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r/The_Donald is closed by Reddit


Senile Old Coot
There was also a temporary account suspension on Twitch for hate speech when they published his Tulsa rally.

Not a good day for Adderall McBrownpants.


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Le good riddance.

I guess even reddit can tell which way the wind is blowing and decided to rid themselves of that gangrene early enough to claim that they tottaly did not do it because the orange one lost.


Senile Old Coot
Hey, bud, I think you should get yourself checked for crabs.

I hope they don't close them all some of those reddits are amusing ... and Informative
We now have Parler to see exactly what they think when they are free to hate speech. And by we I mean the parts of law enforcement that haven't sold their souls to the Orange Antichrist, Herald to Vlad-actus. For now, since they had to beg liberals to come over and make the place not so shit, and then ban said liberals for anything that is remotely not sycophantic right-wing nuttery. So they might not be around too much longer.

OK, so apparently Gab is still a thing, but nobody is getting conned into going by GOP shills in their role as Pied Piper of Hitlerland.


A Cheshire Exile
And there was many rejoicing as the special snowflakes are going to cry and cry about the First Amendment. :)

It is too fucking late. They should have done it back in the Fall of 2016 when the place stopped being a joke and meme discussion forum. The Shitshirts already used Reddit for its most useful function: Making contacts and organize. They already mostly migrated to newer and more hidden sites.
The reason why Reddit banned it only now? Twofold.
A) Bigot Central was well behind its zenith of late 2018 and Ad revenue from it was already down.
B) Bigot Central started discussing actual planning for a Fascist domestic terror attack being made on Bigot Central Mk.II with links linking there from Reddit (I do not know the link to this site, it is not on Reddit, only hearsay that is is basically a safer Echo Chamber and Preserve for Fascist Snow Flakes).
Result: spez cut Reddit's losses. The Alt!Reich was no longer a big stream of revenue anyway and now Reddit could get dogpiled by the national security apparatus for sponsoring terrorism.


Cutest Mod
BWAAAHHH?!? Never expected this to happen.

Good on Reddit, place is an actual hive of Scum and Villainy. Reminds me of the time when Twitter banned Trump's tweets because he violated community guidelines.
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