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Star Wars: The Dark Age (Vong War era Quest)


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Two plus years ago the nightmare that is the war with the Yuuzhan Vong began. The Jedi were quick to realize the threat the Vong represented but few listened. The reasons varied but it ultimately came down to a mixture Anti-Jedi sentiments and politics which mixed together ultimately resulted in the death’s of trillions of people as the Vong rampaged from the Outer Rim to the Core World’s. It was only with the Vong at the doorstep of Coruscant that Chief of State Borsk finally threw his support behind the Jedi. By then however, it was too late. The Vong attacked the New Republic with their largest fleet ever assembled by them and estimated to number in the tens of thousands of ships. The New Republic as well had assembled it’s largest fleet in history, half of the New Republic Defense Fleet. Of course during the titanic battle the size of the latter was not enough and the planet fell to the Vong and the New Republic was shattered.

Though not all was lost after of the Fall of Coruscant. Major victories were won by the New Republic at Hapes, Borleias and other location’s. Of course all this work was undone nearly two months ago by an event unprecedented in history. The vanishing of Coruscant, Ebaq and Dac and all those there except for the Hapan forces at Ebac. This event took away political leadership for the Vong and the New Republic and as well gutted the forces of both. In the chaotic aftermath of this the Vong Empire collapsed into civil war while the New Republic collapsed as it’s various members went their own way. The Galaxy’s inhabitants find themselves at the beginning of a new era. An era where no longer one or two major power’s dominate but rather countless nation’s competing for influence, resources and territory across the Galaxy. An era where a small power has the chance to becoming something far greater. Of course, with opportunities come risks.

Said risks mainly being Yuuzhan Vong warlord’s though not the only possible threat to your polity. So will your nation survive and rise to new heights or will it join the list of nation’s that couldn’t cut it?

[]Bothan Republic: Formed from the whole of Bothan Space, the Bothan Republic is a prosperous Mid Rim nation that formed not long after it was clear the New Republic was dead and was not coming back. Hence the birth of the Bothan Republic. What you will be doing for the immediate future is quite clear due to the ar’kai. The complete and utter eradication of the Yuuzhan Vong to the very last person. All possible economic and military resources of the Republic will be used to accomplish this. The latter including what was the New Republic Fifth Fleet and a growing number of locally designed assault cruisers. As well with a population north of a hundred billion people you have the population to greatly expand your new military. Of course, you won’t be able to do this alone. You will need allies to accomplish your genocidal campaign. Though you won’t be lacking for potential allies seeking revenge on the Vong. Though the question of how go about wiping out the Vong is not the only issue facing the Bothans. There is also the question of whether to expand the Republic and take in refugees as this will decrease the political power of the Bothan people in the Republic.

[]Hapan Consortium: The Hapan people have paid a heavy price for their involvement in the current war and the greatest example being the debacle at Fonder where over three fourths of a Hapan fleet were destroyed. The Royal Hapan Navy has since recovered and ready to defend the Consortium from threats beyond it’s borders. Though it is not only foreign threats that the Hapans face. Many Hapan nobles are opposed to the rule of the new Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo, one of the few people that did not vanish at Ebaq along with her fellow Hapan’s. The reasons come down mainly to three reasons. The young Queen Mother being only part Hapan and allowing the remaining Jedi and Noghri under the leadership of Kam Solusar to have refuge in Hapan space due to issues with Shelter station and other Jedi bases no longer being safe. The latter has stroked anti-Jedi feelings and xenophobia among the Hapan people. Third, many ambitious women seek the throne and viewing Tenel Ka as unfit to sit on the throne. Finally, the Queen Mother must decide if to enter a new period of isolation, continue fighting the Vong and if to use the current galactic situation to expand the Consortium using the vast wealth at her disposal to fund a new era of expansion.

[]Seswenna Federation: With the New Republic’s collapse, the many systems and species of the Seswenna sector has come together to form the Seswenna Federation. The Federation taking lessons learned from the short existence of the New Republic have decided on a strong central government to avoid the infighting and deadlock that characterized the New Republic Senate. The newly formed nation is protected by the Federation Defense Force formed from New Republic military units that were stationed in the Seswenna sector. Of course that is not the only protection for the Federation. Vong and Federation space is separated by a sizeable amount of territory made of government’s of varying sizes. Using the twin carrot’s of economic aid and security to entice nearby system’s to join the Federation. The Federation however is not without its problems. Those chiefly being wealth disparity and not all people supporting the new Federation. So best to make sure there is economic opportunity for all and that your internal security is strong.
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Bean Daddy
Jedi and Military

12,089 ships total

Ships by class

Battle Dragons-2358 ships

Nova class battle cruiser-3489 ships

Beta Cruiser-6242 ships

Ships by region

Interior Region-1138 ships

Gateworlds-1524 ships

Rifle Worlds-1531 ships

Hapan Rim Worlds-2019 ships

Corsair Outback-1048 ships

Lorelli Reach-1813 ships

Transitory Mists-3016 ships
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