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StolenMadWolf's Random Bad Art


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Well, more like steadily improving art but what do you know, it's an artifact from SB.

For a while now I've been trying to do some more drawing, especially since I now have a laptop with touchscreen capability. So I've been doing some digital art for the last few months.

Mainly by doing wolf heads.

So, here you go, here is a current timeline of what I've been doing so far, including my current WIP.

I was initally very much on and offer, just doing the same basic head everyso often from different angles.

Eventully I started to do something a little bit more substancial, throwing in some colors and even shading to mixed success.

And now I might be getting onto my own sort of psuduo-style so to speak. I've decided to try and go into this one with a bit more effort and so far it seems to be paying off with this halfbody. I mean, the head and eyes actually look really good for once. I'll put in some fresh updates for that soon.



Bean Daddy
I like the stuff you did in April.


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Well, I've got another step further and finished up that halfbody. I feel like it is a pretty significant improvement! Even tried experimenting with glowing effects and a simple background.
Still not brilliant, but I feel like it's a pretty big leap forward.
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