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SIGNs Aliens Invade a Minecraft Village


The Freak
Scenario: By act of BROB, several Signs Aliens have been sent to attack a Plains Village. Can they succeed?


1. Canon: Gameplay mechanics and official statements for the Villagers and movie feats for SIGNs.
2. Competence: Maximum given the characters.
3. PIS: On.
4. CIS: On.
5. Prior knowledge: None. The Villagers are unaware of the fact that water kills them.
6. Starting distance: The start of the village.


Round 1: No Iron Golem.
Round 2: Iron Golem.
Round 3: No Iron Golem but the Villagers are bloodlusted.
Round 4: Bloodlusted Iron Golem-equipped Villagers.

Name Corrupted by Chaos

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Signs aliens have to do this quickly, before it starts raining. Also, they have to get lucky and hope that one of the villagers doesn't ask for emeralds in exchange for their water bucket and end up discovering their weakness that way. Also also, they have to hope that the villagers don't run inside and close their doors once the attack starts otherwise this ends in a stalemate thanks to the Signs' aliens well-documented weakness to wooden doors. I'd give this 2/5 to the villagers in round 1 with a draw 2/5 times and Signs victory 1/5 times, and a Villager victory 10/10 times for the rounds after that.


How do Signs Aliens take on golems that can tank hits from guys that can smash through rock with their hands?

This is Vlad worthy.