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So I got a message about my password

Inspector Hammer

It said 'Your password isn't unique and may have bee compromised. We recommend that you change your password.' (Got this over at SV as well, though not at SB)

Any light to shed on that? What's the deal there?


That's a xenforo addon that checks a hash of your password against a database of leaks from HaveIBeenPwned. What it sends is a hash prefix, so no part of your plaintext password is actually sent over the intertubes. The addon is written by Xon, so it's not surprising that SV uses it.

But what is means is that your password has been used by someone on places that had a known security leak happen to them. You don't have to change your password, but it's a good idea to do so.

Here's basically how the service works:
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