community Outreach Mod
A thread for the recruitment of players. It is needed.

Advertise your Quest, RP, PlaybyPost, or other roleplay related group activity below.

Lord Inquisitor Adornable

The Community Outreach Mod
Soothsayer Chronicles: Exiles

Soothsayer Chronicles: Exile is a tabletop roleplaying game I'd like to run as the Game Master over roll20 with voice chat.

Here is the games interductionery text.

Long ago the realm was ruled by the nine Archons and their nine old Kingdoms. Their high technology tapped into the fundamental components of reality, cracking them for their limitless energy. While the Archons ruled the realm was peaceful and serene. Across the void though, envyus onlookers with skin of olive and Jade lied in wait. Upon their wrathful gaze we did draw, and for that their savagery knew no bounds. Orik'I

They rendered the sky asunder and descended upon the Old World, unrelenting, giving no quarter, and allowing no respite. Their very presence poisoned the soil, sullying it like a filth onto the filth of the earth. As their armies spread like the wind so also did disease spread by the summer breeze. The battles were long and argues, The mighty Archons of the Old Kingdoms gave no ground without cataclysmic consistences to these voidborn marauders or Orik'I as they were known, and Orcs as they are now. In the end though, all fell to the Horde's Legion for they were many and we were few.

All but the Last City, Founded by our Eternal Emperor a millennia ago, it's walls impenetrable, it's defense insurmountable, it's guardians ever vigilant. Here is where our story begins, or should I say, your lives end.

You've all committed a grave crime against our Holy Empire, let it be treason, murder, heresy, theft most grievous, or perhaps crimes you yourself do not know, you all regardless have been cast out beyond the Outer Wall, into a forest most treacherous and dangerous. A place where the feral descendants of our once Invaders lie in wait, hopping for one, last, final, opportunity to see our people extinguished.

Your task, and only hope of redemption. Retrieve an artifact long forgotten, the holy hilt of our emperors lost blade, it's presence gallivanted crusade after crusade to even greater heights of glory and Righteous Victory. But alas Alexander The Reclaimer, Son of Sirius The Valiant was stricken low, and his army routed by Chieftain Rook of Tribe Kall'Sh from the valley with no rivers. Since then the hilt has been lost to us.

You've been given a map leading to the site of that last battle, find The Reclaimer's resting place, retrieve the hilt, deliver it upon the Hot Gates, and earn your redemption... or die trying.
Any interested parties should feel free to contact me, once a couple of you show up I'll start a thread.

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Ive been an avid Roleplayer for 21 years. I have DM'd for almost 10 years now. I have played many different types of games as well, including Shadowrun, Vampire the Masquerade, Call of Cthulu, DnD from 2nd edition on up to 4th edition (although Pathfinder 3.5 is my favorite), Star Wars, etc etc.
Now that i live on the top of an isolated mountain with crap internet, i need my fix!


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I had an RP going, well, it was a quest. And I guess ppls got bored 'cause after like third update no one posted so if anyone's interested?

It's about a Magical Girl with controversial powers, a sucky living situation and the choice between help the world or fight criminals?

I stopped posting because I couldn't decide which direction would be more fun? New age healer with actual healing products or crime fighter girl with a partner? Anyway if anyone wanna play, please check it out and I'll post a link too: https://www.frozenincarbonite.org/threads/magical-girl-quest.195/


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I don't drink... wine

I've been thinking of starting a DnD 5e game of Curse of Strahd. I'm a little leery about it because while I have a lot of GMing experience, it's mostly in the horror or horror-ish genres (Call of Cthulhu and Dark Heresy), and my brain isn't used to high fantasy. Second, it's a famous campaign, so probably a lot of people already know it, which would ruin it of course.

However, I really like Strahd -- which of course has horror elements! Is anybody interested? The game would be at rpol.net. (if anybody wants to see my GMing style, have a look at this CoC game). If I get 3-4 people, I'll start it up.

It's not a standard hack-n-slash setting; that approach will get you killed. I would much prefer interesting characters than optimized "builds."

In any case, if interested, let me know.

Revenge of the Boo!


A Pirate Quest where Flapjack tries to fulfill his deceased mentor's wish to find Candied Island, joined by characters of your choice.


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The Halo Universe is filled with danger... how about running an outer colony while the threat of the Insurrectionist, UNSC Intervention and corrupt CAA/CMA official threatens everything? Don't forget the Covenant is still out there!

Well don't look further than the world of Charis! Beautiful Natural Wonders, Beautiful Country Side, Dangerous Animals, Insurrectionist Neighbors and hidden mysteries on the planet.

When joining please read this: Our Stellar Survival RP Information list
PM me if you are interested.

Revenge of the Boo!


The misadventures of caretakers and residents of A retirement home for villains.


House of Wolves stands strong
You are an agent of F.A.T.E, a universal organization that assigns realities their hero's and villain's, whether it be big or small. As a newly trained agent, you have been assigned a small world with some life starting to grow but nothing that could classify as sentient yet. Plenty of potential for an inspired person, creature, thing! Yes, thing such as yourself! Do well and you might get assigned more planets, with more complexities! Or you might start another war between the people you manipulated and F.A.T.E. Who knows!

[ Warning, side effects might include prophecies, chosen ones, torrid forbidden romances, a trope farm, and a system that mocks you for pairing a dragon and a princess together you uninspired hack!)

Alright, so this will work is you will start as a lowly starting agent of F.A.T.E, and as such will be given a starting planet. You will shape it, as well as create monsters, villains and general nare do wells, as well as the hero's who sally out to vanquish them. Tropes will be very much used and linked to. You'll have to start off small and wait before you can get to the really good stuff, but over time you can create a truly grand tale of hero's and overlords. Just, try not to screw it up and open up a portal to the Nth dimension. We don't need any more of those tentacle beasts ripping open reality.
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