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Regiments - World in Conflict meet Wargame

Mr Wumbo

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Saw this a while ago but didn't think much of it because I already have Wargame European Escalation and Red Dragon, and it was released last month so I decided to "try it out" (;))

So yeah, at the base the game is built more like Wargame EE with pure ground combat in Germany, and besides some helicopters the air forces are packaged as off-map support; ala World in Conflict. Oh yeah, minus a very engaging campaign this game is what WiC2 would be if they decide to make the scale larger and somewhat more "realistic" while retaining the arcadeyness. Units are pretty beefy, they can respawn, unit sizes are fixed, infantry always sticks with their transport, and the unit selection seems to be more restricted around video game RTS balance like WiC; so there are some T-80 or M1 variants filling the "heavy tank" role, but no T-34-85.

Oh, the game is also cheaper than either Wargame or WARNO and it's only ~2GB large. In rupiah it is even cheaper so I'm definitely going to actually buy this some times later.
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