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Qatar 2022: Who´s watching and who´s boycotting it ??

So, now that Germany is out, what other Nations are out too ?
AFAIK, Japan and Korea are in the next round...
Sorry, my bad. Croatia did win their match. At least something went right tonight.

Rufus...did you deflect my boil curse from Mbappe to the Belgians?
You should have looked at my avatar, lad. The small rectangle on top of the tail, above the engines, is the SPECTRA electronic warfare suite, and it is very much capable of redirecting your curses to more... adequate... targets.
Genuinely want to see England win for the meme

(of course if they lost again it would still be funny as fuck)
Hum Brazil kicked out Korea with characteristic ease

TBH, that was to be expected. However, it would be fun to see a asian team in the finals.
Hehe, i would have loved to see JP or SK in the Finals.
Well, one could dream on....
Sorry, Morroco, but we're going for the finals this time. TBH, I was a bit disappointed at first with their playing level, but they did a really good showing of aggressivity, and boy our goalkeeper saved our bacon way too many times. I hope they'll win the 3rd place for their final game, it's well-deserved.
Eh they were...

Good I guess but the difference was clear as daylight.

Good does not cut it against the World Champion.
*gives cursory curse to France and Mbappe*

Could someone please, please fuck up that son of a bitch? I don't care if France win, just kick his balls or something.

Eh, they're playing Argentina...so I might just get my wish. Oh happy day! 😛
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