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Space Force Netflix show


Bean Daddy
I think that's on purpose. Though this character seems to be more competent than Michael Scott based off the trailer.

Inspector Hammer

The premise is fine...I have no feelings on it one way or the other. No, that's a lie, I like the premise just fine. Not necessarily better than, say, that of Parks and Recreation or Brooklyn 99, but I like it.

Given the pedigree of the people involved in this, it's something I'm looking forward to watching. Also, this might be the last thing that Fred Willard was in.

What gives me pause about its future is the cost of all of those sets. Stuff like the shows I mentioned seem like they'd be fairly cheap - few sets, fairly small in scale. Maybe even shot on location in some rented office in a business park near the production company. Costumes aren't anything you couldn't put together for a hundred bucks a person from Kohl's if you went to a few sales. But this looks pretty epic for what seems to be a workplace sitcom.

Oh well, only way to see if it justifies its budget is for it to hit the screens and let the numbers sort themselves out.
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